1973 XA Falcon Ute

1973 Falcon XA Ute. I have been working on this project and it is time to move on.

I have been collecting period parts for this project. A well cared for pre cross flow 250 comes with this project. The pre crossflow has a 3 speed C4 Borg Warner tranny and an original FORMOCO radiator that is in VGC. Included in the sale is a 4.1 crossflow cast iron head motor with a 4 speed single rail gearbox.

Many other parts that will help this Ute turn into a sweet ride.

Now the bad... it has allot rust in all the places that you would expect. I have been working on this so it is in parts.

I have realistically priced this car. I am not in a hurry to sell so no low ball offers.

It would be a great project for someone interested in a complete rebuild.

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Hi is there any auto sparkies I can ask some advice — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

Hi, is there any auto sparkies I can ask some advice?

Problem - my XC has no power at the coil. I have traced the wire back to the connector under the dash and it has power there. I put a test light on the wire at various places and as it gets closer to the coil the light dims until, finally, nothing at the coil. Seems the resistance wire may be stuffed??

Solution - can I just cut the wire and put in a new one? Should I also add a ballast resistor?

Side note - if I put a new wire from the connector under the dash, to the coil, the car starts and runs fine. Just worried I'm going to burn something out.

Thanks in advance

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    XA Fairmont parts, glass, door moulds and protection pack moulds. — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

    XA Fairmont 1972 parts i have for sale.....

    1. Glass date coded clear for 4 doors, 2 rear door quarters with rubbers and 1 rear screen with rubber and moulds. Condition very good with some marks on drivers glass. All glass from one car early 1972 XA. $165.

    2. Stainless steel moulds for 4 doors and both B pillars. Some marks on B pillar moulds where door closes and passenger door vertical mould has a few small dents. Very good condition otherwise. $165.

    3. Protection pack moulds.

    3 x front, one without spear, spears have broken lugs on rear.

    2 x front doors, passenger side and drivers side

    2 x rear doors, passenger side and drivers side

    1 x rear quarter ( looks to be off ZF or ZG fairlane as quite long 1416mm)

    Condition very good otherwise. $165.

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      Ok lads so she s nearly ready for the trip to the exhaust shop pic was taken... — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

      Ok lads so she's nearly ready for the trip to the exhaust shop..pic was taken last week but my question is what size exhaust should we go ? 351 is putting out 500hp so dint want to choke it but it is my dad's coupe and he doesn't want it to drone so 2 1/2 or 3" and besides it lasting longer is there really much more benifit to stainless seeing as it is literally twice the price ?

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        Anyone thinking of buying the power window rollers from EBay at 15 for a set of... — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

        Anyone thinking of buying the power window rollers from EBay at $15 for a set of three, Be warned, good chance the plastic rollers provided will be too big. They are made from 12mm rod and should ideally be 11mm. You won't be able to reassemble the motor. You can buy the plastic rod in lengths of 29cm for the same price as the three small rollers that do one motor, 29cm will do 10+ motors once you cut it into roller size (11mm). You can also buy the rod in 10mm which makes it easy to assemble but leaves the drive gear with a bit of play. I'm going to turn down my 12mm rod to around 11 or 11.5 and see how that goes.

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          1976 XB Falcon 351 — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

          1976 XB Falcon 500

          351 Cleveland

          Fmx T bar Auto

          Dual Fuel

          Power steering

          Full reg till 10/11/2017

          Car is not immaculate, however it is very neat. And gets compliments wherever it goes. It has sections of original paint and sections where it has been repaired.

          Very comfortable to drive. Like driving a big old comfy couch down the road.

          Originally a 6cyl column shift from canberra. The first owner sold it to the second who put in v8 running gear but never drove it. I've been the 3rd owner for 2 years.

          Work done in last 2 years

          - Front retrimmed seats, immaculate condition original rear seat fitted

          - Diff rebuilt

          - Brakes done

          - lpg installed

          - New front carpet

          - New driver door rubber

          - New tyres

          - Extractors & twin 2 1/4" exhaust fitted

          - Period correct custom plates ( 1976 plates started with I )

          Sensible offers please

          No swaps

          $18,000 ono

          Located Geelong vic

          0423 093 051

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            Michael Woelk shared a link to the group: Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page. — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

            This may help someone here, I had an issue where some genius stuck the interior mirror in my XB in the wrong spot, it became old very quickly having to adjust my rear view mirror each time I adjusted my sun visors.

