Reagan Wyka shared In Wheel Time's live video to the group: SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK CLUB.

I love watching/listening to these guys on their Facebook Live broadcasts. They are pretty funny ...

Studio Guest - Steve Quance

Phone Segments -

Bob Fuller, Concours Chairman, Keels & Wheels Concours d'Elegance at Lakewood Yacht Club, Seabrook, Texas

Philip Hurlstone, Lamborghini Club Houston

Peter Balch, Tx2K17 presented by Induction Performance at Royal Purple Raceway

Konrads Car Clinic,TBD

Car Reviews:

Marrs - Nissan Armada

Don - Nissan Titan XD Diesel 957362254992/1404763982907651/?type=3&theater

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We as a club can agree that the support of this group is beyond our expectations. From the highest ranked members to our new supporters the numbers are outstanding. With that being said I know the excitement in showing your support in any way possible seems like a great idea but in some cases its not. From tagging building walls to tagging bathroom stalls with the name South Texas Fords is in our eyes an act of vandalism and will not be tolerated. If found out who does such an act will be removed from all STF pages and if it is a member, will be removed from the club as well. Thank you and good evening! (Lt)

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    Thank you to everyone that came out and supported a great cause and to everyone...

    Thank you to everyone that came out and supported a great cause and to everyone who helped out today was a success and was glad to see few new members badged in and everyone helping out. Jeff Witte great job setting up this event and everyone who was on the pit and donated a big thank you means a lot to us as a club and to those who were working hope y'all had a safe day at work and we will see you at the next event we have. Everyone have a safe Saturday night and we'll get together soon again.

    Thanks Sgt.

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      Stephanie Mellen Soukesian shared her marketplace post to the group: SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK CLUB.

      Was restored about 12 years ago and placed in car shows. It's been sitting a couple years now so will need whatever comes from that... the fuel drained, maybe a battery ... and it definitely Needs a starter (I have one for you if you can put it in). Other than that, and obviously paint it's good. We put in a 390...the rest is mostly original .newer fly wheel , headliner , rebuilt the original transmission, has Ford rear 9 posi, chrome , reversed baby moons , not rusted through anywhere, straight body. Two owners ( my father and grandfather ) ,

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        Photos from Karina Moran's post


        I need this truck SOLD by this weekend!

        2006 Ford F350 6.0 Clean title with 147k mostly highway miles. 2 wheel drive.

        Bulletproofed engine(cylinder heads, head gaskets, fuel pressure regulator, etc) EGR delete, ready to travel tires with new spare, gooseneck hitch, towing mirrors, newly upholstered seats, 2 brand new batteries, new alternator, new IPR valve, new shocks, new brake pads, and recently changed oil/ transmission fluid. THIS TRUCK IS READY TO GO!! Clean CarFax!

        Comes with VIN locked Ford computer.

        (I do have the tailgate but it's blue)

        Located in El paso, TX

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          Photos from Juan Martinez's post

          Did my good deed for today. Got sent home early from work this morning and took advantage to take care of a million things I have very little time for. Lady's car was stalled and I noticed every person she approached turned the other way. She finally came up to me as I'm leaving and tells me she ran out of gas and if I could push her out of the way. I told her to wait by her car for me while I went inside and bought a gas can, came out and went to the nearby gas station and filled it up. I'm on a time crunch but the look of desperation on her face was too hard for me to ignore. She was very grateful and was handing me a $20 and I told her to simply pay it forward. When possible help those in need, don't judge; Karma

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            Hey y all I know there are plenty of options on where to have your truck...

            Hey y'all! I know there are plenty of options on where to have your truck worked on, but if you haven't given TX Truck Masters a shot, at least give us a call and see what we can do for you. 361-334-2622.

            Josh Orsak and I are the owners and one, if not both of us are always onsite to help you with anything you need. Bonus: if we can't help you or don't have what your looking for, we take the extra step and will find you someone that does, even if it's a competitor. We've got excellent reviews, great pricing and quick turn around times! 361-334-2622

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              Photos from Bryan Piper's post

              good evening everyone.

              I got this new piece in a couple weeks ago, the plan was to use this in a current build, but ended up that the truck does not have a Factory Sony system. SO.... we are looking for someone who either has an existing aftermarket audio system that is still using the Stock Sony Radio OR someone looking to add a system to a vehicle with a factory Sony system. attached it a list of vehicles that this part will work with. (please not vehicle must be 2013 or newer.)

