We have been approached by the BBC who are making a 60 min TV documentary on...

We have been approached by the BBC, who are making a 60 min TV documentary on the story of the family car in Britain, beginning after WW2 and going up the present day. We’re keen to cover the Ford Cortina and are interested in talking to people who love the Cortina and grew up with it as their family car and/or are still using it as a family vehicle today.

We’re looking more into the social aspect of this, rather than the technology and are looking for people who can tell a few stories and share some memories about their own family Cortina trips, talking about things like:

What is it about the Cortina that you love?

Do you remember when you’re Dad/Mum first brought it home?

Why did they buy it?

First family photo in front of the car? How did owning a car change family life?

1st drive/holiday in the car?

Was it safe and reliable?

How does it compare to family cars today…

Everything is pre-recorded and we are more than happy to travel to contributors. We are keen to come and film before or in the early part of February if possible.

At this stage we are just looking to have a bit of a chat with people about their memories and experiences so if anyone thinks they may be interested, please drop me an email with your number and maybe a bit about you (if you have time) and I’ll ensure to give you a call to have a bit of a chat over the phone. My email address is jack.stoneman@bbc.co.uk

Please feel free to contact Jack directly on the above email.



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    Hello everyone Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have...

    Hello everyone. Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

    My uncle have a Ford Cortina mk2 1600 E (i think 1969 or 1970 not sure) 2-door.

    In the past he bought all the necessary to restore the car to its original look.

    Until now the car is stored outdoor and the rest of items(doors etc.) in a stock room in his house.

    Today after all those years he took the decision to sell the car.

    Do you have any estimation for the sale price?

    Note that is a "project car" = several repairs should be made , but there are almost all spare parts in good condition

    ! I will try to found some pics

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      Hi guys I have a bit of a dilemma and need some advice Last week I bought a...

      Hi guys. I have a bit of a dilemma and need some advice. Last week I bought a Mk 2 vinyl dash top and paid £50 through PayPal. I was assured it was in mint condition. But when I received it it clearly hadn't travelled well and came damaged (it looks like some of the cracks might have already been there?). Also it was wrapped in a towel of all things! contacted the guy who seems like a nice bloke, but he is suggesting that I claim back through parcel force. I am not happy with it. The Mrs thinks he should claim back and refund me first. It has also been suggested that I go through PayPal direct for a refund. As some of you send parts a lot, what do you suggest, has anything like that happened to you? Any advice?

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        Photos from Fiona Johnson's post

        Hi everyone, my husband bought his Cortina last September from someone on the Isle of Bute. It had an Irish plate on it and spent some of its time in Limerick. It was first registered in Epsom Surrey in 1969 and then registered in Limerick. It has a rare tan coloured interior. It now lives in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. It is going to be featured in a theatre production called 'Made In Dagenham' in February next year. Would anyone on here know anything at all about it or recognise the car? Thought it would be worth an ask! Thanks!

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          A few months in now since my purchase this will be my general use 1600e the...

          A few months in now since my purchase this will be my general use 1600e the other will be my sunny day car. Work done so far

          Front grill rust damage, replaced

          New headlamps fitted and adjusters

          Seats and parcel shelf replaced with series two type, seat belt fitted

          Dash surround cracked ,changed

          Wooden dash and caps wrong colour no laminate , changed

          Exhaust bent and welded out of line rear box blown

          Clutch arm, pedal bushes and cylinder changed

          New Windscreen rubbers front and back, scratched rear screen changed

          Changed driver door glass and quarter light rubbers , door handles, all doors

          Window channels and rubbers all four doors

          New boot lock

          Bonnet catch fixed

          Roll bar and TCA loose, done

          Rear wheel cylinders, hard and flexi brake pipes changed, Brake master cylinder seals changed

          All floor and sills, wheel tubs, re-welded to MOT standard body underseal

          Drivers rear quarter panel corner reshaped, rear panel reshaped.

          Wiring fixed for horn engine front and rear lamps

          New Dynamo fitted

          All body chrome replaced

          Secured head lining

          New interior mirror and lamp/ switches

          Wiper spacers and arms replaced

          Coil plugs cap and rotor arm changed

          MOT - Done

          TO DO - Rebuild engine as compression uneven , low (Stage two unleaded 130bhp target)Left hand Suspension leg bent , Paint body, Roof aerial, new rear lamps, spot lamps, rev lamps. Weather strips.

