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Any one know were I could get a o/s sliding door lock from for a mk7 thanks

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  • Hughie Lock

  • Cars
  • Mike poyser

  • Tommy tucker Davidson

  • Ta James let us know if u come across one it would have be that bloody side that goes lol

  • If they can't sort you out let me know I have a complete Tourneo for parts with 2 side doors

  • Hi Gary how much u want for the door lock and can u post mate thanks

  • £60 inc postage by courier

  • Yeh bud that would be great that is for the drivers rear sliding door ain't it bud

  • Yes it is as I said I have a complete Tourneo no damage so working ok

  • That's great how's best pay and sort out delivery mate

  • You can pay by PayPal or card over the phone and get shipping address either way

  • Chi mate could u message me with payment detail ta

  • Gary Walker do you have all the inside door trim off the passanger side loading door?

  • Gavin Mark Winder should have its a mk6 thou

  • that's fine bud. how much

  • Will check in the morning to make sure it's ok

  • Ok bud no probs just give us a shout

  • Gavin Mark Winder I have if Gary doesn't

  • price Adam

  • Gavin Mark Winder £10

  • Adam Smith it would cost me more to send it than £10

  • I know Gary but the price for the item he wants is £10 plus postage

  • Hi did u check the door lock bud

  • Hi Gary walker did u check the door lock ta

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  • James Ormesher pm you