Mark Lloyd Riddell shared a link to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

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Mk2 Escort Wheel Nut Stud spline question I have recently bought some longeer...

Mk2 Escort Wheel Nut Stud spline question. I have recently bought some longeer studs off ebay as I felt the standard ones on my Mk2 were too short for my Minilites. The studs I bought were 47mm long but I could't fit them without removing the discs i've just fitted so I decided to shorten them a few mm to get them in. Having done that I now find the splined portion seems to bee a bigger diameter that the studs I,ve remoived meaning I cant fit them . I've left my verniers at work so I cant measure them but they definately look bigger. Are the two different sizes of metric stud or am i missing something??

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    Bilstein strut advice needed I ve tried some minus 2 springs on the front of...

    Bilstein strut advice needed. I've tried some minus 2" springs on the front of my recently acquired RS2000 and as soon as the strut is unloaded they fall out. I bought these springs years ago new from Burtons and thought I'd try them. Is it possible that my struts are longer than your average 2.8i Capri ones ( I don't know exactly what they are ) or did these springs always do this. I don't want to go to the expense of Coilovers just yet and much as I liked the way the car sat it's obviously not safe. Wouldn't have bothered me years ago , I guess I'm getting old and boring

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      Nick Tyrone Williams shared a link to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.




      ************************************ ************



      ******************************************* *****


      To book your club into The Classic Ford Show 2017 please follow these simple instructions. Remember Club space is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis...

      Club members must go to

      Select your Club from the menu and enter the Club's Personal Password*

      Proceed to select your required tickets and place order

      Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email as proof of payment

      PLEASE NOTE: Your ticket(s) and vehicle pass(es) will be sent via email no later than one week before the event date. They will need to be printed and brought with you to the show for scanning on entry.

      HOT RWD FORD 60-80 unique password is:


      We ask that you distribute this to your members in order for them to book their tickets and vehicle passes.

      The deadline to book club tickets is Friday 24th April 2017, subject to space availability

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        Photos from Jeremy Hookway's post

        Octoral Paint Issues

        My car was painted last year in my friends bodyshop, we used a Max Meyers Filler Primer, then used Max Meyers 3011 primer, the base coat was Octobase in Ford 411 Radiant Red, Clear Coat was C500 HS420 Superb Clear Coat, H25 HS420 Hardener Medium and a TA910 Thinner Standard, everything after the primer was Octoral. Towards the end of November the car was moved to the lower workshop which is colder and can be damp when it rains at which point there were no micro blisters.

        I noticed some very small micro blisters in the clearcoat a couple of weeks later, we were able to scratch the base and clear away from the primer with a finger nail, and completely peel the paint off using a blade, there doesn't appear to be any adhesion between the base coat and the primer.

        An E type Jaguar was primed ( Max Meyers 3011 ) at the same garage and then painted at another body shop it was then returned and put in the lower workshop with my car, when I noticed the micro blisters in mine they checked the Jaguar and the paint had blistered and was coming off in exactly the same way as mine did.

        Octoral are blaming the bodyshop, the painter, the booth, the prep, the primer etc etc etc, basically everything other than their paint and don't seem interested in my issues at all ! The bodyshop I used paint 100's of car each year and have never had anything like this happen with any of their customers cars, but they don't use Octoral paint.

        My car was finished and fully rebuilt apart from a few small jobs, but is now stripped back to a bare shell awaiting blasting to remove the rest of the paint I couldn't scrape off with a blade, I have removed all the paint from the outside of the vehicle with nothing more than safety blade !

        Has anyone had any similar issues with Octoral paint ( seems to be just base and clear coat ) if so I would like to know so I can try and build a case against them.

        If not I would strongly advise against using it just in case you have the same issue

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          Photos from Paul Freestone's post

          The first photo was taken the day i purchased my x pack capri nine years ago , it was stored in a lock up for a long time, when i contacted the seller i told him not to clean it up because i wanted to see the car as it was, he opened the garage door and i thought wow what a car, even with the way it looked, which was incredibly filthy on the outside with the interior in an even worse condition. but thought i ve got to have this car and restore it as best i could,

          i,m so glad i went through with the purchase.

          second and third pics is how the car is now , most of you will know how i restored this car with help from a few friends , its taken nine years of blood sweat and tears to get to this stage, but well worth it,

          i enjoy driving and cleaning the car through the summer, and will cherish the car for years to come.

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            Anyone got any ideas why I would have no drive on my mk2 escort with pinto type...

            Anyone got any ideas why I would have no drive on my mk2 escort with pinto,type 9 and tran x lsd? I've just put my pinto lump back in,it's been out for a couple of months and I've done nothing to the clutch or flywheel,type 9 stayed in the car when the lump come out,anyway it runs fine and goes in gear,well the gear stick feels like it's going in gear,let the clutch up and nothing.

            I disconnected the clutch cable and tried it and still nothing,clutch fork has the play a few mm like normal.

            The only thing I've done is moved the gearbox up from the mount so my engine sat more level,do you think it could of pulled the prop out away from the splines? I've moved it up about a inch.

            Any help would be much appreciated,been racking my brain and don't know what's going on.

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              anyone know how to spot a fake pico injector ive read lots of stuff on forums...

              anyone know how to spot a fake pico injector? ive read lots of stuff on forums about fakes failing or having poor spray patterns, so i checked my supposedly genuine injectors. the one on the left im convinced is a genuine one from the very clear E printed on the plug, (checked webcon website for pictures) the other three are the same as the one on the right, they actually look slightly better quality than the left one but im noticing the different inprint on the plug. generally fakes are close matches but on closer inspection show themselves up. any thoughts people?

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                Steven Wakeman shared a link to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                Hi everyone,

                Hope you all had a good Christmas & are looking forward to a happy new year.

                Just wanted to let you all know that our website is now live & booking forms are available from here, this will be a much easier process for all involved.

                The website has loads of information about past show with lots of pictures, (maybe you can see yourself!) As well as new information about the 2017 show.

                The website has a “clubs” page which is for those wishing it, to add a link to your own website/face book page to maybe attract new members to your club.

                This year we will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer support. So we hope to see as many of you guys as possible, maybe even beat last year’s total!

                Have a good everyone!



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                  Question time for your Boxing Day evening

                  Question time for your Boxing Day evening

                  was going to change my wheel studs today on my mk2 escort 1600 sport and brought 14.3mm spline!

                  Now I realise that doesn't fit but has now also presented the problem that the front studs are around 13.7/8mm spline and the rears 12.8/9mm so I'm guessing that 13.1mm is the standard size for the rears but what is the fronts all about???

                  very annoying as I wanted to get this done over the xmas period so any advice and where I can the correct sizes from this week would be helpful

                  Thanks in advance

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                    hi all i m in the process of putting a bias pedal box in my 100e previously...

                    hi all. i'm in the process of putting a bias pedal box in my 100e. previously had one 0.750 master going to servo then feeding front and rear brakes.

                    is there a dual circuit servo i can run once i've put the two masters in with the pedal box? or is it best to sick with the single circuit servo and only use it for the fronts? also any advice what size master cylinders i should be using for front and back? running 105e drums at rear and 2 pot m16's at front.

                    would be interested to hear what setup people are running in there motors. thanks for reading.

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                      Help needed mk1 escort back axel ive driven the car the other week and had a...

                      Help needed mk1 escort back axel ive driven the car the other week and had a bad vibration on the back,checked it and found bent half shafts checked them on a leath and passanger side bent and drjvers bent but not to bad,i got new half shafts checked them and both straight put them in tryed jg ul the road and ive got the same problem again got home checked them and its the same again bent half shafts but passanger again is the worst one,what could cause this my wheels are new and checked and diff is brand new plated diff.anyone had this problem and could help

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                        Michael Andrew Sheraton shared his event to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                        Attachment now available.. my mistake

                        BRING YOU HOT RWD FORD TO WIMBLEDON - The classic hot rods and historic stock cars feature at Wimbledon this sunday in what could be one of the last few meetings there, and so we have been asked to get together escorts anglias etc for display inside the main entrance. There will be a security guard watching over the cars all evening.

