Today I woke up to this Any idea how much would I need to shell out at FASS...

Today, I woke up to this. Any idea how much would I need to shell out at FASS for getting my figo back in shape.

Thanks a lot everyone.

P.S. I am in Delhi-NCR, not sure if charges would be same all across the country

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  • With inaurence you will have to pay only @200

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  • Aorry @2000

  • 1200+ 4000 approx per metal piece (2 piece)

  • Thanks everyone. I am going to visit FASS day aftr. Will post whateva estimate i receive.

  • please aware..FORD people are playing some DIRTY GAME...if we approach them for some minor complaints,they say to replace some costly parts..this is only to increase their parts sales..we have no other way,becuase their parts are not available otherthan their service this way they are squeezing money of the innocent car owners..BEWARE..

  • Always, lodge a Police Complaint and then do the repairs by using Insurance Cover it helps for the Vehicle History and valuations going forward

  • One panel denting and painting 3000

    Mirror manual is 1500+ painting

    Electronic one is 1300 + painting

  • Sashi Bhushan Chilamkurthi is it just one panel or two? Fender and door....

  • ford has an offer like 1 panel 3000-3500 so as urs it is 2 panels which is around 6k -7k + mirror 1500. Actually u dont need to pain the mirror old cover can be used. Saves money and time

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  • Claim Insurance!!!