Hi Everyone I have turned my middle seat around so it is looking out the back

Hi Everyone, I have turned my middle seat around so it is looking out the back. Does anyone know if the seats can be moved when in this position? I have found it is too far forward on the runner and want to push is back a bit but it won't move, do I need to turn it back reposition then turn it again or is there another way? Also for some reason the roof top won't stop buzzing when up, any ideas on that too please, thanx Beccy

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  • Did you also swap the runners over? If you did then yes the reversed middle seat will slide, or at least mine do. Makes a much more comfy bed!

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  • Hi Jo, No i didn't turn the runners round, i just presumed they worked both ways. Thanks for that i will get onto it :)

  • There are some guidance notes somewhere online as to how to do it. There is something tricky about one small bit of it I seem to remember. Good luck.

  • ok i will try to find the notes and see how i get on, thanks again

  • Roof still beeping. ...could be weak struts...might need replacing £30 each....or the motors need a service or....your alternator might be low on voltage. ....try pushing it up just before it gets to full height....

  • Ok thanks Mike, i will try the latter first

  • Think the notes might be on the Bongofury website (I have just joined them for the princely sum of £13 a year - bargain for all that expertise!)

  • I have the middle seats turned around and that slides ok , North Star conversions done it while I was having the electrics fitted.

    I have two actuators fitted but I don't think they touched the runners..

    Ours is a 2002 tin top. .


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  • How do you know if it is struts or motors? Is there a way to measure the force the struts exert?