                        If interested please state 'going' on the event below so we can gauge the numbers! - Ive been told it may also be a discounted or free entry to the event, although i can't confirm yet.


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                          Photos from Rune Ravn Andersen's post

                          Hello Ford freaks.

                          I´m the proud owner of a Ford 26m Hardtop from 1971 that´s running a Cosworth BOA 24v v6 engine.

                          It´s been going really well as a standars engine for the past 5 years and now it´s time for some upgrades.

                          To control the new setup i need a programmable ECU - I´ve found brands as Emerald & DTA witch can control 6 injectors and coils.

                          Do any of you out there have experience with programmable ECu for the BOA engine and can you recomment what else to choose ????

                          Thanks in advance - Rune.

                          Here is a few pictures of my 26m.

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                            a bit of advice for a friend in Ireland that s not on the internet he has a mk1...

                            a bit of advice for a friend in Ireland that's not on the internet, he has a mk1 2 door Cortina, modded uprated suspension/brakes to near lotus spec, the engine and box are out of a 1963 lotus elan the twin cam, the car is mint! no rust, painted about 10 years ago so not fresh but is nice!!!! engine and box are mint and for what it is, it flys down the road, what would it be worth, the owner is just over 70 and I have been offered the car to buy but not sure what to offer for it, I don't wanna take the piss, he knows what the engine and box are worth and a rust free mk1 tina??? i'm just not sure, I want to give a fair price as I want it, its not been done as a lotus rep either which I like! I just think its a damn nice car, has restall recliner seats in it too which are super period!!!! I suppose its as close to a lotus 2 door tina I will ever get so obviously I would love to take it to some ford meetups

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                              i am in Coventry I have some ford parts for sale hope this is allowed I had...

                              i am in Coventry I have some ford parts for sale, hope this is allowed, I had plans but they have changed, pooling funds for an van build! I have a 1600 711 crossflow engine-no gearbox, turns freely, came from a running mk2 Cortina, I also have an original rs bellhousing with clutch arm, weber carb from a pinto 2.0 the twinchoke one! 28 36 I think, zetec self build bike carb manifold, still sorting a few more ford bits, if these are of any interest I will had some prices, what are ya thoughts? be nice to sell the lot in one fell swoop, let me know, I get really pissed off with ebay dickheads bidding then not collecting, what do y reckon, all my parts are in good order, not old rusty siezed parts

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                                Photos from Andrew Hebron Hebs's post

                                Can I request some help from this community please.

                                Months ago I was sold this vehicle, by someone I had dealt with before,and thought was trust worthy.

                                The car was described as having a blown engine. I paid the money in good faith, but as yet ,have never seen the car,which he was delivering to me,as this is his business.

                                I have literally hundreds of texts from the vendor promising me delivery, and now ,promising to refund the money. The excuses are getting really pathetic now.

                                Needless to say, I have had neither. I'm just intrigued to know the real story behind this car, before I report it stolen. I have already opened a case with action fraud.

                                These pictures are supposedly of the car, in his yard.

                                Thanks in advance for any information. I will treat any private messages as such.

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                                  Photos from Jason Hornsbury's post

                                  Hope this is allowed

                                  Im doing a stoptober this month im trying to raise money for cancer i lost a few members of my family including my father who was only 61 years of age my father in law who was only 54 years of age and two aunties which one was only 47 and other was only 51 i no there is a lot of lifes losted

                                  (LOVE ONES) (FRIENDS) macmillan are loverly people who care a lot about people who have this and worth a millon ive put this on ebay with my sign up name to see if i can raise some money for the charity

                                  The email is


                                  I do like a drink and i do drink more than what i should but im going to do this for my family friends and the people out there who has this

                                  If people do look at this and be kind enouth to sponcer me please go to the website it will go a long way

                                  My phone number is 07515403879

                                  A very kind regards to you

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                                    Right People this goes out to all our members

                                    Right People this goes out to all our members

                                    We have a Discount Code Available from Roose Motorsport who supply silicone Hoses for many makes and models

                                    Please read below

                                    Roose Motorsport has a long tradition of being involved with enthusiast motoring clubs and their members, we know from experience that people who are members of these clubs are very proud of their motors and want only the very best quality products to represent them and their pride and joy.

                                    As one of the UK leading manufacturers and retailers of Performance Silicone Hoses, we are looking to create a register of Motoring Enthusiasts clubs who will be willing to promote our products to their members and in return we will advertise your club on our register and give exclusive offers to your members through our website.

                                    You can now use the discount code "CLUB10" on our website for 10% off our silicone hose range. Please pass the information on to your members.

                                    PLEASE LIKE THERE PAGE

                                    There Web site link


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                                      BRAKES DOING MY HEAD IN

                                      BRAKES DOING MY HEAD IN !!!

                                      Just plumbed up the capri with a new OBP floor mounted pedal box and when you press the pedal the back wheels lock solid and won't release until I bleed the pressure off.

                                      I thought the cylinder was goosed so swapped that but no joy.

                                      If I pull the handbrake it locks but releases but not if I use the foot pedal

                                      I've had the whole lot apart so many times now and am lost for ideas

                                      So any ideas or anyone have something similar happen??

                                      Setup as follows, OBP ProV2 floor mounted pedal box to .750 cylinder to a bulkhead fitting into handbrake with .625 cylinder then to cosworth rear calipers

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                                        Evening folks i am after a bit of advise i was out in my MK1 escort today and...

                                        Evening folks i am after a bit of advise,i was out in my MK1 escort today and got a puncture so fitted the spare which as it turns out is a smaller profile than the other wheel fitted on the rear.After about 10 miles i started getting a knock from the diff when going around corners the diff fitted is a trans x lsd.I am guessing the miss match in wheel dia has damaged the diff???I have taken the diff out to have a look and can't see anything broken or worn but am unsure what exactly what to look for any pointers would be a great help


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                                          Probably daft questions time but here goes I m putting a zetec In my mk1 and...

                                          Probably daft questions time but here goes. I'm putting a zetec In my mk1 and will be ditching the servo. So will be using a different pedal box with these type cylinders. What I want to know is which one is fluid in and which is to the brakes red or green. Obviously I have 2 of these cylinders one is 6.25 and the other is 7.00is it the larger number for the front brakes? And lastly I have 2 lockeed reservoirs with what looks to have push fit pipes......any idea where I can get the pipes from those to connect the cylinders....many thanks in advance (many thanks my first dealings with this type of brake setup

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                                            Been dealing with Health issues over the last year not getting the use out of...

                                            Been dealing with Health issues over the last year not getting the use out of the car I 1st thought I would only used 3 times this year and with the stresses of life I need something to enjoy more and get out in more with my family so unfortunately yet again I've sold one of me cars . Shame to see it go but also very happy . Cars gone and a nice usable cars been bought . Will be on an Old Escort or Cortina again at some point maybe next year

                                            Still going to be here doing my thing so sorry to say you haven't got rid of me :)

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                                              Want to spend a day in the passenger seat of an iconic Ford

                                              Want to spend a day in the passenger seat of an iconic Ford?

                                              Passenger seats up for grabs on this year's Snowdonia Tour

                                              The always-spectacular Snowdonia Tour, organised every year by North Wales Classic Fords is always over-subscribed, but for this year's event, which takes place over the weekend of August 20-21, and for the first time ever, the organisers and tour participants are offering co-driver seats to a very limited number of people.

                                              “Some cars are rally prepared, some are almost identical to when they were manufactured - all are iconic classic Fords,” says Les Durrant. “We intend offering half of the available seats for a donation to Hope House, this will guarantee you a seat on a strictly first-pay basis, this buys a seat for one day. The remainder of the sets will then be put up for auction.”

                                              “This year the tour will feature more than 100 classic rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and the route is run totally through areas of outstanding natural beauty, Snowdonia.”

                                              The tour raises money for its nominated charity, Hope House Children's Hospice. To date the group has handed over in excess of £31,000 hopefully making the kids and their families lives a little easier.