            I tried the old fishing line and dental floss trick till my fingers literally bled, I tried, thinners and various solvents, even tried vice grips, but no luck, the mirror was on there for good.

            Got some more advice and I tried a different method, worked a treat, apparently this is how 'professionals' do it, took less than 10 minutes from set up to job done.

            Also feel free to check out my other videos or if you have a YouTube account subscribe for future car how to videos.

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              Hello All — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

              Hello All,

              A few more details re, the All Ford Day at Winton Motor Raceway on 1-4-17

              Firstly the on track activities;

              7:30 gates open

              8:00 am sign on opens

              9:00 am compulsory drivers briefing.

              9:30 am track activities begin

              12:30 pm lunch break/show n shine track cruise

              1:00 pm track activities resume

              4:30 pm track closes

              4:45pm presentations

              We will be having 5 different groups running against the clock for trophies (1st, 2nd and 3rd) in the track activities. 4 to 5 15 minute sessions each group.

              The groups are:

              Group A = beginner/first timers

              Group B = Caged race cars 1:40 + minutes

              Group C = Road cars/ non caged cars

              Group D = Delatite Ford invitational

              Group E = Caged race cars sub 1:40 minutes

              All competitors are encouraged to enter online via https://wintonraceway.com.au/entry-forms/entry-for m-ford-track-entrant-1st-april-2017/ , the entry fee for on track activities is $180 per driver, a car can be entered under 2 drivers in separate groups.

              All cars must be in a roadworthy or race worthy condition, no looseIitems in vehicles (spare wheels, jacks, child seats, loose change etc...must be removed from the vehicle), brake lights must work. Cars will be scrutineered and given an ok sticker to compete.

              All drivers must have a current CAMS or AASA license, a AASA day license can be purchased online http://aasa.com.au/licences/day-licence-applicatio n/ or at last resort can be purcased on the day. All drivers and passengers must wear full length clothing, closed shoes and an Australian approved helmet.

              All drivers and passengers must sign on in the white sign on shed from 8am.

              Passengers Re allowed duri g the passenger sessions only, amount of sessions yet to be determined. Cost for passenger is $20 to be paid on the day at sign on.

              The "Shannons Show & Shine"

              Any Ford can enter the Show & Shine in one category only,

              He categories are;

              Best 1981 to 2017 vehicle

              Best pre 1981

              Best interior

              Best paint

              Best original overall

              And every entrant is eligible for the Grand Champion award

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                Should have attached the flyer to my earlier post. Doh — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                Should have attached the flyer to my earlier post! Doh!

                Entry to the "on track" action is $180, (you will also need a motorsport type license if you don't already have one. You can purchase a day license on line from Aasa $25).

                At this stage it appears that there will be 5 different group sessions on the track which they are hoping to rotate 5 times throughout the day. Groups generally will be sorted out into speed similar cars so as to avoid fast v slower issues.

                Entries are on the Winton Motor Raceway web page.

                Cheers, Rob.

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                  Photos from Warren Adams's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                  Well it's like unwrapping a Christmas prezzie. Taking the beaver panel off. (I think that's what it's called below the windscreen) the very corner on the drivers side the part the front guard sits on is shit house the passenger side needs work too. But not to bad . So yeah was wondering what lye beneath . I. The end am very happy with what I found. I think I have heard someone say before that ford used the wrong type of sealants on these things and I'd have to agree.when I removed the cover on drivers side to access the wiper arm. The only place there was rust was under the sealant.

                  Stuck my phone camera in for a look on both sides and was pleased with what I see.

                  I would like some idea on best way to stop the surface rust that's in there. Is fishoil good enough. If I spray that stuff in there though the whole inside of the car will cop it.

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                    Photos from Luke Weatherly's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                    Selling as is or wrecking out

                    Motor and box $100 ono

                    Diff standard $100 ono

                    Twin horns $80 ono will get horn date

                    Drivers mirror $40 ono

                    Vinyl roof trim and boot lid trim $150 ono

                    Bonnet has rust in lip $30 ono

                    Boot has rust $10

                    Brake booster $80 ono

                    Washer motor $80 ono

                    Doors $40 for the lots all handles have been cut suit glass and frames

                    Front bumper $10 with brackets

                    12 slotters 14x8 tires are shot $350 ono

                    Passenger front guard $40 ono

                    Any cut sections you need just ask i can get photos and price for them

                    Ill sell the car as is for $400 without 12 slotters all items located in cranbourne east

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                      all fixed. Needed to swap the wires on the shifter — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                      **all fixed. Needed to swap the wires on the shifter**

                      Hi Guys,

                      Desperate for some help.

