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Update on my EGR tube. Was driving around last week and saw another 99 Taurus LX FFV VIN 2 engine code (3.0L 12 OHV pushrod Vulcan motor)/plant G (Chicago). Stuck around long enough to ask the lady who owned/drove the car if I could look under the hood. Sure enough - same screwed-up EGR tube on a CA exhaust manifold (not the 49-state Federal rear manifold). Called NC Motor Fleet Management and they were required to buy the most fuel-efficient model cars available - but unsure why they would get a rear CA manifold for a 49-state Federal motor?

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Well guys the time has come I drove the toreass since I was 16 and the day has...

Well guys the time has come I drove the toreass since I was 16 and the day has finally come to put her down the camshaft synchronizer is going out the radiator leaks like a siv the shift linkage is messed up only allowing reverse, neutral, and overdrive, the instrument cluster is wonky, she burns every liquid under the sun and motor mounts are non existent. Pick n pull offered 170 so she's finally getting scrapped it was a decent first car got me 40k miles but everything has to come to an end someday and today's the day

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    Photos from Jonathan Garay's post

    I have a set of Powerstop Evolution z23-1611 pads for sale. $45 shipped to lower 48 states, PayPal only.

    I bought them as a disc and rotor kit from RockAuto but they sent me these instead of the z23-1508 pads and because it had been over 30 days since I found the discrepancy, it was outside their exchange period.

    Research shows that these should work for a 2013+ SHO, AWD, Flex, and Explorer platforms. If interested, please verify that these will work for you specific vehicle.

    Oh, and don't mind my dirty and incomplete counter top.

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      Photos from Chris Telesca's post

      anyone here know if Ford would have installed the wrong exhaust manifold and exhaust system on my 99 Taurus LX 3.0L Vulcan with Flex fuel? I ordered the correct EGR tube from a Ford dealer - same fit issue with the Dorman part - it appears as though the left/read exhaust manifold is the wrong one - it's a CA manifold vs a non-CA for Flex fuel.

      According to Ford, the part I need is a F6DZ9430J - which goes to a no CA Flex Fuel vehicle. For some reason I think I have a CA exhaust manifold on the car. Am sure that I'd also need a different sent of converters as well.

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        Photos from Chris Telesca's post

        Ok. Whenever I drop the AT pan for the first time for fluid service (pan gasket and filter), I always install one of those drain pan bolts so I can drain without making a big mess. But if I don't torque the nuts enough, I get a slight leak. So while cursing myself for ordering the wrong EGR tube (my car is a CA car with an extra port), I decided to take care of the drain bolt leak. Drained the fluid out of the bolt, and then dropped the pan - very neat and tidy. Took off the bolt and cleaned off the Mercon-V and applied a little Permatex Ultra Black around the threads by the head, and a little on the outside nylon washer. The instructions say to let the stuff cure for 24 hours before adding fluid. Think I should wait that long?

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          Hi everyone I have some parts left from an engine partout 04 Duratec 3

          Hi everyone, I have some parts left from an engine partout, 04 Duratec 3.0 with 34k miles. Pm me if interested so I can provide pictures. I will consider offers

          Crankshaft position sensor $10+ shipping

          Camshaft position sensor $10+ shipping

          Throttle body $15+ shipping

          *Upper intake manifold - make offer

          Lower intake manifold - make offer

          Injectors $ 20+ shipping

          EGR tube and valve $20+ shipping

          Original Motorcraft Coils $35+ shipping or $10+ shipping for individual

          Most harness connectors- make offers

          Oil pickup tube $15+ shipping

          Fuel rail with injectors $30+ shipping

          Valve covers, timing cover, oil pan - make offers


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            A while ago I bought some brake parts for my wife s car 2013 Taurus SEL FWD 4...

            A while ago, I bought some brake parts for my wife's car, 2013 Taurus SEL, FWD; 4 discs, and 4 sets of pads.

            These parts were purchased from RockAuto about 5 months ago when my dealer informed me that my brakes needed replacing soon during the courtesy check when I took it in for the oil change. On my last visit late last month, they informed me that the pads were dangerously low and needed replacing ASAP.