                                              Want to get involved? Contact Les at or call me on 07720 941759 to find out how to submit a bid.

                                              Sent from my iPad

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                                                Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Classic Ford only track session at...

                                                Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Classic Ford only track session at Ford fair this weekend ? I blew up my pinto in my mk2 escort at classic ford and haven't managed to get another one built in time for this weekend. I'd rather someone like minded make use of my track time than it go to waste. I'm asking £30 (the cost price). I can take a PayPal payment and I will forward both emails I have from ford fair with all the vehicle and pit lane passes in them. If interested either comment or message me and I can give a phone number if you'd rather speak to me first. Classic ford only track session is sold out now so grab your last chance !

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                                                  Richard Barker shared Evan Barker's video to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                  Roy's Cortina to Cortina epic charity drive is almost complete. We're almost there, journey back to UK tomorrow.

                                                  Almost £4000 in donations but we need more to get closer to the £10,000.

                                                  It's been a two year journey, which sadly my dad didn't see come to fruition but I promised before he died I'd do something special with the restoration which was meant for him.

                                                  Please search us on Just Giving @ Roy's cortina to cortina and help us raise more money before we get back.


                                                  Team Tina


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                                                    my mates trying to get a show event going for next year in staffordshire

                                                    my mates trying to get a show/event going for next year, in staffordshire. just judging interest at moment. here's his post. Attention fellow petrol heads. Would you be interested in a local 'interesting' and classic vehicle event at The New Broom in Checkley, including camping, music and food. Just gauging interest at this point, might be this year, possibly next depending on response. Looking for 40+ vehicles at least. Anything goes as long as it's not Corsa with more speakers than cylinders, Tesco car park has that covered. Let me know if this floats ye boat.

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                                                      Photos from James Gillett's post

                                                      Evening all,

                                                      Who fancies a little debate?!

                                                      I have this 69mk1 being restored to a high standard.

                                                      I originally intended to build it as a rally car but due to lack of time etc I now think a nice road car would suit me better!

                                                      I did think about a lotus rep but 5K for a 130bhp engine doesn't float my boat.

                                                      I'm thinking fit my 260bhp vauxhall behind a nice type 9, tramp bars on the back and full interior.

                                                      I already have the fabrication bits and most of the mechanicals which can be sold on to build the car.

                                                      I'm thinking a weld in cage, 6 linked, dog boxed Escort is not really going to be a thing I jump in every day and enjoy driving!

                                                      On paper I can sell all the goodies already collected and sell these on to pay for the change of plans.

                                                      I do know my way around an Escort so labour costs are not involved but struggling to see the woods for the trees at the moment.

                                                      So let the discussions commence!

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                                                        Hi all

                                                        Hi all

                                                        The classic car club I play out with, North Wales Classic Fords, raise money as a group for Hope House Children's Hospice near Oswestry. To date the sum donated is over £31,000 which helps the kids and their families at very needy times

                                                        We hold a massive 2 day event in August this year the 20th and 21st, around Snowdonia which involves more than 100 classic rear wheel drive Fords - mk1 mk2 escorts, Cortinas, capris, anglias, vans, estates and even a classic mustang!

                                                        Search 'North Wales Classic Fords Snowdonia Tour' on You Tube for an idea of what you could be part of - it's overwhelming to see the public reaction as the 'convoy' passes through their towns and villages

                                                        I can offer a seat for a full days trip around one of the most beautiful parts of the U.K. In one of the above vehicles - some fully rally prepared, some modified or some as standard as they left the factories

                                                        There are 20 vehicles attending that have offered a seat to a person making a donation of only £75.00 for the full day's driving of approximately 100 miles on the most amazing roads a car fanatic could imagine

                                                        A day out perhaps for employees, clients, families or friends which would help this fantastic charity

                                                        Feel free to call me to chat, or please respond to this email me, if you feel the day is something that suits perhaps a small donation for me to add to the coffers

                                                        My number is 07720 941759

                                                        Kindest regards

                                                        Les Durrant.

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                                                          Adam Miller shared his event to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                          Hope admin don't mind please remove if so.

                                                          ✌️✌✌NEXT SUNDAY✌✌✌

                                                          MOTORHEADZ PRESENT

                                                          "THE SUMMER SLAM"

                                                          - Live Dyno 4x4, front and rear wheel drive.

                                                          £40 for 3 runs.(buy tickets from the merchandise table).

                                                          - Live DJ's

                                                          - Super cars, muscle, Jap, Drift Cars, bikes, quads you name it and it will be there.

                                                          - Hot and cold food served all day.

                                                          - Professional Photographers

                                                          - Games room with Pool tables.

                                                          - Detailing and Promotional Stands

                                                          - Giveaways

                                                          THIS IS A FREE EVENT THAT STARTS AT 10AM TILL LATE. (Don't come early as you will be turned away).

                                                          WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE INSIDE AVAILABLE SO PLEASE PM ME.

                                                          PLEASE SHARE AND CLICK THAT GOING BUTTON ON THE EVENT BELOW

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                                                            Photos from Leigh Marsh's post

                                                            Help needed finding the fibreglass doors and bootlid/spoiler mount for our car ,

                                                            as most know the car was bought and then broke /rebuilt few years ago by a well know guy in the escort/ford scene . Me and my dad are rebuilding it to race in cscc super saloon and modsport series. It would be nice to find and refit the original fibreglass doors which have cutout for side exhaust and the original bootlid which has a support frame and spoiler mounts from our chassis .

                                                            There Quite unique to the car and wouldn't really fit another mk2 without extensive modifying .

                                                            Any help /info and shares would be much appreciated .

                                                            Leigh 07931743005

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                                                              Photos from Altaaf Devraj's post

                                                              A ground up, concourse restoration.

                                                              This particular vehicle has seen a 2 year long restoration, with almost all of the parts fitted to the car being imported from the UK.

                                                              The car:

                                                              1969 mk1 escort super ( square headlight model)

                                                              On the exterior, the car has seen a complete strip down and restoration in ermine white, finished with imported rubbers, seals, grommets and subsidiaries from East Kent and Burton power in the UK.

                                                              Headlights and tail lights are special order items from palmside in Australia.

                                                              The car has a complete Aldridge auto interior, from door cards, down to the foot well kick panels are brand new.

                                                              It's currently powered by an all methanol 2.2 (almost 2.3L) all steel pinto motor fed through 48mm webers and a custom branch manifold.

                                                              The vehicle is sat on custom ronal rs wheels that have been widened and studded.

                                                              A custom made coil over suspension system is fitted to the vehicle as well as a miriad number of custom machined parts to go with the nature of the build.

                                                              The car has a custom machined rally biased pedal box and disk brakes all round.

                                                              A true classic that has seen a build cost in the northern regions of £11500

                                                              Left to do:

                                                              The car requires a custom radiator, brake and fuel lines and some subsidiary wiring.

                                                              Asking price is £11500 not neg.

                                                              Whatsapp: +965 900 11 325 ( I'm available in the country from the 25 June)

                                                              Vehicle is based down in South Africa.

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                                                                Nick Tyrone Williams shared his event to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                                Dont forget about this events Guys and Girls , as soon as we have confirmed numbers we will start collecting for tickets and even HOT RWD track sessions . List so far please copy and past from comments below and add your names

                                                                1. Nick Williams mk2 Escort

                                                                2. Frank Mitchell Mk1 Escort

                                                                3. Tom Harvey Mk1 Escort

                                                                4. Jack Barnes mk2 escort

                                                                5. louis Spiteri Anglia 105e

                                                                6. Joe Howes Mk2 escort

                                                                7. stuart smith mk2 escort historic

                                                                8. Robert Easton mk1 cortina

                                                                9.Charlie Howes Mk2 escort

                                                                10. Darrem Daul Wells 100e

                                                                11. Gary Ball Mk1 Escort

                                                                12. Dave reed Anglia 105e

                                                                13 (unlucky for some) Terry Fischer mk2 escort

                                                                14 Darren whitfield mk1 escort

                                                                15 Paul Foskett maybe mk1 escort maybe anglia 105e

                                                                16. Jay Groves mk1 escort

                                                                17. Perry Rolls mk1 cortina

                                                                18. Lewis prices mk2 escort

                                                                19. Wesley Hayes mk2 escort

                                                                20. Ross Bentley mk2 escort

                                                                21. Chris deane mk2 escort

                                                                22. Damian Lane mk2 escort

                                                                23. Mrs lane mk1 escort

                                                                24. Colin Davies mk2 escort

                                                                25. Paul Bradford mk2 cortina

                                                                26. Richard Flahive mk1 escort

                                                                27. Steve Dowling mk1 fiesta


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                                                                  Massive Thanks to everyone who came along to the Stand with your cars and even...