                      Got the xc wired up to power last night.

                      everything seems to be ok, however i tested starter "crank"

                      and got nothing.

                      I do need to check the safety switch on the side of the shifter to make sure thats not the problem.

                      But the workshop manual lists a brown/pink wire being for the starter and going to the coil B+ terminal....

                      can anyone shed some more light on this for me ?

                      The brown/pink wire is in the engine bay, but too short to reach coil. Should it be getting power too ? is it necessary considering im running msd ?

                      Any help much appreciated.

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                        Hello all — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                        Hello all,

                        This is a "heads up" on a new All Ford Day being organised at Winton Motor Raceway. The day will be held on 1-4-17, it will consist of Show n shine and on track ation as well, depending on what you want to do. On track categories will be basically organised into similar speed groups, whether they be race or road cars. Trophies are being proposed for track action categories and show n shine.

                        Obviously to participate on track, there are extra requirements, ie; Helmets, long leg/sleeve clothing, car scrutineering, etc...

                        A formal flyer is being created and sponsors finalized and as soon as it's available I will post it up.

                        Entry costs and other details should be able to be revealed then as well.



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                          Photos from Shannon Dobell's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                          Mild 351c all bolt on's alternater, power steering pump, clutch fan and shroud, pacemaker extractors, starter motor. Has Offenhauser manifold drilled for direct port nitrous. Good street motor dosent get hot rarely get's over 180deg hottest it's gotten to on a 35deg day was 205deg in traffic good oil presure. Motor would lucky to have 10,000km on it I bought off a guy 7 years ago who built it for his xb coupe but wraped it around a tree.

                          Also toploader gear box with hurst indy shifter box in good condition unkown km's gear stick has been moded to be on right hand side of car.

                          Motor and box arn't coming out of car till deposit is taken so potential buyer can go for test drive.

                          $3200 for the lot

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                            Photos from Conrad Lovett's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                            Hi Guys chasing a roof skin or full roof cut for my XA Sedan, mine has an aftermarket pop up sunroof that looks out of place So i want to get rid of it. I'm in the process of a full restore for my Kelly Green Interceptor and would like to restore to Factory specs.

                            If anyone can help please let me know, willing to travel to Perth to collect. I am located in Australind WA


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                              Ok I have a dilemma I could use some advice on my Xb Fairmont 302 is all... — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                              Ok I have a dilemma I could use some advice on my Xb Fairmont 302 is all matching numbers but the old girl is having some issues seized dizzy , every now and then it's dropping a lifter on number1,and generally tired. I was given a 351 out of an xd that was running great when pulled out. Do I pull the numbers motor out and store it and drop the other straight in ? Do I use the 351 gear and rebuild the original or do I rebuild the 351 so I know it's good so it's ready when the old girl dies keeping in mind I don't want to spend a fortune and I don't want 1000 hp but I want to go to auto fest and Summernats in it

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                                Photos from Conrad Lovett's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                Let the games begin, finally received my XA interceptor K code JG23 about 2hrs ago, was a long month waiting to get it from Gympie to Australind WA, old interior is out, time for new carpet new seat covers and time the refurb the door cards, get that old smelly sock scent out.

                                Need to fix the horn and windscreen washers and get new seat belts too. Then get it registered in WA in a month or so.

                                Wish I had of ordered the new carpets and repo covers when I bought the car :( now I have to source some and wait for them to be delivered.

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                                  XB lnterceptor info — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                  XB lnterceptor info !

                                  Might and probably will be a silly question to many but l would like to know how to (identify) a XB falcon sedan lnterceptor!

                                  Can't seem to find much on google except all mad max links.

                                  And if you had the vin and tags etc would ford Australia be able to supply its verification ?

                                  Thanks all cheers.

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                                    1976 XC Fairmont — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                    1976 XC Fairmont. T BAR AUTO, FACTORY AIR.

                                    Previous Owner had for 33 Years.

