Advice please as always it s this v6 mk3 misfire splutter doesn t always give...

Advice please,, as always it's this v6 mk3 misfire/splutter doesn't always give an eml but when it does gives code for misfire cylinder 3, me and Alan Thor Coutts have changed plugs and today changed all 6 injectors, changed coil pack for a used one (which was worse, alot worse with same misfire) put old coil back with new HT leads idles great drives great until u want power then it hesitates kangaroos, have to take foot off the go pedal then force foot down to get anywhere (intermittent with no eml or codes) thinking try another coil pack... BUT am I missing something could it be something else maybe fuel pump, fuel filter??

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Help. I m losing Boost

Help....I'm losing Boost?

Hey Guys,

Well, the boost pressure issue seems to be getting worse, before I had around 15psi Boost, I know not the normal 22psi or over-boost of 26psi.

Well on the way home I'd thought I'd give it a blast on the dually, a bit more black smoke than usual but my maximum boost was reading 8.6psi? :(

So something is getting worse, but what I'm not sure? :nope:

Brand new Turbo, Manifold and Electronic Actuator last year, I've upgraded some of the Silicon hoses and at the weekend I cleaned the EGR Valve which was a little bit dirty, nothing major though.

So what on earth is going on?

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    Today I decided to put 2 badges on the boot of my estate 1 being v6 and the...

    Today I decided to put 2 badges on the boot of my estate 1 being v6 and the other being 24v which is exactly what my estate is! I was driving back from the school run when a vectra came up behind me tin opener close so gave a flash of my brake lights and backed off down to around 20mph, they then came round offside to overtake but they sat along side me laughing. I floored my estate and left them for dust (nearly hit a curb) on a bend too busy laughing in my rear view.. They then eventually came strolling past my street I stood at my car pointing and laughing... Bastards didn't look to see me ffs

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      Photos from Ash Reading's post

      Escort gti update

      Finally the fuel tank is now reinstalled and all bolted up and filler neck, front to back brake pipes renewed, rear disk conversion mounted and every thing clears and not catching anything, just need to wire in abs sensor on passanger side, fit new hand brake cables and the last thing I'll fit is disk and pads and there in the boot and that's all the rear end done minus bleeding,

      I've recently purchased nother set off wheels for the car and can't decide if they suit it but I'll get one on when the car is fully ready to go back on the floor and new suspension going on

      Need to order a new exhaust and get that fitted but now I'm please how the rear has come along now to get the front end all mocked up new brakes and give the old girl a service as I've found shes 19years old

      Will keep you all Update to how I'm doing

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        Please copy and share to as many Ford Groups as you can together we can make a...

        Please copy and share to as many Ford Groups as you can, together we can make a stand.

        *Announcement to All Ford Owners* - There are so many sticker businesses that are being told they cannot make the gel overlays as it is using the Ford Trade marks, but will not give anyone permission or a license to make the VERY popular gel that goes over the badges to customise your vehicle to the colours you want. Ford do not make or supply these either, so you are being made to either buy a whole new badge (not that many colours available) or stick to what you have been told to have on your car. I have recently been reported by a lovely individual for making these and so have now been banned from doing so, I continue to seek permission, although applying each week have had no luck.

        So I have come up with a New Design DORF - this is for those individuals that DO NOT want to conform or do not want to be told what they can or cannot have on their vehicles, it is as bad as the government.

        With DORF gels you can have ANY colour combination you want and anyone ordering these within the next 2weeks can get a set of 3 for just £10.00, but I will want LOTS of pictures to plaster all over the internet.

        Make a stand and let us together show FORD we will not be told what to do or what we can have on OUR VEHICLES.

        Private message me to order. OFFER ENDS: 9th March 2017

        Please contact Debbie Morgan

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          Morning all fellow ford ppl quick question I have a mk3 with this heater...

          Morning all fellow ford ppl, quick question I have a mk3 with this heater control. I have noticed something quite odd and hope someone else has experienced it, my blowers and controls work as they should however I only get hot air on highest temp and only get cooler air on the lowest temp setting, all temps in between low and high is the same temp depending on what temp was last.. As in if I had the temp on high it will stay blowing hot air until I select lowest and will stay blowing cold till I select hot lol

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            Photos from Steven Miller's post

            Anyone after a very nice project mk2. NEEDS NO WELDING!!!! Only 111k 2.0 black top glx with both Aircon and electric sunroof (both working). Basically it's mechanically superb and I would easily jump in and drive anywhere in it. The reason I say project is I had a small argument with a post and lost so would need both drivers side doors and the rear quarter straightening and painting. Could make an excellent project for someone. Also have st24 (right exit) rsap back bumper and skirts in medium steel blue to match the car. Also have a rear section stainless exhaust to suit zetec to right hand exit.

            If I had the room and money I'd do this up, spray it satin black and do plenty to free the power out. It has disc rear brakes as well as traction control.