                                                                  Massive Thanks to everyone who came along to the Stand with your cars and even to say hello at Classic Ford show. Was a bit disjointed this year with many people upset again with the newer cars that arrived again . We will work together with the other bigger clubs to try and sort this for the up and coming years.

                                                                  Numbers where down in general for the show and this wasn't down to the editors of the magazine but poor organising by the media Company that organised event . I'm sure we will speak with them to try and get it back how it should be for next year. Once again thanks all was a great weekend despite the issues.

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                                                                    CLASSIC FORD SHOW 2016 its now that time Just letting everyone know that we are...

                                                                    CLASSIC FORD SHOW 2016 its now that time , Just letting everyone know that we are in Section B this year as per stand passes that have been sent out to people already , Also anyone who wants to find us come and say hello details of where we are on map below

                                                                    See you all weekend people

                                                                    ************************************* ****

                                                                    YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT BUT THERE HAS BEEN A MESS UP AGAIN

                                                                    SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE BOOKED TICKETS HAVE BEEN GIVEN AREA D

                                                                    I HAVE DOWN AREA B ON OUR PASSES SO GOD KNOWS WHERE EVERYONE IS.

                                                                    THIS CAN'T BE HARD BUT IT'S BLOODY TESTING ME.


                                                                    Not Blaming you Simon Woolley and Team

                                                                    Just can't be arse with it any more

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                                                                      Some advice on Coilovers please My car came with some what Iook like Capri...

                                                                      Some advice on Coilovers please? My car came with some ,what Iook like, Capri struts converted to Coilovers and typically the spring platforms were seized stuck. I broke a couple freeeing them off so ordered some new ones from a company. The diameter accross the top of the threads on my struts is Ø55.0mm but the diameter accross the top of the threads on the platforms I've received are Ø50.0mm. I ordered Ø2.25" thinking that would be right for my struts and the invoice says thats what theses are. Have I ordered the wrong size or have I been sent the wrong size?Cheers, Gary

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                                                                        105speed to close

                                                                        105speed to close!

                                                                        From another forum:

                                                                        Sad news not just for Anglia owners, but for anyone wanting a top quality exhaust..


                                                                        It is with a very heavy heart I type this but after 13 years of trading we have been forced out of business by Piper Cams, the people who have manufactured our exhaust range for the last 10 years.

                                                                        We will be closing the doors at the end of this month, 31st May 2016, any outstanding orders will be completed by that date.

                                                                        The Forum will remain OPEN for as long as people want to use it and Anglias at the Ace 2016 will go ahead as planned.

                                                                        As many have realised either from speaking to me or from seeing posts on here and on the Facebook we have not been able to supply exhaust products for some months now.

                                                                        This situation has come about because towards the end of last year Piper Cams appointed a new Sales Manager, Justin Buckman, who without spending any time getting to know me or understanding our market place decided to 'review' our account.

                                                                        We are a 'Contract Customer' so we contracted Piper to make exhausts for us, we paid for the development of all those products through a pre agreed order amounts and maintained exclusivity on those products by a guaranteed level of business each year. As part of this deal we had to order minimum order quantities and had minimum order values and Piper specified those quantities etc, we did not negotiate them they set the rules and we have worked within them for the last 10+ years, spending way over half a million pounds with them.

                                                                        Piper have a number of 'Contract Customers' in a number of different niche markets, from classic Ford to kit car and each Contract customer is different, some only have one manifold made to suit their particular application, some have manifolds and systems, everyone is different and to my knowledge no one has a range as big as ours, which makes us quite unique in that respect.

                                                                        As part of Justin's 'review' he wanted to bring our order quantities in line with other Contract Customers, so people who have one manifold may have to order 10 units at a time and thats what he wanted to do with us. He also wanted to remove our credit facility, something we have enjoyed for the duration of dealing with Piper and on their own Credit Controllers admission we had the best debtors days of any of their customers.

                                                                        %d comments

                                                                          Photos from Sammy Woodthorpe's post

                                                                          Mk 2 escort bits for sale. All located da16 but can post

                                                                          Standard steels with tyres. All decent tread


                                                                          Big wing pinto sump with extended pick up pipe for mk2 escort £80

                                                                          Lightened flywheel with clutch cover and clutch £50

                                                                          Heat wrapped pinto 4-2-1 manifold big bore 2 inch or 2 1/4 inch. £70

                                                                          Pinto viscous fan £10

                                                                          Stndsrd mk2 1.3l steering wheel. Brown good condition £20

                                                                          2.8 bilstein coilovers inserts £100 work fine

                                                                          Black gloves box with hole in the back (fair offers)

                                                                          202 block with head and inlet manifold. For rebuild ? Might run. Never know lol £250

                                                                          Welded 3.89 diff £70

                                                                          Open 3.9 diff £120

                                                                          205 block bottom end. Spun a shell so for rebuild ideally?

                                                                          +50 pistons as pictured 2050


                                                                          %d comments

                                                                            Photos from Allan Warfield's post

                                                                            Anglia 105 e. Lots of mods start from the back. It's been 5 linked and turreted Rs 2000 diff rear brake and disc conversion large gearbox tunnel 2.0 fiat twin cam on 45's 4 branch manifold 5 speed box will wood master with remote servo line lock. Xr3 rad and kenlow fan. 2.8 front legs on lower springs and princess 4 pots Rs 2000 crossmember and rack no sterring box anymore brand new wheels and rubber half a cadge new carpet set bucket seats with. 4 points. Needs very little to finish 7 k oh Milton adjustable tops

                                                                            %d comments

                                                                              Thought some of you might be interested in this

                                                                              Thought some of you might be interested in this..

                                                                              One of the original Alan Mann Escort touring cars, out at Donington yesterday at the Donington Historic Festival.

                                                                              The first time AMR have raced an Escort since 1969!

                                                                              It was also the first time the car has been raced since its full restoration a few years ago.

                                                                              With Henry Mann driving for both stints of the 50 minute race, we finished with a provisional 15th overall - not bad for the oldest car out there, with several of the other cars being late eighties E30 M3 Touring Cars!

                                                                              The result might be amended at a later date once the timing data has been manually analysed. The torrential downpour halfway through the race fried Donington's timing computers!

                                                                              It was an awesome first event, and a good shakedown for the car.

                                                                              We'll be back out at Brands Hatch at the end of May if you fancy a closer look!

                                                                              %d comments

                                                                                I ve got an atlas axle that came with a car I bought a while back I forgot I...

                                                                                I've got an atlas axle that came with a car I bought a while back I forgot I had. I have dug it out its been shortened to 48 inches to suit escort may be 48.5 the shafts have been shortened they appear to have been either cut or machined. Its fitted with a 3.75 CWP and ZF plate type LSD. Also has the alloy brackets to use sierra rear calipers along with the discs and calipers to suit (these will need freeing off/rebuild) also to go with this axle I have a pair of Spax rear coilover which appear to be in good condition and I believe I have all the 4 link bars which the axle appears to have brackets for.

                                                                                Anyone interested???? I need the following parts and would consider some sort of deal on all or any of the following: English LSD, twin 45s on a pinto manifold ready to go, Stage 3 pinto head or similar, pinto exhaust system, RS2000 Centre console, Pair of capri/RS front legs and most other escort bits lol

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                                                                                  SATURDAY 23RD APRIL Message out to all you OSF boys Ive been messaged by a...

