Photos from Gary Lee Deaton Jr.'s post

Up for grabs 1953 F100 project truck ....Repeat project truck, i have had this truck 20 some years, alot of money invested in it ,serious inquiries only please, im going to price at $6500 just from some i have seen ,i have over $8500 in it.....

Some of the parts...

Nos grill

Stainless front bumper

All new rubber seals for doors and windows

New plastic gas tank

New fiberglass hood, front fenders are also fiberglass

New oak bed flooring and stainless strips

New flat and smooth inner fenders

Other odd and ends

Have 2 frames ,the original and one with Plymouth Volare front much to list, can get better pics

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Photos from Chad Hale's post

Wheels fit a dodge ram or f150 96 or older make offer or possable trade wheels are 10" wide 15" tires go on them

90's model ford explorer calipers brand new have never been installed might work for rangers or sports track i gave $45 each for them theres 2 rear ones and drivers front one there for a 4wd might trade make offer

Ford ranger V6 automatic running and driving ready to go lwb 2wd possable trade looking for a 67-72 ford truck 2wd

I have a 302 in a van with a good aod automatic trans can hear run van has 208 thousand on it one owner the price is 800 and u pull it it includes everything from the fan to the driveshaft MOTOR AND TRANS ONLY WHOLE VAN THE PRICE IS $1500 ITS BEEN. WREACKED

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    54 Ford Victoria Coupe

    First of all,I want to thank you for this ad. I want to be honest with you. This car has two body mounts that need repaired.the transmission needs to have linkage adjusted. Which I'm currently trying to find someone to do the work,that I can trust.It has a 302 from a 94 f150. And the trany from a 66 mustang. C-4. automatic on the floor new edelbrok carb and intake new aluminum radiator and electric fan power windows and seats CD player, New aluminum dual exhaust .It also needs front tires, the trunk is stuck shut, but is clean dry and solid. The floor is solid except for the two body mounts. It needs a little TLC.i recently had it appraised from a reputable car collecter.for high book is $11,700 low book $10,000.i just don't have the money to do the things it I'm willing to take a good and fair offer. I might take Partial trades​.Cash is King.

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      Sorry for all the posts everyone just perplexed with a few issues left on this...

      Sorry for all the posts everyone, just perplexed with a few issues left on this 2007 Explorer. I am experiencing pretty bad gas mileage, and I have a bit of a rough idle when at a stop, it's more like low idle really. When the A/C or Defrost is running it becomes more prevalent.

      Here is what I have done:

      New plugs, new wires, new fuel filter, also ran injector cleaner through on two tanks of gas. I have checked and cleaned the MAF sensor, I have also cleaned the throttle body. I have relearned the PCM and there is no IAC on this make/model. 125k miles, 2007 explorer. Any thoughts? There are NO codes or pending codes that I can see.

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        Photos from Kevin Manzitto's post

        Posting for a friend.

        1970 F-250 High Boy

        I have a 70 F250 high boy running driving project truck up for sale this truck was the original shop truck for Falstaff Brewing co. in Omaha Ne. (I have the original title.)

        It has a 360 in it that has about 50psi oil when running, just rebuilt the carb, changed the oil, filled all the fluids, new brakes all the way around, new rubber lines, new steel where needed, new grease seals for bearings, and all shoes and hardware, new starter, new alternator, new clutch pressure plate and throw out bearing, newer battery, and I am sure I am forgetting some stuff. This truck will be a project truck for a rebuild or a good parts truck for another build. It has the dana 44`s with closed knuckle front low pinion in divorced transfer case and a 4 speed. It has no power brakes or steering. $3000 OBO

        If you want to see the truck or call 402-689-9118 Thanks Troy

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          Question front left tire area I am having some vibration I have a 2007 4x4...

          Question, front left tire area I am having some vibration. I have a 2007 4x4 Explorer. When I accelerate from a stop I get a vibration I can feel all the way up through the steering column. If I let off the gas and immediately accelerate again it goes away, until I start from a low speed and accelerate again. Even once it goes away I do feel a bit of a rough ride coming from there too, but the most noticeable thing is the vibration. Did this with the set of tires I had before and still doing it with the new ones I got yesterday. Shop didn't feel any play in my hub assemblies and all the boots look good. Thoughts?

