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Doing 100kms down the M5 towing my excavator. 1 hand on the steering wheel the other on the dash cam formatting the disc. All of a sudden the trailer fishtails across 2 lanes, i looked behind me & i see my wheel hit the gaurd rail & fly in the air at least 60 metres. I managed to pull the Territory into the break down lane & retrieve the wheel. Made in China, check out the hub. The welds snapped nice & clean.

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    Would road side assist have the tool to tell me which coils are misfiring — Ford Territory appreciation forum

    Would road side assist have the tool to tell me which coils are misfiring?

    Drove about 5kms then coming out of the round about the car just started shuddering. Stops when I take foot of accelerator and does it even in neutral when I press the accelerator. Any other ideas?

    Just done massive drive not an issue out there now this. Barely made it home. Engine light is now on.

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      Thought I d post this for the benefit of others — Ford Territory appreciation forum

      Thought I'd post this for the benefit of others.

      A week or so ago I posted of our TTG going through its locking unlocking hissy fit sometimes after 1/2 hour of stopping the car sometimes immediately, sometimes I'd unlock the car to get in and it would lock itself before I could open the door.

      I had disconnected the battery a couple of times in the hope of fixing it but also because it was doing that often it was driving me insane and would flatten the battery.

      It didn't matter where the car was it was doing it.

      Posted here got a few other ideas that I tried with no luck.

      It went to ford for a service they told me it's almost certainly an actuator, the car was there the whole day and never did it once they said they tried to get it to do it but no luck, so took the car home (5 minute drive) pulled up the driveway got out and it started straight away!!!

      Anyway my neighbour an auto electrician asked if I had 2 remotes which I do he asked how long since I've unlocked and locked the car with the second remote, couldn't remember but had been maybe a couple of months, he suggested trying the second remote so I locked and unlocked with the second remote.

      Wouldn't believe it but that has solved it.

      Car hasn't done it now since and been almost 2 weeks!

      Amazing the little quirks these things have!

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        For sale — Ford Territory appreciation forum

        For sale.

        I have a white 6cyl 2004 BA wagon in Sydney.

        I am reluctant to give it to a wrecker or scrappy so the can flog it for a lot more.

        All I want is the same as the wreckers offered $200, worth it for the tyres alone.

        Good motor, 220,00Kms,

        Plugs replaced a few months back.

        Trans rebuilt recently.

        4 new tyres.

        Towing springs and shocks.

        Front end is ok.

        Interior ok, no holes or rips.

        Suspension ok.

        Toe-bar and ball.

        Some diff noise.

        Has a little surface rust around the roof.

        Very driveable, but 1 month out of rego,

        road worthy except for a leaky exhaust.

        Was always a good reliable Car.

        I was going to re-rego it but received a small inheritance so I bought a Territory.

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          Hi guys Got a 2010 sy territory v6 petrol What revs is it supposed to sit at... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

          Hi guys. Got a 2010 sy territory v6 petrol. What revs is it supposed to sit at 100ks. Also park won't register unless it takes the weight of the car. It never used to but my wife always puts it in park take her foot off the brake then puts the hand brake on. We have had many of arguments about it. Is there anything I can adjust?

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            For those saying that u need to wait for lights to go off before starting to... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

            For those saying that u need to wait for lights to go off before starting to let fuel prime. Father in law taking us to a party in his xr6 with the lpg injection motor when he turns key on it comes up with a lpg priming and a spinning symbol. Now surely if petrol needed priming it would do the same thing...

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              Photos from Luke Humphreys's post — Ford Territory appreciation forum

              Having the gear selector issue with our territory, it's an early 2005 sx and ford have nla'd the replacement cable. I have found this pic that shows a way to rectify it without replacing the cable but the cable on our car has a different plastic end on it. Has anyone got any idea what I can do to fix it? Have taken a picture of our selector cable end and the other pic is the bolt fix that I don't think will work for the early model. Any help and advice appreciated!

              We had the trans out to replace the welsh plug above the rear main, after putting it all back together again it doesn't like going into drive. Takes about 5 times going from drive to reverse and back to find drive.

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                Info Falcon Territory — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                Info Falcon & Territory

                Are u having trouble getting your car to start first go.

                Starts coughs & stalls or just won't start at all.

                All the facebook mechanics will tell you to leave he reds on for a few seconds then crank it. Thats aload of hogwash, what a ridiculous suggestion.