              What this piece does: it interfaces between the radio and OEM Sony amplifier. it gives us a clean flat unprocessed 5 volt signal or a clean optical signal out. It also includes a sub volume control knob.

              Please message me or call us at 361-271-3714 if you are interested.

              Part retails for 300.00 + labor, for this ONE time, we will be offering it at a reduced cost for allowing us to do some testing with the unit/vehicle to report back.


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                Hey guys I just got off the phone with Carol from Retama Park she spoke very... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Carol from Retama Park, she spoke very highly of those of you she met and the family that is South Texas Fords. She wants to follow us and learn more about the club, I filled her in and she wants us to come up next year and when the cooking is all done we will be delivering the left over BBQ to the homeless shelter. They want us to be part of their car show as well. For all of this there will be tv coverage! It will be excellent for everyone involved! Thank you family! ❤️

                Blood makes you kin, loyalty makes us family....

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                  Question I been having a lot of alignment problems I was told it was due to... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                  Question?? I been having a lot of alignment problems I was told it was due to the steering knuckle. Does anyone kno of an upgraded knuckle for a Ready lift. I've took it to Ford and to 4wheel specialties and all I get is another alignment and rotate. My tires are not only cupping out but our riding on the inside of the tires where it's resting on. I'm going in circles with this. Also the steering wheel in side squeaks and when I reverse it makes a weird noise. It's 2016 with less than 12k miles I have full warranty but nobody wants to own up to it.

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                    I wanna take a second to thank everyone who came out to cruise night it was a... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                    I wanna take a second to thank everyone who came out to cruise night it was a great success despite the weather being a factor but we made it a great one and met a lot of new faces and trucks hopefully we see y'all in or future events it only gets better from here we will have another cruise night next week, location is being discuss we wanna change it up soon as we get something together we will post it on the event. Once again thank you to everyone who came out and for those who couldn't make it be on the look out for the next cruise.

                    Thank you


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                      Question for you guys I have a 13 f150 with the 5 0 and 95k miles this happen... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                      Question for you guys, I have a 13 f150 with the 5.0 and 95k miles, this happen a couple of times:

                      After driving all day got home and then had to leave for an errands and when I left the driveway it didn't wanted to go, it moved very slow and did not shift through the gears, I turned around and parked it, turned it off and then it worked fine, the next day day after all day of driving I parked it for a couple of hours and when I was leaving it did the same thing, I stopped and put it in park and then it worked like nothing.

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                        A good friend of Reshay and I would love to have some of our trucks on display... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                        A good friend of Reshay and I, would love to have some of our trucks on display at this cook off! I think it would be excellent advertisement for STF! Let me know if y'all would like to participate. This is for ALL STF chapters, I like to have as many of you as we can. Let me know. This is what she told me: I talked to Carol about the event next Saturday and she would love to have your truck group there..... it'll bring people out and give them more to look at and hang around longer. The money raised is going to an organization that helps foster families and adoptions.

                        This is for a good cause folks and we will be taking donations

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                          Photos from Merrit Crittenden Jackson's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                          Hello y'all! I just joined the group hoping for some wisdom. I just bought my first truck ever in October. I have horses and I needed one to haul my two horse bumper pull. It is a 2006 lariat f-150 4x4. We had our first snow of the season. It froze overnight so the roads were packed snow and ice. My truck was absolutely useless. One tire spinning in place. I tried in both 4 wheel and 2 wheel... I put salt down in front of the tires... I tried to clear a path to get rid of the ice so I could get some traction and I got nowhere! Gave up and just worked from home. Overnight temps warmed up and when I went out this morning it was mostly slush with a good amount of pavement showing. Got in and STILL had tires just spinning away in both 2 and 4 wheel. Finally got really pissed and just slammed the gas down and after a lot of spinning and burned rubber was able to get it to move. Is this normal? I mean this truck is TERRIBLE in the snow, ice and apparently slush too! When I turn the knob to 4W the 4x4 light comes on the dash and I can hear some kind of clicking noise underneath the truck so I am assuming that my 4x4 works. Am I doing something wrong or a do I just have to resign myself to the fact that when it snows I'm stranded? I hope this post is allowed and please don't make fun of me bc I know next to nothing about trucks... Just need some input bc I'm frustrated. Posting pic in case you all need to see the truck. Thanks for any help you can give!!

