Weather was nice this arvo so I took the opportunity to paint a pair of...

Weather was nice this arvo so I took the opportunity to paint a pair of Territory rims I got a while back for the ute. Been having serious lack of traction issues so I'm going to save the coin and get some 275/40/17 ET STREET for these. Pirelli P-Zeros in 275/35/20 are borderline junk so I'm getting rid of the chrome Versus.

Was hoping that the paint would match my Dark Argents and bloody hell I could be onto something lol

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  • ET Streets will be shit on a 7.5" wheel. You need something wider.

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  • They'll be fine

  • Are you talking about the Kumhos, Carmine?

  • Yeah mate

  • Ahh ok. I was doing some research and someone said somewhere that they weren't a proper semi.

    But if they work and you've used them before then all good

  • Looks good mate, I'm looking to do the same thing. You wouldn't have paint codes or colours do you?

  • Rattle can brother lol

  • One can is enough to do two rims. You'll only need one can of the ground coat to do 4 rims.

    So 2 cans of SMOKE and one can of ground coat.

    2 coats of ground coat and about 5-6 coats of base (smoke).

    Follow up with 4 coats of mag wheel polyurethane clear coat.

  • Awesome, thanks man!

  • Here man

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  • You have to have a steady hand or know how to paint to apply this stuff. It's basically a tinted clear so the more coats the darker it gets. If you're a hack it will tram track and look like shit.

    Patience combined with a little OCD is the key lol