Here we go. Decided that if my ranger transmission dies in me I will do a 5

Here we go. Decided that if my ranger transmission dies in me I will do a 5.0 swap. Yep it's been done so many times. But my point of this is transmission talk. I want to keep it a stick shift. That's the main reason I like the truck. I looked it up it said a t5 outta a mustang will work. So that would mean I wouldn't need to cut my floor at all to fit in the shifter and would I have to change the clutch petal at all? And I'm also wanting to have fuel injection. But I want to stick with obd1. And info is nice and yes I've looked it up. I know what I'm getting into kinda.

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That time of year is coming warm weather and my 92 ranger has the r12 a c...

That time of year is coming, warm weather, and my 92 ranger has the r12 a/c system and need a sloppy way to convert to 134a. I see I can buy fitting adaptors, ester oil is the way to go and the 134a refrigerant throw that in the system and I should be good to go, could it really be that easy? I'm not going for super cold I'm going for enough to beat the heat for my 2 mile drive to and from work. And I've done it before in a 92 Buick park Avenue I used to have hook a switch up to a relay so that the compressor is turned on forcefully by me if for some reason the controls don't want to turn it on.

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    1999 Ford Ranger XLT

    Selling my 1999 Ford Ranger XLT. 4.0L V6, automatic transmission, and electronic 4x4 with only 144k miles. Runs and drives great. It has ice cold a/c and hot heat, tilt wheel, cruise control, crank windows, sliding rear window, and a new Pioneer CD player with ipod/aux/usb capability. It also has a factory vinyl/rubber floor which is very easy to clean out. Electronic 4x4 works perfectly. The truck has brand new a/t tires and American Racing wheels. No rust. The truck needs nothing. Asking $4500 obo. Clean title in hand. Located just south of Clarksville, IA.

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      Got a question and need a straight answer. I have a 2003 Ford ranger with a 3

      Got a question and need a straight answer. I have a 2003 Ford ranger with a 3.0 in it. Got copper in oil which tells me it's a spun bearing. Taking it to a local shop to get a low mileage junkyard motor put in it. My vin# has a V as the eighth digit which tells me it's a flex fuel. Track had no flex fuel emblems on it. I put gas in it anyway. Mechanic told me 3.0 out of front wheel drive fords will work. And a non flex fuel 3.0 will work also in my truck. I have read so many different things about it. Will a non flex fuels engine work in my truck even though I put gas in it? And will a 3.0 out of a Ford escape, tauras, etc work in my ranger? Any help is appreciated.

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        Question for the guys with older rangers

        Question for the guys with older rangers....

        I have a 97 xlt 2 wheel drive with the 2.3/5 speed with 164ooo miles.

        My exhaust just fell off the other day on the way home from work. I have a dynomax system coming from amazon, should be here Tuesday.

        My question is... would I gain MPG by hollowing out the cat? I've gained 5 MPG on other 90's fords (92 festival, 97 contour) and of course on 70's and 80's stuff... but since this is an OBD2, would I get the same improvements... or would the computer act stupid?

        No smog checks here.

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          since a rarely active admin removed its getting posted again

          * since a rarely active admin removed, its getting posted again*

          To the admins and moderators of this group;

          Can you please try to have a little more control over who you let in. There is a new member. An older woman. She has been privately proposition men. She sends naked pictures of herself in grotesque poses along with close ups of her genitals. She is offering an iPhone 7 in exchange for sexual favors.

          I am especially upset at this last part because, as it turns out the phone wasn't even an iPhone 7. It was a iPhone 6!!! And it obviously has a virus because it's ridiculously slow and on top of that, the power button sticks

          Dave Stephenson

          Mauricio J. Martinez Molina

          Darren Theuret

          Bryan Gray

          Shawn Blakey

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            Photos from Donovan Peters's post

            1989 Ranger 2.9 95k miles Norman, OK

            I'm selling my 89' Ranger 2.9 v6 with 95k original miles. This truck is pretty much brand new. The interior is in good shape headliner is not torn or damaged. List of parts it's had put on are battery, MAP sensor, oil change, spark plugs, distributor, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injectors, fuel rail, throttle position sensor, alternator, idle air control valve, oxygen sensor, intake manifold gaskets and valve cover gaskets. It's literally like a new truck, it has no warning lamps on. Has almost brand new tires. No noises or clunks whatsoever. Literally the only bad part of the truck is it doesn't have a tailgate (has a cargo net) and the passenger window doesn't work because it needs a window regulator. That's it. Got a few pics of it although it's dirty. I'm waiting for the title to come from tag agency in my name as well as the updated tags. It'll be tagged current. If you have any questions PM or text me (405)201-0812 $2,000 obo.