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            Photos from Stephen Fry's post

            Another really lovely restoration & the panel work & paintwork looks stunning. The owner offers as completely refurbished but this is not entirely true . Again we se a lovely restoration but the fine detail lets it down , back lights , bumpers. Steering wheel centre. Fuse connector cracked , wrong front grill. Brake pipes copper should be steel , wrong colour air box should be silver. Basically you would need to spend a lot more money on the correct 3014E parts to bring this car up to a complete restoration. & when a tiny small rear corner chrome went for £120 plus on EBay last week would give the owner of this car a huge shock if he was to complete the refurbishment as stated on the listing. This is without looking at the interior of which the pictures show no proper detail.

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              Good morning 1600e club members On the subject or car polish I have used Auto...

              Good morning 1600e club members. On the subject or car polish I have used Auto Glym, Mer , & many others. Albert Clarkeson put me in touch with the Ideal Shoping Chanel on free view & strongly advised to try Williams Wash & wax . Best to wash your E first & then I just sprayed onto a micro fibre cloth applied to car & buffed off. The results are amazing ! You can apply to Windows ,trim bodywork & chrome & no residue is left behind ! No cut so you wil have no swirl marks. I have a black Mercedes & the result was amazing , & you can polish a car in 30 mins. Also have a huge ammount of glass on my conservaratary results were first class's & it's so easy to buff off. Not promoting this product but thought the other members would like to share my experience . For £20 I got 4 one litre bottles , the applicators , 4 microfibres clothes & 2 air fresheners, Nominally over £60 look on bid up Tv for the deal.

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                Photos from Graham Cook's post

                My old E, in my personal favourite Light Orchid Metallic, last on the road in 1995, light-ish front damage after a shunt with a delightful old lady in a Volvo, spent a year arguing with the insurance people to retain the salvage (strong definition) then 2years picking up front end panels, OS wing, slam, valance, NOS bonnet strip, bezels, grill, wipacs, bumper etc. And not for an inconsiderable amount at the time. Never thought I could admire this car as much after the prang and opted for a cheap respray, the old guy said the damage did not warrant replacing the panels and told me to come back in a week after he'd worked his magic, well, I was impressed, a bit of pulling and some filler and I was happy.... until I saw the finished result, the panel gaps were by no means woeful, but my keen eye thought otherwise. So off the a cold lock-up for a few years, me disinterested and the E's paint microblistered until moving to my garage in 2005, where it's sat, in the same condition, which is probably a very good thing. The Ermine white one was bought as one of the many stop-gaps while the Orchid went back on the road, picked it up in Gloucester (thanks to Rob Sargent for his hospitality and help) it had a fresh MOT on it so thought it would make the trip to Dundee no problem, I think the lady I bought it from had been ripped off from the MOT station, the exhaust was stuffed with steel wool which exited after a few miles and the alternator conversion failed by sunset, luckily the AA guy was a Ford man and had a brand new unit in his garage (those were the days) which got me home. I never liked the colour for some reason and the front wing mounted aerial just annoyed me (cannot abide door or wing furniture) so this was sold, if you type in Ford Cortina 1600E into Google images, you'll see this car BGX. A nice old couple on deck chairs at a show. Then there was the Fern Green Delux or Delux as I called it due to the hand painted bristle finish, bought for 300 quid with 43k on it and ran as a reliable every day car for a couple of years then passed to John Johnson then back to a friend in Dundee who still owns it. The last time I drove it any distance was to the first year at Symonds Yat, I only made one more National after that, happy days and fond memories. So, think it's really about time for a decent attempt at restoring AYM, hopefully a skilled bodywork guy can sort the OS wing gap and I can get it back to good useable condition, rather than the concourse condition I once craved (and secretly still do

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                  Hi Ian really sad as you have rightly said that the cost to repair your car...

