The xbgt front has to be my favourite

The xbgt front has to be my favourite

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  • How can gt xb be your favorite ,if you take the spot lights off,??,may as well be a falcon xb,,,,,,,,,

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  • Yeah I have to agree! XB has to be my fav Falcon also... Had one with a 460 just for fun!!

  • Sorry, if we are talking a Falcon 'smile, its an XC all the way guys...

  • Love your ride Phill, i got rubbish for taking stripes and wheels off... But like you said.. It's your ride! Rock on!

  • What state are you in Phillip Brown your xb is awesome

  • Im in new zealand

  • Damm I'm in Australia this xb would look mean cruising on the freeway

  • Were the gt's the only models with body coloured bumpers rather than the chrome? Someone correct me please

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  • Early XC GS had painted bumpers