Photos from John Delarye's post

1973 Ford GTS $16,500 obo

351C 4V Fresh.040 Forged Pistons, Closed chamber heads. Block and heads resurfaced. Balanced rotating assembly, Roller rockers screw in studs, Comp push rods, MPG head service solid lift cam with a set of there intake and exhaust Stinger Plates. Eldelbrock intake, Holly 650 dbl pump carb, K&N air filter, Holly fuel pump, Aluminum water pump, Mallory Unilite distributor, Mallory Hyfire ignition module. 3 core radiator, Headers 3" exhaust to rear axle then 2-1/2 over and out. New battery.

C6 transmission with BM shift kit

TCI 4800 rpm stall converter paired with 3:73 rearend gears locked. Magnum wheels.

Rebuilt steering gear box, all ball joints and tie rods. Energy Suspension Poly urethane bushings, Performance coil springs with KYB shocks. Adjustable strut rods, 1-1/8 sway bar. Performance Friction brakes.

Interior is black with red stripe mostly original, seat bottoms redone, new headliner and carpet. GT guages console floor shifter. New window cranks.

Older frame off restoration.

PPG base coat clear coat paint, mopar red. New rear quarter panels, 2 small floor pan repairs, new seals and weather stripping. Mach 1 hood scoop and rear spoiler. All NOS emblems including trunk lock plate. Will include leftover paint supplies.

Sony CD player w/remote 250 watt amp Poineer speakers, sounds great. Custom power antenna, makes it nice for putting your car cover on which is included.

Runs great !!!

This is a Factory A/C car but it is not installed. I have the a/c parts to include with purchase.

RR quarter is showing spots where it was welded/repaired nothing terrible just not perfect. Most likely a 500$ repair cost.

I have owned this car for the last 30 years. Always maintained and serviced...

Southwest Michigan

Pm me or call after 5 with any?'s



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Anyone ever have there C4 tranny shoot fluid out the tailshaft while driving...

Anyone ever have there C4 tranny shoot fluid out the tailshaft while driving down the road? Last fall I passed someone running about 65 and proceeded to blow a large cloud of smoke/tranny fluid out behind me. I stopped and could see where some had been dripping, but it didn't seem to continue. I put it up on my lift and could not trace it back to the vent, valve body seals, tranny lines, etc. It appeared to come from the tailshaft. Also important to still shifts normal and only has about 150 miles on the engine and tranny.

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    Troy Leming shared his post to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

    70 Fairlane, 70 1/2 Falcon, 70-71 Torino, Ranchero, and Wagon PARTS for sale!!! I will also be looking to sell parts cars as rollers in the next few weeks...

    I am located in Mt Carmel KY and can be reached anytime for questions or more detailed pictures at 606-541-0193! I don't quote prices on Facebook so if you see something you're interested in, be sure to call or text me...Feel free to pass my contact information along to any 70-71 owners that might be looking for parts or interested in trading or selling parts!!! I've been parting these cars out since 1988 and have had over 50 of them and about any model you can think of...

    I'm currently parting out a 70 Fairlane, 70 Ranchero Squire, 70 Torino GT Convertible, 70 Torino GT, and 71 Torino 500 Station Wagon with TONS of other parts already off and ready for sale...If you don't see it in these pics be sure to ask to see if I have it!

    Here is another link to an album with many of my parts pics in it: 724559769/?ref=bookmarks

    Thanks for looking! 606-541-0193 - Feel free to share this post!!!

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      Looking to convert over to electronic ignition I know there is been a lot of...

      Looking to convert over to electronic ignition. I know there is been a lot of talk and research on this, and I believe I am going to go with a OEM Duraspark setup from a 460. I am told these factory modules from a 460 are heat-prone and will fail, BUT I am not going to do any track racing, (maybe punching it on the street), so this will just be a driver. Should I stick with the factory module from this 460, or should I look to upgrade to an MSD6 module? Pentronix are way too expensive for just a driver, for me. I was told to stay away from HEI.

      I can always upgrade down the road, but I'm thinking the OEM 460 rig will be great for a 71 driver with a 351 Cleveland.


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        Photos from Chuck Rayshell's post

        I have owned this 68 Torino GT for 10 years. Original 390 w/ 57,000+ original miles. My question is about the hood scoop and the sport mirrors. Some have told me that the hood scoop was not available in 1968. Others have said it was available. I don't know much about the sport mirrors, it has a cable adjustment inside the drivers side door panel. This stuff was on the car when I bought it. I have a Marti report, that does not mention them. They could have been dealer installed,...I guess. Just wondering if you guys know the answer to these burning questions. Thanks!

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          Ok need some help

          Ok need some help....

          I have two BF Goodyear 255/60/R15 tires and want to put them on the rear of my 1971 Torino 500 (Summertime Halo Edition)

          I have Cragar SS wheels and want to stay with them. I have been told that the tires will not fit a 10" wheel and Cragar doesn't make a 9".... so looks like I am stuck with an 8x15 if I stay with the Cragar SS. (Which I am)

          I have some Christmas money and plan on ordering the two wheels....

          What backspace do I order to accommodate the 8" wheel? Keeping the stock spindles, drums, etc.

          Suggestions ?

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            Hi. Ia am a french car enthousiast living in LA on top of being a Ford guy

            Hi! Ia am a french car enthousiast living in LA, on top of being a Ford guy (owned a 73 Mustang among others) and looking to maybe now get a Gran Torino (hunting on Craigslist a lot lately) I am also producing a french TV series for french car channel AB Moteurs about TV and Movie cars.

            We are of course doing an episode about Starsky and Hutch and Zebra 3.

            For that episode (we will be filming in LA between January 16th and 26th) we are looking for anything Starsky and Hutch but also Gran Torino.

            If LA locals are planning a car meet during that period or something please let us know, if you have anything Starsky and Hutch related and would wish to be featured in the show please let us know, if you are building / working on Gran Torino please let us know.

            You can MP me if ever.

            Thank a lot and Merry Xmas

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              A question about the S H pilot movie

              A question about the "S&H" pilot movie:

              A major plot point is that the hitmen supposedly mistook a similar-looking car to Starsky's and murdered 2 innocent teenagers, thinking it was Starsky.

              But...It seems the producers were insinuating Starsky's Gran Torino was a custom-painted one-of-kind car, probably painted to Starsky's personal specifications. That was never explicitly said on the show, but the implication seems very clear.

              How then can it be reasonably explained that there just happens to be an identically-customized Torino, and in the same vicinity as where Starsky lives and works?

              Starsky has no obvious surprised reaction to the fact that the shot-up car is identical in every detail to his "custom" Torino.

              Why not? Did he simply purchase the car from one of several from a local customizer?

              This story-point has always bugged me a bit about the pilot's plot.

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                Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                Refurbishing the emblems before installation.

                They are painted black on the edges when new, but that tiny detail takes some wear and abuse over the years.

                The black paint simply fades away and since the emblems are made out of crap pot-metal, they corrode pretty easily also.

                The corrosion creates little bumps and uneven surfaces if left to continue.

                Mine were in typical old and worn condition for a 40 year old car that spent it's life in salty Toronto.

                So, I filed the edges down as smooth as I could, and then I ( very carefully) buffed the surface of the letters to revive the shiny chrome as best I could.

                The chrome buffed back to brilliant and shiny far better than I thought it would!

                After a good cleaning and a good acetone/alcohol bath, I mounted them on an old pizza box and sprayed them with some SEM Trim-Black.