                                                                                  SATURDAY 23RD APRIL...... Message out to all you OSF boys. Ive been messaged by a young boys mum, its her sons Bday party next Saturday 3-6 hes a proper little petrol head whos been through a rough old time recently. His mum has asked if i could run my car down to Deal in Kent and let him sit in it and have some pics done. (I have agreed of course) what would be really great would be to turn up to the little boys party on mass and really make his day..... WHO'S UP FOR IT ? (This is the little boys story , from his mum ) .........This is Harvey, he's my inspiration & at just 5 years old, he's already been through so much, Him and his father were massive fans of top gear, it's where hes learnt everything aswell as me & his dad teaching him, he can name almost every make/brand of car on the road. From a ford to a maclaran he amazes me with how clever he by day, They spent every weekend watching episode after episode together & eating pizza before bedtime, just over 1 year ago everything changed the worst thing ever happened, Harvey lost his hero, his best friend his daddy, his whole world was tipped upside down & since then I've had to help Harvey day after day doing everything he would of wanted to do with his dad etc he finds comfort in cars this is what him & his daddy spent doing in the short time he knew him, it was there special bond & it was unbreakable, he was his hero & his best friend, they were inseparable at times ... There's not a day goes by without the sentence "my daddy"...5 days ago he very nearly lost me too, the thought of my child been orphaned has haunted's a childs worst nightmare, you can't ever know what is going to happen he's spent the past 6 days been l me every single day in hospital for 2 hours bringing me, drinks, magazines & little presents (apples grapes) kisses and cuddles, wanting to take me home & having to keep saying goodbye but today he finally got to bring me home his little eyes sparkled, he helped get me dressed his little smile lightened up the whole ward as he held my hand all the way out of the hospital. I just can't express how much this child actually means to me He comforts me through the hardest times & through the night when I'm alone, he treats me to lunch or sweeties with his pocket money, (so he thinks i put the money back) he carries my bags of shopping in from the car, he strokes my face at night when I'm sad, he gives the best cuddles ever & he's become my bestest ever friend he pretends he's my doctor when I'm poorly, he likes to take over the housework at home..hes always there when I'm down or upset, he wipes away my tears..He's a true gentlemen and I've been blessed he is just the bestest son i could ever have he's going to make a wonderful husband & I want to Give something back to my little warrior. Make my day this kid has been through so much in his small life I just want to make him the happiest 5 year old in the world...lets make this little diamond geezers day! He deserves a gold medal if this can reach someone who can make his birthday wish of seeing some of these

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                                                                                    Adrian Balaam shared a link to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                                                    What will you do this year for Fathers Day?

                                                                                    Cars on the Green & The Bury Motor Show 2016???

                                                                                    The premier FREE to exhibit and FREE to visit & very probably largest show of its kind... returns to Nowton Park, Bury st Edmunds on 19th June.

                                                                                    Bigger and better with more to see and do. Live bands, licensed bar, Trade Stands, food to suit all (all at reasonable prices) show trail, oh yeah and cars, trucks and motor cycles.

                                                                                    From the golden eras of the motor vehicle right through to the Brand Spanking New


                                                                                    If you like cars you'll want to come along & if you don't like cars just come along and have a FREE day out....

                                                                                    To ensure variety and time to see them all we've limited exhibiting numbers to 1000 vehicles and with over 75% already prebooked the show is looking like it's biggest yet.

                                                                                    If you want to book as an exhibitor, trade stand or dealer check out our website


                                                                                    (Sorry all catering trade stands are full)

                                                                                    STOP PRESS.

                                                                                    Are you involved / organiser of majorettes, dance troop, martial arts, marching band or something similar, then we would like to hear from you.

                                                                                    We would like clubs or groups etc to perform some displays during the day.

                                                                                    PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ....

                                                                                    We have raised in excess of £35000 for local charities and continue to do so and All proceeds from our show will continue to do so as this is run by volunteers.

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                                                                                      Photos from Gary Marchant's post

                                                                                      Is this a bit of Mk1Escort Loom? Today I thought I'd have a look at the box of wiring I got with my unfinished project Mk1. I managed to identify the remains of four dash looms most of a fwd loom and the loom in the photo. It's labeled as a front to back section but I'm not convinced it's for an Escort, can anyone confirm. I know the rear light connectors have been butchered as I know the car had non Ford rear lights at some unfortunate stage of its life. To be honest, all this piecing together bits of old loom, I'm tempted to buy one of those generic new looms. Has anyone tried one in there Escort ?

                                                                                      %d comments

                                                                                        Adrian Balaam shared Cars on the Green & The Bury Motor Show's event to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.


                                                                                        The 2016 show is bigger and better but we have limited exhibitors to 1000.

                                                                                        Don't hang about and miss out. Book tonight.

                                                                                        There are still club booking areas available so why not encourage your club events team to come along. They won't be disappointed.

                                                                                        Please note - due to health and safety because of the large number of visitors there will be no vehicle movements from 10am until after trophies are presented, this will be around 3.30pm.

                                                                                        There are also trade stand areas available to book.

                                                                                        And 1 last thing.....

                                                                                        It's FREE to exhibit and FREE to visit, but we are raising money for local charities. So please come along and support our efforts.

                                                                                        Any questions please ask.

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                                                                                          Classic car mods are having there first classic car night of the year on the...

                                                                                          Classic car mods are having there first classic car night of the year on the 13th of April every one is welcome bring your cars along this is first one at the new venue so should be good nice big car park and beer garden and lovely food 7pm till when ever you wanna go home. Venue is The ship Puddledock lane Wilmington Dartford DA2 7QF close to the a20 and a2

                                                                                          %d comments

                                                                                            Classic car mods are having there first classic car night of the year on the...

                                                                                            Classic car mods are having there first classic car night of the year on the 13th of April every one is welcome bring your cars along this is first one at the new venue so should be good nice big car park and beer garden and lovely food 7pm till when ever you wanna go home. Venue is The ship Puddledock lane Wilmington Dartford DA2 7QF close to the a20 and a2

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                                                                                              Photos from Nick Tyrone Williams's post

                                                                                              Been a sad weekend and high too celebrated my wife's 50th birthday but lost a legends words can't explain how the Harris family are feeling right now.

                                                                                              We are all a big family in the oldskool world and it's so sad when we loose anyone especially someone as inspirational as Sir Ron Harris himself been at the for front for many years.

                                                                                              Please show your appreciation by liking this post. If you have any pictures of Ron and Elle over the years please add in comments below.

                                                                                              Our thoughts go out to Pam his wonderful wife and the Rest of the Family and close friends . Those who knew Ron knew he was a real gentleman happy to help anyone helpful on the Phone. RIP Ron you will be dearly missed

                                                                                              THE CONROD FATHER XXXX

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                                                                                                Photos from Carl Peters's post

                                                                                                For sale......

                                                                                                This is my mk2 more door in green, it has a 1760 crossflow, steel cranked, cammed, big valve head, twin 40 dellortos, short inlet manifold, 4 branch manifold, full Ashley exhaust, aquaplane rocker cover, new alternator, new radiator cap, new power spark electronic ignition system,13" super minilites with good tires, lowering blocks, new upgraded headlight bulbs set, just fitted recaro front seats with orange piping, sparco steering wheel, just put mint door cards and handles in,

                                                                                                The car is in good condition and very solid shell, I have owned for around 2 years and recently fitted dellorto carbs and ignition system and car has not ran right since and I don't have the time or patience to sort it, I would happily take a px on something retro old school....

                                                                                                The Car is running but needs setting up, has loads of spare bits and pieces , sport clocks, centre console, filters,

                                                                                                Owes me a fortune offers around £5000 swap value.... 07779473775 Sandhurst Berkshire

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                                                                                                  HELP PLEASE. MK2 RS. BRAKES

                                                                                                  HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! MK2 RS (BRAKES)

                                                                                                  I've just fitted my reconditioned ATE Master Cylinder after discovering it was leaking fluid into the Servo. The brakes were pressure bled and still the case continues......Hardly any braking at all, the pedal travels down to get very little braking.