                  Hi Ian really sad as you have rightly said that the cost to repair your car with new & inner wings would out strip the value of your car & this is a sad reason that the club membership will dwindle in the future years. The secret is to buy the best car possible rather than buy a car cheaply where in the long run it will save you money. At today's prices I would say you would need around £50,000 to build a concours car , but you could do an every day car for around £15000. Those prices on labour would be cheaper if you were prepared to do the work yourself. I leave you with this picture on the internet now to give you an idea of today's prices.

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                    The site Dave that you gave to the members is New ford parts if you had read...

                    The site Dave that you gave to the members is New ford parts & if you had read the link properly it tells you over £435 out of stock. You will find today that most of these dealers put them on EBay instead huge prices. As for my car it does sit in a garage now but you forget I have owned it for 44 years & I have driven it as now gone around the clock. If you really believe that parts are that easy even to get off the internet you are living in a dream world. Infact please supply me a new Tudor original Ford wash bag for starters ! If you can tell me your price? Or an original set of Black Ford carpets, Original Dash Facia with cappings to match. If what you are telling the members is true that it's easy to source off the internet then that's not the case as in all the years I have had a want list for the above I have never seen the above on EBay. You do get the odd panel genuine Ford 3014e , but as I have said before look at the huge price you will paye!

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                      Have been reading the blogs from other E owners on the trailering of cars to...

                      Have been reading the blogs from other E owners on the trailering of cars to shows. The top cars in this club are trailered & hopefully in years to come they will be here to show the world how great a 1600e cortina is a cult classic . Sadly the road cars will dwindle in numbers as has the club membership due to the parts no longer available to keep them on the road. Comes down to financies if you have plenty of money you have the power to buy those parts , look at the Ebayer in Australia check his prices!! On the subject of trailers if you can afford the best & we have members in this club who have them the it's a no brainier to trailer a show car to a show , really simple drive at 55 mph inside lane you will get there. Use a cheap trailer to small you are asking for trouble as per pictures put up on this site, does come down to being a good driver. So if you have the money you can buy the best . We have one member with a totally enclosed trailer Wow factor. Are we jealous or would we all have one if we had the money. Me personally I would drive to a local shoe but never would I drive a long distance with an E today my personal choice. On the subject of Dash , Cappings , I have yet to see a set as good as Ford did them. I believe they were selected veneers to match , spayed with clear lacquer flattened off with 2000 wet & dry & then I believe they were put in a kiln to harden . You would probably paye four figures to day to get them as good as the originals from Ford . None available in the club spares .

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                        Funny we were having a debate on show cars being trailered to shows lots of...

                        Funny we were having a debate on show cars being trailered to shows & lots of members stating that the 1600es should be driven . I warned other E drivers of the risk involved here in case of accidents & then we have the sad accident of an E hitting a railing front end shunt hope it's not goodnight & I feel sorry for the owner. The panels to repair this car have long gone & the club spares do not have 3014e ford panels in stock to help this owner. Remember E Types, Morris Thousands, Minis, Mgbs. Mercedes, etc you could probably get the parts new or second hand , not so a 1600e. Which means sadly no parts the numbers will dwindle. Shame the club did not have access to the original Ford Presses.

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                          44 years ago my dad bought me my 1600e UUB 472H She has sat in a time warp in...

                          44 years ago my dad bought me my 1600e UUB 472H . She has sat in a time warp in my garage & had not been on a public road since I last drove her in 2002. Today I finally got her going & drove about a mile, still have that buzz today that I had all those years ago . Next stop will be the Mot fingers crossed! It's been an incredible journey over four decades with many memories. I remember in the eighties being at Lilford Park camping & waking up at 6 in the morning & there was Brian Norman with all his wheels off cleaning the underside for the Concours , his car is on the Cortina Book by Robson i believe front cover. Will probably looking forward have some paintwork done to bring it up to a decent standard , not into the concours anymore but like to keep her looking good. Will explore the shows in the south of England as you rarely see an E down here.

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                            Hi John could agree with you on some points but a lot of people say to me why...

