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Stuart Bishop Peter Jay

Stuart, this is that wheel cleaner I used, will be posting clean pictures soon

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  • No it doesn't lol. A clay bar is used for removing foreign bodies such as tar and built up crap

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  • When I get time to do mine, I will post a pic of before and after :)

  • Post 100 pictures, clay bars don't give the car a better shine lol, they remove contaminants

  • It's all down the polishes/glazes/waxes and sealants that are used that will give a good shine

  • Never clayed this heap of crap lol

  • Clay is for removing stubborn dirt that won't come off with washing, you usually get marring from using clay too as it is an abrasive against the paint so it does the opposite of giving a shine if anything!

    For wheels I use iron X which is a fallout remover, gets the majority of shit off wheels especially when worked in with a brush, try some on visually clean wheels too, see how much crap it still removes. When they are properly clean get them sealed up, makes keeping them clean so much easier! I can no touch wash my wheels now, spray of Citrus pre-wash then rinse with the jetwash and they are clean.

  • Iron X at work on the missus car last week.

  • Left the Iron X for a few minutes, rinsed and then hand washed with just my usual car shampoo.

    They hadn't been cleaned for 3 months prior, about 4000 miles of her usage.

  • As for sealing, Auto Finesse Minty Rimz is great stuff, I usually use it but recently tried this which upto now is holding up even better!

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  • I was looking at the AF minty rimz but I chose the poor boys stuff instead, wasn't that impressed