Josh Biggers shared a link to the group: Ford Raptor Owners Group.

Thanks James for the add to the group, and all of you for allowing me to represent aFe POWER. We have a bunch of new products for the Gen 2 Raptor (and some for the Gen 1) coming out, and I will share (sparingly as requested). To support the group, we are also offering a group discount of 20% on, with the exception of our Intake + Module kit, which is already heavily discounted, but I was able to get an additional $50 off for you guys exclusively. Coupon code for 20% RAPTORFB1, and for the $50 off the Combo Package RAPTORFB2. Looking forward to seeing you guys crank up the power in this beast.

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Adam Cook shared a link to the group: Ford Raptor Owners Group.

Salton Sea – April 7-8

We are headed south to the Salton Sea for our first Southern California Adventure. This weekend is broken up into two parts. Day 1 is a long trail run that loops around the east side of the lake to see several sights in the area. Day 2 is all about fun and goofing off in the home of desert pre-runners of Ocotillo Wells.

We will be using one hotel as a base of operation to do the out and back trail runs. For those who wish to camp you are welcome to find a place to pitch a tent. For those bring family members who do not want to go on the trails, there will be a group seeing local area attractions for kids and adults alike.

See full details on the club website.

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    I still have some concerns regarding the Auto Start Stop Seems like it never...

    I still have some concerns regarding the Auto Start/Stop. Seems like it never engages. I have 3000 mostly city miles on my truck. When going to the Auto Start/Stop in the menu, it usually reads recharging, or unavailable.

    Based on others being annoyed with it, perhaps I should be happy. On the other hand if the feature is not working, I want to get it fixed.

    Before going to the dealer and getting some BS answer I wanted to check with the group to see their experience.

    Again, mostly city driving, ambient temp has been around 70 degrees, cab temp gets to normal quickly, I have NOT hit the OFF button,

    Thoughts?? TIA

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      A request for membership has come from someone who doesn't own a Raptor. Nor do they have foreseeable plans to unless they switch from car to truck. However, they work for AFE Power and I suspect will post products available for our trucks (at least Gen II). So, I propose three options and I leave the decision to you.

      1. Allow access w/o question

      2. Deny access

      3. Allow access on condition anything advertised receives a discount for members in this group.

      This will run for the next 24 hours. Majority rules. Let's hear your votes.

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        Photos from Agustin Alonso's post

        For those of us who are car nuts like me... here is my car collection... cars that I have owned in NYC for the last 36 years..

        1. 1981 VW Rabbit L - stick shift, diesel, college car.

        2. 1986 VW Jetta GLI. - stick shift!

        3. 1988 Jeep Wrangler Sáhara - Company provided car from my first employer.

        4. 1996 Jeep Wrangler Sport - my first brand new car off the dealer's lot!!

        5. 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

        6. 2003 BMW X5 3.0i - stick shift (manual transmission) brand new, special order!!

        7. 2006 BMW 650i - special order, convertible, SMG transmission, sun drenched fun days!! Still in the family with my brother in law!!

        8. 2011 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT - what can I say... best truck, best car ever... call me crazy but it is super fun to drive and on any terrain!!! Going strong for 5 years and 120,000 miles... hope it lasts for another 5 years!!

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          I ve got a small rattle knock in the front end of my 2012 raptor It s done it...

          I've got a small rattle/knock in the front end of my 2012 raptor. It's done it so long I almost think it was doing it when I bought it new. lol I've checked everything and even had the ford dealership check it. They said it was coilovers? I put new coilovers on and it didn't fix anything.

          The tires don't wear funny or anything.

          It's just when your driving a rough road with small bumps. It don't seem to be a big issue but it's just annoying.

          Anyone had this issue and figured out what it was? Next on my list is control arms... they feel tight tho.

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            Just got my Pedal Commander put it on got error message on dash drove it for a...

            Just got my Pedal Commander, put it on, got error message on dash, drove it for a minute, gas pedal felt like it was high idle and low when I actually pressed it. Went back home, ate dinner, went back to truck, error message gone, and then holy schnikes, that thing needs a warning saying tickets and bald tires are in your near future. Pretty wicked. Where is everyone mounting theres? Also, the only modes it seems to switch thru is City, Sport, Sport Plus, anyone have issues with not being able to put it in Econ mode?

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              So I finally got to see a 2017 next to me. 2012. at the light the other day

              So I finally got to see a 2017 next to me (2012) at the light the other day. As much as I love almost every part of the design of this truck, I still can't really get behind the way the new one looks. That mostly plastic tailgate turns me off and the front end looks like a Tacoma on steroids. Zero disrespect meant to anyone that has grabbed one of these new monsters but man, I kept thinking by now the looks would have grown on me but no dice. The older body style still stops me in my tracks when I see one to this day. I'm bummed the new aesthetics don't have the same effect on me, but to each their own I guess! Almost Friday!