                            Hi John could agree with you on some points but a lot of people say to me why do you not drive a car like the one you have as it should be used? Did drive it back in the 70s & 80s now a show car only. What is sad is the lack of Ford panels to keep them on the road, & if you were driving to shows / summer use only & had a rear end shunt good night. If you look at Ebay & found some rear quarter panels & back panels etc you would not get much change out of £2000 . That's a reason why lots of the show cars are trailered , & I dont blame them as they are protecting there investments. So when we do drive them it is a risk . The car on EBay was a fantastic car in its day & should have remained a show car in my opinion . Because of the lack of parts the numbers of cars still around have dwindled .

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                              Hi Paul Where would you start Bonnet Trim Original Ford bumpers not...

                              Hi Paul . Where would you start . Bonnet Trim. Original Ford bumpers not rechromed. Screen & heater surround with silver untouched. For carpets. Ford dashboard Facia & Cappings, 3014e panels . Look in the club spares you won't find them. I can go on . You can do a rebuild but the parts that make the 1600 e have long gone. Not many top concours examples around even have fitted genuine Ford brand new parts on them . I will give you an example . Ford front & Rear bumpers most 1600e owners today probably rechrome them ,mirror finish. When they left Dagenham the chrome was slightly lined hazy . The definition as I believe is tha a concours car is how it left the line in Dagenhem & no better than. In other words they did not leave the factory with a highly polished chrome finish. The car in the picture on EBay was a concours example of yesteryear sadly now a shadow of its former glory. Hop this helps you.

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                                Hi all my name is Paul warwick with reference to your comments regarding...

                                Hi all my name is Paul warwick with reference to your comments regarding photographs taken on the day at the national at gayden and some of you have made rude comments regarding the camera was broken if some of you could of made the effort to come along to the event may be you could of taken your own photographs instead of making rude remarks and yes there were many photographs taken on the day so if you attended for them people who dident attend and For them who did we had an amazing day with reference for the photographs the photos that was taken on the day are for the paid up members for the magazine not to be placed on face book and as for all our members we have a data protection wen members of our club are fully aware that the photos on the day were for the magazine only hope this answered you rude remarks thank you paul

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                                  Mini s on the Rec Brighton Mini Club s show will be on the 17th July 2016 put...

                                  Mini's on the Rec - Brighton Mini Club's show will be on the 17th July 2016 put the date in your diaries as this year will be bigger and better and best of all still FREE. The show is open to any make model of car van or motorbike as long as its interesting and an enthusiastic owner.

                                  With the help from you all, last year we raised just over £4000 in the end which is amazing but please help us by coming along this year and raising more.

                                  We will have the same agenda this year, Club tug of war will be back as will the show and shine and whats in your boot competition details for these will follow.

                                  We are trying our hardest to get more and more trade to attend and will we will have our amazing raffle and tombola.

                                  So please support our club and the Chestnut Tree Hospice by coming along and having a fab day.

                                  Please message me Steve Trewin, to book a club stand

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                                    Photos from Duncan Macandrew-Uren's post

                                    FORD CORTINA



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                                      Photos from Dave Benneworth's post

                                      Hi all, here's my sadly long departed collection of 1600E's from the 1980's. I ended up as the Public Relations Officer of the old Enthusiasts Club for a while such was my obsession! Anyway, here they are. OCR901F was rescued from a Bishops Waltham scrapyard minus an engine for £200. It still had an MOT on it. I took a chance on a £30 1600GT engine found in a pile of motors at Harris's scrapyard in Nutbourne. I was lucky as it absolutely flew once installed. TLN514G was another series 1 that came and went with my miniscule motoring budget at the time. WAA200H was fully restored and waiting to be resprayed when a blowout caused it to be written off of the Wareham bypass on the way back from the Cornwall trip (Polzeath) in the pic below. RTR900G was bought for spares and never saw the road in my hands sadly. BGY662H was fully restored when I bought it, and had Recaro seats and a tuned engine. My last E was UUL468F, a series 1 with about 38,000 miles on the clock from new, but it had been left out in the open and the wings were almost hanging off when I got it! It was a rare one in that it had the optional 4.125:1 diff, which made acceleration very rapid, but it would run out of puff at about 75 mph. All six are no longer on the road according to the DVLA website which is very sad. When I see an E on the road these days my heart literally jumps. Time to start thinking about another one, preferably a series1. Anyway, here are my E's.

