Ok need help I m putting these on my truck and yes I now I get more power out...

Ok need help, I'm putting these on my truck, and yes I now I get more power out of long tubes then shorty, so don't lecture me I really liked these and I am fixing an exhaust leak by replacing them. Anyways my question is the fucking EGR tube has a crack in it, I guess from the other person before me when they took it off and messed it up, so it's junk. I have the EGR delete kit but can't find shit on or how to redo the vaccum lines. Also I know it's going to throw a check engine light but other than that will it fuck up anything with me driving it, until I get a new tunes in a few months? Thanks

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Photos from Sarah Michelle Bordelon's post

Well Squirrels got a kiss to the ass yesterday.

I was sitting at a complete stop with my blinker on to turn into a gas station, I was at a complete stop BC the first drive was blocked and there was a vehicle coming towards me, well this jackass in a dodge cummings with a cattle bumper and huge ass shackle smashed my ass end and pushed me into the parking lot I was trying to get into. He hit us so hard it opened the sunroof and wrapped a cross that was hanging from the rear view mirror around the mirror. Funny thing is he swore my blinker wasn't on and my brake lights didn't work, as soon as the cop asked me to turn the truck on so he could check my FUCKING BLINKER was still on and my brake lights were working!! Thankfully I have a super husband ( Lance Michael Bordelon) who is very understanding and is helping me with the kids since I'm pretty beat up and bruised. I'm beyond pissed BC I had our 1 year old son with me and a friend with us.

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    Photos from Brian Laul's post

    So unfortunately the day has come that the L has been rear ended by a old person in a Buick...... Nothing major. Bumper damage bumper nicked the side skirt and bed with no major damage. Bed side should be 100% salvageable but noticed some cracking in the paint in both sides of the upper portions of the bed assuming its cause its fiberglass. Most likely going to be putting in a diminished value claim. What would you guys say the trucks worth and whats it worth to you guys now that its been rear ended? 2001 130k interior is 9/10 paints 8/10 stock other than bassanis headers to the tips. Junk HD wheels. Just want to know what i should be asking for once i put the claim in.

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      Robert Saienni shared a link to the group: Ford SVT Lightning/Harley Davidson Owners Group. — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

      Frustrated with so many exhaust options... Wanted to buy headers and mid pipes to install in front of my existing Bassani cat-back. Ebay has China trash that I'm afraid to deal with due to proper alignment and quality weld issues. Was gonna go with kits that include resonators, but would like to remain completely legal in all 50 states, but not too concerned about California since I'm in Florida. Can I beat this match-up anywhere? Not so much price, although it would be nice,but proper fitment without cutting and welding is a MUST:

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        So I put two new front rotors and pads on the truck today everything went fine... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

        So I put two new front rotors and pads on the truck today, everything went fine, and on the way home and now every time I drive I got the abs light on and no abs. If I push the brake hard enough you can feel it push through the brakes. I'm thinking maybe I either got brake fluid on one of the sensors on the spindles or damaged one without realizing it, what do y'all think? Any ideas or things I should start with? Figured I get some input while I run up to the store and get a nice big jack. Been borrowing my shops for forever and it's time I get my own, lol

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          Photos from Joseph Jones's post — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

          Dont forget that WMS is the only one offering truly plug and play fuel systems. We tailor your fuel system around your needs and all the lines come terminated with the correct fittings along with the rails and regulator which are also fitted with the right fittings. We have taken the guess work out of putting your own system together. We can build one to handle pretty much any power level and fuel that you desire. One of our newest systems is being assembled in the pictures below for E85 using Earls PTFE lines hose and the Earls fittings needed for this hose. Once assembled the system is easily installed. Just wire up your fuel hat (optional controller pictured), mount your rails and your regulator, run the lines and your done. We hand build these systems in house for your specific needs to give us a call at 410-552-1074 and check out www.woodbinemotorsports.com for your needs.

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            May be a dumb question but I ll ask anyways Who here runs without the lower... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

            May be a dumb question but I'll ask anyways. Who here runs without the lower valence/grille? I was thinking about taking mine off for a bit to show off the new afco h/e, plus I really like the look of being able to see a nice looking front mount-h/e, but I'm undecided. My friend says no cause it'll leave it more open to rock damage and debris, but I don't see the stock grille blocking much of that anyways. But I just wanted a general census to maybe help sway me one way or another. Plus I'm sure some answers will be entertaining.

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              Photos from Chris Conrad's post — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

              It's time for the yearly console raffle.

              For those of you that know paul hoffman,know he's going thru a though time in life right now..paul is disabled..and his medical bills keep piling up.