                After about 5 minutes to let the paint get just a tiny bit gummy, I used a shop towel dipped in lacquer thinner and carefully wiped the paint off the top of the letters, leaving all the fresh paint along the edges.

                They came out pretty good...better than I anticipated.

                Many people ( my wife especially!) think that going to this much effort over something so seemingly insignificant is a waste of time, but to me the littlest details can make the biggest difference.

                Restoring these old Torinos can be a real challenge, like it was for my Mustang back in the 80's.

                Today, if you need a trim part, decal or badge for a NPD, give em your credit card info, and a brand new part is in your hand three days later!

                If only our Torinos were at that level...

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                  Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                  Some "Starsky & Hutch" magic for ya':

                  1) Simmons and Hanson ( the bad guys) drive up in thier replica of Starsky's Torino. Notice that crooked ADA Sharon Freemont apparently had enough criminally-funded slush-fund money to find and pay-off near-perfect criminal dopplegangers of the two detectives, faithfully recreate near every detail of Starsky and Hutch's appearance and clothing for her look-a-likes and then to perfectly replicate Starsky's Torino down to the very last detail...even the license plates.

                  All except for one wheel on the car. Had enough money for ALL THAT, but couldn't scrape up an extra $80 for just one more aluminum wheel.

                  2) But wait! In the very same scene, the gray steel wheel instantly ( thats the magic part!) turns into an appropriately-matching aluminum rim!

                  And that same magic somehow put that steel rim instantly onto Starsky's Torino during the pursuit!

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                    Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                    Ok, here is some more totally worthless and meaningless observstions about Starsky's Torino.

                    Read at the risk of forfeiting valuable minutes of your life...

                    The season one cars were 400M-2V cars, the engine developed by Ford as a modification of the discontinued 351 "Cleveland" engine.

                    A relatively light-weight small-block engine, the 400 did not hamper the handling of the car all that much.

                    However, the big tire/ jacked-up look the producers did for the Torino had serious negative consequences as far as compromising handling.

                    First, Ford ( and most other car manufacturers) design-in a fairly abundant amount of understeer into the stock suspension, which most experts agree is a far safer set-up for the average driver than a nuetral-steer or oversteer design.

                    The jacked-up rear suspension modification on Starsky's Torino moves the static center-of-gravity of the car dramatically forward, inducing even more understeer into the situation.

                    This in turn moves much more of the car's static weight onto the front springs than they were ever designed to handle. This seriously degrades the handling performance during braking and cornering maneuvers.

                    Here are several screen-shots from the first season with the car under some heavy, induced-oversteer sequences. Notice how the outside front corner of the car dips dramatically in these turns. This is because more dynamic weight has been transferred to the outside front corner during the maneuver, which would hold true for any vehicle. It is simply increased on the Torino due to the jacked-up stance.

                    The big rear tires also contribute negatively, simply because they are wider and have a larger contact-patch with the road than the stock tires would. This extra grip only causes the front tires to lose thier grip on the road first, due to their smaller contact-patch. This only exacerbates the already worsened amount of understeer.

                    To alleviate this, there are a few driving techniques, as well as some simple modifications that would help...none of which appears to have been used on "S&H" by thier stunt drivers.

                    Stiffer front springs and/or a larger, more-aggresive front anti-sway bar are the obvious first choices to make, but the producers probably did not do this for a variety of reasons: First, it is an expense that their too-tight production budget probably could not justify. Secondly, they didn't actually own the cars...they were leased from Ford and would eventually have to be returned, which could have incurred more expense in de-converting them back to stock if required.

                    In lieu of changing the front springs, simple screw-in "knuckles" that are installed into the existing front springs would help to stiffen up the springs a bit, as well as to lift the front end of the car up 1/2" or so...helping to even out the front-heavy center-of-gravity induced by the jacked-up rear.

                    I am of the opinion the the first-season cars did in fact have either 1/2" or maybe even 1" knuckles inserted into their front springs. The cars appear to have a noticeably higher front-end height over stock, and they also seem to handle the high-speed "fishtail"( oversteer) turns adequately.

                    Getting the rear tires to lose traction in the turn, but not the front tires is the trick to a good drifting turn sequence.

                    Higher tire pressures in the rear tires are the first and easiest method to influence this, as the higher pressure creates less rolling resistance and less traction for that tire. 70-80 lbs psi would be typical for this kind of maneuver.

                    Strangely, it appears this was never done on this show, for if anything the rear tires seem to have consistently and visually obvious very low tire pressures...making the stunt far more difficult.

                    A driving technique called the "Scandi Flick" is very common with stunt drivers to produce these big Hollywood-style smoking-tire, sideways slides.

                    Basically, approach the turn at a steady coasting speed, and right at the beginning of the turn you fairly accelerate while fairly slightly turning to the outside of the turn ( to the right for a left-hand turn). This moves the center-of-gravity rearward and to the left of the car. Immediatly accelerate hard while turning left...the rearward bias of the center-of-gravity acts like a pendulum to swing the back of the car around more forcefully, while the slowing speed begins to move the center-of-gravity forward, lowering weight on the rear wheel, and heavy acceleration at this exact moment will easily get the rear wheels spinning, inducing the drift/ sideways slide. A balanced application of engine power and opposite-lock steering will allow you to control the car and "steer" the car through the slide, even though it appears to be out of control. This technique is called "throttle-induced oversteer" and has been a racer's basic technique for many decades.

                    The more low-end, instantly available power ( torque) that the car has, the more ability you have to do this type of driving succesfully.

                    It is far easier to do than to explain...millions of teenage boys have been driving their first cars like this for more than 50 years!

                    Unfortunately, the Torinos used on "S&H" were severely underpowered in stock trim, and California law forbade any engine modifications to them. This made them generally very difficult to get into a "throttle-induced oversteer" condition, and when they did there was not enough engine power to maintain the drift throughout the entire turn.

                    The stunt drivers ( Chuck Picerni?) would try to overcome this somewhat by entering the turn at a higher speed so they could "toss" it into the slide, but the heavy weight of the car coupled with the low power could not carry it through the turn before momentum was lost and traction was restored.

                    This is why you would often see the Torino get about halfway or 2/3rds the way through a drift, then abruptly lose speed, regain traction...which would jerk the car violently in the other direction, and then slowly motor away.

                    Great sound effects, and creative editing would make all this not so obvious to some people, but it is all right there for you to see if you look.


                    If anyone is still with me here...I won't blame anyone who bailed are some screen-shots from season 1, the small block cars. Note specifically the higher-appearing front-end and the amount of high ( but not excessive) front-end "dive".

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                      Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                      Ok, this is only for the true OCD nutjobs out there ( like me!), but here goes:

                      "The Great Pilot Movie Chrome Mirror Wierdness."

                      1) The first pic here is the very first appearance of the Torino en route to Frankie's gym at the beginning of the movie. Notice that the mirrors are the standard, thin framed non-remote style.

                      2) Instantly, as Starsky pulls up and parks at Frankie's gym, the car now has a thick-framed remote control version of the chrome mirror.

                      3) Later, in the police garage the shot-up other Torino has the remote mirrors...

                      4) Starsky is in a car with an obvious remote mirror on the driver side...

                      5) ...and in the same scene asks Hutch to "fix my mirror", a standard, thin-framed non-remote mirror on the passenger side.

                      6) Later, after the stakeout, as Hutch opens the passenger door, it is a thick, full-remote mirror...

                      7) and Starsky's side in the same shot also has a thick, full-remote mirror.

                      So, what does that mean.

                      There was one car with both standard mirrors...