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                Photos from Jesse Nye's post

                2013 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCab Tuxedo Black

                condition: excellent

                cylinders: 8 cylinders

                drive: 4wd

                fuel: gas

                odometer: 77000

                paint color: black

                size: full-size

                title status: clean

                transmission: automatic

                type: pickup

                This is a 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. The truck has the Raptor Luxury Package and is loaded with almost every option available.


                -Back up camera

                -Power moonroof

                -Remote start

                -Sony factory stereo upgrade with 8 speakers (including subwoofer)

                -Rhino Liner

                -Leather heated and cooled seats

                -6.2L V8 Engine

                -Torsen front differential, locking rear differential

                -All weather floor mats

                -HID Headlights

                -Front mounted camera

                -Towing package with trailer brake controller

                This truck is in beautiful condition with only a couple very minor scratches and always well cared for. The shocks have recently been professionally rebuilt with internal upgrades. All brakes recently replaced and tires are in good condition. The truck recently had a Rhino Liner spray in bed liner professional installed and has a an OEM Ford tonneau cover and rubber bed mat. This truck is loaded!

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                  ADD Stealth bumper (2010-2014)

                  I'm looking to go a different direction with my truck, so I've got my ADD Stealth bumper up for sale. This is the version that has no stealth panels, or mounting tabs for them. I'm asking $600 OBO

                  This bumper has a cool bit of history to it as well for anyone who has been around FRF awhile. It was originally on SOCOMech's truck and was one of the very first of its kind made.

                  It's in very good condition for the most part. It has a couple of specks of rust on the tube ends but nothing serious by any measure. The skid plate has a dent in the bottom and the powdercoat has been 'polished' off by sand and desert use. The actual bumper itself is straight and mounts perfectly. The powdercoat on the rest of the bumper is still in very good condition.

                  I'd prefer local pickup, but if someone wants to arrange shipping for it that's totally fine too.

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                    Sharon Gillenwalters shared a link to the group: Ford Raptor Owners Group.

                    Good news for the 17's, in case you didn't already know.

                    On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 8:18 AM, Gillyg71 . wrote:

                    ---------- Forwarded message ----------

                    From: John Hennessey

                    Date: Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 7:57 AM

                    Subject: Re: 2017 Ford Raptor Tuner.

                    To: james gillenwalters

                    Yes, check our website in the next 30 days thx.

                    Highest Regards,

                    John Hennessey

                    Hennessey Performance

                    9281 SW I-10 Frontage Rd

                    Sealy, Texas 77474

                    Office 979.885.1300

                    Fax 979.877.0690

                    www.hennesseyperformance .com | | |

                    On Jan 22, 2017, at 6:55 PM, james gillenwalters wrote:

                    Do you have any plans of making your tuner for the 17 Raptor available to the public. Nothing on the market at this time.

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                      So I got three bottles of Techron fuel cleaner Each one treats 12 gallons

                      So, I got three bottles of Techron fuel cleaner, Each one treats 12 gallons. I used all three in a full tank of gas. This was after I had driven ~420 miles in one night on regular gas. I was getting about 12.5MPG on just gas, Driving around and back home with the Techron I got about 13. Then when that tank was empty with only 40 miles left to empty I filled up with straight regular. And for the next 200 miles I got 15-16MPG or more. So. Looks like the injectors were a bit dirty.. 2014 Screw with 34K miles. I am not too worried about gas mileage, I didn't buy the truck to get good MPG, But I am sure that the performance was hindered some prior to the treatment.

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                        My. objective. obervations of the my Gen 1 Raptor winter driving

                        My (objective) obervations of the my Gen 1 Raptor winter driving.

                        First off, this is of course, my observations and my opinion. I have owned and actively driven the following cars for perspetvie. 90% of my winter driving is in the Sierra's, typically the high Sierra's. The best winter driving analysis and point-of-views I feel comes from the Canadian forums online... they know their stuff for sure.

                        2012 Jeep JK 4 Door - 25K in upgrades from suspension to a SC; the JK was OK in snow, it did not exude confidence with the roads became R2... it would also high-center fairly easily. On the Rubicon though, it was a Beast!

                        1994 Defender 90 - 30K in upgrades, I built this truck slowly and methodically. In the snow, it was the worst truck I have owned... the shorter wheelbase, and higher center of gravity made it borderline dangerous. Everywhere else, this truck rocked... no question better than the JK in every enviroment, except when you wanted more than one passenger!!