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              Been chasing my tail try to fix my truck Hard start runs cold rich low power...

              Been chasing my tail try to fix my truck. Hard start runs cold rich low power terrible mpg every once in a while it would clear up but be back to crap once it shut off but would start just fine after the first time changed a lot of parts most were needed anyway but didn't fix the problem. Tonight seen low volts hook up the charger started right up. Wiggled -&+ cable changed everything lights got brighter truck ran a little better aux volt gauge jumped 2 volts. Replacing cables tomorrow 3 years computer scans with no codes driving me crazy all because of a dam cable. Makes perfect sense now. Seen others with same issues hope it helps someone

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                Photos from John Smale's post

                I would like to give someone here a chance at this truck. Either for parts or a fixer upper. Truck need a lot of love. Has what I believe a wiring issue. When you turn the key it won't even crank but if you jump it at the solenoid it will fire up. Truck needs rad support, front spring perches, rear leaf springs and shackles, exhaust, brake work, doors, etc.... Like I said a lot of love. The truck has the 2.9l V6 with 5spd manual shift 4x4 and it all works. I WILL NOT part this truck out. Would like to get $400 for it. Truck is located in allentown, pa and must be towed. Clean title in hand. Pm me for more info.

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                  If you went looking for your name, don't worry I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE. And im not an admin I copied it from someone else's wall... anyway, greetings to all who actually took a moment to read this.

                  LMAO hahahaha

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                    Fort Hood-Army Base

                    I have a 2000 Mazda b4000 4.0 ohv with 5spd trans 3.73 rear and 33s and I'm having some issues with mpg and fuel usage.

                    Ok so I had a vac leak at one point in time for a very long time. It's was coming from the orings under the upper intake manifold. I ended up replacing all the orings and gaskets between the lower intake and the upper intake back in July 2015. It fixed my vac leak or so I thought. I'm not getting any check engine light. But I noticed that since about summer 2016 My mpg has been dropping. It's also gotten worse in the past 6 months. And in the past 2-3 months. I've been havin some issues with accelerating and hesitation. I go to accelerate and I have to drop into a lower gear to go faster cause it jumps and hesitates and I can hear it pop out the exhaust. It didn't do that before.

                    My check engine light is not being set off so This weekend I put a scanner on it to see if anything shows up abnormal. Well when I checked my short and long term fuel trims.

                    My short terms were fine. But my long terms are showing a lean condition. 20%. But not ever hitting 25% so it's not gonna throw a code. My O2 sensors are showing correct voltage and responses.

                    I reset the pcm and I'm still getting the same results except that the long term percentage is

                    Now showing between 18-20.

                    What are y'alls thoughts on this issue? What else could be causing a lean condition? Could it still be a vacuum leak or something different? I do have a vac gauge on the dash. And it shows a normal vacuum reading. It's connected straight to my upper intake.

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                      1993 ford ranger single cab 4 0 4x4 picked the truck up for 250 been sitting...

                      1993 ford ranger single cab 4.0 4x4, picked the truck up for $250....been sitting for 8-10 years. 40k miles.

                      i worked out some of the typical electrical problems like the battery cables to the starter are were toast so replaced them. got the truck to turn over. the trigger wire and the main ground were shot.

                      next i realized that the fuel pump wasnt priming, so i checked power at the fuel pump relay. 12.5vdc

                      the check engine light does come on so i know the computer is not bad.

                      is it easier to pull the bed off then dropping the tank to get to the top of the tank?