                      One car with both remote mirrors...

                      And one car with a remote on the drivers door and a standard on the pasdenger door.

                      3 seperate cars? Or 2 cars with mirrors changed for some unexplained reason?

                      Who knows?

                      Who cares???

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                        Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                        Has anyone ever noticed that in the initial shots of the opening credits for season 4...the iconic Torino is not really well-represented?

                        As anyone who has driven an actual mid-seventies Gran Torino knows these are big, heavy comfort-cruisers, not nimble and fast, tight-handling muscle cars.

                        The fact that the producers managed to give the car the appearance of a bad-ass hot-rod through carefully-choreographed and excellent stunt-driving, excellent filming angles and great sound-effects is a testament to Hollywood's ability to make something preposterous look oh-so-real.

                        Which makes me wonder; why did they use this particular scene to update season-four's opening credits?

                        Not only does this clip show just how flabby and sloppy the car's suspension is in cornering, it also makes it obvious how shabby the car looked towards the end of the series: dirty, dingy and dull aluminum wheels instead of the bright and clean wheels in previous years, loose and hanging bumper rub-strips and dull unwaxed paint instead of the brand-new and shiny 2B "Bright Red".

                        I am surprised at how little attention was paid to the Torino's condition through the years considering how important it was to the show's popularity.

                        To me, it reflects the tired and unenthusiastic tone many of season-four episodes displayed. A far cry from "The Fix", "Bust Amboy" or "Gillian".

                        Not an insult, just an observation.

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                          Troy Leming shared his post to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                          70 Fairlanes, 70 1/2 Falcons, and 70-71 Torinos, Rancheros, and Wagons...I have TONS of parts FOR SALE or TRADE! Reach me anytime at 606-541-0193 for pricing and more detailed pictures of anything you might be looking for!!! I'm located in Mt Carmel, KY (Fleming County)

                          PLEASE feel free to share this post on your page or group pages :)

                          I have included a link below to just some of the parts I have available


                          I can deliver fragile / oversize items like hideaways, grills, consoles, hoods, doors, glass, etc. to the Columbus Ohio Swap meet on Saturday, November 26th if the item is paid for in advance...606-541-0193

                          Troy's Torino Parts

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                            Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                            The journey with this car so far.

                            I bought it off Ebay in '09 for $800. Looked like a great deal, it was nice looking.

                            Drove it home to Kisssimmee, Florida from Toronto, Canada! It barely made it...40 mph top speed. ( took a while!)

                            Ran terrible.

                            Turns out to have mismatched manifold and carb...terrible vacuum leaks.

                            So, I put on new ( and correct) manifold and carb and it ran great. Stock 460 was strong if somewhat underpowered.

                            I then completely changed all the suspension: custom springs and sway bars, all new poly-graphite bushings, new brakes, etc...put on some "place holder" cheap rims and new tires to get the stance correct.

                            Took it to the body shop to begin the "Starskification"...turns out to be a far worse rust bucket than I imagined.

                            Ended up buying a rust-free donor car out of Salt Lake City for $600...that single purchase saved the whole project.

                            A whole bunch of frame, body and parts switch-eroo later and it is now in the home stretch.

                            I get more anxious the closer I get to finishing it, but I have disciplined myself to wait for the best parts and install them as I get them.

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                            Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                            Assembled the front bumper. Had the inner brace media-blasted and powder-coated black. Won't be visible, but it will protect it longer.

                            Had the bumpers and bumper guards redone in show-chrome a couple years ago in anticipation of this.

                            Unwrapped the bumper today for the first time...boy, what a gleaming shine!

                            Used all new fasteners and carriage bolts, and it was kind of a puzzle ( I am not the one who took it apart), but I figured it all out.

                            Now just to restore the black bumper pads...

                            Man, is this damn thing heavy!

                            Definitely a two, or maybe three-person job to mount it.

                            What are these two square holes on each side underneath for? Looks like maybe license-bracket on driver side, but why are they on the other side?

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                              I got my first Starsky Torino in 78 one of the 1000. or so. Ford produced LE s

                              I got my first Starsky Torino in '78, one of the 1000 (or so)Ford-produced "LE"s.

                              18,000 miles on it, $1500.

                              All original: 351M/400, single-exhaust. Very underpowered. 14" Magnum 500s.

                              I promptly went down to the local muffler-shop and got duals with glass-packs, and some air shocks...then I went directly to the local speed-shop and got the "correct" wheels and tires installed.

                              Bought some spring "knuckles" and a roll of black pinstripe tape and went home and installed the knuckles, and put the pinstripe on.

                              All in one day! The difference was looked "right".

                              Then, my friends and I went and filmed our own "Starsky & Hutch" action with a dinky little Super-8 film camera: no sound, and about 5 minutes total film time per roll.

                              Here is one of early "episode", if you will.

                              A dorky 16-year old and his car. We had a lot of fun in those days!

                              If anyone else has video of their car, post it up!

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                                Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                                Now that the aluminum grill trim is restored and beautiful, I decided to restore the grill itself.

                                I have three, and the best condition one looked the worse for wear: faded paint, filthy and severely corroded chrome divider-bars. But that is what I started with.

                                Cleaned every single little cubicle with a toothbrush. There are 264 cubes in the grill if anyone was wondering.

                                It is amazing how much dirt and grime came off...more than I thought.

                                You can see in the first picture how much brighter the silver paint looks on the left side of the grill...the toothbrush did the trick. Tedious work, though.

                                I cleaned the parking lamps/ turn signal housings seperatly. HUGE difference there...don't even need to repaint the grill bars on the lenses.

                                I thought I would have to replace the chrome dividers, but a Dremel tool with a buff pad and some compound and they came right back!

                                I think it looks need to repaint.

                                Can't wait to marry it up to the aluminum surround trim and mount it on the car.

                                Stay tuned...

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                                  Here is another segment of masterful stunt driving and editing

                                  Here is another segment of masterful stunt-driving and editing.

                                  Slinging that Torino right and then left around that zig-zag corner, sliding gracefully the entire way without losing momentum is a thing of beauty to watch.

                                  Then, the easy slide in front of the van to force its stop looks all too easy.

                                  Excellent editing brings it all together into one fluid scene that shows what our heroes are capable of.

                                  Notice the position of the Torino's front wheels as it skids to a stop, and where they are in the subsequent shot. Evidence of stunt footage and lead footage seamlessly edited together.

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                                    Troy Leming shared his post to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                    Man this video never gets old!!! I've had my Dad's old Drag Pack Torino Cobra since I turned 18 in 1988 and finally got around to restoring it in January of 2016...My Dad was killed in another one of his Torino Cobras in 1976 when I was just 6 years old...he was 27 years old at the time and loved his cars! This car has more sentimental value to me than you could ever put a price tag on and won't ever be for sale BY ME in my lifetime! My excuse all these years was that I never had the time or money to fix it up and at 45 years old last year I decided it was now or never since I wasn't getting any younger! Now that it's finally restored, my boys won't ever have the excuse I had and hopefully they won't ever sell it...I really hope my boys have the same type of sentimental attachment to it when I'm gone and can pass it on to their children on down the line...when I got this car in 1988 I found out quick how hard parts were to find for it and soon realized my best route was to buy a parts car for what I needed and sell the rest to get my money back and then some!!! Since 1988, I've had over 50 of these cars (70 Fairlanes, 70 1/2 Falcons, and 70-71 Torinos and Rancheros) and have made a ton of friends all over the world through my parts sales! If you know of someone who has one of these cars or is looking at buying one, if I don't have the part they need I can usually direct them in the right direction of a buddy who does!