                                                                                                  I did a Servo test (pump the pedal 20 times and hold and turn the ignition on) and the result - nothing !!! So I'm thinking has too much brake fluid leaking into the Servo has done some damage in there ??

                                                                                                  If it was just the Servo alone, shouldn't I get some braking at least with a harder pedal instead of hardly any braking at all ??

                                                                                                  I'm using Wilwood 4 Pot Forged Dynalite Calipers with Vented discs and Wilwood PolyMatrix Q fast road brake pads. These were fitted just over 11yrs ago with the less than average road use over the years.

                                                                                                  All was fine until I was getting a softer pedal last year (despite passing the MOT last October on the brake test) and I discovered recently brake fluid leaking into the Servo. If the Servo is the next culprit now after doing the Servo test, where do I go from here ??

                                                                                                  Any ideas and suggestions please !!!!!!!

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                                                                                                    Hi all I m selling my mk1 capri or thinking of breaking it It s a 3 0 but...

                                                                                                    Hi all, I'm selling my mk1 capri or thinking of breaking it. It's a 3.0, but think shell was originally a 1.6 or 2.0. It's got 2.8 front legs on it, a baby atlas with LSD and converted to disc brakes. It's been converted to 5 speed. Got mot till end of the year. If anyone is interested in the car or any bits pm me. Sick of messers on eBay! The car is not mint. Few bits of trim missing. The wipers work when they want think it's a bad earth but got a spare motor just incase. It does run drive stop well. I haven't driven it far not been the weather and it could do with a service. It's in primer I don't no much about the car but any questions I will try n answer

                                                                                                    Located near Sheffield




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                                                                                                      QUESTION IDEAS. I own the old nail in my profile pic some of you may know it

                                                                                                      QUESTION/IDEAS ??? I own the old nail in my profile pic, some of you may know it. It's got coilovers , with 450lb springs, compression struts. No roll bar, it's got a bronze bushed 2.2 quick rack (not 2.4) with GRP4 alloy mounts. Brand new knuckle joint and an electric Column believed to be corsa but could be fiesta as the indicator and wiper stalks are fiesta??? The car has been set up by a very well known fella and corner weighted but feels as vague as fook on the steering to the point that it's dangerous. Anyone had anything like this with an electric column. And anyone got a cossie powered escort without PAS how heavy is it on the handle bars ? THOUGHTS PLEASE

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                                                                                                        Photos from Glenn Hill's post

                                                                                                        First of all I would like to say RIP CLINT

                                                                                                        Clint was a lovely lad and a true escort head

                                                                                                        And if you ever had the pleasure to meet him you wouldn't forget him .

                                                                                                        The red Mk 2 mex is the car I had the boot and bonnet off for my escort project.

                                                                                                        Because he replaced them with fiberglass.

                                                                                                        The body kit fitted is a one off made by his dad I think!??

                                                                                                        He was racing in the VECTA ford

                                                                                                        and from my memory was very competitive

                                                                                                        Seeing he was up against

                                                                                                        Some big teams .

                                                                                                        Found these pics just the other day and felt thy needed to be put up where people with the same love could see them .

                                                                                                        Please let me know if you remember him or his one off escort .

                                                                                                        RIP CLINT

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                                                                                                          Richard Barker shared a link to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                                                                          Roy's Cortina to Cortina - Cancer Research Fundraiser

                                                                                                          In July this year I'll be driving a 2500 round trip from the UK to Italy, in a self restored 1982 Mark 5 Ford Cortina which my late father owned.

                                                                                                          Losing him in 2014 and restoring the car has been a tremendous journey. It's my dream to make sure others don't suffer in future by trying to find the cure.

                                                                                                          12,000 members on this many of you will donate a £1? I'd easily meet my fundraising target of £10,000.

                                                                                                          Please give what you can...... They'll be a blog of the journey to keep up with progress too.



                                                                                                          < p>

                                                                                                          %d comments

                                                                                                            Le Mans the 17th of June Can t wait to go on this Trackday session any of my UK...

                                                                                                            Le Mans the 17th of June Can't wait to go on this Trackday session any of my UK mates interested in joining in please let me know ASAP

                                                                                                            This is what's on offer

                                                                                                            We have reserved the circuit for Friday 17th of June which is the Le Mans 24hrs weekend which offers the opportunity to travel to Le Mans on Wednesday or Thursday and catch the qualifying then head down to Poitiers Thursday night (about 2hrs), track day Friday, Friday night at hotel in Poitiers and back to Le Mans for the start and rest of the race !

                                                                                                            We can help with routes restaurants hotels in Poitiers (not so sure at Le Mans but can give guidance re camping etc, we might have a Delta Racing campsite if there is enough interest).

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                                                                                                              Stefan Glass shared a link to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                                                                              Old video of my own good old high rev Pinto i build 2003 and race it in Berg cup 2004-2006, many problems with valvetrain in the beginning these ,but with time i find the right way.... it made amazing flat power curve fron 7700-8500 over 220 hp ,at 8650 valve contakt piston,it was dangerous but in these years the strongest 8 valve engine in Germany,at 2009 i build a derivate of these engine much more reliable for Michael Hübner and this engine is fantastic reliable with 217 hp and max rev of 8100 since 6 years of racing

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                                                                                                                Nick Tyrone Williams updated the description of the group Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                                                                                This Page is for all HOT old fords manufactured bewtween 1960-1980 the 80s part is for cars rolling over from the 70s like Mk3 capris . Strictly no sierras of mk3 Granada's etc RWD cars apply please tell your friends and post your pictures ask questions and also cars

                                                                                                                and parts for sale ,please do not use FOUL LANGUAGE ! don't advertise later ford or other stuff or we will remove it even if you are a regular user.CLUB T SHIRTS ETC are available from motifs on the banner, our sponsor is WAYNE MITCHELL RACING ENGINES also on the away and get involved ,thanx,nick,danny and mark.If your profile is set to private we can not accept you as a member unless you contact us by pm as we vet every member..thanks

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                                                                                                                  ayup im after some ideas from the rwd collective. newish build crossflow and

                                                                                                                  ayup, im after some ideas from the rwd collective. newish build crossflow and.type 9 gearbox, just.doing a.little driveway dcoe balancing and.idle setting and started to get a screeching noise, intermittent and no pattern at all, sounds an.alternator belt slipping, so tightened the belt, still same, swapped alternator incase the bearing was dry, still same. so then i thought release bearing, but clutch on or off makes no difference, so then i thought spigot bearing, jacked the car up with engine running, got 1st and 2nd gear, back wheels spinning, clutch in or out makes no difference. anyone had anything similar? oil pressure is good too.

                                                                                                                  %d comments

                                                                                                                    hi there I m after a bit of advice on my crossflow if possible I had an oil...

                                                                                                                    hi there I'm after a bit of advice on my crossflow if possible. I had an oil leak coming from the plate at the end of my oil pump which I cured by taking the plate off and replacing the o-ring that sits behind this. since then the engine has started leaking oil from the top of the engine through the rocker cover. I've changed the rocker gasket etc to make sure it's not this and the engines had piston rings done about 2 years ago. I'm worried that it's the rings again and that I've got pressure in the crankcase. the engine seems to drink oil anyway even before this started. are crossflows notorious for this? and is there anything else that could be causing this leak? I've checked that the breather isn't blocked etc. thankyou in advance for any help.

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                                                                                                                      Nick Tyrone Williams shared a group to the group: Hot RWD fords 1960/80.


                                                                                                                      PLEASE READ REF SALES ADVERTS ###########################

                                                                                                                      We have now changed this page to a sales Page Cars and Parts

                                                                                                                      Please put as much detail as possible and pictures as required

                                                                                                                      This page is for Cars and Parts for sale.. In the same theme of the main Hot Rwd anything HOT RWD era 60s to 80s

                                                                                                                      Please make not we hold no responsibility for anything you purchase from this page. Do you homework even pay the small Paypal fee for any items purchased .

