Hey guys with ZK headlight surrounds are they same as ZJ

Hey guys with ZK headlight surrounds are they same as ZJ?

Thanks in adv...

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  • Hey Mark dont worry bout Jezzah his got enuf coin to be driving a Bentleigh....

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  • Haha not anymore. I gave most of it to local caryard in labour fees over last 6 months. But i got a waterpump bearing issue now so its time for more $$$.

  • You're a lucky bugger Jezzah Cloosterman hahaha

  • Im leaning towards an edelbrock undurashine one. Itll blend in nicely with my other shiny bits haha

  • Yeah that's what alot of people recommend in clevo pumps is the edelbrock. I a big fan of their product's

  • Yeah me too although ive yet to ever have 1. Its the last thing i got to replace on the cooling system and then everything will have been brand new n lookin great!

  • Bit pricey being 400-500 on ebay but if it looks great n lasts a long time then ill b one happy chappy

  • Really are they that dear, far out i was thinking 130 or 140 lol

  • Unless i was lookin at wrong ones? The endurashine on them makes them cost a bit more ova standard ones

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  • I think everyones seen these. Been on for ages.