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                        So three days ago i started replacing my wheel bearings rotors and brakes on my... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                        So three days ago i started replacing my wheel bearings, rotors and brakes on my 89 ranger. Did the driver side in about 20 minutes. I then preceeded to the passenger side. Everything went smooth untill it was time to pull the rotor off. I grabbed with both hands and started to pull. Nothing, not a budge. I ended up pounding on it for 2.5 hours with a 6 pound beater before i gave up. Tried putting the caliper back on and noticed that the cylinder was cracked, leaking and chipping so i needed a new one. The next day after work ( been working 7, 10s for the past month) i stopped at orileys and home depot. I bought a new caliper, 16lb sledgehammer and 2, 6" cut off wheels. Didn't do anymore work just went to bed. So today after work i spent 3 hours pounding with the sledge and cutting and finally got the sucker off. I don't know how it happened but the inner ring of the outer wheel bearing shrunk and i had to put shallow cuts in it to relieve the pressure and it slid right off. Pics in the comments

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                          Tech question — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                          Tech question...

                          1997 ranger, 2.3/5speed no A/C.

                          Developed a coolant leak today. I'm headed to the junkyard tomorrow after work and I HOPE to find this piece. I suspect this is all part of the T-stat housing, but it's dark and I can hardly see anything without ripping it all apart.

                          The rusty coolant line I have circled in red is spraying coolant. 3 questions on this;

                          1 is it part it the T stat housing/assembly?

                          2 does ford sell this still? Anyone have a p/n?

                          3 does anyone in here happen to have one for sale... close to central Ohio maybe?

                          This is my daily driver. I'd hate to have to slather it with JB weld.

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                            Photos from Kevin Mcgee's post — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                            Along with the usual lean codes bank 1&2, my 98 3.0 Vulcan is being a little pain in the ass. Absolutely no vacuum leak with 18-20 inches of mercury, fuel pressure at the rail is 65 consistently.

                            I've been adding fuel cleaners (chevron Techron 3 bottles a tank). This thing is driving me nuts. And the maf, plugs, wires, coil pack, tps, Are all good. Checked pIDS on fuel and 02, plus temps, maf and the usual.

                            It doesn't need sensors at all, the filters are new, the pump is healthy, no vacuum leak what so ever. No coolant leaks, and head gaskets + manifold/ plenum gaskets are still new-ish.

                            Lean and rich are telling me injectors (since the rest is good. Anyone else have this at 130k?

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                              Ok guys i need some help i have a 94 ranger 4 0 automatic ive replaced the... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                              Ok guys i need some help i have a 94 ranger 4.0 automatic ive replaced the fuel pump and the cam position sensor and alternator my problem is i can start it up drive it a mile and it shut down doesnt buck doesnt spit and sputter just shut off it has power to everything but it seems like somthing is getting hot and shuts the truck down i can not figure out what the hell it is and its driving me nuts bc all i can do is ride my bike anyone have any idea what the hell it is i even checked the coolant and the coolant looks perfect and full

                              %d comments

                                Photos from Darrell Dyson's post — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                Here is my progress so far on RAVAGE, my 300 horse power 2000 Ford Ranger.

                                Well with busting my knuckles more than a few times.more cuss words than I like to admit. Walki,g away from it and saying I'm done. It is actually getting close. Had to order a different slip yoke today for the drive shaft.still trying to figure out how the heck headers are going to fit in such a tight spot. Also have to change the angle of the air intake. Its right in the path of the oil filler kneck. But it is so close.Hoping for the next 2 weeks to fire it up. Yeah 2 weeks. Don't laugh. I'm old......