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                                        Darren Wtl Winn shared a link to the group: The Ford Cortina MKII & 1600E Owners' Club Ltd.

                                        Hi everyone, A very happy new year to you all.

                                        Here is a list of dates with availability for you.

                                        From Uk to Spain, to load in the South today, one space left, inbox for a special price.

                                        Spain to Uk, dates around 8/10th to collect, again inbox for a price, we don't always see the notifications.

                                        Uk to Spain, Portugal, to collect around 9/10th.

                                        Spain to Uk, to collect around 15/18th January.

                                        Deliverty is usually within 7 to 10 days max.

                                        Our website is www.winnstransport.com

                                        we have a link that you can message us on.

                                        Thanks for looking, have a great day.

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                                          Steven Peach shared a link to the group: The Ford Cortina MKII & 1600E Owners' Club Ltd.

                                          How to joining the Club: If you wish to join the Club please complete the 2 Application for Membership forms available from our website http://www.mk2cortina-1600e.co.uk/ and return them to the Membership Secretary with your subscription. Alternatively you may pay using a major credit/debit card and ring 0121 502 3285 or 07745 338 882 Monday to Friday evenings, between 6:30 and 9:00pm. do this.

                                          A copy of the latest magazine, your Membership number and card will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity.

                                          We cater for all variants of the Mark II Cortina , not just the 1600E.

                                          The Membership year runs from 1st. April until 31st March.

                                          Cost of membership is UK - £25.20, EU - £28.80, Rest of the

                                          word - £31.20 and USA and Canada - £18.00

                                          Membership includes 4 “Executive” Club magazines a

                                          year and you also get access to over £50,000 of spares

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                                            Photos from Steve Mclaughlin's post

                                            Toying with the idea of selling my mk2 savage replica the spec -

                                            V6 essex 3 litre

                                            Atlas axle

                                            Bullit box

                                            Twin choke Webber 40

                                            1600e dash

                                            Gt front seats 1600e back

                                            Wolf race 14 inch mag slots

                                            Red top fuel pump

                                            Twin kenlowes

                                            Running Evans waterless

                                            Rebuilt front shocks & springs (gaz)

                                            Custom built stainless twin exhaust

                                            M6 calipers

                                            Vented discs

                                            Kevlar pads


                                            Halogen headlamps

                                            New steering arms

                                            Steering box rebuilt

                                            New floor just welded in

                                            11 months mit

                                            Probably more that I've forgotten

                                            The bad bits - front headers blowing ( have a new pair that need modifying)

                                            Bodywork - front wings rusty at bottom

                                            Not great panel fit

                                            Door rubbers missing

                                            I'm recovering from a broken shoulder and need a lighter car

                                            But what should I mark it up for ?

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                                              Steven Peach updated the description of the group The Ford Cortina MKII & 1600E Owners' Club Ltd.


                                              Welcome to the Facebook Group Page of The Ford Cortina MkII & 1600E Owners’ Club Limited.

                                              This Group is open to all Club Members and any MkII Cortina enthusiasts.

                                              This Facebook Group is family friendly, so we expect that your posts are family friendly too. They need to be respectful and free from bad language at all times. This includes all photographs, illustrations, links and submissions. We reserve the right to remove any posts or posters, which are deemed to be inappropriate or offensive.

                                              Sales and wants.

                                              We will allow private advertisements for Ford Cortina MkII cars and spares, just as long as they are not for dealers. We will not allow advertisements for any other personal or household items. If we deem that the advertisement does not meet our restrictions, we will remove the post and the posters, if necessary.


                                              The Ford Cortina MkII & 1600E Owners’ Club Limited cannot, and will not be held responsible for any damage to any vehicle or part thereof, howsoever caused, nor for any financial loss suffered as a result of a private transaction between members or anything else posted within this Group. Any opinions expressed on any matter, are those of the poster and are not the opinion of the Club or its individual Committee Members or Directors.


                                              For more information relating to The Ford Cortina MkII & 1600E Owners’ Club Limited, please follow the website link below. This includes details of how to join our club and how to buy spares (members only): - http://www.mk2cortina-1600e.co.uk/

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