                        2014 Tundra SR5 TRD 4 Door - 15k in upgrades mostly with the BDS and 20' rims and 37's Toyo's Mts. This was my first truck where I felt like a boss in the snow. Parking this thing was a B@#$!, but it was strong in the snow in most environments. I think the Toyo's were a big part of that too.

                        2012 MB GL450 - no updgrades, my wife's car. This is flipping awesome in the snow... anything below the headlights is toast. Though, when it starts to get icy, that is when you see the chinks in the tire armor.

                        2014 Raptor - Wouldn't post this if this wasn't the best all around car in winter conditions I have ever owned or driven. Just drove through a Sierra blizzard (again) and this truck is SOLID. In the ice, in elevation, on the hills/inclines, on I80 with R2 or R3 this truck tracks. I only engaged my diff lock once and not sure I needed to do that. I could not be so pleased with this truck, in every area it excels and exceeds my exceptions. ROCK SOLID! Running Yokohama's too, so far great tire. And, my PlastiCoat stock rims are still near perfect. LOL, that stuff is holding up.

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                          Matt Long and Cherry Norberte both of you have posts flagged at the moment for...

                          Matt Long and Cherry Norberte, both of you have posts flagged at the moment for spam. Allow me to show you how things work in this group. Both of you now have 12 hours to post pics of yourselves with your Raptor and holding three fingers up in the pic. If you can't do that in 12 hours, I'll assume the flags are meaningful and you both will be booted. Nothing personal, but this page is for Raptor owners. (Or past, will be again, transitioning, etc.) Please note, I don't give two fucks weather you're here or not. Bullshit link pimping doesn't fly here...

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                            www. MandRonline. com


                            Hey Guys

                            We are just as excited to start the new year as you are. We have dropped our prices on our popular items and would love you guys to check them out.

                            20" Ford Raptor Light Bar kit is just $299.99

                            30" Ford Raptor Light Bar kit is just $399.99

                            40" Ford Raptor Light Bar kit is just $499.99

                            Ford Raptor 8pack kit is just $399.99

                            Ford Raptor Fog Light kit is just $349.99

                            Ford Raptor Night Vision Elite kit is just $649.99

                            Ford Raptor Shroud Kit is just $349.99

                            Ford Raptor V2 Hood Light kit is just $399.99

                            50" Ford Raptor Curved Convex Light Bar kit is just $649.99

                            Ford Raptor Tail Gater kit (4 variations) is just $149.99

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                              We have seven new members give them a proper welcome Also we have Olivier...

                              We have seven new members, give them a proper welcome! Also, we have Olivier Cerutti back. Going to take a moment to publicly apologize to him. He posted a link to page for regional Raptor owners overseas and I deleted him. I did this before I realized what the page was for. Page pimping is a no-go in this group. However, it makes complete sense for someone overseas to reach into a group of Raptor owners to see if there are other owners close to them. So, I apologize bud.

                              With that said, I'm going to be posting an updated post about criteria for this group. Thanks all!!

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                                I ve been thinking of getting the mid perch mod with upgraded springs I d like...

                                I've been thinking of getting the mid-perch mod with upgraded springs. I'd like to run 37's but have a few questions:

                                Is the turning radius drastically reduced with 37's on 17's?

                                How adverse is the MPG with 37's?

                                Any other considerations to be aware of?

                                My last truck was a Tundra with 37's on 20's and a 6" BDS lift. Parking the truck was similar to bringing in a 150 yacht into a lake slip. I had to plan out where to park on grocery store trips... it was a pain in the @$$.

                                BTW - BDS Lifts completely suck, I owned 2 on two different trucks and don't believe the hype, over-priced lifts for mall crawlers.


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                                  I just installed the Kleinn Velo 734 Train Horn kit mainly since I wanted the...

                                  I just installed the Kleinn Velo-734 Train Horn kit (mainly since I wanted the onboard compressor) and I am extremely happy with this kit! Took about 3.5 hours to install and everything installed like it was a factory part... the quality of everything in this kit is top notch!

                                  The horns are louder than I anticipated they would be for sure, and the compressor/tank are more than capable of blowing up my tires and running air tools. I can now deflate my tires at the start of a trail and pump them back up before I hit the pavement, a big plus in my book.

                                  And did I mention that the horns are LOUD? Great train tone also... highly recommend.

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                                    Looking for input 2013 screw with 60k Front end click clunking It s a light...

                                    Looking for input... 2013 screw with 60k. Front end click/clunking. It's a light clunking I can feel in the pedals on small cracks and bumps. Anything bigger and it isn't there.

                                    I am the 2nd owner of the truck. The truck is super clean and maybe off-road a time or two.

