The Beast has finally arrived

The Beast has finally arrived!!!!

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  • Is this 235 Emad?

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  • nice mate enjoy

  • No 122 Jeff Dunbar

  • Thanks mate (y)

  • My old Number 122 LOL

  • hey jeff, i sent you a message earlier today regarding the sprint registry.

  • Sorry mate ... I'll check now.

  • BEAUTIFUL! (y)

  • Have you got your white 6 yet? I think that is what yours is???

  • nah not yet, sept/oct delivery, apparently the build number is 175 but i'm not 100% sure yet. i'll let you know when i get it

  • Nice plates

  • Wow congratulations buddy looks awesome

  • Great choice of number plates guys, classy plates for classy cars

  • Chris Kad you didn't happen to buy from bayford? I had a deposit down with them at that build number request. But when they decided to hike the price up i pulled the pin and went with another dealer. What colour ?

  • yep, bayford was the only dealer that had a sprint 6 left, went around to about 5-6 dealers. i guess i left it a little late. going for a white 6.

  • Yeah thats interesting that was my car. Pricks kept my build number that i put in a request for. I was going white at the time too. My gt r spec is 175 thats why i put in the request. Ah well

  • ah i see, i didn't care much on the build number of the car, but i requested 325 for the sake of it and a couple of weeks later they rang and told me it was 175 but it wasn't 100%.

  • Number 325 is for sale atm on carsales in victoria. Its white. Think its 69k.

  • Haha. Great minds think alike

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  • Cheers guys