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                            Photos from Bryan Piper's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                            This little unit is a game changer for those looking to upgrade your trucks that are currently equipped with the Factory Sony system.

                            we no longer need to go behind the Sony amplifier and then deal with summing and and other issues associated with the OEM amp.

                            We can now give you a clean flat signal from the Factory radio, while retaining all of the functions and controls of the factory system. was can also add an optical output (with varible control)which allows for a single optical cable to be run from behind the radio to an aftermarket processor (usually in the rear of the vehicle close to the amps) this has huge benefits for clean signal to the amps. It also comes with a subwoofer volume control knob. the RCA outputs gives you front/rear/sub true 4volts. These are not officially shipping yet, but because of relationships we have with manufacturers we were able to obtain pre release unit ofr one of our up coming projects. they should be available by the end of the month. Please contact us if you are interested in more info.

                            The second photo shows the current vehicle application chart.

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                              Photos from Bryan Piper's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                              Here is something I think some of you guys and gals might like. I know plenty of you want to upgrade your audio systems, but you also want something that sets you apart from everyone else.

                              so how about this:

                              How about custom subwoofers? everything from custom colored DD logos, custom dust caps and cones (on some models) even down to custom painted or powder coated baskets.

                              We have ordered the first what we hope will be many custom woofers for one of the club members.we will post pics next week of the driver once it arrives. The build will be a bit of a process.

                              Any of the Digital Designs American made subs can be customized. (The Redline series cannot be customized.)

                              You'll also notice some of these pictured show an "SC" on the cone. This is the Supercharged designation. this is a process they perform that will add 20-25% added motor force, this translates to more impact and better performance.

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                                FOR SALE — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                FOR SALE:

                                Ford Engines: Ford 429 block and crankshaft, block is .0060 over, D1VE casting number, $250.00 OBO

                                Complete Ford 460 engine, standard bore, D1VE casting number, D3 casting number on heads. Engine is disassembled. $500.00 OBO

                                Transmissions: Ford 2wd C6 for 335/385 series engine needs to be rebuilt, or good core. $200.00 OBO

                                Ford 4wd C6 transmission for 335/385 series needs to be rebuilt, or good core. $275.00 OBO.

                                NP 205 transfer case for C6 transmission. $100.00 OBO

                                Ford FE cylinder heads, bare, cleaned and magnafluxed at Mission Machine Shop. C1AE casting number. $175.00 OBO.

                                Chrome factory bumpers off 2013 XLT F350, front and rear, perfect condition. $250.00 each OBO

                                Grill off of 2006 F150, charcoal grey perimeter, honey comb center. $75.00 OBO

                                No photos available at this time I will post some as soon as I can.

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                                  Hey guys by mid January or early February i will be finally be looking to get... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                  Hey guys by mid January or early February i will be finally be looking to get my drive shaft.

                                  It's a 2 piece, I need the long side that goes to the axle the measurement is apprx 54 inches. Also if anyone knows a professional installer , someone that can properly install or press u- joints and that will offer and honor their warranty would be awesome, tired of loosing driveshafts on the freeway.

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                                    Photos from Justin Peralta's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                    If anyone is interested I have a three pod pillar that mounts above rear view mirror for 99-15 ford f250s , it has three auto meter phantom 2 gauges ! This is a 550 dollar set up new asking $120 for all , and I'm 100 percent sure the boost and trans Temp work perfect , egt gauge not sure about !

                                    ⏺Gauge 1-egt pyrometer with probe and the gauge is stuck , I'm not sure if the probe is bad or the gauge is bad , when I got my truck the egt gauge was never working but I'm sure a new probe will fix that , and lighting works

                                    ⏺Gauge 2-boost psi works perfect and has the Breather to tap the vacuum line or tap a hole on the y that splits off for hot to cold side very accurate and lighting works

                                    ⏺Gauge 3-trans temp works perfect and very accurate and lighting works

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                                      Photos from Freddy Martinez's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                      !TRADE NO JUNK PLEASE, TESTING WATER!