                The issue is ford with the millions spent on designing the falcon & Territory overlooked 1 problem. The recommended battery is a 510 & 550 cca in all. The battery is the issue, put a 650cca & up battery & i gureentee you it will start up every time without an issue. Its not giving enough cranking power to the starter in order for it to spin fast enough to start the engine.

                Don't use Super charge batteries, they are crap.

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                Im having an issue with my thermo fans 09 ttg The high speed fan pretty much... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                Im having an issue with my thermo fans 09 ttg. The high speed fan pretty much runs the whole time its set to come on at 100deg and turn off at 95 but it comes on any temp. Time i checked it came on at around 60deg. Anyone had this issue? There is only one temp sensor at the back of the head isnt there? The ecu would use that to control the fans wouldnt it?

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                  Question so my territory has started doing the unlock lock unlock lock thing it... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                  Question, so my territory has started doing the unlock lock unlock lock thing it had done it once before in the past not unlocking and locking as frequently as it is now though but last time I disconnected the battery and it was problem solved.

                  This time I've done the same but hasn't fixed the issue, I've noticed when it's doing it the remote won't work and I need to unlock the door with the key (when I've disconnected the battery it's been ok for a short while and the remote works fine) is this usually a faulty actuator? Last year I used one of those eBay repair kits as one of the doors wouldn't lock but that time the faulty actuator didn't cause the doors to lock and unlock, just the affected door wouldn't lock.

                  Any advice is much appreciated.


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                    A little experiment — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                    A little experiment:

                    When buying a car, what do you consider more important?

                    Mileage or condition or servicing or trade maintained or enthusiast maintained or what else can you add to this?

                    What makes you decide on looking at or outright buying a car?

                    I have heard a lot in my time about what people expect from car especially when buying. So here's an opportunity to have your say on what you think and lets see what the result is? I for one am very interested in the response.

                    I was in the Auto industry for over 10 years and have seen it all before, my trade contacts and I agree on many issues relating to this topic but its always good to see how non trade people view this issue, looking forward to your responses...

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                      Had a bit of a moment with my 05 this past week and was going to post straight... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                      Had a bit of a moment with my 05 this past week and was going to post straight away but didn't want to jinx myself. Drove 950kms inland and got 780 off a tank going south (1 passenger, toolbox and suitcase). Thought I was chewing a bit more coming back but by halfway it levelled off and ended up getting 760/70. I'm pretty pleased since I commented not long ago on range and hadn't had a big drive in a while. Recently did filters etc but otherwise she's base model 269000kms on her. Pretty proud considering I've done 4500kms since 19/12 and not a sniffle out of her

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                        Hey guys — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                        Hey guys,

                        Parting out our turbo territory

                        Most new parts

                        Only been fitted

                        Rear lsd diff cradle with IMS twin bush kit

                        Koni adjustable shocks

                        King springs

                        Tuff mount engine mounts

                        4" catback stainless

                        Camber kit


                        Every bush in the car is new and rebushed

                        Camber arms

                        Zf external cooler and lines

                        Lots more

                        Located dandenong

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                          Sheree Barnett Byrne shared a link to the group: Ford Territory appreciation group. — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                          Ford Ignition Switch Replacement Kit

                          Does your key not spring back to the on position after starting the car causing your accessories to not work (Electric Windows, Radio ETC…)

                          Has your ignition switch fallen apart preventing your car from starting, or turning off if the engine is already running when it happens?

                          Perhaps the key is springing back from start to accessories and you have to hold the key in the on position to allow the car to continue to run.

                          Have you been told you will need to replace the steering column in some cases costing over $2000 for a new column supplied and installed and losing your car to the repair center for at least 1 day sometimes more?

                          Then Look no further

                          For 5 years we have been solving this problem for hundreds of happy customers around Melbourne/Metro. If it’s at your home or work we can come to you giving you a hassle free, guaranteed service. And we are proud to say in 5 years we have not had a single failure.

                          In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our product that we are extending our 5 Year onsite warranty to a lifetime warranty, giving you piece of mind that your car is being fixed with the highest quality parts and installed by a company that has the experience.


                          Buy Online Now

                          What You Get (Single Pack)

                          Removal Tool

                          1 High Quality Replacement Switch Housing

                          2 Replacement Ball Bearings

                          USB with Video Instructions

                          Written Instructions with Photo Illustrations

                          5 Pack includes all this and total of 5 Replacement Switch Housings & 10 Ball Bearings

                          10 Pack include all this and total of 10 Replacement Switch Housings & 20 Ball Bearings

                          Replacement Tool is also available to purchase separately if needed.