            Well, I finally managed to get some time to do the brake work and I've come to find out that the pads are the wrong ones!!!! They're obviously larger. I was none the wiser as I couldn't compare the pads with the old ones and trusted that they were the correct ones. Now that I'm finally doing this job, and it's obvious that they're not the right ones.

            What do I do? I'm sure it's too late to return them to RockAuto and at the present moment, I don't have the cash to go out and get a correct set of pads from the parts store. Do I put it all back together with the old stuff?

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              It s been a while since I ve been on this page but I bring words of wisdom

              It's been a while since I've been on this page, but I bring words of wisdom (though I'm sure it's been discussed before).

              The car would have an intermittent idle issue on startup. Replaced the plugs. No dice. Left the issue alone for weeks since it would eventually fix itself. Then the issue became a constant problem. So I looked through the forum and see that the issue could be mainly 3 things; EGR valve, EGR value solenoid, or EGR pressure sensor. After breaking the pressure sensor and replacing it, that didn't solve the issue (of course). Now down to 2 options, I try something. I unplug the valve solenoid to see if it changes the idle. Well, nothing happened... So I go to Auto Zone and get the solenoid, plug it up and PRESTO, it runs great. Remember always search the forum and it's wealth of knowledge.

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                Hey guys this is my Continental but Im hoping someone might have some insight

                Hey guys this is my Continental but Im hoping someone might have some insight!

                It's having a low fuel pressure (drops gradually on hard throttle) then losing power issue. Changed plugs, fuel filter, and checked all coil packs. No issue getting pressure to start (39psi with key off). No issues idling, or normal driving (39-40psi)

                Randomly after disconnecting the battery this issue appears to go away for a period of I ran it through all gears (multiple wot) and it maintained pressure, but then the issue returned after say 10 minutes. I don't know what else to check!?

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                  Kishor Sharma shared a link to the group: Ford Taurus Car Club of America.

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                    Kishor Sharma shared a link to the group: Ford Taurus Car Club of America.

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                      The question below is about my pickup but figured you guys might know

                      The question below is about my pickup but figured you guys might know

                      Question about a car battery,

                      Put a new one in my pickup along with a starter about 1 month ago.

                      Last weekend I think I might of left ignition on. Sat for 3 days strait. I Couldn't jump it, It was that dead.

                      Swapped batteries out of my mountaineer it fired up. Put old battery back in and drive my pickup around and it starts fine for 3 days.

                      I let it sit for 24-36 hours and it's totally dead again.

                      So question is this. Is that from the battery or could I have s drainage issue ?

                      Is a current draw hard to test and find? Any thoughts ?

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                        Okay guys if this isn t allowed let me know

                        Okay guys, if this isn't allowed let me know.

                        Does anyone here have experience with cobalts? My gfs ss is having a brake noise.. Brakes MAYBE have 5k miles on them.. The noise only happens while braking below 10-15MPH.. Like earlier I was doing 60 and went to brake but at around 15 it started scratching.. It's not a screach or metal to metal.. It sounds like plastic almost.. Never noticed it until the weather was in the 30s-low 40s.. Which was today. So I'm unsure it it's just the cold.. Anyone ever had similar issues with their bull? If so, what'd you do?

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                          Hello fellow Taurus owners I have a mechanical question and I hope someone can...

                          Hello fellow Taurus owners! I have a mechanical question and I hope someone can either confirm my diagnosis or point me in the right direction.

                          I have a '96 Taurus GL under 150k miles

                          I'm getting a pop/clunk sound when i brake and accelerate and when I'm coasting at slow speeds I feel a grind on the drivers front.

                          I'm thinking CV axle, just trying to confirm before I rip the front end of this car apart. I haven't noticed any popping or clunking when turning the wheels.

                          Let me hear your thoughts!