                                      2003 MUSTANG GT SUPERCHARGED.. Engine bored .20 over, kennebell supercharger 2.2 blowzilla set at 12psi,bbk longtubes, comp cams stage 2, mod max Pistons, ford svt manly h beams, 03-04 cobra crank, 47 lb ford racing injectors, ford racing cam timing chain set, 8 bolt billet fly wheel spec stage 3 clutch. Ford racing shifty fork, Ford racing throw out bearing, ford racing pilot bearing, 340 iph fuel pump, ford racing traction lock with carbon discs, new motorsports solid motor mounts, edlebrock high flow performance water pump, mishimito racing thermostat, ford racing high volume oil pump, ford racing freeze plugs, slp performance main bearings, slp performance rod bearings, arp cylinder head studs pro series hex head, has a short shifter Complete rebuilt rear end with 3.90 gears drilled slotter rotors all around. Has coil overs as well. Rims are 18x9 front and 18x10 rear. Rebuilt transmission with performance gears everything on the motor is new not one used part was put into this car. Motor barley has 620 miles will go up since it's a daily use tuner said car is 600 something to the motor and 500 something to the wheels easy. Just waiting to get a chance to dyno it to get accurate numbers if I still have the car at the time.

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                                        I may not be apart of this club and most of you may not know me but I have been... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                        I may not be apart of this club, and most of you may not know me, but I have been apart of the page for a month or so and you guys seem to be one big family. I like seeing clubs like that. No hate and willing to help each other out. If I'm ever stuck or need help I could count on you guys. Same goes for everyone. If y'all are ever in trouble or need help I'll be here as well. Thank you Michael Chapa for showing me this awesome club. I may join in the future but as of right now I can barley afford gas in my truck. Thank you all!

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                                          So a week ago I bought my 2013 F150 didn t touch the 4x4 until today in some... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                          So a week ago I bought my 2013 F150, didn't touch the 4x4 until today in some sand. Had issues, so I took it to a parking lot to mess with it. Dropped it into neutral, put it into 4H, went through the shifting in progress and it locked in fine, tried to put it into 4L and it said shifting in progress, pull forward. Put it in Drive and it refused to go anywhere, but makes a pretty nasty grinding sound. Put it back in neutral, and attempted to put it back in 2Wd and it did the same thing, RPMs shoot up, even the speedometer went up to 10 mph. After a few attempts to put it back in 2wd it finally came out of 4x4. Any ideas on where the issue may be?

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                                            Recommended places in — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                            Ok.. anybody recommend a good mechanic or shop that can look at my 06 5.4... I've change a few costly things on it and problem still persist... I'm losing alot of power to the point where it has trouble going up and down SPID... I was told that it might be the timing belt.. can anybody recommend something or somebody?

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                                              So for all you out there who know what an stc fitting is on a 6 0 I figured... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                              So for all you out there who know what an stc fitting is on a 6.0 I figured you might laugh at this. So I bought a 05 the other day knowing it was a crank no start. I hooked up my snap-on scan tool and it read 0psi on the hp oil. The previous owner had stated that he replaced the stc. The ipr and the egr. Well he replaced the ipr and the egr with used parts so I wanted to see it he put a used stc fitting on as well. Here is the picture. I know what's wrong and will post it In the comments. As well as what it is supposed to look like

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                                                PLEASE SHARE — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                PLEASE SHARE

                                                ~On December 17, 2016 we are kicking off our opening by hosting a blue Santa toy drive and automotive show.

                                                ~This show is open to just about anything with an engine and wheels, so all trucks, Jeeps, cars, motorcycles are welcome and encouraged to come.

                                                ~Top 20 Awards

                                                ~Mobile Dyno

                                                ~Car Crush/Crawl

                                                ~Food Vendors

                                                ~Show fee is $20 or a NEW TOY

                                                ~Spectator fee is $5 or a NEW TOY

                                                ~Show registration 10-1p.m. ~1328 Seguin TX, 78155

                                                #BrokenNeckNation #LPMotorsports#L&PMotorsports#Texas#Trucks#Cars#Tr uckShow#carshow#SanAntonio#Austin#Houston#dallas#T X#carscene

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                                                  Photos from Julian Espino's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                  Got a set of king shocks off a 2013 raptor forsale. I bought them for my truck but the 14 f150 switches lower control arms so they don't fit. I'm waiting to see if the guy will give me my money back but if not these r up for sale. King shocks with res. Dirty but good condition. Fit any f150 09-13 stock height or I think u can throw ur spacer on top if ur lifted. Paid 1300 so would like to get most of that back lol part number is 30001-401

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                                                    I m not apart of the truck club but I do follow the group and have for a good... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                    I'm not apart of the truck club but I do follow the group and have for a good while now you guys are an awesome group of people. I don't do this very often if not at all, my wife is stranded in the parking lot of "boot barn" on airline. Same shopping center as toys r us. I was hoping someone with a set of jumper cables would do me a huge favor and jump her vehicle. Unfortunately I'm in Odessa Tx right now working. I feel very helpless right now she has my 4 month old daughter and step daughter in the jeep. Please anyone. I'll be indebted to you for ever and I will return the favor. Thank you guys

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                                                      Photos from David Gutierrez's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                      Alright felllas...who wants to keep the truck in the stf group lol

                                                      1999 ford f250 7700 4x4

                                                      5.4 engine

                                                      240k mls.