            Other than drivers side rear damage bumper is taped and wing mirrors and grill are stardust silver after swapping pink bits to the missus zetec s. Rear lights are standard not the tinted ones as are headlights.

            Had full service with quality parts.

            Only selling as can't afford to run both hers and my 2.0 mk2 s and decided to give dirty diesel another try.

            Open to offers and I know you won't be disappointed.

            I'll be sad to see her go but hopefully someone has the same vision as me and doesn't just see her as a donor or banger racer

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              Question mk3 estate 02 2 5 v6 had a dead battery after sitting a while put new...

              Question mk3 estate 02, 2.5 v6 had a dead battery after sitting a while put new battery on it and it won't start fuel pump not kicking in I've got power to the relay and have replaced the relay with working one, I have tried the fuel cut off but button hasn't activated and can't be pressed in there's no power to fuel cut off and no power to the pump,, immobiliser light goes off so it can't be that.. Anyone have anyideas, tried to put direct power to the pump but can't figure out which wire is which, fuel gauge works fine

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                Bit of bad news guys

                Bit of bad news guys -

                I had a smash in a works van on Monday, hit at about 40mph by a drunk driver whilst I was stationary. Luckily I was in a van cause I don't think I'd have been so lucky if I was in a car.

                Anyway, I've got a suspected fracture so I'm in a cast and unable to drive. Any meets or events that are on in the next few weeks are a no go. I'll be on the page as admin where I can along with Rich Trevett, Steve Burrow and Dan Daniel Whitehead.

                I cannot go into detail or post pictures of the incident on social media until claims/court visits if need be have been settled.

                Hopefully I'll be better sooner rather than later but the suspected fracture in my hand is a hard one to heal so time will tell.

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                  Photos from Rich Trevett's post

                  **stickers** anyone wanting stickers let me know please, stickers about ready to be posted to us so any extras speak now, prices £11.50 for 2 of each style delivered, £7 for 2 x logo or £5 for 2x text only...

                  We also have windscreen edge size approx 23" long.. price £5 each or £4.50 if purchased with other stickers.

                  We are going to have a discount for a complete set of stickers too. 2x text, 2x logo and 1 windscreen £15 posted.

                  Payments to as friends and family or add on 50p if you want to pay goods

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                    So as some of you know I ve been having slight issues with the xtrons ford...

                    So, as some of you know I've been having slight issues with the xtrons ford specific head unit. The first one stopped working, got sent a replacement and that has issues aswel. After a week of research on various forums I've found that the canbus adaptor which works various features has stopped working. The only part of the unit that wasn't replaced first time round.

                    So, I get another canbus unit sent to me, asking them to make sure they send me the Ford specific canbus unit as each one has unique wiring etc. I get the new canbus unit today and it's for a fucking audi tt! Completely different plug size, different serial numbers etc. Absolutely fuming. So, now when I've been paid I'm going to buy the next version up from a different seller and send this one back as they clearly have no idea what the hell they are doing. I don't understand how hard it is to read clear instructions and look at what unit I actually bought in the first place!!

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                      Photos from Jay James-Gary Smith's post


                      £120 each (£20 to post) or £220 for the pair collected. No subs included.

                      Cut out for 10" but i can cut them out for 12"

                      The estate stealth box is £150 or £210 with the sub (collection only on this one)

                      Located in upton Wf9

                      Due to lack of interest, i doubt i will be making any more. Those who have already enquired i will try to accommodate you when i can. But for any new designs i will need a minimum of 3 orders per box.

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                        Photos from Shane L Pettingill's post

                        Well after Rich and Gordon having fun with the Android units I thought I'd give mine another go.

                        I've still got to cut the cradle behind as it sits quite a way back but for now it's looking a lot better and it's properly locked in place.

                        I'm still undecided on what to do but for now I'll go with it and like Gordon I've still got to hook up the DAB+, DVB-T, AMP, Sub Box and Reversing Camera, if not maybe I wouldn't have bought it, C'est le vie.

                        It's not the best unit out there but it just about works when it wants to.

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                        Ben Adam Sparham shared Official Totally Modified Manchester's event to the group: Ford Society.

                        Just to let u all no we will be back with our Wednesday Weeklys meets at sale waterpark metrolink carpark M33 2LX

                        Hope 2 see u all there on 11th January

                        We will possbly have a few of our stalls there

                        Kelly Hulbert ( sweets and drinks )

                        Catherine Anne Kirkman ( sticker lady )

                        Matt Steel ( the vw bar )

                        My self ( Bespoke Decal Creations )

                        Paul Hestford ( teamelemental)

                        We will also have are very own flame spitting fiesta ( Michael Skuba Maycock )

                        Everyone is welcom


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                          Soooo had an interesting conversation today with ringways ford at Doncaster...