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                            have a 2002 taurus se 79000 sat for 5 yrs before i got it they lost the keys

                            have a 2002 taurus se 79000 sat for 5 yrs before i got it they lost the keys. cooling fans run constantly gauge read at about half computer read the temp at 280 degrees cold 340 degrees hot replaced both sensors for gauge and fan did not solve the problems a/c is fully charged but dose not work heat works fine.hard starting in moring thinking that is fuel presure regulator it stalls after 1/2 hr of driving pull over an it will resrart this is my 3rd taurus have not found any evidence of hot wiring the fan but can tell where someone has probed the wires not sure where to go from here any ideas an good repair ppl are hard to find

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                              Looking for some insight on a job I m doing for a relative Not a Taurus owner...

                              Looking for some insight on a job I'm doing for a relative. Not a Taurus owner but looking for some help from other owners.

                              I'm going to be doing a head gasket on a 1996 Ford Taurus 3.0 non SHO.

                              Obviously I know you'll need:

                              Head Bolts

                              Gasket Set




                              And small other stuff.

                              Other than just removing the typical stuff like Valve Covers, Intake Mani, Heads is there anything specific other than that that'll need removed? I've done this on a Mk3 Golf and MK2 Jetta that I own/owned but obviously they differ from American manufactured vehicles.

                              Side Note: I'm glad you have push rods in these otherwise I'd have to time it and after owning German Cars for awhile I'd rather not do that. Lol.

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                                Attachment Unavailable


                                Here is my write up on how to add keyless entry to a gen 4. I was not on this page until today. Any questions, message me. Sorry for the way it was put on the picture, it was all my phone would let me do. I can clarify any question you have about the content. It is pretty simple, but I made it look hard because I had to rewire my whole door. I suggest replacing the top half of the harness (look at pictures), it will make it easier. But make sure it has all the connectors you need/have (Keyless entry, the cylinder unlock, and tweeters).

                                All you need is the handle, top half of the harness, 4 (female) mini pins from the bottom half of the harness, 4 pins from the GEM, and then stuff to solder in extensions from the harness to the GEM. First find your code, then go from there. If you have troubles finding it, let me know, I have a lot of info in the comment section of the post.

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                                  Have a 99 Ford Taurus with 113K miles on it Car has been running pretty good...

                                  Have a 99 Ford Taurus with 113K miles on it. Car has been running pretty good lately. Changed oil a few weeks ago, and also installed a locking gas cap on the car. I am now getting a "check engine soon" light on the dash. Took it to Auto Zone and they read a P0411 code. Looked it up on line and one of the problems could be either the secondary air pump or the relay for same - located under the battery. I thought I heard an air pump come on at times when I'd stop the car and run at idle at a stop light - but haven't heard that for a while. Anyone have any specific experience with that code on a 99 Taurus and know how to fix it?

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                                    Okay guys 2 issues

                                    Okay guys, 2 issues.

                                    2002 se vulcan

                                    159k mi

                                    First one:

                                    After getting rear ended on Friday my car is making an aweful smell. I have no idea how to describe it. It's not oil or coolant. It just smells like burning.. Never had this smell before Friday. Is it possible he may have broke or popped something loose? Nothing visual that I can see so I have no idea where to start..

                                    Second issue:

                                    during acceleration my car tends to stutter. Almost boggs down a little and gets jerky. Now this I havent tried to replace or fix anything but Im gonna start with the fuel filter today. Anything else it could possibly be? Only happens when I accelerate. Tcca online says it may be a vss, is that possible? If so where's that located? Shifts smooth. Red tranny fluid with no metal and doesn't smell burnt. Just need to know where to start.

                                    Any other questions just ask. Would just love to get it running normal again!

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                                      Ok so still stumped with my HID problem this is in a 2014 SEL it s a Morimoto...

                                      Ok so still stumped with my HID problem, this is in a 2014 SEL it's a Morimoto 9012 kit. One side stopped working and now both sides have stopped I took it to the HID shop I bought them from and they tested out the whole system and it all still works, no blown fuses to my knowledge, are there other fuses other then what's under the dash for the headlights, I plugged in the stock halogen bulb and it does not work either everything is plugged into the headlight and the rest of the lights work just the headlights are out. I unplugged the battery for the night and still not working. Are you guys with HIDs running the HD relay harness? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                                        Alright guys another Mechanical question to the group So in the last month or...

