What is the best engine other than the original 1 1 to put straight in a mk2...

What is the best engine other than the original 1.1 to put straight in a mk2 without to much work need a little more pull

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  • Cvh all the way good for 120 bhp with a few cheapish mods

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  • Thanks lads if u come across one for sale be sure to tag me! Much appreciated

  • Or a proper drop in engine is the 1.3 Valencia. Pretty much identical to the 1.1.

    The cvh you need more bits to fit it.

  • Austins got cvhs

  • What would I need? Engine mounts and loom or what

  • Engine mount.

    Cvh drivers tie bar and bracket.

    If going 5 speed. Then the linkage.

    Gearbox cradle.

    Shafts are fine.

  • Dont need a tie bar if u use mk4 escort alternator bracket and alternator

  • Dont need the cradle do you? Just space it 10mm

  • That's the shite way round of doing it.

    It's sits stupidly close. Even with the shortest belt on.

    It's an option. But there is a reason why they differ on the mk2.

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  • Thanks lads x