Whats the best way to recondition my fuel tank It has been sitting for a while...

Whats the best way to recondition my fuel tank? It has been sitting for a while and little rusty and flakey inside?

Also looking for a sender unit?

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  • Yer did the cider vinegar didn't do much at all I had it at Nat rad to be cleaned and they had it 3 days and was still no good My mate said por 15 won't fix it for long as he used it on a bike tank you will find a second hand tank just takes times

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  • You might think this sounds crazy but you can go to a produce store and buy 20 litres of molasses, add 10 litres of water to it and pour it in the tank and in a weeks time the inside of the tank will look like new, then flush out thoroughly with a hose and get petrol in it as soon as you can. it will not rust again (in a hurry anyway)

  • POR 15 is a good product but if you don't follow the steps probably his is what happens. We cut the tank in half and sandblast the inside,tin it with lead and the tig it back together. It the only way to go as lead doesn't rust.

  • This is one we did last week

  • Darren i use molasses in my shop to clean rusty metal and works well but it does rust quite quickly.the metal needs to be treated.

  • Handy info thanks guys really appreciate it

  • When cut in half and blasted can it be hot galvanised dipped?

  • Kbs coatings is every bit as good as por15

  • Galvanizing the two halves yes. But welding gal is dangerous and can cause cancer, so the expert say. Something about the fumes it produces.

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  • That is tru. It bubbles to when welding I belive