              Tickets are $5.00 each,and you can get as many as you'd like.100% of the proceeds will go straight to paul. The raffle will end Wednesday feb 1 2017 at 3:00pm the drawing will be at 4:00pm

              Up for raffle is a grey/black wide top console with some Joel Charles carbon fiber cup holder bezels. Console comes with everything needed to install.our community isn't big,but we are strong,and always stick together!

              To purchase tickets send to this PayPal **DO NOT MENTION RAFFLE ANYWHERE IN PAYPAL NOTES*** I ask that you simply say paul in the notes if you leave one. It is against PayPal policy to do raffles.

              The PayPal is

              The12fast4u@yahoo.com please send as a gift thanks

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              Gen 1 truck 93 year model — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

              Gen 1 truck 93 year model.

              Where is the best place to buy door mouldings? It's been pouring the last few days and my carpet is wet at the bottom of the door only about an inch into the cab. Not sure if it's rear window leaking or cargo light or door seals. I had the rear window issue on my ranger and it soaked the whole back wall I'm not seeing any of that.

              But I have looked around at lmc and LMR and bronco graveyard as well as summit. I see mixed reviews on like every one of them. What's the best brand and are there any complete kits? I noticed some water inside my doors when I changed my speakers so I want to do the vent window seals and the main glass seals (not sure of official name of them).

              Any help or pointing towards a write up somewhere is appreciated. Thanks.

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                thinking of selling everything. 2 low mile trucks onr of them has the motor out — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                thinking of selling everything. 2 low mile trucks, onr of them has the motor out. brand new gt motor custome head work, cams and pistons. billet rods. 2 6466 turbos, a1 built trans. a th400 buikt to take 2khp stick bore navi motor, 11k miles, pulled for piston slap. still made 600 at 16psi. shelves and shelves of parts. pulleys belts whipple 2.3 with heavy duty snout. intake parts valve covers, all kinds of stuff. just kinda floating it.

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                  Ok so originally I was having a problem with a misfire on cylinder 7 so i... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                  Ok so, originally I was having a problem with a misfire on cylinder 7, so i replaced all the spark plugs, brand new motorcraft COP's, and also cleaned the intercooler and supercharger, plugged the turkey pan and did a driver side separator. Upon first start up it started misfiring cylinder 7 yet again, went away after messing with the cop plug, drove it some more did it again, fixed it again with the cop plug being moved around and pushed back on. Anybody know where to get those plugs brand new?? Usually get stuff like that on rock auto and they dont have em.

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                    I can officially say after 6 months of prototyping and tooling I can finally... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                    I can officially say after 6 months of prototyping and tooling. I can finally say I feel confident in rebuilding rotors packs after 5 years of trying to come up with a way to hold it in place and not be .001 on it being perfect. After $3000 in tooling costs per unit. Gen 1 tvs to all m62-m122 can all be clocked and set in place. Going to be offering this for a really good price because we where able to find a way to make tooling affordable if it was damaged. Needless to say I feel good but at the same time very very nervous. As it's a big step for me and also risking my name again every time a blower leaves this shop. Here was our first run on the m112 series rotor pack. We used a lightning housing with brand new refinished rotors we did. Now I have to find a way to minimize scratching the rotors and I'm thinking anodizing the tools will help with that. Anyways here is our first run. Thanks for the support over the years guys. Have a safe and merry Christmas and bring in the new year safely.

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                      I have an issue Not sure if it s tuning or the truck Figured I would get ya... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                      I have an issue. Not sure if it's tuning or the truck. Figured I would get ya'lls opinions before I bother jj with my ignorance. When my truck down shifts in traffic, it acts as though it bouncing on the Rev limiter. Tack reads approximately 4500 when it does that. If I hard pull off the line, I have no issues going past 4500. 02 hd recently p/p midplate to tb. Had it tuned for the p/p by jj. But I had this problem before hand but wasn't as bad.

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                        Photos from Joey Hergatt's post — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                        Another person vouching for how disgusting my intercooler is... I got two concerns though, first the steel intercooler lines on the side of the supercharger were stuffed full of just shit seen in that picture. But yet my IC tank didn't appear to have anything nasty flowing through it but the flow was fairly weak. And also all those flakes on the IC appear to be my rotor coating. How crucial is it that i get that done and what are opinions on running rotors uncoated.