                                    Currently my Torino addiction has me owning 9 of these 70-71 models with 4 or 5 of them being for sale because I don't have enough room at my fiance's place to keep them all! I have several buildings FULL of Torino parts so feel free to reach me anytime at 606-541-0193 - Troy's Torino Parts. I'm currently located in Mt Carmel, KY but will be moving to Bethel, OH soon...Thanks for looking! Let me know if I can help with anything :)

                                    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE

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                                      Photos from Ronnie Dean Hartness's post

                                      $15,000 or best offer. Or trade for???

                                      Located in Trenton, Ohio.

                                      1968 Ford Torino with 51,856 miles and counting all original numbers matching car in immaculate condition. This car has zero rust anywhere whatsoever even the floors, trunk, and under body are solid. This car has original everything including the 302 V8 and the 3 speed automatic transmission. This car still has the factory Jack, tire iron, and spare in the trunk. Runs and drives like a brand new car. If you want more info or pictures just comment or pm me. I am entertaining all trade offers as long as it runs and drives and I can fit myself, my 2 sons, and my wife I will consider it. No junk offers please. If you have a cash offer, feel free to contact me on here or text me at 513-846-4071.

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                                        Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                                        I got some of my aluminum trim back today...looks great!

                                        Totally restored: straightened, all dents removed, super-smoothed out. The surface of the pieces was rough, like sandpaper. 40+ years and 150,000+ miles of driving really put some wear on that grill surround. And it just wouldn't "shine up" anymore.

                                        No way was I going to put that up against a new paint job.

                                        You wouldn't hang cheap, ugly jewelry on your beautiful wife would you?

                                        Now it is polished...very smooth and as shiny as can be, and "Bright Dip Anodized" for a long-lasting shine and durability.

                                        The before-and-after pics show the difference:

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                                          Photos from Ronnie Dean Hartness's post

                                          $17,500 or best offer or trade.

                                          1968 Ford Torino. 51,xxx actual original miles and is still counting correctly. The title even says a mere 49,xxx and yes the title says actual. All original numbers matching car. Not a spec of rust on the entire car including the underbody, trunk, engine bay, floors, nowhere. This car is crazy clean. No paint fade. No scuffs. This car is absolutely gorgeous. It starts right up with the first turn of the key. Runs and drives like a brand new car from a car lot. Has all the original equipment like the spare tire and Jack. This car really is stunning. You'd just have to see it in person and drive it. If you'd like any specific photos or any other information just let me know.

                                          I will clean the car and take new photos once cleaned most likely tomorrow.

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                                            Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                                            Went to the "Starsky" Torino 40th anniversary show in the Bronx over the weekend.

                                            Very cool show!

                                            I got to meet 3 very cool "Starsky Torino" guys there; Steve Bordi, Eldon Corley and Dan...and many other great people!

                                            Also got to meet Paul Glaser and Antonio Fargas...very, very cool.

                                            Went for a ride in Starsky's Torino with "Starsky" ( Paul) driving, and my son Johnny got to ride along too. He loved it!

                                            Paul and Antonio were very nice to Johnny, he was elated!

                                            I had Paul and Antonio autograph my mint NIB Ertl Starsky Torino...great collectible to have now!

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                                              351C-351M/400 engine parts

                                              i have a completely brand new high performance (o.566 lift) cam set with valve springs, roller rockers, roller lifters, timing set, high volume oil pump, 2 sets of push rods all never opened. i also have a couple of used edelbrock 4 barrel intakesone cleaned and painted, the other one not painted.

                                              i bought the valve train set as a complete package from summit with the intent on putting them into my 400 from another car, but i no longer have that car and i can not use them. all together i paid 1000 dollars for the set from summit and 150 dollars per each intake. i also have a small 390 cfm 4 barrel carb that i paid 200 bucks for.

                                              if any of these can help you, let me know..shoot me an offer. i cant use them, so i am in need of selling them now.

                                              i got the info from the kit that i have that includes a high volume melling oil pump, a double roller timing set, everything needed for converting over to a complete roller rocker/roller cam set up and new valve springs along with 2 sets of pushrods

                                              the kit number is "comp cams k32-421-8"

                                              the actual cam box says 32-421-8 cam specs are int 270 exh 270 dur @ 0.50: 215 215 lobe sep 110.0 valve lift 0.566 0.566

                                              sn# wl3719-15

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                                                Photos from Kit Sullivan's post

                                                Not really Torino-related, just a sad observation about a newer Ford product.

                                                Customer came in today in his 2013 F-250, only 31,000 miles.

                                                It was an expensive "Platinum" edition and it has received regular washings, waxings and other upkeep.

                                                The inner-fender panels up by the cowl, where the hood hinges attach is totally rusted out...huge holes and very soon almost nothing will be left to support the hood hinges.

                                                I have seen this several times on F-series vehicles that live within 5 miles of the beach.

                                                There is literally NOTHING that can be done to prevent this other than removing the fenders on a brand new vehicle and rustproofing the inner sheetnetal.


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                                                  Kind of mostly original 71 gt when my father first bought in back in the 90 s...

                                                  Kind of mostly original 71 gt, when my father first bought in back in the 90's he was the second owner. The original owner left it in park while it was running and it slipped out of gear it hit a tree which caused damage to the driver side door fender and finally the hood so he peiced it together the hood came off a ranchero and was dark yellow and it has wheels off a v6 mustang. Originally a 351 Cleveland 2 barrel now a 4 also a ittle bit of an upgraded transmission which is an aod 4 speed it will never be a fully original car again but its nice to have and feels like a time capsule going from late model cars to this one and it still drives and rides just as good!

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                                                    Photos from Rudy Irizarry's post

                                                    Here's my 1973 Gran Torino, with a little over 52,000 original miles. It's also got the original single stage enamel Ivy Glow paint other than a few spots we painted like the bottom driver door/rocker panel. The rear quarters are rusted pretty bad but my uncle bought it in 2011 from the original owners nephew, and my uncle sold it to us not long after so we're basically the second owners. It's got the original 302, starting instructions, litter bag, owner card etc. and I know a lot of the history of the car. It even has the original inspection name stamps and I've talked to one of the guys who stamped his name. He was an inspector at the Lorain plant where it was built in 1972. The lady who owned it bought it new, and she was a nurse. It sat for 14 years before we got it, she sadly passed away in the 90's. The car has been featured in Cruisin' Times magazine and I named the car Alice, because of the book Go Ask Alice and the lyrics from "White Rabbit". The only major thing we've had done is dual flow masters with an H-pipe. We've also got a tune up, brake booster/master cylinder/lines, new tires, fuel sending unit etc. I also replaced the heater core with help from my dad. It had the bias ply's and snow tires, one vintage mudflap and the original trunk mat which was all torn up when we got it. Other than that the car is all original and it's like being in a time capsule.

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                                                      Glenn Zampaglione shared a link to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                      August 6, Saturday, Harrison Township, Michigan. 16th Annual Bash at the Beach held at Lake St. Clair Metropark, 31300 Metropolitan Pkwy, Harrison Township, MI 48045 (on Lake St. Clair). Directions: Follow Metro Pkwy east to Lake St. Clair Metropark. After the toll booth, loop to the right of the main parking lot. Turn right on the cart/bike path and follow the boardwalk. Loop around the end of the boardwalk to the show. The show starts at 10 am, trophies and door prizes at 2 pm. Park admission fee is $5. There is NO show fee. Note: No pets off leash, glass bottles or hard liquor. FCA Host: Kyle Lehrmann at or 248-978-9997 or visit Near: Detroit, MI.