                                    I initially looked for the problem when I had the front end apart to go to mid perch. No ball joint play or any play that I could replicate. I was going to rebuild the shocks to see if it was in the shock but there was no evidence of leaks etc.

                                    After it driving me crazy I pulled the sway bar links off and it's still there.

                                    The upper ball joints are a tiny bit loose but no play what so ever.

                                    Lower control arm bushings look fine and can't create any slop or movement with them or anything for that matter.

                                    It drives me crazy when driving the truck lol. Found a decent amount of similar situations on the forum but no real solutions.

                                    My logic is telling me maybe there is some un dampened movement in the shock due to needing to be rebuilt etc.

                                    Any input is appreciated lol thanks!

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                                      Photos from Mike Cigich's post

                                      I guess I should post a picture of my beast. I picked up this 2014 extended cab in Madison, WI back in July. I had pulled off the road to book a hotel and looked up the hill and saw it sitting there. Just for fun I took a look at it (been wanting one for years). To my surprise it only had 61 miles on it. Long story short, Ford shipped it to Columbia, South America along with a few other vehicles. The buyer didn't come up with the rest of the cash so they sat in containers for a year. Ford brought them back and auctioned them off to dealers. I was lucky to get it! Stock for now but i am putting together a plan!

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                                        Truck has a tick coming from the valve train its loud on start up but after...

                                        Truck has a tick coming from the valve train its loud on start up but after driving for a few it goes away. I though it was the cam phaser but its coming from the rear. Has livernois cams and rocker braces. And pac racing valve springs. I've had to replace the valve springs once already and I went with the upgraded pac springs.

                                        I'm pretty sure it's not a header leak but I'm gonna use my stethoscope in the morning and make sure.

                                        Truth be told I'm worried the rocker brace may have loosened up and caused slop but I don't think that would just go away as the truck heats up.

                                        So.....any ideas lol

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                                          Hi All need some advice I have a 2014 Raptor SVT 6 2L Crew Cab with pretty...

                                          Hi All. need some advice. I have a 2014 Raptor SVT 6.2L Crew Cab with pretty much all stock engine and components. I'd like to upgrade the exhaust and air intake to add some HP and improve sound. I like the look of the side exit exhaust the comes out in front of the rear tire (not behind it like stock). Also, i am looking for a black setup, either powder coat or ceramic. Any recommendations? I assume i'll need to get it all tuned when done as well. last question: does any manufacturer make this style of exhaust that exits on both sides of the truck, or only passenger side? Thanks in advance.

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                                            Hey Everybody

                                            Hey Everybody,

                                            I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

                                            In case you were wondering... Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale is going on NOW!

                                            Check out:

                                            These our lowest prices of the year. Nobody Beats Our Prices. Guaranteed.

                                            Please like us on Facebook:

                                            and follow us on Instagram:

                                            -Thank you in advance,

                                            The UPP Team

                                            "Remember, don't drive around something that everyone has, make it your own, make it Unique!"

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                                              Photos from Robert Lennox's post

                                              Hi all...several stock items for sale off my 2014 Raptor. Hope it is ok to post here. please message me with questions. thanks

                                              FORD OEM 09-14 F-150 Rear-Bumper Assembly


                                              FORD OEM 10-14 F-150 Front Bumper Assembly


                                              FORD OEM 10-14 F-150 Frame-Front Skid Plate


                                              2014 OEM Ford F-150 SVT Raptor BLACK Tail Light Lamps Pair


                                              2014 OEM Ford F-150 HID Headlights Lamp Assembly- PAIR - Left + Right


                                              I also have a used Rogue Racing 40" radius LED light bar for sale, but not posted on ebay.

                                              Will consider all serious offers. Thanks for reading!

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                                                Photos from Rory Koehler's post

                                                Happy November.!!

                                                We are working very hard here at the shop to get these two New products out!

                                                First we have our signature product

                                                RK Tierods... Priced at unbelievable $599.99 with Free shipping.!!!(These things are serious and high quality, with our exclusive design for not ripping the boot! ;-)...

                                                Next we have our GATE Shifter for the 2010 models.!! (2011+ currently testing!)

                                                Starting at $659.00..!!!

                                                Give us a call, as WE DO IT ALL.!!

                                                Excited about the Polaris acquisition of TAP.!! as we have been with BOTH companies for many years!!


                                                rkms806@gmail.c om

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                                                  Photos from Ryan Faris's post

                                                  I have a brand new set of HD tie rods. Never installed and only taken out of the box for this pic. I ended up going a different direction with the truck so it's time to let these go. Retails for $840.

                                                  I let them go for $600. These will work on stock set ups and upgraded set ups.

                                                  I'm ok with PayPal payment but buyer is responsible for fees and shipping if not a local pick up.