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            54 Ford Victoria Coupe

            After having my 54 appraised ,I had to adjust the price a bit, sorry.That is the appraisal $11,700 . Wow the extra work I done on it paid off. Coarse No reasonable offer refused 302 automatic on the floor new edelbrok carb and aluminum radiator and electric fan power windows and seats CD player .Will trade for what you got? Partial trade or best offer. It has a newly rebuilt this car has mint condition fender skirts no reasonable offer refused. PM me for more details or call 419-357-6697

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              Need some experienced advice on my wife s 2 8L 84 bronco2 mainly for the c5...

              Need some experienced advice on my wife's 2.8L 84 bronco2 mainly for the c5 trans it did something wonky on me last time we were wheeling... it was in water (I have a video I can send to your phone) and as I was trying to crawl out of the pond I lost all forward gears and had to reverse all the way back out and 1/4 mile back to the house.... no water in trans fluid.... perfect level of fluid... waited 8 hours and it went back to working but every mile or so it would seem like it was binding up/locking up in 3rd gear like I was applying the brakes but a simple downshift to 2nd for about 10 seconds would remedy the situation for another mile or two.... what's your thoughts?

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                Hey Ford Fans I have a 79 Ford F100 Custom 302 cid 5 0L with a 3 on the tree...

                Hey Ford Fans. I have a 79 Ford F100 Custom, 302 cid 5.0L with a 3 on the tree, I have spent 2 years now rebuilding it. I needed a truck with an EIGHT ft. bed. These new sissy trucks with their 4 to 6.5 ft beds are nothing more than big blown up cars with an open trunk, in my opinion. Anyway, my problem is that when I sent my truck off to get sand blasted, the work was half done because the guy doing it lost his shop. He brought back my truck with what work he did do with it but, he forgot to bring back all of the other pieces. LMC has most of the parts I need but they don't carry the transmission support. The salvage yards around here don't carry anything that old. I need the tranny brace so I can put in the transmission. Does any body know where I can get one? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks for your time.

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                  Kyle Bushner shared a link to the group: FORD OWNERS ONLY.

                  Happy New Year! Just a quick shout out to all current or soon to be Ford owners...we are starting the new year off with a bang!!

                  We are having a 25% off Sale on our eBay store until the end of the month! Please support us by liking & sharing our Facebook page to see upcoming sales, updates, customer installs, contests and more!

                  eBay store:


                  We offer the lightest & most effective thermal sound deadener in the world as a Top Rated Seller with 1300+ 100% positive feedback on eBay. Our car insulation is extremely affordable & very effective at controlling heat, sound, & moisture. It's also extremely light-weight, non-toxic, & made in the USA!

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                    Troy Leming shared his post to the group: FORD OWNERS ONLY. — FORD OWNERS Forum

                    GRILLS & GRILL PIECES FOR SALE!!! 606-541-0193

                    I've been collecting these 70-71 Torino Cobra, 70 Fairlane, 70 1/2 Falcon, and 70-71 base model Torino, Ranchero, and Wagon grills and grill pieces for several YEARS and it's about time to start selling some of them off...I have several more grills and grill pieces not seen in these pictures!

                    I have standard 70 Torino grills, Hideaways, and 71 split grills all FOR SALE so if you know of a Torino owner looking, feel free to pass along my contact information!

                    I will be working on them some in the next few weeks and listing on various sites including Ebay! My seller ID is torinocobra429scj

                    I am located in Mt Carmel KY and I ship parts worldwide! I take PayPal, Money Orders, and of course cold, hard CASH :) If you have questions or would like to see more pictures of specific parts, I DO NOT quote my prices on Facebook so please send me a private message here or text / call me at 606-541-0193

                    Thanks for looking...

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                      Troy Leming shared his post to the group: FORD OWNERS ONLY. — FORD OWNERS Forum

                      For anyone looking to sell or trade your 70 Fairlane, 70 1/2 Falcon, or 70-71 Torino, Ranchero, or Wagon PARTS I have a few things I'm looking for on my personal cars in these pictures! I would even trade a parts car or two for the right pieces I'm looking for... Several of these cars in the pic are for sale or I'm parting out right now!

