Who ever said this would never work. Sides se gat man

Who ever said this would never work??? Sides se gat man!!!

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  • ek het bietjie gesukkel om die carbs intekry mar dis als agter die rug nou

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  • that looks sweet. jet sizes?

  • Awesome!

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  • Can someone please give me carbs specs, other that FJ1200?

  • Jer sizess about 130

  • Friend try it on Honda 1500 Balade pulls like a train light on fuel much more power

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  • i did the same on our Opel after the icu popped (not one for fuel injection) i'm running 31.5 mm mikuni's they have adjustable lift needles on their vacuum tubes so you don't really have to worry about jet size as you can adjust it from a lean to a rich air/fuel mixture easily . i'm also running ram tubes which increases the torque quite a bit at low rpm .My over all runner length (including carb and manifold is 285mm and it's super light on fuel i ran the car the whole day in town on reserve to see how far i can push it , did about 120kms and still didn't run out of fuel and she pulls well for a 1.4 . enjoy seeing other people having fun with bike carbs :-)