Guys need your help re mot monday now my abs light is on even tho there is fuck...

Guys need your help re mot monday now my abs light is on even tho there is fuck all wrong with it but as its on this causes a problem i need to get the car passed what are the odds of it passing if i take the bulb out ? What other ways can i get around this without using an obd to knock the light out

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  • Take the bulb out cause they dont test the abs system itself when its being moted

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  • An hopefully it breezes though

  • If a vehicle has ABS the light will be expected to illuminate on start up and then go off. In theory taking the bulb out would be a fail.

  • If the lights on theres something wrong, even if its a communication fault? What does the diagnostic say?

  • I've seen a bodge where someone run that bulb off the oil pressure light before so it lights up on startup and goes off. But as said above- something is wrong for it to be on even if you haven't noticed any symptoms. I imagine your abs isn't working?

  • They'll only test what needs retesting so just take the bulb out untill you can fix it

  • Your also over looking the fact that the ABS bias's the rear brakes, with out it the rear brakes could lock up before the fronts. May aswell fix the problem now.

  • No they can not fail it if the bulb does not illuminate as long as it is a full test and not on a retest where they have failed on abs, they can only advise on it not illuminating, if you split the circuit board from the clocks it is a led so don't remove it just tape it over and put back together, drop me a message if you need help don't many of times at work

  • Done*

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  • They only put the car on brake rollers on and mot and also there's fiestas not fitted with abs from factory so if it doesnt aluminate they cant fail it