Hey guys

Hey guys

So i dunno weather or not i have an alarm in my g6e turbo

So Iv got a alarm system with remote start an turbo timer an all other fancy stuff has anyone put somthing like that into a g6e turbo? I cant find to much on Google

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  • If you're unsure, an autoelec might be your best option

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  • Thanks mate i brought it for my old car thought may aswell see if it will go in the turbo lol

  • Pretty much impossible unless you disable smart shield but it's better than any alarm

  • Smart shield?

  • Standard immobilization on Falcons

  • Arr okay should it already have an alarm i was told it has but iv knocked it tried opening it an nothin happends lol

  • Not alarm it has immobilizer you can add alarm without disabling smart shield but it will treat the car as always unlocked even tho it's locked... And turbo timer isn't possible without disabling smart shield and pointless on a water cooled turbo anyways so seriously I wouldn't bother

  • Okay thanks for that ill just put the alarm in the car i got it for originally

  • Open the door and press lock on the key fob. If it makes noise you have an alarm.

    If not you still have the standard immobilizer.

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  • I think the horn went off 3 times an it goes off twice if i hit the lock button twice