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                                  Ok I have a question I have a 1990 ranger with the 2 9 5 speed 4x4 When I... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                  Ok I have a question. I have a 1990 ranger with the 2.9 5 speed 4x4. When I turn the key all the lights come on as should but it won't start. Not even crank. However if I take a screw driver to the starter solenoid it cranks and starts right up. I have replaced the starter, solenoid, ignition cylinder and ignition switch. What could it be??? It's probably something simple I'm over looking but at this point I'm stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                  %d comments

                                    OK So I m Having problem in the mornings and when I park for a while than I... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                    OK So I'm Having problem in the mornings and when I park for a while than I have to push the gas pedal to get it to start which it starts just fine drives but loses power and develops a stumble if I floor it for like 1-2 seconds while its doing it it will run fine than 10 seconds later its like its got half power than normal keep repeating it till its warm and once its warm it runs nice and smooth as it should. Has new fuel pump and filter as of last week and runs good when hot! Check engine light is on 3 codes one for Rich and one for lean condition and 1for the egr I'm thinking its my egr but wanted to kinda be sure before I go throwing cash when it may just be something stupid so kinda hoping for some opinions on it. 2000 ranger 3.0 4x4 pic of my poor truck having fuel tank dropped cleaned fuel filter and fuel pump.

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                                      I m thinking about buying a 2000 Ranger It s in pretty good shape minus power... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                      I'm thinking about buying a 2000 Ranger. It's in pretty good shape minus power locks and the drivers side back door not opening. But the dude said it has a blown head gasket because he's seen white smoke/water coming from exhaust. He told me it's like $1000 to fix at a shop. Is that true? Should I be skeptical that there's more wrong with the engine if that's the case?

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                                        How s the trannys on these rangers Mine is a 2000 ranger xlt 3 0 I keep... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                        How's the trannys on these rangers? Mine is a 2000 ranger xlt 3.0 I keep reading these trannys are problematic mine has 127k miles on it and it works as it should. But what are the common things on these and what usually needs done? My fluid is a nice red color which is good cause I just got this a month ago maybe? Just wanna keep it going for a good while.

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                                          Photos from Tristen Versluis's post — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                          Curious. What would you guys pay for something like this in all honesty?

                                          1993, clean title, 116k miles, 5 speed manual, 2wd, long bed. Runs great

                                          New- clutch, pressure plate, master cylinder, pilot bearing, thermostat, water pump, semi new studded snow tires.

                                          Cons- head liner is aged, interior is kind of stained so it needs cleaned. Speakers and radio kinda suck due to age. Tail gate is beat, few dents on the driver side bed. Need honest opinions.

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                                            Definition of Tools — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                            Definition of Tools:

                                            DRILL PRESS:

                                            A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get to it.

                                            WIRE WHEEL:

                                            Cleans paint off bolts and then throws them somewhere under the workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprints and hard-earned calluses from fingers in about the time it takes you to say, 'Oh Sh--!'

                                            SKIL SAW:

                                            A portable cutting tool used to make studs too short.


                                            Used to round off bolt heads. Sometimes used in the creation of blood-blisters.

                                            BELT SANDER:

                                            An electric sanding tool commonly used to convert minor touch-up jobs into major refinishing jobs.


                                            One of a family of cutting tools built on the ouija board principle... It transforms human energy into a crooked, unpredictable motion, and the more you attempt to influence its course, the more dismal your future becomes.


                                            Generally used after pliers to completely round off bolt heads. If nothing else is available, they can also be used to transfer intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.

                                            OXYACETYLENE TORCH:

                                            Used almost entirely for lighting various flammable objects in your shop on fire. Also handy for igniting the grease inside the wheel hub out of which you want to remove a bearing race.

                                            TABLE SAW:

                                            A large stationary power tool commonly used to launch wood projectiles For testing wall integrity.

                                            HYDRAULIC FLOOR JACK:

                                            Used for lowering an automobile to the ground after you have installed your new brake shoes, trapping the jack handle firmly under the bumper.

                                            BAND SAW:

                                            A large stationary power saw primarily used by most shops to cut good aluminum sheet into smaller pieces that more easily fit into the trash can after you cut on the inside of the line instead of the outside edge.

                                            TWO-TON ENGINE HOIST:

                                            A tool for testing the maximum tensile strength of everything you forgot to disconnect.

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                                              I have a MAF signal question for a 1994 Ranger 4. 0L Autotragic — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                              I have a MAF signal question for a 1994 Ranger 4.0L Autotragic.

                                              On pins 14 & 15 for the ECM, there is MAF "D" and MAF Return "C". I am getting 0 volts with intermittent spikes of .2-.6 volts while running between "C" and "D", this I've narrowed down to be the problem.