                                        Alright guys another Mechanical question to the group: So in the last month or so.... I have been noticing a gas like smell in my garage. I didn't know if I was my car or something in my garage. So I couldn't figure out where the smell is coming from. Long story short I went under neath my car followed the gas line to where it feeds into the gas tank. I don't see any leeks and I'm not loosing fuel. But every morning when kept in the garage the smell is amplified. So as of right now I have an air mover underneath my car pushing the vapors out my garage door with the garage door cracked. I'm taking it in tomorrow for a vape test. The fuel filter has not been changed since I have owned the car, since 2009. Have any of you experienced this. I would love to here some positive feedback or some genuine opinions. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE! Thanks.

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                                          Okay everyone I have a 2000 ford turaus flex fuel v6 and I have a rust issue in...

                                          Okay everyone I have a 2000 ford turaus flex fuel v6 and I have a rust issue in the cooling system it's not really bad, no gunk just really orange in color and it smells like it's overheating when it's at temp. I'm going to be flushing it out real soon and I'm wondering what needs to be replaced I know I'm going to replace the reservoir but will it need to replace the thermostat and water pump? It doesn't overheat and I have no problems with the heater so I know the heater core will just need a flush. Also any advise will be appreciated...

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                                            Photos from Marcus Warren's post

                                            Well guys, I traded in the Taurus today. After the 2 out of 3 of the cats had collapsed back when I first bought the car i had noticed a pretty significant loss in power (even after I had the cats fixed). It had gotten so bad that it started cutting off, having a horrible idle, terrible mpg, and a misfire. It was determined that it was very possibly a burnt valve. I took this as my chance to finally get a truck again. The Taurus served me well for the time I had it. Also taught me that the Taurus weren't really bad cars. So I came home with this instead of the Taurus least it's still a Ford. Now here is my question....can I still be in the group??

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                                              So I heard back from the mechanic about my struts I have one of 2 choices and...

                                              So I heard back from the mechanic about my struts. I have one of 2 choices, and I need input.

                                              They can get OEM struts and mounts. Both struts and mounts have a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.

                                              Or Monroe struts and mounts. Struts have a lifetime warranty, mounts have a 12 month.

                                              They're recommending the Monroe's, because of the lifetime warranty on the struts, over the OEMs 12 month.

                                              They were redone last year, and are already garbage. They used KYB struts and mounts last time. Had them replaced 3 times in 2 months due to bad parts! Last time, it lasted a year, now they're junk.

                                              I need opinions and recommendations!

                                              (Photo just for attention)

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                                                Alright looking for some assurance Yesterday I made an 80 mile drive in 96...

                                                Alright looking for some assurance. Yesterday I made an 80 mile drive in 96° weather. 330 k miles on the clock. I came to a hard stop from 90 mph to 0. Once I came to a stop my oil light started flickering and tried to stall out so I pulled over and checked my oil level and it was at a proper level. With no knocking sounds or overheating. I'm using 5w20 full synthetic about 4k into the change, parts house advised replacing the oil pressure sensor so I did and it didn't happen again for the following 20 miles. What would you advise? Upping oil to 5w30 for the heat and leaving it or something else?

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                                                  I managed to save a few things from the 97 well actually just two The full JBL...

                                                  I managed to save a few things from the '97 , well actually just two. The full JBL system including the RCU, subwoofer with the wiring, the rear deck speakers, front door speakers, and tweeter with covers (all are labeled JBL) and the CD player with 3 extra magazines, I also have the rear deck shelf with the subwoofer cutouts . I also have a set of the clear corners, which I find now are hard to get. I'm putting them on eBay, but I was going to give all here a chance first. I'm pricing the corners at 45.00 and the JBL system at 200.00 (seems high, but it's for the FULL SYSTEM) . PM me if you're interested, going on eBay Monday.