                                                  I'll also have my RPG upper control arms, lightly used for about 4 months available in a week or so that I could make a package deal if anyone is interested.

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                                                    Attachment Unavailable

                                                    2013 Roush Raptor 4,000 miles: Oil Pump Gear Failure!!! Customer said truck shut off after hard acceleration spinning the tires and had a hard time restarting. After a few tries restarting the motor totally seized. Metal shavings in the oil pan. Destroyed the cam and crank journals rendering the entire motor unsalvageable! If only he had TSS billet oil pump gears to prevent this issue! We are getting a new Ford crate engine with 3 year warranty and adding TSS gears to it before install.


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                                                      As a reminder this page was initiated as a place for past present or future...

                                                      As a reminder, this page was initiated as a place for past, present, or future Raptor OWNERS to share ideas, talk Raptor, organize events, and generally shoot the shit based on a common ground. Although the desert sports are predominately associated with the Raptor, this page is NOT for people who just want to discuss putting their rig through the paces. In short, if you don't currently, previously, or plan to eventually own a Raptor--feel free to exodus immediately.

                                                      This comes from a recent swath of people who want to join the group but have no intentions of ever owning a Raptor. With that said, another good opportunity to remind everyone that the mods here are myself and Sarah Grafton

                                                      Now that that's out of the way, what are you FROGers up to tonight? I'm watching American Pickers and sipping some 12 year single batch bourbon...while debating a whipple purchase…

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                                                        Brett Lemenager shared Bullseye Retros's post to the group: Ford Raptor Owners Group.

                                                        Here is my new headlights going on the JOKER raptor.

                                                        I Hooked up Matt and Kristen 3-4 years ago on Veterans Day for his gt500 and he returned the favor. Treat customers as friends you will never know when a favor can be returned. You never know what they may become. Matt Meredith and Kristen Meredith business has taken off like a rocket. Wish them the most success in the future. Our generation is the next group vendors in the world to bring on new and great ideas. Support these guys as they do nothing but care about customer service. They are human as we all are. If something ever were to happen you know damn well these are the guys to take care of you. They run there business like mine and try to make everything right. No matter how long or how much it takes to make it right.

                                                        Thanks guys for the personal touches these are going to look badass on the raptor now.


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                                                          Prerunner and Off Road event. October 7 9 Fallon NV

                                                          Prerunner and Off Road event: October 7-9 Fallon NV.

                                                          Raptor Off-Road Community (R.O.C.) invites you to an off-road desert style jamboree for all makes and models of off road vehicles. ROC Fest is a three day desert off-road festival dedicated to share the experience and adventure around desert running. The event will be hosted in the Dead Camel Mountain area outside Fallon, NV with over 321 miles of mapped trails and one central base / camping location.

                                                          See the website for all the details, camping,


                                                          %d comments

                                                            July 9th 101 Dirt Class

                                                            July 9th 101 Dirt Class

                                                            We came up with the idea of making a "class/workshop" style event where those who have an interest in getting into desert off road runs, but have no experience, can come out and learn some of the basics. These will be day events with a focus on education vs exploring, therefore we will not cover a lot of miles. There will be a 101 and 102 class, which will go over various topics on how to get into dirt trail runs. Classes will be open to any off road capable vehicle. Events will be in the area east of Carson NV.

                                                            [B]Notes: [/B]We are not professionals, we are not certified trainers, and we are not end all be all in knowledge. We are off road enthusiasts sharing our experiences of off roading with the hope of assisting those who want to get into this hobby to have a less intimidating way to learn.

                                                            Sign up for the day here:

                                                            Club Website for Images and other events


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                                                              Hey Raptor owners

                                                              Hey Raptor owners!

                                                              Roughly 10 months ago I fulfilled a three year dream and bought my very own dinosaur. Shortly after and being around a certain forum, I decided there was a need for a page a little more…unique and specific to the community of future and current Raptor owners. So I created this page.

                                                              When I did, I had ideas as big as TX for creative was to make this page stand out and integrate its members. Those ideas are still as prevalent today as they were 10 months ago. And although we only have a little over 400 page members, I'd rather focus on quality and not quantity.

                                                              In the last year, I've realized that my daily job (Federal Law Enforcement) as well as my two side businesses Unique Sound Concepts and Unique Lighting Concepts take up more time than I realized.

                                                              So, because o don't want this vision of this page to fall apart I've decided to bring a fellow Raptor owner and friend a page moderator. Throwing out a thank you to Sarah Grafton for being willing to help put this page on the interactive track it was originally intended.

                                                              (Pic for attention…stolen from Google because it's cool as fuck). Expect some refreshers about the page in the near future. Thanks for the support everyone!