                                                                                                                      If you have multiple items for sale please list all in one post listing prices if possible

                                                                                                                      Will update post in a few days

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                                                                                                                        Nick Tyrone Williams added 13 photos to January 16, 2016 in Hot RWD fords 1960/80.

                                                                                                                        MK1 CORTINA ' 63 ' PRE AIRFLOW

                                                                                                                        RIGHT HAND DRIVE

                                                                                                                        THIS IS ONE THE BEST SHELLS WE'VE SEEN

                                                                                                                        ALL ORIGINAL SILLS . ARCHES ETC

                                                                                                                        PERFECT WINGS AND DOORS BOOT AND BONNET ETC

                                                                                                                        INNER WING ARE ROT FREE ETC

                                                                                                                        HAD RECENT REPAINT IN ITS ORIGINAL RED , SUPERB CONDITION.

                                                                                                                        WE BOUGHT THIS TO KEEP BUT CANNOT AT THE MOMENT TO MANY OTHER PROJECT. GUTTED

                                                                                                                        Only welding needed is spare wheel well and small patch on n/s floor panel .

                                                                                                                        Has No engine and gearbox

                                                                                                                        Great project

                                                                                                                        £8750 based in Gatwick

                                                                                                                        PM me any more details , Car is Australian import amazing shell with very little work needed

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                                                                                                                          Photos from Jord Duxbury's post

                                                                                                                          Last chance or its going for a good mint up and paint....

                                                                                                                          Grp4 shell.

                                                                                                                          Still needs a bit of work to get ready for paint, but 98% of the hard work has been done.

                                                                                                                          Its had some repairs in the past as have most shells.

                                                                                                                          Who ever has made a start on the body work i think was blind which is what lets its down to be honest. But that reflects the price. Small repair on drivers side splash panel that wants doing properly

                                                                                                                          Big tunnels

                                                                                                                          X2 exhaust tunnels

                                                                                                                          6 linked

                                                                                                                          15" tubs

                                                                                                                          Fully stregthened

                                                                                                                          Fully skidded

                                                                                                                          Multipoint cage which picks up front struts(old spec and may need altering on main hoop for an msa logbook)

                                                                                                                          Sill stand points

                                                                                                                          Heavy duty jacking points on sills.

                                                                                                                          Shell is AS PICTURED.

                                                                                                                          £4000 ono.

                                                                                                                          Thanks - jord.

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                                                                                                                            Hi everyone after a busy Christmas new year its time to start thinking about...

                                                                                                                            Hi everyone, after a busy Christmas & new year its time to start thinking about all those lovely car shows coming up in the summer, & we now are taking bookings for the best show in town!

                                                                                                                            After last years success were back for a second year & this time we hope to be bigger & better than last year! With over 400 cars & bikes last year we had a fantastic day, beautiful sunshine, great live music, beer tent, plenty of food & fun fair for the kids, as well as some of the most awesome cars & bikes around.

                                                                                                                            So don’t miss out get the date in your diaries & book your individual or club space now.

                                                                                                                            %d comments

                                                                                                                              Due to moving to larger premises im clearing stuff out as i move things

                                                                                                                              Due to moving to larger premises im clearing stuff out as i move things

                                                                                                                              Ill list bits as i go may be some use to some of you.

                                                                                                                              Mk1 escort steel heater box £40

                                                                                                                              Mk1 lower switch panel black.£30

                                                                                                                              Mk2 oval strut brace £20

                                                                                                                              7 j ronals rs 4 spokes genuine £600

                                                                                                                              Pair of 50's rebuilt £400

                                                                                                                              Pair of 40's number 18's eg lotus cortina just missing jet covers£350

                                                                                                                              Pair of black fishnet recaro's need refurb £200

                                                                                                                              Rs 2000 gearbox £200

                                                                                                                              Flow dry sump pan had small welding repair but usable £80

                                                                                                                              Various mk2 escort glass

                                                                                                                              Millington starter motor £250

                                                                                                                              Millington itg filter new £60

                                                                                                                              Ht1 pinto cam £60

                                                                                                                              Mk2 rs axle rebuilt new bearings brakes and drums no diff or carrier £150

                                                                                                                              Plus loads more listed as i go through it

                                                                                                                              But please if you agree to have something it needs to be collected etc by end of jan.


                                                                                                                              %d comments

                                                                                                                                Photos from Thomas Howard's post

                                                                                                                                Heres my new Cosworth BOA powered X-pack Capri. Spur of the moment purchase last thursday over the phone (only been up for sale for a day) flew over to Ireland the day after on Friday and drove her home up through Northern Ireland to Belfast, got the ferry over to Cairnryan in Scotland and then had a four hour drive through the night down into northern England. It was a long day but was 100% worth it for the car i've come home with. I was missing my last Capri that I sold in September a lot more than I thought I would, saw this and had to have it. Hope you like it guys.

                                                                                                                                %d comments

                                                                                                                                  Photos from Yuk Hodgson's post

                                                                                                                                  A set of Bogg Bros. R1 Yamaha carbs. including

                                                                                                                                  Inlet manifold

                                                                                                                                  Air filter

                                                                                                                                  Cable and choke cable

                                                                                                                                  Fuel pump and regulator.

                                                                                                                                  RTD ECU.

                                                                                                                                  And to cap it all a laptop to set up ecu if needed.

                                                                                                                                  Can be seen running in car.

                                                                                                                                  Not in a rush, so If you want to leave a deposit and pay at month end that's fine.


                                                                                                                                  PLEASE, ONLY PHONE OR E-MAIL for more info. NOT ON HERE.

                                                                                                                                  THAT WILL LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED. Thanks. Yuk.

                                                                                                                                  Yukspeed Rally Spares,

                                                                                                                                  Barton Hill,


                                                                                                                                  Yo60 7JX

                                                                                                                                  Please Tel. 01653 618540

                                                                                                                                  Mob. 07764 762144

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                                                                                                                                    Big Announcement People Ref Events Manager for the Group I have pleasure in...

                                                                                                                                    Big Announcement People Ref Events Manager for the Group I have pleasure in telling Everyone that Classic Ford owner Frank Mitchell has Taken the post to help us move the group onto better things Frank will be working along side the team to arrange Club Stands at shows and all going well some events for our Members. We Would like to thank all the People who emailed me with there Application to join the team. Everyone should know Frank from the scene with his Epic Mk2 escort and his to be stunning mk1

                                                                                                                                    Thanks again for all your support keep an eye on events page for details of shows and events


                                                                                                                                    The Admin Team

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                                                                                                                                      Photos from Dave Green's post

                                                                                                                                      Having a tidy up today and found these photos. Taken at the time escorts were cheap and almost disposable!! The black Mk1 cost me £350, That was running MOT'd and rally prepared, to a level. That got built into the Mk2 after an unfortunate meeting with a dry stone wall. The Mk2 shell, again was fully prepares and cost a massive £500!!! If only I had a crystal ball. Both competed in the East Midlands road rally championship, 1985 to 1989 ish. I daren't work out how much its recently cost me to get another Mk1 and Mk2.

                                                                                                                                      %d comments

                                                                                                                                        Hi all I m setting up a classic car restoration service

                                                                                                                                        Hi all I'm setting up a classic car restoration service.

                                                                                                                                        Is there anybody who could help with the business?

                                                                                                                                        I'm looking for mechanics who can rebuild engines and do upgrades and servicing of vehicles etc.

                                                                                                                                        Auto electricians

                                                                                                                                        Paint sprayers

                                                                                                                                        Body fillers who can apply body filler and flatten to a professional standard.

                                                                                                                                        All candidates must be qualified and competent.

                                                                                                                                        Ideally I'm looking for freelance self employed who can come to the premises to carry out work.

                                                                                                                                        Also after waste oil removal firms and scrap metal collection firms.

                                                                                                                                        Please message or comment if you could help?

                                                                                                                                        I'm based in Manchester

                                                                                                                                        Thanks everyone.

