What s the best sound dump valve for the escort rs turbo

What's the best sound dump valve for the escort rs turbo?

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  • What hose u got for the efi air filter

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  • Is the efi conversion hard like? Or getting the parts a pain in the arse?

  • All the pipe work is home made Tom ! The conversion is easy if you can get your hands on a fiesta turbo downer car for all the bits loom Ecu etc

  • Omex ftw,

  • It's got all the efi done just want to k ow what pipe people got for the air filter cos the one at the min is hanging down on to the gearbox I want it so it pointing up

  • Bet they are hard come by like!!

  • I don't run a dump valve on mine ran santapod with a dump valve and with out no change in times

  • Waste gate opens when maximum boost pressure is reached way before red line waste gate opens and dumps excess from exhaust gasses throw hole behind gate valve in to exhaust witch in turn slows turbo down or reduces pressure to inlet Turbine reduced charged air Pressure to engine this make lovely whistle this how it works dump valves are for massive turbos big psi to stop turbines snapping on off throttle this is wot I was lead to believe in the old days I like the whistle chatter and whooshing is Audi Quattro noise on 700 Bhp rally car loads of on off throttle just doesn't sound Rigth on a ford track

    Car on a day out to me lol well that's wot I think lol

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  • Best sound for a dump valve is ptttschh