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                                                                So the other day I went down what I thought was a rough dirt rode with some big...

                                                                So the other day I went down what I thought was a rough dirt rode with some big puddles after a rain. After I hit the first puddle I quickly found out that they were about two feet deep or more. Unfortunately after hitting the first one, my front driver side fender flare was popped half off and the plastic liner in inside the wheel well had ripped off of two of the screws holding it in and folded itself up on the tire making horrible noise. I was able to use my fist to pound it back off the tire to get home. However, it still rubs bad when turning right. Anyone know that it is going to cost for one of those new liners? I am also going to have to buy new clips and nylon screws for the fender flare, but shouldn't be a big deal there. thanks

                                                                %d comments

                                                                  Photos from James Alan's post

                                                                  Looking for some Intel from the community. The time has come to Line-X the bed and get a tonneau cover. I live by the beach and beach season is rapidly approaching. So, I need to be able to put all my beach shit in the bed of the truck and leave it there without sticky fingers McAsshat tryna' get off with my goods!!! What liner/tonneau cover combos does everyone like? I'm looking at the Bak-Flip F1 with Line-X premium in the bed. Open to ideas.

                                                                  (Threw in some transformation Tuesday a little early as well)

                                                                  %d comments

                                                                    2012 Raptor

                                                                    2012 FORD SVT RAPTOR

                                                                    57034 miles

                                                                    Luxury package

                                                                    Remote start

                                                                    heated seats

                                                                    Cooled seats

                                                                    Trailer brake controls

                                                                    Dual power seats

                                                                    Black leather with blue trim

                                                                    Sun roof

                                                                    Cold air intake

                                                                    5 star tuned

                                                                    Icon 3.0s front and back adjustable race shocks

                                                                    Glass fenders

                                                                    Painted rear fender flares

                                                                    Method wheels

                                                                    Toyo open country M/T tires 37" 5000 miles on them

                                                                    R1 drilled and slotted rotors & new ceramic pads front and back

                                                                    Stainless works cat delete headers

                                                                    Addictive Desert Design stealth fighter front bumper

                                                                    Rigid industries 20" amber light bar 20" white light bar 2x6" white flood light bars

                                                                    55" flood spot combo white light bar

                                                                    American flag reflective decals in the 6.2, F150, Raptor

                                                                    Spray in bed liner

                                                                    The truck has less then 500 off road miles. She's never been used as she should be

                                                                    %d comments

                                                                      For any of you who happen to be in Northern Nevada over the next few months...

                                                                      For any of you who happen to be in Northern Nevada over the next few months, there are 2 events worth making time for. These are fun family events open to any and all offroad vehicles as a FYI. Stock to modified are welcome as long as you want to have fun and get your truck dirty.

                                                                      First is poker run 3 in April:


                                                                      Second is a trip to see Area 51 in June:


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                                                                        Adam Cook shared a link to the group: Ford Raptor Owners Group.

                                                                        Hello fellow Raptor owners

                                                                        If you are not on FRF and aware, myself and some other Raptor owners took on the task of making a DIY on how to re-build stock Raptor Shocks. We also made a exchange program (listed on FR) to help keep all of us on the road. As not everyone is on the forum I am reaching out to none FRF members so they can be aware of the exchange program and DIY.

                                                                        DIY is listed the exchange link as wall. As this is owner for owners cost is $260 less than FOX direct as a FYI. Happy off roading.

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                                                                          Photos from Calder Guthrie's post

                                                                          Hey guys! After getting more and more requests, I ordered 3 sheets of material for upfitter switch labels. These surround your auxiliary switches and allow you to add a name to each one! The material will be here very soon. I ordered Matte black with Silver lettering, Black with White lettering, and Brushed Aluminum with Black lettering.

                                                                          They are ready to be ordered and will ship out as soon as the material comes in. (2-3 business days)

                                                                 ford-raptor-products/products/auxiliary-switch-lab el

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                                                                            Calling out to fellow Raptor owners Looking for some help to win this car...

                                                                            Calling out to fellow Raptor owners .Looking for some help to win this car photo contest!! Please if you have 2 second .. Click the link and like the photo of my truck! Thank you.. 9jsENAEEIAju6qLsK9t~;YJUv0ORlEeB1teaPcsvrj44oOIALD8rn~_ZN~;DPpsX3~_ES27 L6Nt~;Pc~;tb~;XMPk69hF~_ew~;nHz2sPpR75~;vl57OHsA~_ Rim2H~_WKTe3.bps.a.841790512610572.1073742147.1537 33068082990/841790629277227/?type=3&source=48#!{#l ink:CAh9jsFClozH74yMZX1ObYNAoTSuWel26jy74Eqs#}

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                                                                              Well aint this fucked up

                                                                              Well aint this fucked up>>>>>>>>>...!!