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                          Bought my truck little over a week ago 7 000 has 205 000 miles but I have put... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                          Bought my truck little over a week ago $7,000 has 205,000 miles but I have put about 1000 on it great truck has the smallest pulley you can get for supercharger and some cheap cold air kit but has bassani equal length headers with a bassani y pipe but looks like it has a stock muffler that has been replaced sounds great I'm curious how loud it would be if I put dual 2 chamber flowmasters on it it sounds pretty good as it is so I'm kinda neutral on it

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                            Photos from Leroy Chauvin III's post — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                            Ok guys I said I'd post an update once I received my RockTip back.

                            It came back I'm the mail Friday afternoon just haven't had the opportunity to post up. So as you all know the welding of the last batch of tips was contracted out 3rd party. There are some who's have cracked and others may not have. I spoke to Rock on LR and over the phone and he asked that I mail it back for him to repair the tip.

                            I know some of you would say why not have him send a replacement to me first? Well mine had a custom brushed finish on the tip that was really too deep to be sanded back out and smoothed or polished. That's my opinion I'm not an engineer just giving my thoughts on it.

                            So anyway on to the point of the post. The tip is now welded solid save for a spot on each inlet in between each other, my guess is that the torch of the welding machine would not fit. However it's at least 85% welded and I'm comfortable enough to say it shouldn't come loose from vibration or even hitting something on the road.

                            Before sending it back out the brushed finished was touched up to my liking and yes there is some bluing on the edge of the tip. Rice or not I like that. It's a reminder of the first exhaust system I had on my first car 13 or so years ago.

                            While I did have to cut it off, im going to weld it back on myself. So there will be no additional cost of labor to me.

                            Rock has done exactly what he said he would do, has apologized for the trouble more times than I could count, he took care of shipping, and I'm very happy with the end product.

                            #RockTip #Lightning #RiceRiceBaby

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                              OK I guess I need to do this more openly ANY MHP street truck that wants to... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                              OK I guess I need to do this more openly. ANY MHP street truck that wants to come to TX and grab a lane next to me bring it. Hell bring your big blower RACE TRUCKS! Here are the rules. ANY registered and Inspected street truck on any tire built by Mustang Manny . And no we are not talking any money until we are handing it to a neutral party. $1 or $50k don't matter grab a lane. Flip for lane choice. Heads up Pro tree like a big boy. You want a street race turn on discovery Channel. If your not scared bring it. If you want to be bold I'll give you this right now. 50 mile cruise, unleaded fuel, no laptop, no handheld tuner, no popping hood, no touching truck no cool down. Cruise then pull to the lanes and you can have 3 trucks head start.

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                                Chris Garrett let me start off by saying what a asshole Iam and apologize for... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                Chris Garrett let me start off by saying what a asshole Iam and apologize for not purchasing one of your transmissions for my 2000 Lightning. I bought a ford factory built one with a 3 year/36000 mile warranty for 2,200 from my local dealer and installed it with my friend at the shop he works at. So far I haven't made it 10k miles without a issue. Got the trans in and it shifted hard between first-second. Then it had a solenoid issue so it went back cause the o/d light was blinking and it was shifting and running horribly. Then about a month ago it would make a squealing noise when shifting into drive after backing out of my drive way the noise went away and last night it came back. Today I was driving it and it bumped and went into 1st gear and I had to milk it home luckily I was 2 streets away from home. Now I only have first gear and nothing else it won't back up it won't do much of anything. Fucking damn ford can't build a trans. At least it has a warranty and it won't cost me anything. But it's still a pain being without my daily. Lol

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                                  I need some help guys on some input I really like to have a lighting it s been... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                  I need some help guys on some input I really like to have a lighting it's been kinda one of my dream trucks for awhile but at the same time I was talking to someone last night and ask why I've not consider getting a H/D truck for more room and nice interior. What everyone perks up and down between the 2 it'll mostly be daily while my coyote build is being done and also will be hauling a car from time to time.

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                                    Google is giving me mixed reviews I guy that s done it says I need the 97... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                    Google is giving me mixed reviews. I guy that's done it says I need the 97 smooth surround for the back glass so I can paint to match. Is regular cab and extended cab the same? From what I see, 97 and 98 is different from 99+. I'm ready to pull one at the yard but need to know where I can get it from. There are a couple 97 and 98 trucks here but they are extended cab. Will this work?

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                                      02 lightning. Have had theft light issues before. But now the truck wont start — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                      02 lightning. Have had theft light issues before. But now the truck wont start. I dont hear the fuel pump turn on when key turned. I can by pass fuel pump for it to pump but it still wont start. Also have issues with windows,radio and instrument cluster gauges not working. Radio and windows work when key is on acc but not when the key is on the on position. Ive replaced ignition switch and the GEM module and have had no changes. The dash gauges will come on then shut right back off. Been doing this for months now and about to give up! Need HELP

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                                        PFA — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum


                                        I noticed the wheels I picked up to use as spares appear to have the holes for 12mm stud. Possibly they were on a 99 truck. My 00 has 14mm studs.

