How easy is it to do a turbo conversion on a non turbo 18 d are the engines the...

How easy is it to do a turbo conversion on a non turbo 18 d are the engines the same

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  • If you get a early tdi engine from a mk1 mondeo or mk5 escort not the endura engine they run ok without the ecu.....I put one in my old mk6 escort van with no bother

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  • Cheers Martin I have a 18 non turbo and a 18 turbo van and obviously the turbo is totally rotten and other one is solid wondered if it's an easy swap over and what's involved didn't really want to swap engines they are both endurance de

  • Not to sure with the endura.... I can't see ford changing to much tho

  • You can fit the turbo, manifolds, water pipes etc onto the n/a diesel. You'll also need to fit the full exhaust system as it's slightly different. Then tweak the fuelling up on the injection pump.

  • You need the td pump too as it has on boost fueling which the na pump doesnt

  • The TD pump (70bhp escort van) has no on boost fuelling, the td has the same Lucas pump as the N/A (60bhp escort van)

    It's only the TDI (intercooled one normally found in later escort cars and mondeos) that has the boost compensation on the pump.

  • Think outside the box buddy. Look into a tdci conversion.

  • Thought about that putting a 2. 2 transit engine in 1 lol

  • That would be brilliant. I wondered if anyone has fitted 2.4 transit engine in a ford galaxy.

    I need to pop up and see you soon buddy

  • Would a endura td from a mk2 mondeo fit

  • Yes but theres quite a bit of tweaking and wiring involved but do-able.

    Tbh if I was you and had a TD escort van, id put all the gubbins onto the N/A van.

    I ran mine for a year like that before fitting a Bosch VE injection pump from a n/a fiesta courier van, then tinkering it for way more fuelling.

    Now happily running 1.4bar of boost for 2yr. Shes a nippy old van now

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  • OK looks like the td is going to get stripped and built onto the other van