Further to Joe s question about our holidays I am remembering our mam giving us...

Further to Joe's question about our holidays, I am remembering our mam giving us the bus fare to go to Seaburn on a few occasions. We had to walk from Pennywell to Grindon Lane, I think, where we got a bus right to the Seaburn terminus on the seafront. We would have a bit time on the sands then go into the fair where we would put all our money, including the bus fare home into the penny falls machines. We never won of course and we had to walk all the way home to Prestbury Road. Never told Mam we had walked home. We did that many a time in the 6 weeks and would say we, the sisters, would be about 10,9 and 7 with friends about the same age. Maybe a year older but how scarey does it sound now. Oh happy days.........,

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I was thinking about how we moan about health and safety issues now and I got...

I was thinking about how we moan about health and safety issues now and I got to thinking about an incident that happened when I went to Diamond Hall school. Some of you may remember! Workmen were repairing the school yard with Tarmac. We, of course, were still allowed to play out at playtime. They had a coke burner on which to melt the tar. A young boy named Nigel (I do remember his second name but didn't want to post it on here) was running around and he tripped and fell over the coke burner. His legs were badly scarred and he was off school for quite a while. So perhaps we shouldn't moan too loudly about health and safety. Anyone else remember the incident?

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    Hello all hope that you are all well and that life is good to you and your...

    Hello all,hope that you are all well and that life is good to you and your family.

    Please may I ask a question?

    Do you have any funny storys that you could shair with us please ?

    Here is one for you.

    A long time ago I was staying with friends in London and one day I was walking past a shop and i notice that there was ads in the shop window, so I stop and start to read them and I came across a ad for 2 Lovebirds for sale with a phone number. So as I was wanting to buy some Lovebirds I wrote the number down and got a friend to phone the number to see what kind of lovebirds they was and what sort of price they was wanting for them.

    They was Lovebirds all right but not the Feather kind,mmmm how can I put it,oh they was the human sort,dear me what a shock, we soon put the phone down on them as they was not the sort of lovebirds that we was looking for

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      its that time of year tatie pickin nobody does it nowadays but remember...

      its that time of year ....."tatie pickin "........nobody does it nowadays ........but remember getting up really early one year .....went up near penshaw monument ....to try and get a job doing this .....but I was so skinny and small I got turned down ......instead we ended up playing on a swing on penshaw hill ....we pinched some " narkies", from a farmers field ....to take home to mam ...pmslx ...I felt really guilty when I saw a police car behind the bus .....lolx ....but we all had a fab day ...one to remember

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        Ann Gettins Gunn shared a link to the group: Ford, Millfield,Deptford, Pallion, Barnes, Pennywell & S. Hylton Residents.



        . They were flying around. I and my two mates were working on the farm at Claxheugh Rock on a Saturday, we looked up and they came near each other – we thought were very close. One of them turned around and the tail hit the other aircraft. One came down in Felstead Crescent and the other in the front garden near (bus stop) in Front Road, Ford Estate As you mentioned there were two crew in each plane. They were all killed. T Russell, Sunderland Canadian pilot I REMEMBER the plane crash at Ford Estate at the beginning of the war. Two training aircraft called Miles Masters from Usworth aerodrome collided in mid-air and one fell into the front garden of number 1 Forbeck Road. I understand the Canadian pilot was killed. I remember the RAF lorry trying to pull the engine out of the front garden with a tow rope as it was buried quite deep and the wheels of the lorry was just spinning. All the children, including me and my youger brother, were told to climb on the lorry to give the wheels a grip on the road. There was no civillians injured and the house was not damaged as it fell near to the front fence.

        Read more at:

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          Well what a surprise I ve just bumped into a lad from Pallion. Baltic terrace

          Well what a surprise I've just bumped into a lad from Pallion ( Baltic terrace) I've never seen for around 40 years. I recognised him immediately, he never had a clue who I was. I got the usual first comment "where's ya hair gone"? I dunno it was there this morning is my usual reply. Anyway it was great seeing him and having a bit craic about the olden days. My only regret is I was in a hurry and couldn't have a bit more craic over a pint. Told him about fb and this site so hopefully he'll pop in. Sorry if you find this boring but it tickled me seeing him.