                          Soooo, had an interesting conversation today with ringways ford at Doncaster regarding my neighbours mondeo mk4 estate that has had an electrical fault. Apparently it's down to his Bluetooth module and the sat-nav unit in his dash

                          When he bought the car he connected his iPhone to the car and everything was fine, then after a period of time the car kept dying on him all the time and turns out that when you update your phone, the car then doesn't recognise the phone has disconnected when you turn the car off!!!! Hence coming back to the car in a morning and being completely dead!!!

                          So (not that ford will tell you) but every time you update an iPhone which is paired to your mk4 Bluetooth module you'll need to take your car back to the dealer and pay around £130 for a software update!!!!

                          DISGUSTING IF YOU ASK ME!!!!

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                            So we started half way through the year as 4 mates who wanted to do our own...

                            So, we started half way through the year as 4 mates who wanted to do our own thing. We had no idea our club would grow to what it is now and have the support at shows we've had. Our passion for the club has grown more and more because of you, the members passion for the same thing. I love being a part of our family as each and every one of you have made it worth building. A massive thank you from the admin team here at ford society, and a massive thank you for your support! We've had a pretty awesome 2016 and hopefully an even better 2017. A happy new year to you all, and see you at the shows next year!

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                              Photos from Andrew Kerslake's post

                              Clear out time again:

                              1. Brand new genuine glove box damper £Sold

                              2. Dmb gel badge overlays. Front and 2x rears. Black with blue ford badge. To fit mk3 mondeo. Unsure if they will fit others. £sold

                              3. Genuine ford new undertray fasteners x 7 £sold

                              4. Pair of A pillar covers. Grey plastic. £3

                              5. New connects2 single din stereo facia adaptor plate for mk3 mondeo. £10

                              6. St rear bumper support foams or mk3 mondeo. £15

                              7 black rubber window seals full set. £5

                              8. Auto leads conversion leads to use steering wheel remote on aftermarket head units. You will need an additional patch lead to suit. £10

                              9. Genuine st tdci exhaust. Front pipe back. Includes original stainless steel welded on tip in good condition. £45

                              10. Smooth rear wiper arm. Brand new same as photo £sold

                              11. Smoothed tailgate handle in panther black. Ford badge removed and filled. Will need the electric switch changing over for your own unit £15

                              All prices collected from Sheffield s8.

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                                Photos from Steven Miller's post

                                Trying to decide between

                                Mk3 2.5 v6 6 speed (had one before and loved it - wish I kept it)

                                Mk4 2.0 140 tdci (sensible choice for running costs)

                                Mk4 2.5T 220ps

                                Won't be getting straight away as need to sort money for one as due to problems with missus car im giving her my mk2 2.0 glx which shes not allowed to pinkify till I get replacement.

                                Mk3 is where I'm veering as got full 220 interior and stainless cat back for one as well as know and trust them but thinking maybe clean break and have a newer mk4. Child in me wants the 2.5T but not sure about fueling and taxing it (495 a year will hurt along with low 20s mpg). Sensible choice is the tdci but don't trust diesel as every diesel I buy breaks (had a tddi, 130 tdci and a bmw 530d - 130 actually blew itself to bits) but we have a little fiesta 1.4 tdci as well and it's brilliant and I know the 140 diesels are basically Peugeot engines like the 1.4 in the fez.

                                My car would be the household workhorse, my work car, crap carrier. Fiesta is local run around, her work car and what we use when can't afford fuel for mine

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                                  hope this is okay with admin remove if not allowed

                                  hope this is okay with admin, remove if not allowed...

                                  RAFFLE TIME!!!

                                  £1 A TICKET

                                  everyone knows our good friend Jason of JAYSWAX makes some amazing car cleaning products and now you have a chance to own a set of his great products!! all you need to do is message me or comment what number you want and arrange payment via paypal for you're chance to win!!

                                  as soon as all tickets are sold the winner will be drawn so get sharing and tagging friends and get the ball rolling.




                                  4 .










































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                                    Don t normally do these but it s car related

                                    Don't normally do these but it's car related

                                    Your first car: Mk1 fiesta

                                    Last car you sold: 307 estate

                                    Last car you bought: mk4 mondeo titx

                                    Favorite car you ever owned: mk4 mondeo titx

                                    Longest you've ever owned a car: nearly 5 years

                                    The car you wish you never sold: mk1 fiesta

                                    Most fun car you've owned: mk4 mondeo titx

                                    Worst car you've owned: different mk1 fiesta

                                    You've got 30 grand...what car would you buy: mk1 sierra xr4x4

                                    Favorite manufacturer: Ford

                                    Least favourite manufacturer: Vauxhall

                                    Favorite car in the world: RS 500 cosworth

                                    The car you hate most in the world: fiat multipla

                                    The last thing you purchased for a car: diesel

                                    Copy and paste and add your own answers!

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                                      Well guys I know some of us tend to take care of the exterior of our cars more...