                          Ford Ignition Switch Replacement for:

                          BA - BF Falcon

                          SX - SY Territory

                          You can Purchase here:

                          like our facebook page for updates at: it/

                          Mention you are member of this group and we will give you 10% off

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                          Photos from Josh Chapman's post — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                          So I needed to replace the front diff bushes before big trip next month. Wouldn't have had time to get some off eBay so I sikaflexed one of the rears I salvaged and made a new one out of some hard conveyor belt scraper. Was a bit of a mission because the bushes push in from the inside and to get enough room you need to take the engine mount off that was to much effort so I smashed out the old bushes then die grind'ed the holes so bushes could be pushed from the outside in. Took a bit of fiddling but worked out well for temp fix until I can get the proper ones

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                            Hey guys my question is im looking at a sub for my car I have done plenty of... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                            Hey guys my question is im looking at a sub for my car. I have done plenty of stereos over the years but have never used a slim under seat sub. Are they any good?

                            Space is a bitch for me as i have 5 kids.

                            Either that idea or a 10 or 12 inch in the middle row seats on the floor. Cant put in the boot cause it will deafen the kids

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                              Photos from Jennah Dee's post — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                              I take pics every time I play with my car. Just adding these to show the amount of shit built up in the throttle body. I also noticed an immediate drop in revs and smoother idling after cleaning. The cleaner cost me $14 and took about 10mins tops to do myself.

                              One thing I have noticed is my radio display screen now goes to 'sleep'. I assume it's a change I can make and have wanted to for long drives but I would like to know how to change it back too.

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                                Custom SY turbo Ghia — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                2006 SY Turbo Territory Ghia , this was the FTG auto salvage display car and also featured in Street Fords Magazine,

                                This would have to be the best SY territory Turbo in Oz.

                                1 owner with full service history , lots of custom mods including Custom Ghost Flame paint job , custom FPV grille , chrome mirrors and door handles , 20" Chrome wheels , lowered all round , custom FPV boost & oil gauges , FPV starter button , SY MK2 Front bumper & headlights , Chrome interior highlights , 7 seater , Black leather trim with FPV headrests, FPV steering wheel , FPV F6 Front mount intercooler, custom interior lighting, This car has never had any damage and has been extremely well looked after, It has never let us down. The car is very tidy but will be detailed for the new owner. Only traveled 168,000ks and comes with Rego until Jan 2018 & RWC. This car owes us in excess of $100,000 so is a bargain at the asking price of $20,000 call Darren on 0425775893

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                                  Admin approved post I currently own a decal business and a Territory seen... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                  Admin approved post - I currently own a decal business (and a Territory), seen interest in some decals in the group, and it seems the interest is in the something similar to the attached image, but doesn't look like it has gone ahead. If you would like a decal contact me and I can send one to you. Just let me know the design you want. Multiple colours available however white always works best of vehicle windows. The stickers will be a cut vinyl meaning no background, only the image itself. Including postage $25. PM me for further details. (Sorry for the repost)

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                                    so my car dramas continue not having a great time lol 3 issues last week and... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                    so my car dramas continue... not having a great time lol 3 issues last week and now this

                                    Yesterday I had to emergency brake on the motorway and got rear ended, at first look it isn't too bad, but the Commodore ute that hit me went under the rear of my terri.

                                    it bent the Tow bar down almost to right angles, busted the bumper bar and munted the exhaust into the RHR wheel that is all i got a decent look at

                                    My dad (panel beater/assessor) was saying if the towbar has bent the chassis rails that it might be written off by the insurance company, he's gonna have a good look when I go and pick up all of my personal stuff tomorrow.

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                                      Having gearbox issues 6sp auto — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                      Having gearbox issues, 6sp auto

                                      It's not wanting to change into or out of 4th gear since yesterday morning

                                      I've been using the shift function no issues to get it to engage but in auto mode it will rev way out in 3rd to 4th and holds 4th both changing up to 5th and down to 3rd

                                      Has anyone else had a similar issue?

                                      I'm having issues with my indicator stork /switch as well could this somehow be affecting the gearbox electronics? Or am i up for a new box

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                                        Just an expression of interest people thinking about selling due to wanting a... — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                        Just an expression of interest people! :) thinking about selling due to wanting a g6e turbo...

                                        -2006 seduce ghia turbo. 273***km

                                        -Front mount


                                        -1000cc injectors

                                        -Exhaust (still too small) how I got it.

                                        -Ported rear housing and turbo smart actuator.

