Police should use a focus rs as a bait car across the uk in areas known for...

Police should use a focus rs as a bait car across the uk in areas known for thefts of them thats how u catch these scumbags

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  • I don't know if the can do that. Isn't that entrapment?

    I may be wrong. If they can do this then yes they should!

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  • Yer we have to face the facts but in doing it they would potentially save other ford owners from loosing there hard earned motors. Hard working people getting these cars for them to be taken ? .. Words cant describe what these low lifes deserve

  • I know! And being an Rs owner too I worry where it's going to happen next. It's unfair! Police do need to do something about it sharpish!

  • My only idea is a bait car pick the right spot and they will bite the bait not even having to make it obvious as they do in american . Leave it locked on someones path in an area common for it . We can only dream ay

  • Maybe a resident could do it with a tracker and some sort of live feed camera that's they can't see. You'll get the face of they're not covered up and a location of where they take them...

  • But I don't know anyone who would risk their car... Lol

  • People should by a disklock or wheel clamp n stop relying on ford security it's bin common knowledge for over a year they get stolen

  • Move the obd port doesnt take long and its a job you can do yourself. If we knew what they are using maybe someone could design a fake obd port to fuck there machines up whern they plug them in!! Still suffer a bust window thou

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  • I worry that if they can't steal it they will smash it up like the green one they did in that garage.