                                      Well guys, I know some of us tend to take care of the exterior of our cars more than we do the interior, well I've just tried EZ interior trim detailer, I must say for its price which isn't bad, it is very good, it smells lovely, and leaves the interior spotless, definitely recommend, and this is available through Deluxe Auto Detailing.

                                      I know some of you will get fed up with seeing my posts on this, but I'm just trying to save you guys some money on your car care needs, if any of you are wondering, I'm not earning anything from this, I just believe in what these guys are selling, so remember check them out and use the code. :)

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                                        Right guys n girls as per previous post if you guys are interested in trying...

                                        Right guys n girls, as per previous post, if you guys are interested in trying some new detailing products, then check out Deluxe Auto Detailing, they are a fairly new company who are growing fast, I have been lucky enough to become a rep for them, in return for the club and members you can get discount using code PH10, use this code on any order for 10% off, you can even try the code on sale items, you may be lucky enough to bag a real bargain, there is everything from application pads through to da polishers, please just check them out, and remember PH10 is your code, you can even let your friends use this as well.;)

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                                          Photos from Rebecca Nunn's post

                                          Evening Fellow Fordies, thought I would add a wee post tonight and introduce myself (might be a lengthy one), So... This is my 3rd MK6 Escort, my first was a 1.6 5door with a WRC spoiler, my 2nd was my 1.8si 3 door (RS2k replica) which i currently still have but sadly she is destined for the scrappy in the sky due to metal worm which has become terminal... and now I have the RS2k which we spent all last winter working on to get her up to where we wanted, she had been in storage for at least 6 years prior to this & is petrol blue in colour which they only produced for one year as far as I am aware. We replaced the sills as required, plated the rear chassis legs, replaced the battery tray, fully stripped out & replaced the interior with parts from my RS replica due to the ones in the RS not being in as good condition but all parts are completely original, I had the fuse box fully reconditioned by a wizard down south after it packed in, replaced the exhaust manifold, & fully undersealed the car, then we replaced the alternator, then on a morning when I had to leave early for work (typical) the starter packed in, so that was replaced too lol.

                                          She is now my daily, the bodywork will be getting some TLC next year. I am also going to be putting my K666WRC private plate on her. My first two mk6's were both zetecs, obviously the RS2k is a completely different ballgame and she has given me a couple of reminders of this since going on the road.. one of them being the fact she likes to kick her arse end out in certain situations and the 2nd being how difficult parts are to get at times (nearly died when I was quoted over £450 for an exhaust manifold lol). But omg she is some machine... yes I know she could be beaten by a new corsa on a strip but I don't even care, I am still shocked she gets the thumbs up from people who own new focus RS' and even is an ice breaker when people are nice enough to compliment her. I am definitely feeling the love.. I am hoping to save up next year and maybe get a wee run about for winter because I don't want her ending up the same way as my last escort (even though she made it to 143k and still starts and runs first turn of the key). So here's a few pics.. I'll add a couple of my 5 door and 3 door in the comments too.

                                          sorry for essay.

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                                            Right chaps and chappettes ive got some 19 inch team dynamic jade alloys that...

                                            Right chaps and chappettes ive got some 19 inch team dynamic jade alloys that ive spat dummy out with and im sick of looking at them all been rubbed down to paid then found a small crack id already had another welded and decided go back to 18s is there any interest in them only have two tyres with about 3 mm on im thinking of selling as i dont wanna scrap them because there decent wheels and i know someone will be wanting some for cheap so im open to offers of 50 quid (get 40 scrap then 10er a tyre for some yobo do burn outs on) or a swap for a 18 inch mondeo st alloy so ive a set of 5

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                                              Photos from Andrew Kerslake's post

                                              Few bits left over from my mk3 mondeo St.

                                              1. ST fog light surrounds in chrome. Brand new in unopened bags from ford so excellent condition. £15 collected former the pair. SOLD

                                              2. Hatchback smooth rear wiper arm and blade. Brand new. Same as the one photo'd. Still in wrapper. £12 collected.

                                              3. Mk3 double din head unit surround. Brand new £10 collected.

                                              4. Hatchback bout handle with ford badge recess smoothed. Painted panther black. No button or number plate lights £20 collected.

                                              Located Sheffield s8. Can drop off if close or can post at additional cost.

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                                                Putting this on a few pages to alert people

                                                Putting this on a few pages to alert people...

                                                Ok so this is a bit random. Sat in McDonald's, and my Mrs turns to me and says someone's in my car. I look over and she's right, a woman is sat in the drivers seat looking bemused at why she can't start the car. I run over, see what's going on and she tells me her mondeo key just opened my car. As it happens, she drives a pepper red mk3 and it was a simple mistake. The worrying thing is though, how poor must the key design be if a key from another mondeo can open another car, albeit with the alarm going off!! Anyone heard of this??