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                                                    Photos from Troy Mitchell's post

                                                    Hey guys and gals,

                                                    I have a nice, used set of 20" Niche Milan wheel with Toyo Proxes 4 plus tires (245/45R20). The bolt pattern is 5x4.5 or 5x114.3. They come with brand new black spline drive lug nuts. I'm asking $950. They came off of a 2014 Ford Taurus. If interested please pm me. To buy this set new would cost $1820 plus shipping.

                                                    I'm located in Waukesha, wi



                                                    Tires:< /p>


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                                                      Photos from Olif John Stricklin's post

                                                      Okay guys I truly need your help. Please don't just throw answers at me only answer if you know for sure. Y'all been great just saying but on the EGR valve does it take one gasket or two gaskets ? When you buy the EGR valve it only comes with one gasket. People were telling me it takes two gaskets so I put a gasket on the top which I don't remember taking one off the first time and since then it's run a little rough when your driving.... I've been told 20 different guesses.... the car is a 1999 Ford Taurus double overhead cam V6 s model

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                                                        Guys I have an 02 sable that has developed in my mind some odd electrical...

                                                        Guys I have an 02 sable that has developed (in my mind) some odd electrical issues. It all started with the right headlamp being very dim. Then the left turn signal in the front stayed on. I pulled the bulb from it and the indicator stayed on. I replaced the multi function switch which took care of the turn light issue. Butttt now I have a lot of issues; no power windows or locks, no radio or trunk release and high beam indicator is on all the time but very dim. The blower motor and power mirrors work along with wipers. I have check my grounds on each fender... I'm thinking with so many odd things at once it could be a ground...thoughts? I have checked all fuses as well

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                                                          Jonathan Garay shared a link to the group: Ford Taurus Car Club of America.

                                                          What is a decent Bluetooth OBD-II scanner? The one I got a while back doesn't want to interface with any of my phones.

                                                          I have the torque app (free) on both my phones (work = Note 3, personal = Nexus 6), but it won't work on either of them. I've heard that there is an issue with torque and Pandora, but my work phone doesn't have Pandora. I know that the BT receiver on both my phones work as I can connect to many other BT devices on each phone.

                                                          Thoughts? Should I just say that mine is a dud and get a new one? If I get a new one, which one would be a great alternate?

                                                          This is what I have that doesn't work.

                                                          BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

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                                                            Photos from Jorge Aguirre's post

                                                            So I have a 2013 i jumped on forza 4 and they have the sho 2010 on it and I want to do some graphic design on it and I like this concept very much simple and easy but makes it look mean and aggressive to me...let me know what yal think...oh and on the tuner not that I posted today...there is a glitch in my ecu and sct has to do a custom tune because when I put it in drive it surges real bad so they told me it's due to "the algorithms" per say in layman terms so tomorrow they will be contacting me about it and giving me the custom tune...videos and clips of sound and acceleration will be coming...

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                                                              Alright gang another mechanical question you have seen my car I take very good...

                                                              Alright gang another mechanical question: you have seen my car, I take very good care of it. Any post I put up you know it's the blackest one you have yet to see in person. Yes I like to think I am meticulous about keeping things clean. But one thing I have noticed is when my car is in park, and the FRONT defroster is turned on the car will start rough idling, battery indicator light on the Instrument Cluster will flash ON and OFF at the start of the rough idle, ending result of the car stalling out. If I'm in DRIVE and the FRONT Defroster is on the car runs normal and no rough idle. What do you think it could possibly be? I'm open for positive suggestions.

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                                                                90 of the time my car starts up just fine but the other 10 it starts up but is...

                                                                90% of the time my car starts up just fine but the other 10% it starts up but is hesitant at starting up and stumbles... well this morning it did the exact same thing but backfired on me and keep running.... now let me remind you I'm getting like 83 miles to (HALF) a tank.... and when you start the car that's been sitting awhile it smells like a strong odor of has new spark plugs, spark plug wires, coil pack PCV valve and when is fuel filter, air filter... anybody have any idea what it could be

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                                                                  Thanks for letting me join im the new owner of a pre owend 1999 mercury sable...