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                                                      Troy Leming shared his post to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                      70 Torino GT $6500 OBO or open to trades of all sorts - Original factory black car! This was an extremely well optioned from the factory! Special paint code: Black, 351 Cleveland 4 barrel, shaker, toploader 4 speed, console, bucket seats, Rimblow steering wheel, ribbon tach...These are what OPTIONS the car came with from the factory! Lots of the expensive parts have already been sold off this car...Call me if you have any questions please! 606-541-0193

                                                      I am located in Mt Carmel, KY. If you come look at this car and decide to buy it, I can trailer it to your location if we can agree on a price...

                                                      I have about all the parts to put this car back on the road as a driver but since it's not going to be in the 4 of my 9 cars that I'm keeping, this is as far as I'm going to take it!

                                                      I have TONS of parts for sale for the 70-71 Torinos if you know anyone looking...Please feel free to share my contact information!

                                                      For more pictures, please see the link below:


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                                                        Just now

                                                        Just now ·

                                                        Well GREAT NEWS, we now have Antonio Fargas signed up to attend along with Paul Michael Glaser, ( STARSKY & HUGGY ). Now we can only hope David Soul makes it. Either way, It's another 40th Anniversary get together of the STARSKY & HUTCH TORINO so bring yours to the show Sept 18th. On Saturday the day before we will be having Paul and Antonio signing and driving your Torino for a short ride around the designated parking lot provided to us. Make hotel reservations near by now and be part of this event. I thought it was only a one time chance to get your car signed and driven by the guys, but due to some weather conditions in Carlisle in June some left early who were signed up to have this done. Paul and Antonio agreed to do it again at this event and will be there a day before to get this done for their fans. Please hit me up if your attending and want to be a part of the ride a long with your Torino on Saturday. I'll be putting together a list again so it runs as smooth as the one in June. Everyone who did it loved it and now has great memories of being in their Torino with STARSKY driving behind the wheel. There will also be a chance to get your picture taken with the Stars with an Actual Screen Used Torino from the TV Series, one of only 3 left. Hope to see you there for round 2. Please share this with all your friends and fan sites. Go to YOU TUBE and hit up Starsky ride a long and see for your self how cool it was.

                                                        Orchard Beach Car Show's photo.

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                                                          Well friends and fans. here is another chance to see Paul Michael Glaser

                                                          Well friends and fans. here is another chance to see Paul Michael Glaser ( STARSKY ) again. He will be at the Orchard Beach Car show Sept. 18th 2016. Hit the link below for details and please share this. There are other stars also being worked on so stay tuned in. If you missed your chance to have your Torino signed in Carlisle Pa. in June, you now have the chance to get in done. Were also working on doing the Starsky ride along again because it was such a great hit and there were at least 10 to 12 cars that left early do the weather. This will be done on Saturday the day before. Please put this on your calendar and grab the chance again if you missed it in June in Pa. I know there were 3 or 4 cars still being worked on and not quite done, so hopefully you can get it done for this show. It's still the 40th Anniversary of the S+H Torino so come and join us again for round 2 at the Orchard Beach Car Show Sept. 18th. I'll be posting more information as I get it. There are more things being worked on to make this a Hugh success just like the Carlisle show. We set a new record of about 40 Torinos there and Carlisle set a new attendance record also. Thanks

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                                                            Really not sure if there is a way to locate a car without a VIN but I would...

                                                            Really not sure if there is a way to locate a car without a VIN but I would really like to locate a car that my parents once owned. The car in question is a 1971 Torino Cobra. What I do know is that it was a Blue 1971 Torino Cobra with the laser stripe and the Cobra decal on the rear quarters. It was a 351 auto car with white bucket seat interior and console shifter. It had hideaway headlights, shaker and rear window slats. I know it was purchased new by my parents in 1971 at John Bleakley Ford in Douglasville Ga. then traded in at the same dealer in 1977 for a 1977 F-150 4wd. (I think my dad fell down and bumped his head when he did this) I remember finding it one day in Lithia Springs sitting in a guys driveway in a sad state but the guy refused to sell. I then lost track of it again. If anyone knows of this car or has any suggestions of how to locate it with the little bit of info. that I have please message me. It would be greatly appreciated.


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                                                              Today is an end of an era. After 16 years I have sold the Torino Cobra

                                                              Today is an end of an era. After 16 years, I have sold the Torino Cobra. I really didn’t use it much anymore, and it was just time to move on to other things. I just watched it drive away with a bit of sadness in my heart. I once had such the passion for it, I put on car shows, arranged Woodward meetings, had the world’s largest Torino website, but the passion waned and I decided it was time. But it is time to look forward not backward I sold it to a local Torino guy, so I know it will be going to a good home (with a 4 car garage)! Thanks to all the friends I made because of it.

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                                                                Everyone attending the Carlisle ford Nationals for the 40th Anniversary of the...

                                                                Everyone attending the Carlisle ford Nationals for the 40th Anniversary of the S+H Torino. As you know Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas will be there to be part of this event. Besides all the hats, posters, 8x10's, personal memorabilia you can get signed, we will have 6 ( SIX ) STARSKY SWEATERS there for you to purchase. They will have a tag that can be signed by Paul, ( STARSKY ). You can get your picture taken with Paul with your new sweater. Remember, there are only 6 so get there early. It will be first come first serve.

                                                                I will try and keep everyone posted on any other exciting things happening. Don't forget. 2 Actual Screen used TV Torinos will be there, 1 Movie Torino know as Hero 1 and an Award winning 2,000 mile Limited Edition Torino inside Build T. This is where Paul and Antonio will be. Get your picture next to the REAL DEAL TORINO wearing your new sweater with STARSKY. Once in a lifetime.

                                                                Thanks all for attending and remember, if your bringing your S+H Torino and getting Paul to drive it and sign it on Sunday, Hit me up so I can add you to the list. Share this with your friends. I hate to have someone say they didn't know about this and miss it.

                                                                Thank you

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                                                                  Troy Leming shared his album to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                  FOR SALE or TRADE!!! Please share... This is my 70 1/2 Ford Falcon "Freight Train" I'm looking to sell to make more time for my other cars that I'm deciding to keep and devote more time to...this is a pretty solid car that was Drag raced in Florida with a transplanted 428 for about 17 years before it changed hands and went out to Oklahoma and then to the Chicago, IL area where I got it last Summer. I drive this car quite often and it now has a 302-2V/C4 in it from another low mileage 70 1/2 Falcon I parted out last year. It has new dual exhaust, a rebuilt transmission, and it runs GREAT :) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask... I'm open to all sorts of trades!


                                                                  This is a link to the album on my personal page that has TONS more pictures of this car:


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                                                                    Carlisle Pa Ford Nationals will be hosting the 40th anniversary of the Starsky...

                                                                    Carlisle Pa. Ford Nationals will be hosting the 40th anniversary of the Starsky & Hutch Torino June 3 - 5. Paul Michael will be there and Antonio Fargas to help us celebrate this event. Come and meet STARSKY & HUGGY BEAR in person. There will be pictures and Hats and some posters to purchase and get signed so get there as early as you can. Paul will also have 40 or so copies of his book CHRYSTALLIA there to buy and have signed. Antonio will also have pictures and posters to have signed. On Sunday, you can have PMG ( STARSKY ) sign and drive your S+H Torino for a short ride arounf Carlisle's track. This is a first and last time this will happen so be a part of this. Hope to see you all there. Please SHARE this with all your Starsky & Hutch fans and friends and Torino sites. I hate to see anyone miss this or say, Why didn't I know about this. Thanks.