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                                                Photos from Darren Grantham's post

                                                Selling on behalf of a family member.

                                                2007 Ford Mondeo 2.2 ST TDCI in Panther Black

                                                172 k on clocks but mostly motorway miles

                                                Mot till May 2017

                                                Some service history

                                                Usual full electrics

                                                Alloy wheels all with good tyres

                                                Full Recaro leather interior with no rips or tears

                                                Team Heko wind deflectors

                                                Hid lights

                                                Jvc double din CD player

                                                Sub & amp included also

                                                Been remapped for better economy

                                                EGR deleted

                                                Front mount intercooler

                                                Bigger air filter

                                                Silicone hoses

                                                Recently had new brake lines , rear bearings and new injectors 4 k ago

                                                Pulls really well in all gears with no knocks or bangs

                                                Well maintained and thoroughly look after

                                                Couple of dings on passenger side door but nothing major price reflects this

                                                Also full milltek twin exhaust to go with car if right offers there

                                                Cash sale only has already purchased another car.

                                                £1995 Ono


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                                                  Morning all unfortunately due to grief at squires Sarah and Kieran have been...

                                                  Morning all, unfortunately due to grief at squires, Sarah and Kieran have been removed from the club, we understand that some of you are friends with them, as are we, but the issues they seem to have with other clubs are getting in the way, if they decide to start a new group I will share the name of it on here so you can find them.

                                                  Very sorry that it has come to this but unfortunately we are left with little choice. Ford society is a friendly club, and any shit aimed at other clubs will lead to members being removed.


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                                                    On behalf of myself Gordon Dan and Steve thanks to everyone making the effort...

                                                    On behalf of myself, Gordon, Dan and Steve, thanks to everyone making the effort to come out today, 24 cars on stand we are all overwhelmed at that turnout,

                                                    Next year we are hoping to get to most of the major ford shows and maybe a mixed bag like ultimate streetcar or traxx, aswel as our Aviation themed meet (something new in the pipeline this year) watch this space.

                                                    A special thanks to Sarah Pantlin and Keiran Jackson for helping out with the admin work. More regional pages coming very soon...

                                                    Just a point going forward please remember to conduct yourselves accordingly when on stand with us or wearing branded clothing, it doesn't matter what others say or do, we are there to enjoy ourselves and that is what we do best.

                                                    We hope to see as many of you as possible at the Christmas do the first weekend of December, and those of you we don't see, all the best for the new year, see you at the season opener at squires in April!!!!

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                                                      Photos from Jay James-Gary Smith's post

                                                      Hi guys and gals.

                                                      After a good number followers of my builds and requests to build replicas of my mondeo estate stealth box im prepared to build more for you lucky lot.

                                                      The benefit of the stealth builds is they take up little room as the custom shape takes up normally unused room within the boot area.

                                                      Now, the pics below show the estate stealth build, hatchback moulds are being made and salloon soon to follow

                                                      For £120 you will recieve the box with the cutout size of your choice - 8", 10" 12". Covered in black carpet and binding posts on the rear.

                                                      For £130 i will fit the subwoofer flush with the faceplate.

                                                      For £150 i will flush fit the subwoofer and also make a custom heavy duty grill that will also be flush to really add to the stealth look along with protecting the subwoofer from any shopping, tools, pets etc that may be in the boot.

                                                      I can wrap the box in other materials, leatherette, leather, alcantara plus more but again at additional cost.

                                                      Yet to be determined as i have to price up the material.

                                                      If anyone has any other makes or models that you require a build for please do not hesitate to ask.

                                                      I can and have built speaker adaptors, tweeter a trim panels,

                                                      amp racks,

                                                      wiring upgrades inc the "big 3 upgrade"

                                                      I have been building installs for a long time, mainly for friends & family and the requests for work for others is getting quite large. I enjoy doing it so why not.

                                                      Feel free to fire any questions over.

                                                      I will require a deposit of some kind if taking on custom work to cover the base cost on materials.

                                                      Heres a link to pics of some of my previous work, a lot of you guys will recognise my mondeo and its previous build -


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                                                        Photos from Nicholas Mannion's post

                                                        Ford Society T-shirts, polos and hoodies are now available

                                                        All available sizes and colours are on the images

                                                        T-Shirts £10 each delivered

                                                        Polo's £15 each delivered

                                                        Hoodies £20 each delivered

                                                        Children's items also available

                                                        Payment via or

                                                        Please state the following

                                                        Item and colour required

                                                        Size of item

                                                        Logo required

                                                        Colour of logo required

                                                        If your address isn't on PayPal could you please message me it

                                                        Orders will be taken up to Sunday, stock bought on a Monday and either posted out on a Wednesday or Thursday at the latest

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                                                          Right guys n girls how many of you lovely road tax payers have noticed the real...