                                                                  Thanks for letting me join im the new owner of a pre owend 1999 mercury sable and I recently brought it back to the dealership I bought it from and got a leak fixed and it was running great before I got the leak fixed but when they fixed that leak they messed something up because it is now overheating at high speed like on the highway maybe twenty minutes into a drive or when im going up an on ramp or up an exit ramp and my revs are in the four to five thousend rpm range and once it does overheat if I slow down to thirty and put my cars heater on full blast the temp gauge will start to go down again till it reaches regular operating temp I brought it back to dealer twice and they are stumped so tomorrow morning im bringing it to my mechanic and the dealership is going to pay sence they are the ones who messed it up any way

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                                                                    Just got this 2002 SES the other day has only a little over 42 000 miles on the...

                                                                    Just got this 2002 SES the other day, has only a little over 42,000 miles on the odometer. was elderly owned. I bought it after it had been sitting a few months. I have gotten all the maintenance done: oil change, new tires and wiper blades ( cause they were starting to dry rot). The car drives perfect. I had my friend that used to be a Ford Mechanic look at it because I have been hearing this squeaking almost like a bird chirping coming from under the hood I thought it may have needed a Serpentine belt but he said it was fine but it wasn't making the noise at the time it only seems to make it at idle and after driving over 20-30 minutes before it does it. But it sounds like it's coming from the driver side middle either at where the spark plug goes into the engine or in between there and where the air filter hose goes into the engine (like below the wires in between the spark plug and the air filter hose - below the wires between the two. Of anyone has had anything similar or possibly know what I am talking about or could have any positive input I would appreciate it. This is the only problem with this car. He did say it looked like the engine jumped a lot but he didn't know if that was normal or not because when he drove it and when I drive it you can not feel any jump from the inside you can only see it outside looking at the engine being put in gear with the hood up. But the top left engine mount was fine and since he had a broke rib at the time he couldn't get up under it but he said he thinks that was normal since you can't feel it from the inside. But if you know what that chirping sound could be please let me know something be surely appreciated and sorry to ramble!!!

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                                                                      Unless someone wants it this 1996 Rose Mist Sable LS 186 000 miles is going to...

                                                                      Unless someone wants it, this 1996 Rose Mist Sable LS/186,000 miles, is going to the junk yard. Matching interior rose mist color as well.

                                                                      I acquired it almost a year ago and it's had everything from valve cover gaskets, two new head gaskets, spark plugs, spark plug wires, vacuum lines, etc replaced. One day it wouldn't start. Assumed it was the fuel pump, turns out the three front cylinders only have 40ps of pressure. It did this suddenly, so it could be bad valve stem seals. Unsure. Strong transmission, all it needs is an engine. Clean Oregon title. No reasonable offer will be refused. So if anyone wants it, let me know, or this is one less rose mist Taurus on the road.

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                                                                        Maybe my fellow Taurus owners can help me I just bought a beautiful 2004...

                                                                        Maybe my fellow Taurus owners can help me. I just bought a beautiful 2004 Taurus 2 days ago. It ran perfectly for the first day and a half. Then yesterday at a stop light the RPM wouldn't go past 1500 and wouldn't exceed over 15MPH. Managed to get it over to the auto part store where I took a computer to it. The computer said I needed a TPS sensor. Replaced that.... Nothing changed. it's getting extremely hot and almost smells like it's burning oil and gas. People keep telling me it's the catalytic converter being plugged which might explain it but there is still plenty of exhaust for me to determine if it is. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem and if it's fixable.

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                                                                          Photos from Jamie Belcourt's post

                                                                          $800 - Runs and Drives - New Parts Included

                                                                          Orlando, FL

                                                                          Got a really killer deal on a low mileage Continental so selling my wife's 2000 Taurus (Duratec). I'll be posting it on Craigslist in a week or so once I get the title in the mail but I figured I'd post here first in case anyone is interested.

                                                                          214,700 miles (took that picture when I parked it this morning where it'll sit until it sells). Drives strong, transmission shifts good, new MOTORCRAFT fuel pump & fuel filter, new alternator (not remanufactured), new battery, new Goodyear Gatorback belt, new BWD idle air control valve, new intake gasket, new PCV valve.

