Am having a peculiar issue with Bluetooth connectivity in my Aspire By the...

Am having a peculiar issue with Bluetooth connectivity in my Aspire. By the time I enter my car cabin and gets settled (adjusting the seat and buckle up the Seat belt) Iphone gets paired automatically before I start car engine. Once I start the car engine, audio system will be restarted (common in all cars) and after that the iphone gets unpaired/disconnects. Then I've to manually pair it in mobile going to Bluetooth settings. May be it's not a major problem but at times it is quite uncomfortable. Is this the same with all ford cars or needs some kind of software update?

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Im planning to upgrade from my punto D I have a few questions regarding the...

Im planning to upgrade from my punto(D). I have a few questions regarding the Apire.

1. Is there any turbo lag inside city driving?

2. How is the gearbox when compared with the punto. Punto's gearbox is quite crude and it's not a city-friendly IMO.

3. Is the seating/driving position comfortable for long drives? I have been using punto for more than a year and I am still unbale to find a comfortable seating position.

I reckon I will not be able to test the above things in just a few kms of test drive. I have been having the above problems with my current drive, hence I would like to know fellow owner's inputs on this.

If there is anyone here who have used both the cars, they can help me understand above queries.

Thanks in advance Aspirants :)

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    Something shocking and weird happened Im driving in heavy rain in the middle...

    Something shocking and weird happened. Im driving in heavy rain, in the middle of Nagarahole forest, and suddenly, the wipers get stuck with each other and stop working! Thankfully there was no oncoming traffic.. I had to get out of the car in the rain to twist it shape. I had to stop couple of times to do it! Somehow managed to drive back! I dont have a photo, but to see it getting stuck to each other was shocking! Design defect or one-off case? Anyone else experience it? I've given the car to Cauvery ASC, Bangalore. They said they'll get back to me.

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      It was reported last week that the Ford company has decided to drop the Figo...

      It was reported last week that the Ford company has decided to drop the Figo moniker and call its compact sedan simply as Ford Aspire.The reason for this was said to be that the sedan employed the Figo moniker in a bid to take advantage of the positive brand recall but as it turned out, neither of the new Figo twins managed to recreate the original car’s magic.

      The company was said to be looking to impart individuality into both Figo hatchback and Aspire sedan so that it can have separate marketing strategies. It is now reported that the Ford India has confirmed it will not be dropping the Figo Aspire name. They will, however, emphasise more on the Aspire title when referring to the compact sedan.

      What do you think? Should Ford India differentiate the Figo as a hatchback and the Aspire as their compact sedan offering?

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        My aspire s compressor fuse got blown again took it to service yesterday nd...

        My aspire's compressor fuse got blown again... took it to service yesterday nd they found that the magnetic clutch is causing the problem nd it needs to be replaced. It will cost around 15k.

        They said, that they need to hotlist it to ford and get its confirmation for such a replacement under warranty as the car/model is new.

        The service staff gave me weird look and said "sir, this reverse camera nd sensors, illuminated scuff plates are non-ford right !!! " lets hope ford doesnt have any objection in replacement under warranty. ....... ah.. that gave me a heart attack...

        Today i got a call from service person saying they've approved the warranty and the parts will reach by monday..

        Waiting for my car.. as for now im using my sister's swift. Nearly escaped from an accident while overtaking a bus because i misjudged swift's power... half way i realised that swift wont make it.. it it was my aspire it'd have been too easy at any gear...:)

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