                                        The bolt circle is the same correct? So I can put the wheels in a mill pick up the 12mm hole and redrill for 14mm hole so theyll fit my truck correct?

                                        I have searched but only come up with redrilling gen 2 wheels to fit a gen 1 truck.


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                                          Looking for a deal on Long tube headers and midpipe eBay has a set of OBX 1 3 4... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                          Looking for a deal on Long tube headers and midpipe, eBay has a set of OBX 1 3/4 with cats (prefer something without cats) for $550 shipped, I don't think I'll be able to find anything cheaper but figured someone on here might know of something good or if I should stay away from OBX, it seems as though they're out of production now

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                                            First off I d like to say happy thanksgiving to everybody secondly I just seen... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                            First off, I'd like to say happy thanksgiving to everybody, secondly, I just seen a few things on a 2.3 tvs swap on our L's (yeah I know I'm late by 3 years). I noticed Tyler Garlock was the guy that put it together, I'm sure there's many more, but what does it take to do the swap? Just a customs adapter plate? Would it be worth the hassle over a proven kit like the whipple?

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                                              Photos from Juan Cazares's post — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                              Hi guys, I have an 03 HD, will like to start a built motor and transmission, asking for any input on the right direction, currently have full bolt ons with stock fuel system and stock supercharger, was able to get 445whp/545wtq with a SCT Livewire safe custom tune on 93 pump gas. Right now truck is running good and strong with no issues but I understand will be better idea to have a built block on it, the current block have over 158k miles on it. I will like to have a safe built block with all the additions need it and use stock supercharger and plenum which probably will have "Jokerz Performance" ported out for me, I really want a sleeper appearance but leave people surprised if I get on it which currently does(Lol) !!! I seen that LFP offer 2 options of built blocks, don't know at this point what will be better option... any input/info/advice will be really appreciated, thanks in advance !!!!

                                              - Current Bolt ons:

                                              COMP CAMS Stage II, springs and retainers.

                                              Brand new Bosch Intercooler pump. Motoblue long tube headers, Motoblue mid pipes and full Magnaflow cat back exhaust. No cats with MIL eliminators. NGK TR6 spark plugs gapped @ 32. Brand new spark plugs boots, Fluidyne Heat exchanger, AEM CAI, Accufab Single blade throttle body, boost by pass, EGR still on it with a new valve and pipe cleaned up, stock Eaton supercharger and plenum. AEM Boost-Air/fuel and AEM Oil pressure gauges. Thanks again.....

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                                                I have a new motor that I just installed in my Lightning with stage 3port and... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                                I have a new motor that I just installed in my Lightning with stage 3port and cams, upgraded my pumps and injectors to 78 lbers and it was running rich around 10:1 while on boost so I put 1997 fuel rails a new regulator and gauge on it and its still the same running rich while boosting, my tuner said he took out enough fuel where if he leans it out more it would be dangerous.. any suggestions on what to try until I can reach him again on Monday??

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                                                  Slightly off topic here I know quite a few of us have rc cars trucks For... — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                                  Slightly off topic here.. I know quite a few of us have rc cars/trucks. For those who don't know tamiya made a lightning several ears back but has been discontinued. I've talked to a guy that can have them made but would need 50 orders. I doubt I can get that many people on board but figured it's worth a shot. Price will be around 55 bucks plus shipping. Will come with led buckets for lights and decals. Joshua Shealy Scott Burlette Jeremy Glaze John Wurmb Joshua Faciane Josh Sayers

                                                  Edited: this is just just a body. You will need a 1/10 scale onroad/drift car chassis. Body comes clear and requires paint. Body mount holes have to be cut and depending on your model you may have to change the body mount posts. Most are adjustable tho.

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                                                    Photos from Aaron Trimm's post — Ford SVT Lightning Harley Davidson Owners Forum

                                                    I would like to update y'all on the hydroboost swap rod predicament.

                                                    Recently I had a fellow lightning owner contact me about getting a rod together even if it was an expensive venture.

                                                    Contacted Tallon Hydraulics and we got a suitable replacement I'm happy with. No fear of snapping anything or limited thread engagement.

                                                    Pictured is a 6" rod and standard eyelet.

                                                    This one is clearly too long but tallon has a 5" that will fit like a gosh darn glove I'm hoping.

                                                    This rod shouldn't cost much more than the last batch I did, if any.

                                                    Keep an eye out for the next batch of hydroboost kits. May happen sooner than later.

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