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                                                                      Steven Louis Bordi

                                                                      Steven Louis Bordi

                                                                      Just now

                                                                      ATTENTION TORINO OWNERS going to Carlisle Ford Nationals this June 3 - 5. Paul Michael Glaser ( STARSKY )will be there along with Antonio ( HUGGY BEAR ). On Sunday Paul will be doing something never done before. He will be driving your S+H Torino for a short ride around the Carlisle track with you riding shot Gun and your wife or husband in the back seat.

                                                                      I need to put together a list of Torino owners who will be wanting to participate in this so we can try and make sure everyone can get this opportunity in the allowed time we have. If your going to do this please hit me up with your full name so I can put you on the list. We just want to try and make this go as smooth as possible so everyone interested leaves happy and had STARSKY drive and sign you Torino.

                                                                      The fee for this is 100.00 to sign your car and 100.00 to drive it around the track. So for 200.00 you can say and have pictures and video of the REAL STARSKY driving your car. Keep in mind this is a first and probable last time this will ever happen so plan ahead to get all your memorabilia and car signed and driven.

                                                                      There will be a limited number of custom made hats and frameable art work there you can also purchase and get signed. One of them has Huggy Bear on it also along with Starsky, Hutch and Capt. Dobey. They are a copy from a one of a kind Painting I had done for my collection.

                                                                      We are expecting up to 30 S+H Torino's there which will be setting a World Record which I'm sure will never be broke so try and be a part of this. We hope to get a group shot to make poster size pictures.

                                                                      Hit me up so I can put a list together of who is going to have STARSKY drive your Torino.



                                                                      Looking forward to meeting all kinds of new Torino owners there from all over. This is going to be an exciting weekend.

                                                                      Due to the sudden cancellation of David Soul ( HUTCH ) we can only hope all is well and let him know he will be really missed at the 40th Anniversary of the Starsky & Hutch Torino. We hope to see him soon.

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                                                                        Steven Louis Bordi We finally got confirmation that Paul Michael Glaser

                                                                        Steven Louis Bordi We finally got confirmation that Paul Michael Glaser ( STARSKY ) will be at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pa. June 3 to 5. Please make plans to be at this event on the East Coast. It's not often to get Paul on this side so take advantage of it. He will be here to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Starsky & Hutch Torino. We will have a record breaking turn out of Torino's there. Get your autographs and pictures with Paul and 2 Actual Screen used TV Series Torino's. There will also be a Movie Torino there known as Hero 1 and an Award Winning Limited Edition with only 2,000 original miles on it. We hope to have 25 to 30 S+H Torino's for the event. If your looking for Ford Parts this is also the place to be. You might even be able to buy or find a S+H Torino there. I know several for sale that might be there so bring your check book. Now, on Sunday you will be able to purchase a short ride around the track at Carlisle with Paul ( STARSKY ) driving your Torino. This is a first ever so take advantage of it and get your Torino there how ever you can. ( Planes, Trains & Automobiles.) LOL. Pre- Register your Torino now on Carlisle's site and make your Hotel reservations, their filling up fast. There will be fans coming from all over to see and be part of this event. This is the Ultimate Ford Show on the East Coast. Paul will be signing autographs and personal memorabilia inside the building with the TV and Movie Torino's so get there for yours. There will be a limited amount of some specialty items for purchase like hats, flammable posters, books, etc you can have signed so get there before their all gone. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and new friends there for this great event. I just want to thank Carlisle Events for making this happen. See you there.

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                                                                          BREAKING NEWS Well folks I got the call today Paul Michael Glaser will be at...

                                                                          "BREAKING NEWS" Well folks, I got the call today. Paul Michael Glaser will be at the Starsky & Hutch Torino 40th anniversary event at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pa. June 3 -5. If you have A S+H Torino try and make plans to bring it to be part of the event. I have a list so far of 27 showing up and I know there are some that show up that I can't reach. I feel we will hit 30 or better as long as everyone shows up. What ever you need to do to get your Torino there, please try and make it happen. If you don't have a Torino and a fan of the show and Paul Michael Glaser than come to meet him and get pictures with him and get your autographs. If you have things you want signed bring them or purchase what he will have there. This will be a very rare time and I think a first. You will be able to get PMG ( STARSKY ) to drive your car with you in it, sign your car and get a picture of you with him for a small fee. A once in a lifetime chance. This will take place on Sunday the 5th. Carlisle has a track in the Fairgrounds that will be used. It will be a short ride around the track but something you will remember forever. Start making your plans to be there and PRE REGISTER your car now. You will also need to make Hotel reservations. They might fill up fast with this news. Please SHARE this will all your friends and fan web sites.

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                                                                            Troy Leming shared his post to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                            FOR SALE or TRADE! $3500 Please share :)

                                                                            351-2V/FMX, PS, PB, A/C, Sport interior...As far as I can tell, it's the ORIGINAL driveline, paint, and vinyl top!

                                                                            It runs and drives OK now but has been stored in a garage since 1981 so it most likely will need a fresh rebuild before driven much. I have a clear KY title in my name and ready for it's new owner...

                                                                            This car is located in Mt Carmel, KY (Fleming County). If you come look at the car and BUY IT, I can deliver it to you on a car trailer within 500 miles one way for a fee if we can work out a deal....

                                                                            I have about 10 or 15 more pictures of the undercarriage up on my buddy's lift if you want to text me or call! 606-541-0193

                                                                            Here is the link to all the pictures of it up on the lift:


                                                                            I'm open to various trades but mainly looking for a newer model 4x4 extended cab truck or 70 Fairlanes, 70 1/2 Falcons, and 70-71 Torinos and Rancheros...

                                                                            I also have a 70 Fairlane 500, 70 1/2 Falcon, and a 70 Torino GT FOR SALE!

                                                                            606-541-0193 - Troy Leming (Troy's 70-71 Torino parts)

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                                                                              Steven Louis Bordi to Starsky Torino 40th anniversary Carlisle PA

                                                                              Steven Louis Bordi to Starsky Torino 40th anniversary @ Carlisle PA.


                                                                              Here is the list that I have so far. There is always a possibility that someone could back out due to personal things or car trouble so let's hope all goes well for everyone.

                                                                              Steve Bordi 1 TV TV Series Torino

                                                                              George 1 ----- NJ

                                                                              Laura C. 1------PA.

                                                                              Chuck B. 1 -----PA.

                                                                              Emilio 1 -------NJ

                                                                              Mike M. 1 -------NY

                                                                              Joe W. 1 TV Series Torino ---Texas

                                                                              Joe W. 1 -------Texas

                                                                              Jim W. 1 ---------PA.

                                                                              John Q. 1 -------Wisconsin

                                                                              Dave P. 1 --------PA.

                                                                              Dave P. 1 -------PA.

                                                                              Philly Dave 1 ----PA.

                                                                              Ian ( Canada ) 1 1

                                                                              Dave ( Canada ) 1

                                                                              Mike C. 1 --------PA.

                                                                              Ron G. 1 --------NJ

                                                                              Melisa S. 3 -----

                                                                              Mike 1 ---- ( Connecticut )

                                                                              Shane 1 ( Low mileage Limited ) ---South Carolina

                                                                              Eldon C. ( Movie Torino Hero 1 ) 1----Louisiana

                                                                              Broncs Pete 1--------NY

                                                                              Ross N. ------------Ohio

                                                                              That's 25 S+H Torino's. I know of 3 or 4 guys still building theirs and hoping to have it done for the show and there are 4 or 5 regulars that I see there each year that I don't know how to reach so let's hope they just show up again. I really feel we can hit 30. Pass this along and Share it to other fan groups. Thanks.

