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Not sure how this happened exactly, but it did!

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  • Its usually propped in place while your parked by a partaker of the contents.

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  • More than likely it was chucked on the road I see them all the time. Didn't lose air and didn't do any damage to the wheel though

  • 12g Co2 cartridge, and it's live still by the looks of things, unless it's warn though the bottom

  • Seen a head bolt do the. Same buggered the wheel too

  • The bottom is a bit battered but don't think it's gone through. I'm good at getting things wedged into tyres. I can a huge bolt go through one of my bike tyres back last year!

  • Embedded a spark plug in a tyre years ago,reckon it was left in the road after the binnies had emptied the local garage..Funny thing I was the binman that emptied that garage earlier in the day.

  • Crazy what can go through a tyre!

  • Tyre fitter said he gets a fair fee of bookies pens

  • I can't believe some people driving car with tread like that no excuse.

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  • Actually, it's above the wear markers, and I took the wheels off ages ago when I bought some new wheels. So no, I haven't been driving with them illegally.