                                                                              Just got off the phone w/ Ford.. here goes my damn rant. Jack Roush will not cover damages are not from their product... Ford wont cover because Jack Roush equipement on vehicle. Ford says Jack covers mods, Jack says no first owner, and 36K only. So Chrysler warranty steps in and says nope aftermarket mods no coverage. voids warranty, and refunding my money. so as of now w/ replacement engine w/ labor its $9750.00. so I call place where I bought truck, and said you sold me a extended warranty that wont cover the damages. what will you do. their comment if the warranty company wont cover this our hands are tied.. so I have a Raptor w/ no engine now. and at least $7K in get by repairs... boys and girls, this means WAR... this from a knock sensor going bad

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                                                                                I have a tendency to be long winded sometimes This will not be one of those...

                                                                                I have a tendency to be long-winded sometimes. This will not be one of those times.

                                                                                If you're offended by nudity, political humor, trash talking, or any variety of other visual Tom-foolery, then GET THE FUCK OUT! I don't care who you are, where you're from, or what you think you're entitled to. I created this page as an outlet (among other things) from the FRF hurt feels and censorship due to sensitivity. No criminal shit, no whining/complaining, nothing about kids, and no dealer ads (unless it's for accessories). Other than that, anything goes.

                                                                                Any questions?

                                                                                Excellent. Have a great Monday!

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                                                                                  Good morning Raptor owners. And happy New year

                                                                                  Good morning, Raptor owners! And happy New year!

                                                                                  Since it's the new year, I'm going to throw a couple reminders out there.

                                                                                  This is NOT an enthusiast page. This is for past, present or future OWNERS. Hence the name.

                                                                                  This is a page that encourages NSFW content. So if you don't like that, leave. Not being an ass and it's not personal. I will not moderate content on this page for the sole purpose of accommodating your 'feels'. If you see something you don't like, please message the original poster. We're all grown ups here (at least we are supposed to be as this is a 21+ page) and that should resolve it. The only two exceptions to this is posting yourself engaged in criminal conduct. Just…don't. Also, anything that is demeaning or degrading to children. That's a fucking no-go in my book. I have not seen either of these happen as of yet, so no issues.

                                                                                  Tried to keep my diatribe short, folks. If you have a suggestion/comment/idea/whatever, feel free to message me or the other two mods here (Travis or Andrew). This is everyone's page and I'd like to think people enjoy the brief interlude from the rat race we call 'life' when they stop by here.

                                                                                  Oh yeah, one more thing. 2016 is here which means the 2nd gen is available this year.

                                                                                  I'll leave that one open for conversation…hahahaha


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                                                                                    Photos from James Alan's post

                                                                                    Anyone have any side hobbies? Admittedly, I like booze. Like…a lot. lol. Anyway, I've saved up about 50 misc bottles over the last couple years. So, I decided to start tinkering around with them. And my first ones are coming out nicely. Raptor related because any money from selling these will be used to finance Raptor or gun shit. Took me a some patience to master drilling glass. And the addition of felt is a nice touch as well. I'm going to try to find some small raptor decals to put on a stripped bottle. That would look cool.

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                                                                                      Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Michael Gallini and Trek Krabill at Off...

                                                                                      Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Michael Gallini and Trek Krabill at Off The Grid Off Road. Once again they went above and beyond for me. I'm extremely impatient and Mike knows it, so as soon as he saw I wanted an ADD Honey Badger bumper he jumped to help me. I posted I wanted one around 2am last night. Here we are about 16 hours later and it's already installed on my truck. That's what you call above and beyond!! Here's a quick shot just before leaving his shop. He had a few other neat Raptors in the shop they were working on too.

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                                                                                        It s a good evening to see what all you nerve rackin sumbitches are up to...

                                                                                        It's a good evening to see what all you nerve-rackin' sumbitches are up to tonight? Who's working on their dinosaur? Ordering parts half tanked (Sarah Grafton) or just chillin? Shout out!

                                                                                        Also, over the last couple of weeks we've picked up a quite a few new members. So, good oppurtunity to throw some introductions out there.

                                                                                        Last, couple weeks back I asked for people to help in nominating people knowlegable In a specific area. I'll re bump that post shortly. Haven't forgotten about it. And for our new folks, me, Travis Higginbottom, and Andrew Villafane are the mods. Although, not quite sure what we moderate. There's not badly any rules. Haha.

                                                                                        Happy holidays!!