                      Private message me on here or call / text me at 606-541-0193 so we can discuss what I'm looking for...I don't answer price questions on Facebook as there are too many people who are competing on these parts sales now...If we aren't already friends on Facebook please add me if you would. If I don't have the part you need I have several guys on my Torino page that might be able to help! Here is the link to my page for the 70-71 models...You will need to be friends with me and have an interest in Torinos to join this page. It's my way of keeping spamming off the page and has worked great for over 2 years! Most of the people on the page are actual owners too...


                      I sometimes buy bulk collections of parts and may be interested in what you have or taking a parts car or three off you hands! I'm located in Mt Carmel KY but WILL travel delivering and picking up parts and cars :) 606-541-0193

                      Please feel free to share!!!

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                        Photos from Doug McQuillin's post — FORD OWNERS Forum

                        TOPLOADER for sale.

                        Tag ID RUG BF1 1972 Fairlane

                        This is in excellent condition. Has under 10,000 klms (6200 miles) on it and have NEVER seen winter driving do I know? Originally from Australia. I bought a car from Sydney and was told tranny was rebuilt with less than 1000k on it...... took it to a friends shop and he confirmed it was a very fresh rebuild. I gave the outside a repaint to proper color as I did a frame off resto. Trans is still in the car and Im selling as Im swapping to 5 speed and doing a big gear change in the rear. This trans has NOT been beat on. (current rear gears kept things boring) Shifts perfect and NO NOISE !!!!

                        Bellhousing is not included and neither is the shifter as that is from an Aussie car anyways. $1500 CDN located in Niagara Falls. Can ship in a custom built wood box.

                        The last pic shows how clean everything still is, and I've never washed the underside

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                          Troy Leming shared his post to the group: FORD OWNERS ONLY. — FORD OWNERS Forum

                          70 Fairlane, 70 1/2 Falcon, 70-71 Torino, Ranchero, and Wagon PARTS for sale!!! I will also be looking to sell parts cars as rollers in the next few weeks...

                          I am located in Mt Carmel KY and can be reached anytime for questions or more detailed pictures at 606-541-0193! I don't quote prices on Facebook so if you see something you're interested in, be sure to call or text me...Feel free to pass my contact information along to any 70-71 owners that might be looking for parts or interested in trading or selling parts!!! I've been parting these cars out since 1988 and have had over 50 of them and about any model you can think of...

                          I'm currently parting out a 70 Fairlane, 70 Ranchero Squire, 70 Torino GT Convertible, 70 Torino GT, and 71 Torino 500 Station Wagon with TONS of other parts already off and ready for sale...If you don't see it in these pics be sure to ask to see if I have it!

                          Here is another link to an album with many of my parts pics in it:


                          Thanks for looking! 606-541-0193 - Feel free to share this post!!!

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                            Looking to sell my ranger for an f150 something that i can daily and still gets... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                            Looking to sell my ranger for an f150, something that i can daily and still gets decent MPG. I was thinking an early model 4.6 4wd, preferably stick but auto isn't a dealbreaker. Mostly something cheap for like 2 grand or so that will run and do alright for a couple years while i build up some income with a trucking company. So I'm just wondering what everyone's experiences are with these trucks with these engines, like 97-03 or so.

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                              My Dad bought this 1973 Ford truck new and it still serves our family well — FORD OWNERS Forum

                              My Dad bought this 1973 Ford truck new, and it still serves our family well. He used to pull a Camper Trailer with it. He put his personal touches on it over the years like the Mustang emblems on the fenders, Driving lights, and a Hood ornament. He took the factory bed rails off and installed a Camper shell in `73.

                              It was also up-graded to a 400 ci big block engine, C6 transmission to better pull his Camper. Dad passed away in 2013, but the memories we have with this old truck lives on. He Named it "Whitey Ford" when he bought it.