                                                                          Ac is not working. I THINK it needs a recharge but not sure. It worked when we got it a year ago but slowly got warm. It's been cool outside so I didn't bother checking into it yet, was planning to just rebuild the whole system. Needs brakes done (included), needs rear hub (two included), needs O2 sensor (check engine light on for O2), may need a new fan soon (works fine, no over heating at all but makes noise sometimes like the fan motor is getting weak).

                                                                          Was intending to fix what was wrong with it and keep it (hence the $300 in new parts sitting in my apartment) but the deal on the Continental I just couldn't pass up.

                                                                          Parts will be included with the car are complete brake kit (front rotors and pads and rear drums, shoes and spring kit) and two complete rear hubs from Detroit Axle. Just over $300 worth of parts.

                                                                          Let me know if you're interested.

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                                                                            So I have a question on my 04 I ve noticed that when somebody sits in the back...

                                                                            So, I have a question on my '04..I've noticed that when somebody sits in the back seat, no matter the size (with the exception of a 2 year old) that the rear springs sag..i've seen several other Taurus's around this year model do this normal, or is there a way to fix it? I was thinking about putting stiffer springs in the rear, but I am also sceptical on that...also what is the best company to buy touch up paint from. I have merlot clearcoat metallic and I have a few small scratches I'd like to get rid of..

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                                                                              Question everyone Just would like to to know I have own my Taurus since 2009...

                                                                              Question everyone, Just would like to to know, I have own my Taurus since 2009 its driving great and going strong! Now this was originally my grandmothers car, but she passed away in 2010. So I was doing some browsing in my Chilton's Manuel and I was reading on the fuel filter. nothing is wrong and its driving great. Just would like to know how often do you change it. Also I don't know when the last time it was changed. Ever since I have owned the car it has never been changed. Positive feed back please NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS. Mind your manners. Thanks

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                                                                                okay guys I need some help here I I drove my car bout 50 miles one way today...

                                                                                okay guys I need some help here. I I drove my car bout 50 miles one way today on the highway car did fine and great. I go to head home same 50 miles back so 100 miles round trip, but on my way home my Trans light came on. I've not had no trans issues at all it felt prefect since I've owned the car. I get home check the dip stick level seemed okay. dnt see no leaks or nothing from what I could tell I come out to my car after bout an hour or so and fine this fucking shit. I dnt see no metal or anything like that in the fluid so am I looking at something small here or a whole new trans?

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                                                                                  Does anyone know the production figures for 2005 Sable Wagons And what colors...

                                                                                  Does anyone know the production figures for 2005 Sable Wagons? And what colors were available? I know the production window was very short. Would be cool if someone could dig up a brochure. I'm particularly curious how many wagons, if any, were made in Windveil blue. I'm thinking it's one of the rarer option combinations that were possible in the history of the Taurus. I've certainly never seen one. 04-05 Wagons are rare enough to see in ANY color. I'm asking because I saw a gold one today and it got me thinking, lol. The encyclopedia let me down. Josh Schmitt?

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                                                                                    Love the group guys

                                                                                    Love the group guys!

                                                                                    Have some questions for my 2003 Ford Taurus SES at 160k miles. I just got transmission oil and filter changed. Any concerns I should have with this car? I'm one of those guys that doesn't have much car work experience but I love this vehicle and since I have a disabled loved one in my life, I want to do my best to have a good working car.

                                                                                    Any commong engine issues I should be on the look out for?

                                                                                    I bought 4 used tires this month. Should I get wheel alignment done even if the car doesn't drive bad (wiggly, as some would say)?

                                                                                    How often should I do oil change? Its my daily driver but I live close to work.

                                                                                    I have one minor bend in my car rim but its just cosmetic. Any good places to find a rim online...ebay probably?

                                                                                    Thanks guys! Any help is appreciated. :-)

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                                                                                      Question so I just had this new kick ass radio installed by an audio place here...