                                                          Right guys n girls, how many of you lovely road tax payers have noticed the real reason why so many of our roads are knackered, well yesterday it dawned on me why this is happening! Taking a nice drive to my mother's for her birthday I came across some road works. Now, considering when these roads are laid down with perfectly good tarmac, some companies come along and "have" to do utility repairs (fair enough) but, why instead of repairing a hole properly, do the highways agency insist on laying on top of perfectly good tarmac.....loose chippings, now I'm no scientist but even I could see that all these chippings will do over time of relentless traffic pounding over and over, all this is going to do is break up even more of the tarmac that is underneath, do surely it must be more cost effective to fix the problem properly in the first instance than poor money after money into something that's just going to need constant repair, the other thought I have on this is, are there companies out there paying for this to happen, so that your pride and joy ends up getting damaged in some way so you have to pay to get this repair done time and time again?? Just a thought....rant over

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                                                            Be aware

                                                            Be aware.!!!!

                                                            All my friends on Facebook, those that are with TALK TALK, there are people ringing claiming to be from TALK TALK saying that your broadband is being hacked, they'll ask you to get a laptop or computer, DO NOT they are scammers. TALK TALK do not ring you to tell you you have a problem, this number is the scammers number ( or one of) 02033211123. I have rung TALK TALK and they are aware, unfortunately most of the time the scammers use withheld numbers, they slipped up this time. BE CAREFUL.

                                                            PLEASE SHARE to all your friends, this is important, let's shut these scammers down.

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                                                              Photos from Darren Down's post

                                                              Ok from start new wheels jap fit wheels on 15mm PCd converters, the wheels are kode brand stagered 18", 8.5j front 9.5j rear. What about sticking out you say we'll all the arches were cut welded and smoothed back in creating a wide arch mondeo. Custom Rear diffuser smoothed on, if not noticed it's been finished in custom paints deep base pearl purple violet. The guys at kode really have gone above and beyond my expectations and there still not finished, they pushed hard just so I can take her weekend then back for more custom

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                                                                Right ladies and gents I m going to be holding a Ford Fair competition with my...

                                                                Right ladies and gents, I'm going to be holding a Ford Fair competition with my stickers, for those of you that don't have one but would like one, I shall be taking some along with me on the day.

                                                                I will have the competition running on my page so I can keep track of it, all you have to do is take a picture of your car at Ford Fair, upload it to the competition post and state what car group you are part of as there's going to be a winner from each group.

                                                                Best photo wins, simple as that!

                                                                Winner has the choice of a mug or a travel mug with a picture of their car and the club logo on it or a polo shirt with the club logo on

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                                                                  I HAD 4 WHEELS IN MY GARDEN THEY CAME FROM MY NEPHEW PETE S CAR NOW SUDDENLY...


                                                                  This is a post from my aunt who lives in Basingstoke, she had four zetec s 18 inch alloys stolen from her garden, my old wheels from years ago that I left for her to use as garden pots. They are in no condition to use, as all need refurbing, please share, and if anyone gets offered or hears anything contact me. TIA.

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                                                                    Steve Collett Steven Fod Evans Keiran Jackson Sarah PantlinFelix Owen Crosby...

                                                                    Steve Collett Steven Fod Evans Keiran Jackson Sarah PantlinFelix Owen Crosby stickers are ready to go thanks for being patient,

                                                                    These are the colours we have in stock as well as red and a few black, anymore for stickers payments 2 £11.50 as friends and family or £12 goods gets you 2 of each design.

                                                                    Thanks to Nicholas Mannion for sorting us out again, he has enclosed his business stickers for those that want them F.O.C to anyone who has bought ford society stickers, unfortunately they won't fit in a standard envelope so catch me at a show or meet, unfortunately we don't have any in red

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                                                                      Afternoon folks I m going to be posting a Rother valley sheffield meet soon...

                                                                      Afternoon folks. I'm going to be posting a Rother valley (sheffield) meet soon, just wondering who would attend? It will be a daytime meet, we will park in the park and spend the day chilling and chatting whilst having our cars on display. Anyone who saw/attended the meet last year will know how well it goes and the number of people that have a look at the cars.

                                                                      You can bring children, wives and pets as there is plenty to do if they get grumpy because they are bored as there is a cafe, toilets, children's play area and ice cream van.

                                                                      Please comment below if you are interested, it will be a Sunday, and will be an all day chill day in August.

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                                                                        Hi we are holding a fundraising event at MAD Ford Engineering with mick Arnold...

                                                                        Hi, we are holding a fundraising event at MAD Ford Engineering with mick Arnold in aid of raising as much money as possible for the air ambulance. It's going to be a family fun day with scalextric grandprix, challenge games, food, bouncy castles, car show, auto jumble. We wondered if you'd like to join us for the day. We are giving stall holders the choice of payment either £25 a pitch or 20%-30% of there takings on the day.

                                                                        Cars are being charged £3 per car.