                                                      *priced for low ballers*

                                                      Very rare truck...there are only 4 in town and i own one of them...**NO TRADES...WOULD ONLY TRADE FOR A 4 DOOR PICK UP**....Truck runs and drives good..its my daily driver...cold a/c & hot heater...power windows and control works perfectly...has a push button start but truck will only turn on if the key is in the ON position .**key does have a chip in it**...truck will come with original tail gate


                                                      Custom front and rear baja style bumpers and spare tire carrier...**light bar is included**


                                                      Fuel pump

                                                      Heater core



                                                      Belt tensioner

                                                      Serpentine belt

                                                      Head lights

                                                      Tail lights

                                                      Front grill

                                                      Door handles


                                                      Transfer case actuator is out and it will need another one it's a hundred and twenty at orielys...** but you can still Engage The 4 wheel drive on the transfer case and I can engage it to prove it works**

                                                      Wiper fluid nozzels are clogged **but does work

                                                      Will need new tires soon

                                                      Back window leaks a little when it rais **typical ford problem**

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                                                        Anyone heard of larger tires generating more pressure on the power steering... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                        Anyone heard of larger tires generating more pressure on the power steering pump and causing power steering fluid to leak out of the top of the power steering reservoir? Because Corpus Auto Service just told me that is why I'm leaking power steering fluid (which wasn't leaking until they changed the pump this last time after their first (unnecessary) replacement went out).

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                                                          Jus wanted to say Thanks to all that showed up today to make this day eventful — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                          Jus wanted to say Thanks to all that showed up today to make this day eventful. Carwash wasn't a success bt I believe with better preparation it can be. However turkeyleg BBQ was a huge success as always! We found a better & more proficient location which will be out new spot. Every one out there loved us and gave us a lot of love. A big shout out to Jeff, Martin, Marcus, Marco who are always there in the AM with me. Appreciate it fellas. Also everyone who else showed up through out the day. And a big big shout out to President Victor from Alice chapter for coming out also. Once again guys n gals it was a great, fun day. Well do it again soon in 2 weeks.

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                                                            Well my big baby is finally done but she s in helotes I m asking on here first... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                            Well my big baby is finally done but she's in helotes. I'm asking on here first if any of the south Texas ford brothers have a flatbed trailer, good tie downs and truck that are able to haul her back down here. The truck can be driven on the trailer she is 82in wide approximately from outside to outside of tires she is 8'2" tall from ground to top of cab. If anyone is able to do this for me I'll gladly pay for the trip and everything and depending on when your able to make the trip I'll go along to help load her up.

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                                                              Ok Let me tell you about Resonance Auto Craft we are a new Solutions based 12... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                              Ok, Let me tell you about Resonance Auto Craft, we are a new Solutions based 12 volt aftermarket enhancement company.

                                                              We ensure we have the most up to date and advanced training.

                                                              We utilize the most advanced fabrication techniques, coupled with some of the most advanced tooling available. these provide us the ability to maximize every bit of the time we need to complete each project.

                                                              We also apply specific processes and procedures for every vehicle while in our care. All vehicles will be given a complete check in/ check out process, a charging test prior to any work being done to ensure no underlying electrical issues. All vehicles are kept on a maintainer while we are working on them, this prevents us from draining batteries and potentially damaging them or causing the vehicle to trigger codes. We will use mats, Film and covers to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle while we do our job. All the panels we remove from the vehicle (ie. door panels, rocker trims, pillar trims, ect.) are not left on the ground, the roof, bed or backseats of the vehicles, they are stored on a rack away from the vehicle to prevent any damage.