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                                                                              Attachment Unavailable

                                                                              FOR SALE or TRADE! Please share :)

                                                                              351-2V/FMX, PS, PB, A/C, Sport interior...As far as I can tell, it's the ORIGINAL driveline, paint, and vinyl top! $4500 with the 15" Magnum 500s and B.F. Goodrich T/A radials on it in these pictures or $3500 with steelies and the matching Sport hubcaps you can see in some of the pics here...

                                                                              It runs and drives ok now but has been stored in a garage since 1981 so it most likely will need a fresh rebuild before driven much. I have a clear KY title in my name and ready for it's new owner...

                                                                              This car is located in Mt Carmel, KY (Fleming County). If you come look at the car and BUY IT, I can deliver it to you on a car trailer within 500 miles one way for a fee if we can work out a deal....

                                                                              This car was listed on Ebay over the week of Christmas but the sale fell through as the buyer thought he was getting the wheels and tires in these pics for the $3500 reserve (Nope...)

                                                                              I have about 10 or 15 more pictures of the undercarriage up on my buddy's lift if you want to text me or call! 606-541-0193

                                                                              I'm open to various trades but mainly looking for a newer model 4x4 extended cab truck or 70 Fairlanes, 70 1/2 Falcons, and 70-71 Torinos and Rancheros...

                                                                              I also have a 70 1/2 Falcon FOR SALE and a 70 Torino GT FOR SALE that will have separate listings...

                                                                              606-541-0193 - Troy Leming (Troy's 70-71 Torino parts)

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                                                                                Troy Leming shared a link to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                I have my 73 Gran Torino listed on Ebay to end this Sunday night... I was having some issues with the app on my phone last Sunday so I didn't get it all posted like I had planned originally and am having a hard time editing after it has a few bids. If this car doesn't meet the reserve which it probably SHOULD, I will RELIST it with NO RESERVE in February when people are getting their tax returns. If it doesn't sell Sunday, I'm open to offers and trades as well... I have TONS of pictures for serious prospective buyers of the undercarriage and rust spots. This car has a CLEAR KY title in my name and is running and driving and would make a GREAT candidate for restoration after coming our of storage since 1986!!!


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                                                                                  Troy Leming shared his post to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                  FOR SALE!!! 1971 351 Cleveland 2 barrel from the 1971 Torino GT Convertible I'm parting out...this engine hasn't ran in YEARS and I haven't taken the plugs out yet to fill the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil. Located in Mt Carmel, KY and is PICK UP ONLY! $500 or open to trades...if I don't sell it before Christmas I will start tearing it down and selling pieces off it individually on Ebay...seller ID torinocobra429scj

                                                                                  I have several transmissions FOR SALE as well!!! C4, FMX, C6, and small block C6 from 70 Fairlanes, 70 1/2 Falcons, and 70-71 Torinos and Rancheros!

                                                                                  606-541-0193 PLEASE SHARE

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                                                                                    Hi everyone Besides my love of Ford muscle cars I have a love of photography...

                                                                                    Hi everyone! Besides my love of Ford muscle cars, I have a love of photography, am a photographer, and did a photoshoot with my old 70 J-code Torino Cobra. A couple images were published in Delicious Dolls magazine. I thought I would post here to gauge the interest in offering professional quality extra large prints from that photoshoot for purchase. One image that is available is my version of a vintage advertisement!

                                                                                    These prints would be made on high quality photographic paper using the best equipment available and will range in size from 10"x15" (#5 & #10 from the sample) to 13"x20" (#4 & #9 from the sample).

                                                                                    Please take a look at the images in the sample and feel free to message me for more info. Thanks.

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                                                                                      Troy Leming shared a profile to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                      70 Fairlane, 70 1/2 Falcon, and 70-71 Torino / Ranchero parts FOR SALE! I can deliver any large or heavy items to the Columbus Fall Swap meet on Saturday November, 28th but I will have to know by Wednesday, the 25th so I can have it loaded before I leave for Thanksgiving in Ohio...If you can't see my pics of folder for any reason, you may have to send me a friend request on Facebook!

                                                                                      I only deal in the 70-71 models so of you're looking for any other models I probably won't be able to help, sorry...

                                                                                      I DO NOT quote prices on Facebook so please pm me here or call me at 606-541-0193! I get a ton of requests for parts so if I don't get right back to you, I sometimes need a reminder text or Facebook message...just sayin'

                                                                                      I BUY, SELL, AND TRADE PARTS!!!


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                                                                                        Tony Sorrentino shared a link to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                        Someone, please bring out a Starsky and Hutch car. :P

                                                                                        The SCMC and Pro-Dyno are planning for a fall cruise-in/Dyno day at Pro-Dyno on November 14, 2015. If you missed our spring event, you won't want to miss this one! Last Spring the event had over 400 Mustangs in attendance so be sure to come out to our 2015 fall event!!

                                                                                        New for this year is our "Crystal Mustang Award" which is a crystal Mustang valued at over $300.00 and will be given to the best Mustang in attendance at the event.

                                                                                        This is our last "official" cruise-in of the year and we want to finish off with a bang. There is a small fee to participate in the cruise-in.

                                                                                        For those of you that plan on attending the biggest Mustang Cruise-In in the Carolinas, click here to register on line!! This is a preregistration only event which means you cannot register the day of the event, you must register prior to November 12, 2015. No late registration are accepted.

                                                                                        More details can be found here:

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                                                                                          Good morning guys Big problem Last night to keep it short I had a small...

                                                                                          Good morning guys. Big problem. Last night, to keep it short, I had a small engine fire. Car is ok. I put it out right away. I still don;t know what caused it. Maybe 42 year old wiring (lol). All that got damaged were some of the wires to the ignition.

                                                                                          Here is my question: please see the attached pic. There are 2 connectors, a 4 pin and a 3 pin, with wires on the left side of the carb. The 4 wire plug is for instrumentation senders, i.e, temp, oil pressure etc. The 3 wire plug, what does it do? especially the heavier middle wire which is black with yellow terminates on my car near where the factory temp sensor would be with a hard connector. I outlined the 2 connectors in red, and the arrow points to the heavier black/yellow wire, which is in the center position on the 3 pin connector.

                                                                                          Most of the damage was to the ignition wires, I will get a new set, and new plugs, rewire the primary side of the coil, and I have to get a carb kit because the plastic piece on the accelerator pump melted. Maybe I can do a fix on that. Not sure yet. And an oil change. I think this whole thing was started by some bad oil (gas in the oil) as I have not driven the car much this season. I will also pull all the plugs and let the engine dry out. I put the fire out with water, I don't think any water went into the carb, the air cleaner protected it, but I want to be sure. Thanks for reading and for any help on those connectors.

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                                                                                            Tony Sorrentino shared a link to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                            Less than two weeks left to register for our show at Pro-Dyno in Fort Mill, SC. Preregistration is mandatory as we do not take car show entries the day of the event; however, you can still buy meal tickets and 50/50 tickets.