                                              My question is about MAF "D". Does there need to be a complete circuit (i.e. the sensor itself functioning properly) for there to be a voltage - or does "D" sorta work like a constant reference voltage? The voltage there is similar, 0v with jumps, but I would have a clearer window if I could find my analog meter.

                                              My codes are KOEO 111 (OK), CM 157 (MAF low voltage), KOER 998 (resolve KOEO) & 157 (MAF low voltage).

                                              12v is present at "A" and direct short to negative terminal at "B" as it should be. It seems my wiring is at fault or my ECM went to lunch, but I wanted to rule out the possibility that maybe the sensor not completing the circuit could be the cause.

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                                                Can someone help me indentify what is broken with a part number I can t find... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                Can someone help me indentify what is broken with a part number? I can't find any part that looks even remotely close to that. I know it's the power steering but can't get a part for it. It's a 00 ranger xlt 4x4 with a 3.0. Had truck going down road when it devolped a very bad death wobble feeling pulled over and found this. You can see where it split under the ps line.

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                                                  Here s the deal I have an 02 ranger 3 0 2 wheel drive nice solid truck a... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                  Here's the deal.. I have an 02 ranger 3.0 2 wheel drive nice solid truck a bought about 4 months ago for 150 bucks from a good friend of mine. Now when. Your on the gas going down the road she runs absolutely perfect doesn't miss a beat but then when it idles down at a light or stop sign it idles rough almost misses the. You give we a little gas in neutral and it will idle fine for a minute then go back to be rough. I've changed plugs wires the air filter always fresh oil. Just not really sure what it is. Any ideas?

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                                                    Photos from Bryan Gray's post — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                    Don't want to sell and on the fence but may have to saddly. I have a 1983 Ford Ranger with a 5.0 swap with an np435, d30 SAS with Ironman long arms, 63 inch chevy rear leaves on 32s and much more. I did all the work myself over the years and have a build thread link to everything I've done. It is topped with an FiTech bolt on efi with only 100 miles on it. Also has new front brakes and rotors with only 100 miles. This was my first vehicle and I just don't have time to have fun with her anymore. It isn't one color but body work is always last on something you build. Have only been offroading a couple times but was nothing extreme. If interested in can get you a link to my build thread. I'm looking for $3000obo. It is street legal. Located in lafayette Indiana. Pm me for more details on her and more pictures.

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                                                      Photos from Rockel Winchester's post — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                      This is my 4th baby, Lucy she's called and despite appearances i still haven't seen(and here comes a lil bit of the list) any 3series Merc, Beemer(not the twin turbo ones thou), old GT Stangs, etc.. even stay a car behind me. 3.0 Vulcan with 150shot, 600cc inyectors, ported everything, stock exhaust but resonator and catalytic delete, and tuned... discuss haters :) ouh and thats with out the Giovanna "20's

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                                                        Does anyone know why the front main section of the oil pan gasket would blow... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                        Does anyone know why the front main section of the oil pan gasket would blow out of a 3.0l? Was helping my friend fix his very neglected cooling system on his 00 3.0l and replacing the engine circulation bypass fitting or whatever it's called. Had him drive it around to get the radiator flush through everything and that vapor locked then at some point the front u section of the oil pan gasket pushed itself out.

                                                        Could it be just loose oil pan bolts or is there something worse that cause a massive pressure increase in the crankcase?

                                                        Pfa to show what I'm dealing with ha

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                                                          Potentially looking at an 03 B4000 I m good friends with the person that owns... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                          Potentially looking at an '03 B4000, I'm good friends with the person that owns it. He has kept up with all the maintenance and just recently had the tires, clutch, and flywheel replaced. That I know of, it doesn't have any issues. Right now I drive a '98 Ranger 3.0, she's been nothing but good to me and has served me well. I'm just thinking about "upgrading" because of a bigger towing capacity and it being a newer model, the four doors are a plus too. So I guess my biggest question is will I see that much of a difference in power between the 3.0 and the 4.0? What kind of mileage would it get? Just curious as I've never owned a 4.0, I've had two previous 3.0's and they were just as good as this one has been.