                                        Car is in reasonable condition with brand new front ball joints and arms and diff bushes. (solid third bush).

                                        Car also has t3 slotted front rotors and carbon brakes

                                        -LED headlight globes

                                        -7 seater with fairly clean leather.

                                        Car makes about 240awkw (exhaust is restricting it) with potential for 320+ with a decent exhaust...

                                        Any thoughts on how much it's worth would be appreciated :) cheers!

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                                          Hey everyone — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                          Hey everyone.

                                          Looking to sell my territory. A few pros and cons listed below, not really looking to part it out or anything just want to get rid of it as I'm buying the mrs a new car today.

                                          Its a 2006 turbo ghia in grey. 5 seater. 180ks


                                          Flex plate is broken (let go in the burnley tunnel Friday night)

                                          Has a dent in the front right guard.

                                          Missing the centre caps from the rear wheels.

                                          Tint is a bit shitty on the tailgate.


                                          Car makes 356awkw

                                          Mechanically it has had pretty much everything replaced that you would expect to have replaced by 180k

                                          Plazmaman FMIC

                                          Bosch ID1000 injectors

                                          Herrod in tank fuel pump module.

                                          4" titanium dump pipe, 4" cat, 3.5 inch cat back with 2 magnaflow mufflers

                                          Comes with the sct tuner with 4 files on it, for both e85 and petrol

                                          Gauge pod at top centre of dash (boost and volts)

                                          Less than 1000kms ago its had...

                                          4 new brake rotors, all RDA slotted rotors and Bendix ultimate pads

                                          2 new front cv shafts

                                          New front diff bushes.

                                          New engine mounts (both sides)

                                          1 new rear wheel bearing

                                          5000kms ago

                                          4 new fortera tyres

                                          Transmission service

                                          Last couple of years

                                          Rebushed the whole rear of the car,

                                          Rebushed the whole front of the car

                                          New starter motor

                                          New battery

                                          Car obviously wont come with a roady or rego, I'm going to buy the mrs a new car today as I got a new car last year and she needs a car before I go back to work on Tuesday. Would love to keep it as its been an awesome car but I'm not paying 3 regos and insurances each year and really aren't going to have the time to fix it in the foreseeable future.

                                          Any more info required just inbox me. I'm open to reasonable offers just drop me a message!

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                                            Photos from Aleyn Dein's post — Ford Territory appreciation forum

                                            Not a territory.... but i am impressed!

                                            Here's the details....

                                            2004 BA falcon XR6 Turbo

                                            Shockwave blue. Street/drag/show setup.

                                            No expense spared, some modifications include:

                                            Forged engine blue printed and balanced, nitto rods and pistons, pac racing valve springs, ported head, grout filled block, 10mm girdle, heat treated crank, billet oil pump

                                            Garret T51R turbo (nickel plated and rear housing HPC coated)

                                            Custom tuned length manifold (HPS coated)

                                            Tial 60mm wastegate (HPC coated)

                                            4 inch TOG exhaust with plumbed back dump

                                            PWR radiator

                                            Process wast stage 3 intercooler kit

                                            Plazmaman plenum (nickel plated)

                                            Plazmaman surge tank

                                            Aermotive pro series fuel pump with fuel pump controller

                                            Bosch 1650cc injectors

                                            Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator

                                            All braded lines and fittings

                                            All engine bay parts powdercoated and 2pack painted

                                            Turbosmart eboost 2 boost controller

                                            Hasty Auto built turbo 400 auto

                                            TCE 3200 rpm stall converter

                                            PWR transcooler and fan

                                            B&M pro ratchet shifter

                                            Custom tailshaft

                                            Custom drive shafts

                                            Kaaz diff centre

                                            3:2 diff gears

                                            Twin bush diff hat

                                            Full whiteline solid bush rear end

                                            Adjustable sway bar and control arms

                                            FPV upgrade brakes

                                            Racestar front runners and rear wheels

                                            M&H racemaster tyres front and back

                                            Smoothed and painted engine bay

                                            4 inch reverse cowl

                                            Brown Davis 6 point bolt in rollcage

                                            FPV full interior

                                            Triple gauge holder with boost, oil pressue, and trans temp gauges

                                            Plus much more.

                                            Over $65000 spent on mods.

                                            All work top to bottom done by GMF Performace.

                                            Tuned at a safe 655rwkw.

                                            Car still has aircon working and drives like a dream.

                                            Setup for a low 9 sec car all day everyday but hasn't been to the track.

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