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                                Photos from Phil McClain II's post — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                Remember the 1970 F100 I dug up out the ground & brought 7 months ago? Update; Hood, air filter, carburetor, valve covers, radiator, water pump, belts, plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, wires, distributor cap etc, tranny flush, rear gear flush, some used tires & a few adjustments. We now have a healthy 351 Cleavland. It's pretty quick too! Smash the gas & it roasts the tires through 2nd... Next, a brand new exhaust. Then wheels & tires. We are going to begin exterior work around spring, then paint last. Update follows in the next 6/7 months (Stay focused on your projects, just do a little at a time then watch as they come to life)

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                                  Just throwing this out there and maybe some one will want to trade I have a set... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                  Just throwing this out there and maybe some one will want to trade I have a set of visors a rear view mirror and headliner trim to a 67 f series and a horn ring. My truck is a 69 f250 and I got them thinking they would work and they would if I drilled new holes. But I would like to just year year correct. My proposition is my headliner trim visors rear view mirror and horn ring for your 69 headliner trim visors rear view mirror and all 4 radio knobs. It is dark and the doors are iced shut but tomorrow I can get pictures of my stuff.

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                                    Photos from Raymond Tomlinson's post — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                    I need help. I have a 79 f150 having wiring issue.when I use my head lights the driver side front turn light and passager side rear also does not work but when lights are off they work .any ideas would be helpful and I also have found a few wires I am not sure about at the rear of the truck . The pics are of the wires I found have no idea what they are for one is a red/black and the other is blue/black and has a thing that looks to be a wire plug

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                                      Troy Leming shared his post to the group: FORD OWNERS ONLY. — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                      Just worked out a deal on a new parts car in St Louis that I'll be picking up next weekend! Lisa and I will leave her place Friday afternoon and stay somewhere downtown St Louis that night and then pick it up early Saturday morning and be on our way back...Looking to make a few side deals on the way if anyone is looking for large or fragile parts I can deliver? I deal in parts for 70 Fairlanes, 70 1/2 Falcons, and 70-71 Torinos, Rancheros, and Wagons only (Those 2 years ONLY) Hoods, doors, fenders, grills, glass, consoles, transmissions, etc...Reach me anytime this week at 606-541-0193 for parts availability and pricing! I also have a couple of vehicles I will sell as rollers if we could work out a deal...

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                                        Ryan Edwards shared a link to the group: FORD OWNERS ONLY. — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                        The facelifted 2018 f-150 has been unveiled ahead of the Detroit Auto Show. The new engines include a 3.3l v6 base engine and new 3.0l v6 power stroke diesel engine. The 2.7l ecoboost will be on its second generation engine and the 5.0l v8 was updated. The 3.5l ecoboost will carryover. All engines will receive the 10 speed automatic transmission.

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                                          Photos from Justin Riley's post — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                          1985 f350 bull nose ford. 460 v8 385 series 4speed 4 door dually truck. Considering selling trading parting out.....what do you guys think?

                                          Located in Middle TN. Clean title. New tires new brakes. New plugs wires and distributor. JUMPED zero rust other than the hood. Low mile truck. Very straight body. Few scratches on the fenders. But no cracks.

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                                            Today was fun my truck is getting towed home Me and Michael Christian Scott... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                            Today was "fun"... my truck is getting towed home. Me and Michael Christian Scott tried to fix it but i believe we replaced the wrong part. I turn the key, have electrical, but when turned all the way, just a click then gone. All wires tested fine battery has power, and ignition switch does work. I was told to try replacing starter. Didnt help. The only thing i am unsure of is the solenoid switch. Help please? Also: 91 f150 5.0 efi

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                                              Hi guys happy new year — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                              Hi guys, happy new year!

                                              Just a query I'm hoping someone can shed some light on!

                                              I have a Focus, 2007 (57) and the light on the dash where the mileage is is always on constantly when I leave the car, it's on all night and day.

                                              I always thought this was a bit unusual and last night looked through the window of another Focus and theirs was not on.

                                              In terms of battery drain, this was tested when car was locked etc and apparently is no more than what the car should be with its alarm armed etc so it's not a battery drainer really.

                                              It's just really really annoying.

                                              Any ideas?