                                                          %d comments

                                                            Hoping someone has had the issue I m having. My reverse doesn t work in 4x4 low — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                            Hoping someone has had the issue I'm having. My reverse doesn't work in 4x4 low. It works fine in 2wd and 4x4 high only 4x4 low doesn't work it kinda sounds like it's not fully engaging in low. 4x4 low will go towards just fine however when it goes into reverse it makes some grinding noises and free revs like it's in neutral. It made some bad popping when I got stuck today and tryed going in reverse in low gear it worked than made a couple popping sounds and now no more reverse in 4low. 4 low goes foward fine. 4x4 high goes foward and reverse fine as does 2wd. Any ideas anybody? It's a 00 ranger xlt with a 3.0 it's lifted and on 35s.

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                                                              What is everyone getting for fuel mileage with the newer 4 0s My 11 seems to... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                              What is everyone getting for fuel mileage with the newer 4.0s? My 11 seems to be getting right at 300 miles a tank. Bone stock. With 255s. This weekend it is getting a full exhaust, headers back, magnaflow high flow cats, and black widow mufflers, throttle body spacer, cold air intake, and this sct tuner. See how much that helps before I jump up a tire size.

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                                                                Ok need a lil help here 03 4 0l sohc a few days ago we got our first snowfall... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                                Ok, need a lil help here, 03 4.0l sohc, a few days ago we got our first snowfall of the season, temps in the teens, I started my truck and got a CEL and O/D off light, today started my truck and got a CEL but ran fine and drove 5 miles to a gas station where I noticed something smelled like it was burning, so I went back home and checked the coolant and the transmission fluid and when I checked the oil, it smelled slightly like gas, I had just got the oil changed, the truck ran fine and still runs fine, but ever since it snowed I have a CEL and something smells like it's on fire. My question is, what could be wrong with it, and is it safe to drive, I HAVE to use it tonight

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                                                                  OK so doing an inquiry here i can possibly get a 96 2 3 5 speed for dirt cheap... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                                  OK, so doing an inquiry here, i can possibly get a 96 2.3 5 speed, for dirt cheap, problem is, it was overheated so I assume the heads toast. Runs like shit apperently, but what kind of mods would be needed to turbo it, I assume pistons, rods (maybe, I've read the stock ones are fine for street builds 95+), injectors, turbo, piping, header, tune, intercooler, what else? My goal is to achieve 15-25 pounds of boost. No power goals really, maybe 200+ hp. Still maintain daily driveability tho also.

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                                                                    Okay guys I know I asked a similar question not to long ago but things have... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                                    Okay guys, I know I asked a similar question not to long ago, but things have changed. Just got given to me a almost new set of 285/75/16s. Dad bought a half ton Chevy with them on it and didn't life the road noise so he gave them to me. Will they fit on my 11 if I crank the bars a little? Has 255s on it now stock and I have plenty of room.

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                                                                      Hey guys I m in need of some advise and knowledge I m looking at a 03 Level II... — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)

                                                                      Hey guys, I'm in need of some advise and knowledge. I'm looking at a 03 Level II, twin stick. The owner says she was told the truck needs a new transfer case, because it will not stay in 4High, but will work in 4 Low. She states "it gets kicked out of 4H" I'm assuming the shifter kicks itself out. My main question is, can I take the case apart, and replace the internals with an electronic 1354 case (keeping the manual gear change portion) and it work, or does it need a whole new case? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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                                                                        Hey — Ford Ranger Enthusiasts (or Ranger based vehicles)


                                                                        I don't know what kind of music most of you guys are into, but I recently heard a Florida Georgia Line hit that goes "may we all get to grow up in our red white and blue little town, get a won't start hand me down Ford to try to fix up" and then "slow rolling with the top off the back of a Bronco".

                                                                        I was thinking if anyone else knows any good songs that mention Ford trucks (or specifically Rangers).

                                                                        Colt Ford' - Saddle Up

                                                                        "...We ride Fords with lift kits..."

                                                                        Bruce Springsteen - One Step Up

                                                                        "...Went out and hopped in my old ford

                                                                        Hit the engine but she aint turnin."

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