Photos from Patrick Stoddart's post

Hey guys, just picked up this XE ute and will be wrecking it out. CONSOLE AND RUBBER BOOT ARE NOT FOR SALE. Everything else you see pictured is.

Notable parts:

Complete 4spd conversion, literally everything except console

Injected 4.1 on dedicated gas with a gas research carb

Extractors and sports exhaust

XE Fairmont (?) seats and retrimmed ute door trims in okay condition

Brand new tailgate


The car is fairly rusty, however it does run and drive pretty good and is currently on SA Rego, so can sell the whole car and you can drive it if you want. Located in Aberfoyle Park.

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  • How much for whole thing ?

  • Cars
  • How did she run with the gra on?

  • Still does run, and excellently.

  • How much you thinking mate

  • Want a xe bar for front?

  • Theres one in the tub

  • Got any pics of the rust? Hard to give an offer without seeing more pics

  • I'll get some, it's pretty fucked though, which is why we're wrecking

  • No worries mate.

  • Should just drive it or is she a little rusty haha

  • Pretty bloody rusty haha

  • Oh fair enough, don't worry about it then bro, thanks anyway

  • Alright all good

  • Damn! if you ever decide to sell the console... ;)

  • Planning to put one of those systems on my clevo in a few months.

  • Did you buy it for the console?

  • Dill Finch buy some parts bro

  • Nick Spano use the extractors

  • How much are you chasing for the bar and tailgate?

  • Heard nothing but good things about the old gra, will probably look into it if I end up dropping a 302 in dad's xe

  • Yeah no thanks haha, it's actually really good too

  • Console and a mirror lol

  • 350?

  • Haha good work

  • Gotta do what you gotta do

  • Only way to get a manual console these days

  • Yeah pretty much unfortunately

  • Any rust in the tailgate and how much for the bar alone

  • tailgate has a little bit of surface rust on the top from where somethings rubbed the paint off, that is literally it though

    bar alone 200

  • How much do you want for the whole thing

  • not too sure, make an offer

    rust is pretty brutal

  • Oh ok mate might have to give it a miss this time.

  • yeah if you're looking for a project this probably isnt for your haha

  • Cheers mate. Yeah i have a Cleveland in the shed waiting for a

  • one will pop up eventually, always does

  • what r seats like and how much? drivers side looks lower than pass side??

  • Cars
  • Cars gone mate