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                                                Goodness it s been a minute since I ve been on here I m still alive and... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                Goodness it's been a minute since I've been on here. I'm still alive and kicking, going through motions. I'll be back home Thursday and ready to get back to as normal as possible!!!! In the mean time (because I won't be able to reply right away lol damn service) ROLL CALL!!!! Currently in my home town of shelton Washington but live in La Pine Oregon!

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                                                  Save m Sunday — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                  Save'm Sunday

                                                  Luke 2:1-20

                                                  In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3 And everyone went to their own town to register.4 So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. 5 He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. 6 While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a Son. She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”Luke 2:13-15

                                                  13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

                                                  14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,

                                                  and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

                                                  15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”16 So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. 17 When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, 18 and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. 19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20 The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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                                                    I d like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers At 1255am Pacific... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                    I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. At 1255am Pacific Time, heaven gained another angel. My father in law was one of the most caring, respectful, loving men I could ever ask for the last 13 years. I ask for continued prayers and thoughts as we begin the healing process. I will continue to be slow during this time.

                                                    Thank you-


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                                                      Got a 2000 expedition 5. 4 here s the deal — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                      Got a 2000 expedition 5.4 here's the deal.

                                                      Ok so MY tps reads a max value of 92.3 wot and a min value of 19.6 idle. Should I be able to get 100 at wot or not? I've got a lean code bank 1 and I can't find any leaks I've swapped the dpfe and maf for tested/known good parts. I really am stumped on this lean misfire I'm having. On highway 50% to wot I have no miss or hesitation so I don't think it's fuel pump. Maybe injectors? What do you guys think?

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                                                        Following this Chevy due to a detour because of a wreck you know you re raising... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                        Following this Chevy due to a detour because of a wreck, you know you're raising the kids right when you hear this from the back seats

                                                        Tommy (15yrs old) look mom it's a shitty

                                                        Devon (15 yrs old) I'm waiting for it to break down

                                                        Kadin (11yrs old) mom you got the tow chain right?

                                                        Trenton (9 yrs old) I'm waiting for a tire to fly off

                                                        Dakota (6 yrs old) mom did you bring tools?

                                                        I love that my kids are so enthused over Ford! Nightly humor (feel free to share) be safe everyone. Only 4 and a half hours left of the trip to go for me!


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                                                          Good afternoon everyone How s everyone s day Mine has been mixed First let... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                          Good afternoon everyone! How's everyone's day?? Mine has been mixed. First let me update on the Excursion:

                                                          Went and test drove her today and she's alive! Very loud, but very alive! Waiting for the pipe to be welded on and she'll be good as new. So that's a huge bonus.

                                                          BUT in a turn of my truck being done, I'm hitting the road this afternoon for Washington. A week ago I asked for positive thoughts, prayers, juju, whatever it is y'all believe in. I'm again asking for the same thing. It's 5 steps forward, 10 steps back for the family member. I'll be off line for an unknown amount of time. So please if there are any issues contact one of the other admins. Or if you're lucky enough and have my number, shoot me a text.


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                                                            Photos from James Gawthrop's post — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                            I'm offering for sale my baby so I can catch up on bills for my wife's cancer treatment so please don't try offering some low figure. 1997 Lincoln Town Car Executive edition with only 100250 miles, I'm the second owner and bought it with 78k miles on it a few yrs ago. Runs and drives great, Clean interior and ready to drive home with a clean GA title in hand. I have seen these cars listed on eBay for 4000+ so it should go quick, CALL/TEXT PLS for any info 423-413-3438 and I'm located in Lafayette, GA 30728 PRICED AT 3,000 cash please

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                                                              We do have a bunch of new members So if a problem should arise before it... — FORD OWNERS Forum

                                                              We do have a bunch of new members. So if a problem should arise, before it escalates, please contact an admin. They can be found in the pinned post, under the members>admins tab, or simply click on a name to message one of us.

                                                              Nick K Phillips

                                                              Mike Stotts

                                                              Bryan Wishon

                                                              John Rodgers

                                                              E.j. Swan

                                                              Michael Dowdy

                                                              Bryant Havenstrite

                                                              Thank you to everyone, past and present, for making this such an amazing group!


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