                                    Engine, replaced, full long motor rebuilt, unleaded fuel In 2003. 4.1, cross flow. Extractors fitted. (XF Engine)

                                    Approximate km since 130,000. Standard Stromberg carb, been overhauled. Dizzy likewise. New points, plugs & leads.

                                    Electrics, all checked, all instruments working. (Receipts)

                                    Vehicle underwent restoration in 2001. It was stripped, all rust cut out and resprayed. It has a few minor rust bubbles. Lhf guard requires rust repair

                                    Paint is excellent condition, Body is very straight. The car runs & drives well. It is in very good condition for its age.

                                    Transmission. Rebuilt, 2014. Oil cooler fitted. Reliable Automatics Albion. (Paperwork supplied)

                                    Cooling system new radiator 2012. .radiator hoses 2013.

                                    Fuel system, carb, overhaul. New fuel pump 2014. Fuel tank, removed, repaired, after leak found, tank cleaned / repaired by fuel tank/radiator service Northgate, fuel system cleaned, extra filter fitted. You can see how clean the fuel is.

                                    Steering. Rebuild steering box 2012. Col Robinson Kedron. All ball joints, control arm, spring seat saddle.2012.

                                    Suspension. Front shocks 2012.

                                    Brakes new master cyl 2012. Front rotors 2012. Front pads 2015. Rear wheel cyls, brake shoes 2014. Front flex hoses 2012.

                                    Electrical. Battery 2013. Ignition switch 2012. Alternator, starter motor 2012. Headlamps /tail lamps 2011. Full electrical check & repair , Toowong car electrics Milton.

                                    Tyres. 2x Sumitomo rear 2012. 2x Maxis front .

                                    Sound system (Sony) cd/ radio + 4x Sony speakers.2010.

                                    Wheels original Ford Fairmont 1976.

                                    Interior trim, carpet and hood lining in 2001, door trim’s good, rear seats good, front buckets need vinyl repaired. (have covers)

                                    Idler arm, steering shaft repair, July 2014. Col Robinson.

                                    The car has had a significant amount spent on it over the years. Everything is there, it all works. Car has had extensive rust repairs over the years, body shell is sound, this car is 40 years old.

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                                      Hi guys just picked up this XC Fairmont in good condition looking to get it on... — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                      Hi guys, just picked up this XC Fairmont in good condition looking to get it on the road as is before a Barra turbo conversion.

                                      Just wondering if anyone could tell me the max size rim/tire that can fit under the back without touching the rails.

                                      And anyone know what these wheels are from orginally? They are 14"

                                      Thanks guys

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                                        Just wanting to know where to cut the roof off an XA sedan Where are the... — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                        Just wanting to know where to cut the roof off an XA sedan. Where are the factory welds located?

                                        I want to replace my roof turret as my XA has a non factory sunroof and I want to make my XA factory correct again.

                                        Also wondering where the main problem spots will be for rust etc.

                                        Would it be easier to replace the full roof or just cut a piece to fill the sunroof in.

                                        Thanks in advance.

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                                          Seb NP posted in Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page — in Williamstown, South Australia. — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                          14inch x 7inch globe wheels brand new never been fitted ... set of 5...picture is actual wheel and there are 5 exactly the same $600

                                          14x7 globe wheels brand new set of 5

                                          $600 - Williamstown Main Street

                                          14inch x 7inch globe wheels brand new never been fitted ... set of 5...picture is actual wheel and there are 5 exactly the same $600

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                                            Photos from Conrad Lovett's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                            Trying to find some XA sedans with the factory Kelly Green (Metallic) paint.

                                            My XA was originally Kelly Green, but was resprayed in 1988 to Black just prior to Summernats.

                                            I am thinking of returning the colour back to factory as it is an EX cop car and I'm wanting to restore to original.

                                            If anyone has some pics plz post them


                                            I do have the car listed on gumtree and have updated it to EOI, currently personal reasons are dictating me to sell, but this won't happen until it is delivered to me mid January.


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                                              Photos from Elton Grant's post — Ford XA XB XC Sedan Enthusiasts Page

                                              Ford Disc brake 9inc lsd with 3.0 gears, all powder coated including calipers and mounting brackets, has bump stop, has been stripped and checked and reassembled by Capalaba diff services, was from low Ks sedan. pickup Brisbane or can drop at transport company. Suit xa xb xc falcon sedan and coupe $2000

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