                                                              We use advanced materials to create each build. No more MDF panels that swell and rot in the humidity of South Texas. We use Multiply Russian Balic Birch or resin based composites for all of our enclosures, plastic and other substrates for trim panels and adapter plates. Steel, Aluminum and plastics for amp racks and other mounting plates. We use only Stainless Steel or treated hardware to combat rust. Every part secure to the vehicle with either be done using existing mounting locations, by using nuts and bolts or nut rivets and machine fasteners. In the rare occasion we must drill through a body panel we rust preventatives on the bare metals.

                                                              We use industry setting standards in everything we do. from basic wiring to complex fabrication. We don't cut corners for the sake of a buck or two. We want to present the best solution to our clients with the knowledge that it will continue to perform as it did on day one and that it will last (or outlast the vehicle), even for clients that like to get a new vehicle every few years, these is no reason to buy great gear and have it no perform its best because the application was only mediocre.

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                                                                Looking at putting my American Force Independence SS8 20x10 up on the market... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                                Looking at putting my American Force Independence SS8 20x10 up on the market for sale to get me some new rims. Still have to order my new ones so I'm just throwing them out there.

                                                                Nothing wrong with them just not a fan of polished/chrome rims. Wanted to share on here before I post to the public.

                                                                I got them with my truck when I bought it about 6 months ago. No curb checks maybe light scratches that can't tell unless you have a bright flashlight on it.

                                                                I checked with 4 Wheel Specialties today on the price since I couldn't check from dealer and says they go for $680. Ford sent my truck there to get accessories put on.

                                                                I'm looking at $500 a rim.

                                                                Shoot me a message if interested.

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                                                                  Hello Everyone I would first like to say thank you to Drew Sanchez for adding... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                                  Hello Everyone, I would first like to say thank you to Drew Sanchez for adding me to the group. My wife and I own Resonance Auto Craft, we are a new 12 volt aftermarket enhancement company, but more about that in a bit. I am primarily here to offer my advice and assistance from a more than 25 year background in mobile electronics. so how about a little about myself... I am currently ranked as one of the Mobile Electronics Industry's Top 12 Installers and was named the Trusted Tech of 2015. I will be happy to answer any questions I can, or if you are having trouble with a DIY project, I will assist where I am able. Please feel free to post a question and tag me in it or PM me if you like as well.

                                                                  I will add a secondary post with more info about the company.

                                                                  Again thank you for allowing me into your group and I am here to help.

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                                                                    Photos from Matt Solar's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                                    $800 installed

                                                                    I got a 3 in body lift I want to sell installed for 09 to 14 Ford F-150. The body lift only goes for about $500 on the cheapest end off eBay. (Retail $679)It's brand new in the box. If you got a 09 to 14 F150 2wd/4wd V8 this kit will work with your truck. This is a good way to add 3 inches without breaking the bank on a suspension lift which would put you back about 2k. If you tow a lot this is also better because it doesn't effect ride like a suspension lift does. You will be still able to use factory hitch and tow just like it was stock. I have a shop and have done many lift kits over the years and guarantee my work. This kit calls for 8 hours of labor so if you think about it I'm charging $400 for the kit and $400 for labor and that puts labor at $50/hr. Nobody will beat that labor price in town on lift kits. So your getting a good deal on the kit $100 cheaper than anywhere I have found and a great deal on labor.

                                                                    Message me on here or txt 3618348256.

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                                                                      My cousin Jimmy Hernandez has been telling me some things about the truck club... — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                                      My cousin Jimmy Hernandez has been telling me some things about the truck club and I'm interested in joining. I moved back to Texas about 2 yrs ago and I'm living in San Antonio. Truck is basic right now, sitting on a 8" fabtech on 38's. SCT programmed and deleted. Let me know what I need to do or How I can join.

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                                                                        Photos from Aaron Schmidt's post — SOUTH TX FORDS TRUCK FORUM

                                                                        Hey guys! Joey told me that some of y'all are wondering about the AFE stage 2 Cold Air Intake... I have a 2011 3.5L ecoboost...

                                                                        So far from what I see and have driven (around the block onto SPID and back) I can tell a noticeable accerlation gain. Throttle is a little more sensitive and it sure sucks in a lot more air since it has not one but TWO giant cone filters...

                                                                        Joey Riojas also installed my new 170* thermostat... I had this put on because I'm looking to get unleashed tuning custom tunes eventually and Torrie (the owner of unleashed tuning) recommended to put this thermostat down especially since I'm here in Texas (HOT) and it brings down my engine temps a little bit.

                                                                        But here's some pictures! Let me know if y'all have any other questions!

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