I think I may have made a bit of a balls up. Hahaha

I think I may have made a bit of a balls up. Hahaha.

Anyway I had some new tyres fitted (205/55r16) and yesterday had my car lowered. Not sure by how much as friend just did it. I think probably around 30mm.

Will my wheels still fit with 55 tyres on without rubbing to much???? or have I just wasted £100.

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  • If they do i got a nearly new set of 45s, that i getting rid of as i want 55s,

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  • Ah right these are brand new toyo proxes. Would rather sell than swap for nearly new ones as cost me £100. But be willing to listen to offers.

  • Mine cost £200 3weeks ago Michelin pilot sport 3s

  • I've got 205/50/16 and no rubbing I'm lowered 50mm

  • So do you think 55's will be OK then?? George Glackin. Could maybe put them on back as did need 4 but seem to good just to keep bumper off ground. Lol.

  • My 205/55/16's rubbed on full lock and that's at standard height

  • I'm hoping they'll fit on the rear. Had 55 on the back of the car the suspension I have on mine now.

  • I put mine on the rear lol they have about an inch from the front of the arches

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  • I dunno how close these will be. Thinking I might have to lift it a touch. It's on coil overs btw.

    Luckily I do kind of need rear tyres. Might give them a ring first see if I can exchange as not even been on car yet.