Katie Parry this is the direnza 2. 5 exhaust on mine

Katie Parry this is the direnza 2.5 exhaust on mine

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  • Your better of buying a 2nd hand decent one on here, I ran a Direnza for 1 2 months, and it distributes so unevenly :/ Only flames on one side as you can see in this video

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  • I've been told that a few times yesterday tbf

    I really want mongoose I think

    Best keep looking

  • Is this the exhaust you have?

  • I got a direnza on mine, sounds sweet

  • Gonna get it I think. Bored of standard exhaust

  • Ive cut the middle box out of mine, Sounds better then

  • Ricky 'Rusty' Fox what u think

  • Sounds alrite mate. Wud hold out for a second hand miltek or scorpion. By bro's scorpion with the decat sounds awesome.

  • Is he coming Sunday

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  • Doubt it he's useless