                                                                                      Question, so I just had this new kick ass radio installed by an audio place here in Royal Oak Michigan. Very happy with it, no complaints! But here is the catch, so I am now experiencing no heat when I turn on the car. I let it run for 15 minutes and it's blowing cold air. I did last year have a new thermostat and heater core done. So my concern is is there a connection in the back of the Basel for the Heat ? I am assuming maybe they for got to plug something back in? What are your thoughts. Please no negative comments. Positive feedback only !!

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                                                                                        PLEASE someone tell me you know what this issue is I m BEYOND wits end with my...

                                                                                        PLEASE someone tell me you know what this issue is. I'm BEYOND wits end with my wife's car here.

                                                                                        I can pull all four of those relays out and it still clicks. Something is tripping inside the fuse panel or something there. The sound is definitely coming from the box there, somewhere.

                                                                                        ABS light comes on, Airbag light comes on, transmission starts shifting hard, lights inside turn off.

                                                                                        Any idea? I can't pinpoint it.

                                                                                        (Ps Accessory Delay Relay feels hot, the rest don't but pulling out doesn't stop the issue and the box still clicks when I give it has)

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                                                                                          Photos from Nick Stamper's post

                                                                                          Hey guys, new guy here thought id introduce myself. I have nothing special just here for good info which there seems to be a lot of. Anyways this is my latest score. Got this 06 a couple weeks ago for 250 dollars. It was pretty rough (dirty) and the vulcan had spun the rod bearings and seized up at 150k miles. I bought it simply as a parts car as my 04 vulcan had a stuck egr valve and melted the upper intake. Then got lucky and found an 05 vulcan motor at a local scrapyard with only 75k for 250 and swapped it in last weekend. Spent this afternoon cleaning it up and im pretty happy with the end result of my total $500 car.

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                                                                                            Hi guys New to the group Trying to help a friend of mine track down his...

                                                                                            Hi guys. New to the group. Trying to help a friend of mine track down his problem. 1992 LX with 3.8 (123K miles). Car is loosing coolant and the inside of the rad is NASTY. Since it's the 3.8 I'm kind of assuming it needs head gaskets (they were previously replaced around 60K I believe). It doesn't overheat, no smoke from tail pipe, and the oil is clean. What the best way to determine head gasket or (hopefully) the raditor is letting the trans fluid into the coolant side. I believe the rad is original to the car. Thanks in advance.

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                                                                                              I m stumped and I m hoping you guys can help me

                                                                                              I'm stumped and I'm hoping you guys can help me.

                                                                                              My wife's '00 Taurus (DOHC) dash will randomly light up like a Christmas tree (ABS light, Airbag and battery). The RPMs will fluctuate down almost like it wants to stall but it's never almost died, they just drop and then will surge back up. In my experience, that's clearly a battery and/or alternator issue.

                                                                                              I had her take it to Advanced AND AutoZone to be scanned. Both said battery was shot, too low to read. It was a new battery from AutoZone (less then a few months old) so they swapped it for her. Tested again, battery and alternator tested good. Problem solved! Or so I thought....

                                                                                              It happened again. It seems to happen after bumps or taking a hard turn. So, I was thinking loose wire grounding out somewhere. I just had the car running and her sitting inside. I was shaking wiring everywhere from battery to alternator, etc. Can't get it to replicate and I see no frayed or loose wiring anywhere.

                                                                                              Am I missing something? Is there a module or relay that may cause this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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                                                                                                Photos from Josh Schmitt's post

                                                                                                New information on the Gen 7 Taurus from Ford's Chinese website!

                                                                                                Converted weight ranges from 3847lbs to 4133lbs. Current curb weight of the Gen 6 ranges from 4035lbs-4341lbs.

                                                                                                Engine choices for China are the 2.0L EcoBoost I4 putting out a converted 241HP and 250LBFT TQ, and the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 putting out 325HP and 350LBFT TQ.

                                                                                                Wheel/Tire sizes will range from 235/55/17 to 235/50/18 to 245/45/19.

                                                                                                Obviously this information is for the Chinese Taurus and will probably be different from the 2017 Taurus expected to come to North America.

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