                                                                        It will be bank holiday Monday 29th August.

                                                                        Please message me with any intrest.

                                                                        Thanks Sammy

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                                                                        Mark Emberley shared a Page to the group: Ford Society.


                                                                        Check us out for servicing/ tuning/ custom fabrication and much more.

                                                                        We are dealers for dreamscience Motorsport/KMS Motorsport/ auto specialist/ scorpion exhausts/ cobra exhausts/ goodridge/ gaz suspension/ v max/ ram air/ pipercross/ and many more.

                                                                        We are based in Poole Dorset South of England and offer a wide range of tuning products/ general servicing/ and repairs in our fully equipped workshop.

                                                                        Like us on fb pm us with questions and inquires or call the office on 01202 911241

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                                                                          Club stickers

                                                                          ****Club stickers****

                                                                          I am putting together another order for stickers for those that haven't got hold of some. I will keep this thread open until next Friday.

                                                                          Please comment below with your order and let me know if you have paid.

                                                                          Hopefully we should catch most people's paydays between now and next Friday

                                                                          2x web address style £5 (or £3 each)

                                                                          2x logo style £7 (or £4 each)

                                                                          Payments as friends to or add on 50p if you want to pay using goods

                                                                          *orders not paid up by Friday the 1st 8pm will be cancelled*

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                                                                            Photos from Rich Trevett's post

                                                                            Earlier than planned but may aswell get the ball rolling while I've a spare half an hour...

                                                                            The address style are £3 each, or 2 for £5 and the ford logo badges are £4 each or 2 for £7,

                                                                            All prices include postage, they are ordered to me in bulk then I separate and send them on,

                                                                            Payments to via PayPal friends and family, (or add 50p to cover your arse if you want and use goods) all profits will go back into buying club merchandise ie flags and maybe look into teeshirts and mugs etc at a later date.

                                                                            Between now and Sunday ill be putting the list together to forward on to Nicholas Mannion and he will get them to me as fast as he can, bear with us.

                                                                            Please comment on this thread with what you want, and add paid when you have done so... Thanks

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                                                                              EVER HEAR THE STORY of the Ford Ranger whose engine failed

                                                                              "EVER HEAR THE STORY of the Ford Ranger whose engine failed?

                                                                              The dealer

                                                                              tried one mechanic after another, but none of them could figure

                                                                              out how to fix the engine. Then they brought in an old man who had

                                                                              been fixing rangers and all manner of Fords since he was a youngster. He carried a large bag of

                                                                              tools with him, and when he arrived, he immediately went to work. He

                                                                              inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom. Two of the garages bosses were there, watching this man, hoping he would know what to do.

                                                                              After looking things over, the old man reached into his bag and pulled

                                                                              out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine

                                                                              lurched into life. He carefully put his hammer away. The engine was


                                                                              A week later, the garage received a bill from the old man for ten

                                                                              thousand pounds.

                                                                              'What?!' the dealer principal exclaimed. 'He hardly did anything!' So they wrote

                                                                              the old man a note saying, “Please send us an itemized bill.”

                                                                              The man sent a bill that read,

                                                                              Tapping with a hammer...................................£2

                                                                              Knowing where to tap................................£9998

                                                                              Now you know it makes sense to repair yourself.......if you can

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                                                                                stickers after staff being happy with the layout and design of stickers we are...

                                                                                ***stickers*** after staff being happy with the layout and design of stickers we are looking for 10 guinea pigs...

                                                                                Stickers will be priced as follows... 2x 8" forum style stickers for £6 posted, 1x logo style £4 posted.

                                                                                All proceeds will stay in the paypal account to pay for flags, and eventually an event shelter.

                                                                                We have decided to hold off on the 6" as they are VERY fiddly.... I'll leave the sample one on my car and if you are happy to order once you have seen it they will be ordered in especially but probably not stocked for now..

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                                                                                  Gordon Walker updated the description of the group Ford Society.

                                                                                  Welcome to our page, Ford Society.

                                                                                  A page created for those who have a passion for Ford across the uk

                                                                                  Ford Society, a new club built by a group of friends who share a common interest, is a club that is open to all model's of ford. Regardless of age, spec, or model, every owner is welcome

                                                                                  We have just 2 rules, those are:

                                                                                  No abusive behaviour towards others in or outside the group or abusive comments about other clubs and/or pages

                                                                                  Static meets only. Our meets are in good locations where we have built a positive relationship with the land owner/occupier. Antisocial behaviour/driving will not be tolerated.

                                                                                  We do not mind the sharing of other ford clubs, all we request is that if you want to share another club or page you pm one of the page admins so we can ensure it is a genuine page, not spam

                                                                                  All member requests will be vetted to ensure the page stays enjoyable for everyone.

                                                                                  Other than that, enjoy your stay!