                                                                                        (Pic for Christmas spirit and shit)

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                                                                                          Photos from James Alan's post

                                                                                          Word to the wise…if you have mirrors which don't have turn signals incorporated, you do not need to completely take the mirror assembly apart when installing the recon smoked turn signal housing. A flat blade screwdriver with inward pressure on the outermost portion of the turn lens will get them out. I broke a mirror motor trying to take this thing completely apart because the clips were difficult to work with and I wasn't patient. Totally my fault. Just sharing some Intel. Think I can fix it tomorrow with JB weld, but I'm down for tonight. Anyway, they look great installed. Wife got me an early Christmas present!

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                                                                                            Graphics Package

                                                                                            After some serious deliberation, I've decided to stick with an all black look. Nothing wrong with this kit. Opened package, laid decals against truck, and had a change of heart. So, my loss is your gain. Includes hood wrap, bedsides, and ford lettering. $600 shipped. These WILL look cool as hell. Just not for me. Also, if you have a matte black set I would be willing to trade straight across. Set will come with installation tools as sent to me. Got from Josh Yiatras, so the quality is second to none and josh even has installation instructions on his site.

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                                                                                              Hey Raptor owners Past current or future First off I d like to thank Travis...

                                                                                              Hey Raptor owners! (Past, current, or future) First off, I'd like to thank Travis Higginbottom for agreeing to be the first admin on this page (besides me) since its creation. Travis is good fuckin' people and he's here to stay.

                                                                                              Next… So, I'm trying to put a little project of sorts together for this group. I'm looking for nominations in a few categories. If you have someone to nominate (who might know the most about that category) for any of the below categories that are in this group, please comment below by tagging them or just putting their name. If you know someone on FRF who might be a good candidate for one of the categories, invite them over to the group by adding them in the options up top. Lastly, this person would need to be okay with people randomly reaching out to them for help. Here are the categories:

                                                                                              -General raptor knowledge

                                                                                              -Best raptor fabricator

                                                                                              -Raptor engine knowledge

                                                                                              -Raptor aesthetics

                                                                                              -Raptor off-road experience

                                                                                              (This can be sub categorized into jumps, mud, sand/dunes, and all other)

                                                                                              -Raptor electronics (wiring, switches/relays, audio/video, etc.)

                                                                                              Ultimately, is like to put a list together of people who are collectively agreed upon as subject matter experts (of sorts) that I can pin in the pinned post of this page. The reason being, some people have questions that either never get answered directly, get answered with conflicting information, or never get asked due to apprehensions of looking silly. So, a centralized location where someone that has a question about a certain topic and wants to ask someone that not only is willing to answer, but is seemingly qualified to, sounds like a good idea…at least to me it does. I've got other ideas, but I'm starting small.

                                                                                              Names…let's have em'!

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                                                                                                John Haarstad you re the 100th member added to the group As much as I would...

                                                                                                John Haarstad, you're the 100th member added to the group. As much as I would love to offer you something cool, that's not going to happen. However, I will offer a public 'thank you' for coming over! Additionally, I have plans for some FROG gear in the not too distant future. Remind me and I'll send you a shirt out at no cost to you once they are produced!

                                                                                                Thanks to everyone for coming over to a site where dealers are expected to fuck off, hurt feelings are not allowed, and everyone agree that the Reaper and Rebel can suck our collective nut sacks! (Or whatever girl part that's equivalent to for some members.) hahaha

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                                                                                                  Hey guys Share this page with your Raptor friends I ve updated the name and...

                                                                                                  Hey guys! Share this page with your Raptor friends. I've updated the name and description for this page. This will not only be a geographically targeted page. If you have raptor friends, please invite them over. This is not meant to be a replacement for FRF. The idea for this page is to allow people to be as profane as they want, not see ridiculous dealer ads, and minimize posts from those who have no intentions of owning a Raptor and just want to be part of "the club". Lastly, I've made this a closed page so our conversations aren't seen and randomly commented on by outsiders.

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                                                                                                    James Alan updated the description of the group Ford Raptor Owners Group.

                                                                                                    This page is for Raptor owners (and future Raptor owners) to meet, plan and organize events, and share a common interest in a common location.

                                                                                                    This page is intended for those of us across the world to share our passion of the best truck on the road.

                                                                                                    Being a member here requires only one of three things. Either be a previous Raptor owner, a current Raptor owner, or a plan to be a future Raptor owner. This is not an "enthusiast" page. It's for past, present, or future owners to share info/ideas/thoughts about these trucks.

                                                                                                    Basic rules:

                                                                                                    -No minors

                                                                                                    -profanity/NSFW content not only allowed, but encouraged

                                                                                                    -No dealers! Again, no dealers!!

                                                                                                    That's pretty much it. If we have to adjust fire down the road, so be it.

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