Richard M. Gaskill shared Unify's photo to the group: Ford Flathead V8 & Lincoln Zephyr V12.

Since hemp was illegal after 1937 and the car supposedly was built after that I did some investigating. -car-myth-busted.html

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  • I knew some people in college that would have been walking because they would have smoked that car

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  • Smokin'!

  • I thought the body was made from soybeans.

  • Far out, man!

  • wonder if the war effort might have figured in..

  • Ol' Henry was definitely a man of vision. Yes there was a hemp car. Sorry, no THC. If WWII hadn't come along, I believe soy, hemp, and many other natural products would have been integrated into the manufacturing industry, and by now hemp would be legal.

  • There's a strong hint of conspiracy theory sensationalism right there, something I cant agree with. Simple answer I believe is, essential WW2 production interfered. As per Steve Hedke's comment, I have only read about the 'Soybean' car not hemp. Fords dash knobs & steering wheels were Soy plastics for many years. What I liked about the unveiling of the Soy car was that a four or five course meal was provided, ALL soybean based! Apparently fibrous 'Hemp' is not the smokeable kind! I think the basic development of the soy/hemp car ended up in Europe, Cologne as the Taurus or in France as a Simca with steel body. Hopefully somebody else can provide all the facts, it is all very fascinating!

  • years ago i recall reading about soybean license plates. it seems that some animals found them quite tasty!

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  • Mr. Ford also "experimented" with "soy".............