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                                                                                    Flashing coil light issues

                                                                                    Flashing coil light issues -

                                                                                    Had the coil light flashing after a hard boost on a few occasions. Engine off & on cleared it. Didnt get an eml or fault code though and only happened occasionally.

                                                                                    Okay, through the process of trial & error and spending a lot of time researching.

                                                                                    Ive narrowed it down to to turbo actuator motor.

                                                                                    Opened the actuator up & it stunk of burnt out motor!

                                                                                    Stripped it down & took the motor out, tried it on a 12v supply, it got red hot & was surging.

                                                                                    Definetley FUBAR!

                                                                                    So now its time to souch a new motor assembly & maybe retrofit a fan to cool it down.

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                                                                                      Let s get one thing clear form the start shall we This is NOT a slag any other...

                                                                                      Let's get one thing clear form the start shall we? This is NOT a slag any other car club off page. As much as shit has happened we still hold respect for the other clubs and those that are in it. Shit that's on other pages is spilling onto here. Give it a rest! This page was created so mates could get together and still attend meets/shows. But all folks seem to want to do is ruin it. I have no trouble removing ANYONE from this page. Anyone who is here to cause friction you better leave now as I always find out who it is, as I have with the screenshotter on the south yorkshire page. Enough is enough, forget the shit and enjoy your time on the club.

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                                                                                        Looks like I ve been made the scapegoat for M Os many problems after 12 months...

                                                                                        Looks like I've been made the scapegoat for M-Os many problems, after 12 months of grafting my arse off apparantly it's all my fault... If that's the way people feel that's fine im a big boy I can live with that,

                                                                                        Yes i set up a new ford group, along with some of my friends which i wont name, as a place for my friends to get together without the judgemental comments and politics, I added my friends, that's where it ends.. it wasn't designed to compete with any other club especially not M-O.

                                                                                        I wish the admin team all the best and I hope M-O pulls through this difficult time, ill still be around, I'm a paid member and will continue to be as long as M-O is around, I'm in it for the long haul, always was, maybe now I can concentrate on enjoying my car instead of constantly dealing with my phone pinging..

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                                                                                          Rich Trevett updated the description of the group Ford Society.

                                                                                          Welcome to Fix Or Repair Daily, a group for ford enthusiasts put together for enthusiasts...

                                                                                          Let's all remember why we are here, to enjoy the cars, this isn't a slagging page and slagging off of members or other clubs will lead to posts being removed, please keep it light hearted and fun,

                                                                                          Feel free to share upcoming meets and events, the show scene becomes better if we can all work together, we are aiming to arrange some large multiclub meets in the near future.

                                                                                          The smaller this group is kept the better.... Please feel free to add your closest friends from the ford scene,

                                                                                          Founders and members of ford clubs welcome, feel free to share local meets after all that's what we are all here for, see the pinned post for page guidelines

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                                                                                            Rich Trevett updated the description of the group Ford Society.

                                                                                            Welcome to Fix Or Repair Daily, a group for ford enthusiasts put together for enthusiasts...

                                                                                            Let's all remember why we are here, to enjoy the cars, this isn't a slagging page and slagging off of members or other clubs will lead to posts being removed, please keep it light hearted and fun,

                                                                                            Feel free to share upcoming meets and events, the show scene becomes better if we can all work together, we are aiming to arrange some large multiclub meets in the near future.

                                                                                            We are not the new m-o, don't want to be, the smaller this group is kept the better.... Please feel free to add your closest friends from the ford scene,

                                                                                            Founders and members of ford clubs welcome, feel free to share local meets after all that's what we are all here for, see the pinned post for page guidelines

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                                                                                              Rich Trevett updated the description of the group Ford Society.

                                                                                              Welcome to Fix Or Repair Daily, a group for ford enthusiasts put together for enthusiasts...

                                                                                              Let's all remember why we are here, to enjoy the cars, this isn't a slagging page and slagging off of members or other clubs will lead to posts being removed, please keep it light hearted and fun,

                                                                                              Feel free to share upcoming meets and events, the show scene becomes better if we can all work together, we are aiming to arrange some large multiclub meets in the near future.

                                                                                              We are not the new m-o, don't want to be, the smaller this group is kept the better.... Please feel free to add your closest friends from the ford scene,

                                                                                              Founders of clubs welcome, feel free to share local meets after all that's what we are all here for, see the pinned post for page guidelines

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                                                                                                Rich Trevett updated the description of the group Ford Society.

                                                                                                This will all be updated later, this is a page for friends to stay in touch, and start moving forward and making plans rather than sitting around waiting for other pages to close..

                                                                                                We are not the new m-o, don't want to be, the smaller this group is kept the better.... Please feel free to add your closest friends from m-o.

                                                                                                Final plans and name will all be ironed out once we have met this weekend.

                                                                                                Also please note this page won't be used to slag anyone off... We will be looking at arranging some big meets soon.

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