• John Bradley Earned the title of Mr Flathead through his valiant efforts to...

    John Bradley: Earned the title of “Mr. Flathead” through his valiant efforts to keep Ford ’s venerable flathead V-8 as a viable dragster powerplant through the end of the 1950s. After starting off with a ’32 Ford roadster that he raced on the streets and dirt tracks of Southern California in 1946, Bradley built his first dragster from Ford Model T frame rails in 1952. By the next year, Bradley was using nitromethane to hit then unbelievable speeds of 147 mph with his flathead-powered entry. His next car, the tube-chassis Gene’s Brake Shop special reached the final-round of the 1957 World Series of Drag Racing event in Cordova, Ill. Bradley’s famous ride earned him more than 50 Top Eliminator titles and numerous track records in 1957 and 1958. His final flathead entry was a duel-engined version that he drove from 1958 to 1962. Following his retirement from active competition, Bradley, now nearly 78-years-old, campaigns a nine-second flathead dragster on the California nostalgia circuit that features eight spark plug, billet-aluminum cylinder heads of his own design.

    • A loyal "flathead" if there ever was one.

    • Craig Slack