                                                                                            This is the absolute largest all Mustang and Ford Cruise-in in the Charlotte, NC area. Some call it Mustang Week without the beach, I call it a ton of fun for everyone that comes to the event. We absolutely have tons to give away at the event raffle. Cost is $10.00 per entry and includes 2 meal tickets (Extras are 5 bucks more), 1 raffle prize ticket, six 50/50 tickets, and a complimentary car show entry. Don't miss this event as we had over 400 cars attend our Spring event and we want to continue that upward trend. Don't forget, the best Mustang will receive a limited edition "Crystal Mustang Award" which weighs a ton and is completely all crystal. It stands about 12 inches and is 11 inches wide! Don't delay, sign up today:

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                                                                                              Photos from Joey Dube's post

                                                                                              So check this out. My wife's car back in 2013 had won a 2nd place in a concourse car show and on our way to the podium a photographer tells her he would like to shoot her car. He gave her a card and took our information. Shortly after we did a photo shoot.

                                                                                              He said it would be in a magazine in Europe and that she (my wife) would be like a rockstar there cause women over there don't have cars like this, also usually don't have interest in them either.

                                                                                              Well we thought it would never happen when in our mail box today bam!! Here it is. Its in French cause its from France.

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                                                                                                Troy Leming shared a memory to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                                I have TONS of parts for sale!!! 606-541-0193 I'm looking to MOVE to Ohio soon so I really would rather sell a lot of these things rather than rent a storage building...

                                                                                                Consoles, bucket seats, bench seats, hoods, fenders, quarter panels, windshields, door and quarter glass, back glass, decklids, engines and transmissions, rear ends, front and rear bumpers, front and rear valences... located in Mt Carmel, KY or I can deliver to the Bethel, OH area about any weekend to save you on driving if you're North of me...

                                                                                                I don't quote prices over Facebook so send me a message or call / text me at 606-541-0193 for parts requests please!

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                                                                                                  Photos from Michael Chiolero's post

                                                                                                  Looking for some advice. I think I am going to be selling the Torino in the near future. Looking for what might be a fair price. Ford Torino Cobra, originally Drag-pak car (original engine and oil cooler long gone), rebuilt 460 engine (Dr Z, 2014), 4 speed (rebuilt 2013), buckets, console. Moser axles, Hooker headers, louvers, hood tach. Good paint, good interior. Low miles, have owned for 15 years. I won't be looking for stupid money, just looking to see what you guys think is fair in this market (don't want to give away either). Knees are getting bad and only took it out like 4 times this year. Time to move on I guess.

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                                                                                                    Carl N Dee Corey shared a link to the group: Ford Torino Owners.

                                                                                                    MY Apologies, the share only shared the link and not the whole thread.

                                                                                                    Here is the post that was SUPPOSED to be shared...

                                                                                                    Alright y'all I NEED SOME PICS!!!

                                                                                                    1. They have to be High Resolution, so when I shrink them they stay clear

                                                                                                    2. They have to be from a FRONT ANGLE, I need to see the grill and the entire side of the car.(have to be able to see if it is a SPORT, FORMAL, RANCHERO or WAGON

                                                                                                    3. I PREFER if it has a solid type of background (Sky, building, grass, white, solid color) something easy for me to trace the outline of the car and cut out the background. IF you already have a cut out of JUST the car... EVEN BETTER!

                                                                                                    4. I need a good pic of EACH YR/TYPE of car the site supports PREFER it to be YOUR car.

                                                                                                    5. PLEASE include the details on your car, ENSURE the info you send is CORRECT and VERIFIED. The cars does not have to be "stock" but at least be correct. WE all know there are a plethora of different options available on our cars. This is just to be as clear as possible on a description of a pic. that way the pic represents EXACTLY what the description is without second guessing from the "know-it-alls". Example 77Ranchero 500GT without the factory sticker package looks like just another 77 Ranchero(at 1st glance in pics) same as a 72 SPORT that is a Formal without the sport hood or has a Base model nose... it just doesn't represent a 72 Gran Torino Sport.

                                                                                                    Scott and I are working to update the website and want to put together a COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE list with pics of ALL models from 68-79. These pics will be used as a catalog and also may be used on the cover pages to link back to pages that relate specifically to THAT model/style of car.

                                                                                                    Here is a list but I KNOW I am leaving some out. writing out this list I am NOT getting into the details of a GT, 500, Xl, Sport, Base, MX, Spoiler, Cyclone, Cobra, Squire, 2-dr, 4-dr etc...

                                                                                                    PLEASE post them as well, I will be saving them and using them at some point on the site.

                                                                                                    For the 68-71 guys PLEASE understand I am NOT an expert in any way on these year cars so do not take offense if I mistype or leave out something. Educate me and the entire GTS.ORG family as you reply, THANK YOU!

                                                                                                    68-69 Torino, Fairlane, Montego, Falcon, Ranchero, Wagon, Convertible(What other models?)

                                                                                                    70-71 Torino, Fairlane, Montego, Falcon, Ranchero, Wagon, Convertible(What other models?)

                                                                                                    72-76 Torino, Gran Torino, Montego, S&H, Brougham, Ranchero, Wagon

                                                                                                    74-76 Cougar, Elite

                                                                                                    77-79 Cougar, LTDII, Thunderbird, Ranchero

                                                                                                    I am cross posting this on ALL the Torino sites to get as much input and participation as possible!

                                                                                                    There is also a PINNED POST on the GranTorinoSport.ORG FaceBook page that explains step by step register on the website (with pictures).

                                                                                                    GTS.ORG is going into our 20th Year on the web and is working on updating everything for the ease of our now international and LARGE Torino Family!

                                                                                                    As there are ALOT of Torino type FB pages for all these cars, GTS.ORG is the one place on the web that supports them ALL and is moving to be the central location for all things 68-79 Ford/Mercury Torino based cars!

                                                                                                    Share the post and spread the both the FB and Website!

                                                                                                    We will also be updating the link to the Torino/Montego Registry as well.


                                                                                                    %d comments

                                                                                                      Most everything is 68 69 parts. Comment or message for pricing

                                                                                                      Most everything is 68/69 parts. Comment or message for pricing.

                                                                                                      - 68 Grille painted black that's perfectly straight!

                                                                                                      - Two hood Lip Moulding. One is near perfect but has two tee-tiny dings and the other has a nice dent right under where the "R" in "FORD" would be on the hood

                                                                                                      - Two pairs of gravel/rock guards? that go behind the long piece behind the grille

                                                                                                      - Fourth pod Clock (69)

                                                                                                      - Fourth Pod tach/clock delete

                                                                                                      - Dipstick for a C6 Trans (Year/Make/Model unknown)

                                                                                                      - C4/C6 Transmission Crossmember

                                                                                                      - Radiator bracket braces

                                                                                                      - Two Dash accessories strip in good condition

                                                                                                      - Chrome mirror control switch mount with bracket and screws

                                                                                                      - A pair of door striker plates

                                                                                                      %d comments

                                                                                                        I would love to know where my Torino ended up after we had to part with it last...

                                                                                                        I would love to know where my Torino ended up after we had to part with it last November. Sadly it was traded to a used car dealer when we were unable to sell it on our own. It was the prototype car for the S&H video game restored for Gotham Games by Zebra 3 San Diego to promote the release of the movie back in 2003. It was then given away in a promotional contest- we were the second owners after the contest winner. The 1976 Gran Torino was traded to JM Harlan Auto Sales in Birdsboro PA at the end of November 2012. Is it wrong for me to want to keep tabs on the car? I had fun with it for the five years we owned it, and miss it a lot. Thanks! I just hope whoever has it now has as much fun as we did. Thanks for reading my post!

                                                                                                        %d comments