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                                                                                                                                          Photos from Michael Ring's post

                                                                                                                                          Evening All, have this beauty a few years, don't need to sell this but I don't like seeing it sitting idle in my shed. Would love to see it painted and re-commissioned back to its former glory by a true Capri Fan and being honest, not sure will I ever get to do it. It's 1969 with 21K, must look to see have I any old MOT's but just by looking at the car itself, it's obvious the mileage is real. It has the best original interior that I have seen. Had it running and driving last week but would recommend a full overhaul first as everything is original in the car, except the drivers wing. It needs welding on the front of both sills where they meet the A Post. It needs a Drivers side wing as it's very average (only resting on the inner wing). Not sure what to ask for it, but I know it's extremely rare. If people are interested, let me know, if not, thanks for looking and I'll try eBay to see how it goes. In my head, I will need at least £6K to consider selling it... Ideally it needs a good once over, a day's welding and a full paint job. All trim, lights etc are with the car. Drivers seat was only removed to show how good and original the floors are. Thanks for looking.

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                                                                                                                                            I have a Sierra sapphire that was once owned by fast ford magazine who used it...

                                                                                                                                            I have a Sierra sapphire that was once owned by fast ford magazine who used it as a cosworth reshell then I pulled the motor out and put it in a boat to be fitted with a granny coz engine (boa) some twats have started nicking stuff off it so it needs to go the rear beam and hubs have been taken and it needs a good going over to make it look nice again or keep it as a rat drifter I have a hybrid mt75/v6 box freshly built that's painted in ford cherry red and two diffs 1 is lsd and 1 is welded by chizfab and loads of spares driveshafts n stuff any interest drop me a message no time wasters I have a four year old if I want one of those conversation

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                                                                                                                                              Photos from Joe Matthews's post

                                                                                                                                              For sale!

                                                                                                                                              1380 crossflow, Billet steel crank Steel rods Accralite pistons Dry sump kit Gear drive cam 'not chain' Titanium roller rockers, paddle clutch. Brand new cylinder head with one piece stainless steel valves, hardened valve seats, double valve springs, bronze guides, it's an absolutely stunning head! Brand new black Jenvey throttle bodies with 150mm k&n air filter and sock. Aluminium front and back plate with DTA management and loom. The engine has just been rebuilt with all new race bearings. You name it, it's got it.. Comes with ancillaries including high torque starter motor, new coil pack, alternater, new plug leads and exhaust manifold etc... All ready to drop in and go, produced good power on MEK motorsports rollers. Serious enquiries only!! The engine is still in the car so can be heard running, viewings welcome and any questions please ask. Contact me on text or call 07805318283. Cash on Collection. £6500 or £5500 with out injection loom an management.

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                                                                                                                                                Hi guys not my usual thing but here we go anyway

                                                                                                                                                Hi guys not my usual thing but here we go anyway.

                                                                                                                                                1960 ford 100e deluxe

                                                                                                                                                It's been stored for many years inside and outside unfortunately. It will need welding underneath sills etc. No keys but do have old style logbook. Complete from what I can see not a weekends work but certainly not past restoration. Grille is inside the car along with a few other bits. Opening front 1/4 Windows however the passenger glass has broken. Good number plate which when moted should be able to be taken off (4 digits and 2 letters) I checked the number plate against similar and would say removed worth around £1200. If nothing else it would be a great source of spares for anyone doing a restoration already.

                                                                                                                                                £750 Ono


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                                                                                                                                                  Hi Guys I have not got my head around the site Modus Operandi yet I thought...

                                                                                                                                                  Hi Guys, I have not got my head around the site Modus Operandi yet, I thought that I had posted a write up and some pics a while ago, but!! there not there? Anyway, another try, I am attempting to attach some photographs of a really HOT RWD Ford, for your perusals.

                                                                                                                                                  It is a GT40 that I navigated 300ks around the Charente lanes of France a few weeks ago, if I can find the write up, I shall try once more to attach it.

                                                                                                                                                  I am also attaching a picture of the Lotus Cortina's that Jimmy Clark drove during his magical racing career, these were taken in Duns last June.Regards, Les.

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                                                                                                                                                    Bike carbs, pinto injection head and rocker cover

                                                                                                                                                    YZFR1 motorbike carbs and manifold full kit for sale. All balanced and set up for a 2.0ltr pinto. £400 complete. No less.

                                                                                                                                                    Also recently refurbished injection head with FR33 cam £250

                                                                                                                                                    Pinto cam cover in picture also for sale £75

                                                                                                                                                    Can be heard running as currently still on car.

                                                                                                                                                    YZFR1 motorbike carbs and manifold full kit for sale. All balanced and set up for a 2.0ltr pinto. £400 complete. No less.

                                                                                                                                                    Also recently refurbished injection head with FR33 cam £250

                                                                                                                                                    Pinto cam cover in picture also for sale £75

                                                                                                                                                    Can be heard running as currently still on car.

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                                                                                                                                                      MASSIVE TYRE SALE IN LINCOLNSHIRE

                                                                                                                                                      MASSIVE TYRE SALE IN LINCOLNSHIRE!!!!

                                                                                                                                                      ALL PART WORN TYRES ARE JUST £20 EACH!!! ***SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY***

                                                                                                                                                      EVERY SIZE JUST £20 EACH (13S/14S/15S/16S/17S/18S)

                                                                                                                                                      ALL COME WITH FREE FITTING/BALANCE

                                                                                                                                                      WHILE STOCKS LAST/MASSIVE CLEAR OUT

                                                                                                                                                      TYRES*TYRES*TYRES*TYRES*TYRES*TYRES*TYRE S

                                                                                                                                                      CAR TYRES/VAN TYRES/TRAILER TYRES/4X4 TYRES

                                                                                                                                                      MOTS/TYRES/REPAIRS/EXHAUSTS/BRAKES/CAR SALES

                                                                                                                                                      MASSIVE MEGA PART WORN TYRE SALE IN LINCOLNSHIRE!

                                                                                                                                                      WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE ON PART WORNS!!

                                                                                                                                                      FORGET THE REST COME TO THE BEST!!

                                                                                                                                                      MOTS £39.99(free re-test)by appointment only





                                                                                                                                                      CAR + VAN SALES(OVER 180 CARS+VANS IN STOCK)

                                                                                                                                                      on the left hand side of the fly over

                                                                                                                                                      going towards riby sqaure and

                                                                                                                                                      the old concrete gardens site

                                                                                                                                                      flour sqaure


                                                                                                                                                      dn31 3ls

                                                                                                                                                      01472 245599

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                                                                                                                                                        1984 2.0 laser ish

                                                                                                                                                        Hi thinking of selling my very well looked after laser loads of history to back up mileage of 98,000 engine rebuild at 91,000 with receipts just had stage 3 head fitted isky double springs machined platforms with new HT1E cam and new 45 webers elec ignition 4 branch etc 5 speed box 2.8 front struts rebuild vented and drilled discs new calipers recent rolling road 175bhp with more to come (bigger manifold and system needed) should be around 185 done paint is very tidy 0% rust wax oiled treated hammerite under arches receipts for work carried out interior is near mint as u can get dash uncracked parcel shelf not sagging loads of different gauges inside leather wheel body kit new 7x13 alloys with new yokos 1 years mot goes like stink but not really an every day car does not like going slow so bear that in mind cam is wild as hell 1,400 tickover !! Cash Offers p/X maybe w.h.y

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                                                                                                                                                          Hi guys I m after some advice please on panel fitting in a Mk1 escort I ve got...

                                                                                                                                                          Hi guys, I'm after some advice please on panel fitting in a Mk1 escort. I've got inner and outer sills and front floor sections to fit. Basically which do I fit first? Now i don't know if I've got wrong panels or they all need trimming, but the inner sills and floor pans over lap with the same sections of floor. So do I fit say the floor and trim the inner sill to the edge and seam weld? And the new floor has a raised lip. But I've taken the seat cross member out so do I flatten this lip and fit under the seat cross member or trim the lip? And only bits of the inner and outer sills are rotten, the rear half is good ,so would I be better off canibalising the new sills to replace only the rotten bits or cut it all out and replace with a new ( thinner)repair panel?

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