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            Do. any one know when the old ferryboat at south Hylton closed down please

            Do.any one know when the old ferryboat at south Hylton closed down please? Also do anyone have a photo of the ferryboat that they could put on this page? I remember the ferryboat at south Hylton when I was a school boy in the 1950s, if i remember correctly the fare then was one old penny and if you have a bike I think the fare was 3 pennys. Oh one last thing, do anyone remember the name of the Gentleman who used to row the ferryboat across the river in the 1950s?

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              I hope the admin dont mind but I would like to invite anyone and everyone who...

              I hope the admin dont mind but I would like to invite anyone and everyone who would like to talk football particularly SAFC to join the SAFC Livewire facebook group. This group is strictly free from swearing and verbal abuse and is not a banter site. (although a little light scoffing of the opposition is allowed when applicable). Football fans of all clubs are welcome to talk sensibly and politely about football. In return I will ensure that wherever possible members of the livewire group will be made aware of, and be encouraged to join the "Ford,Millfield,Deptford,Pallion,Barnes,Pennywell & S. Hylton Residents" group.

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                Photos from Dianne Pattison's post

                Hi everyone, these are the first pictures I've posted to this group. They were given to the family by a lady who approached us when our house was up for sale (9 Ivanhoe Crescent) around 2004/5. She said her family had lived in the house from it's being built to 1966. The family photos were taken at the rear of the property and show the different generations. I can't remember the ladys name now, but I'd be interested to know if anyone has any further information. The flood photo is from 1924 and shows Eden Vale cottages under water as well as Ivanhoe Crescent & Riversdale Terrace. If anyone who can shed any light on these events or the family in the photos, it would be greatly appreciated.

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                  What about all the old sayings and mannerisms we used to have I called...

                  What about all the old sayings and mannerisms we used to have..I called everyone chur, I constantly blew bubbles off my tongue and smoke rings when I smoked ( on the sly) we used to stick our tongues into our cheek and say bowchy bowe. We used to spit (hockle) constantly We would knock for our mates and sing at the front door Alan are you coming ouuuut. One lad used to go a bit further and sing Paullll, are you coming ouuuut to play with ussss nanananana. We used to do the tarzan call in the middle of the street to let everyone know we were out playing. We rarely swore but always stuck our fingers up usually around the nose. We would pee anywhere usually up a wall where we'd see who could pee the highest. We even tried spelling our names in pee along the wall. Michael used to struggle haha.

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                    Can anyone remember camping out They were talking about it ln another site I m...

                    Can anyone remember camping out? They were talking about it ln another site I'm a member of, you wouldn't let your kids do it these days. We used to camp on the grass at the back of Merle terrace next to St Lukes church we then progressed into the church grounds themselves. We used to teĺl ghost stories and scare the crap out of each other. We'd be walking the streets at 3 in the morning then at 6 after Charlie Wilkinson had delivered the milk we'd go and nick it off the door steps and if we were really lucky we'd get a bottle of orange. I feel so guilty about it now.

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                      I removed a member today for ignoring the NO ADVERTISING rule Normally I just...

                      I removed a member today for ignoring the NO ADVERTISING rule. Normally I just delete the advert but the person took it upon himself to post the advert 3 times. I set up this group determined not to be an officious asshole like admins on some groups and I know Cathy and Sue are good, down to earth people with the same philosophy, but we will stick to the one rule and keep YOUR page an advert free experience. As we say on our pinned post - if you have a charitable event or similar please contact an admin to approve before posting.

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                        So what is was your favorite pub growing up in Sunderland My was and always...

                        So what is/was your favorite pub growing up in Sunderland? My was and always will be The Burton House. Situated in the town (Borough Road) on the outskirts of Hendon, this place was introduced to my by my cousin Mick Hawkes at the tender age of 16 and I frequented the place regularly up to the point where I left Sunderland.

                        Ran by Sammy Doran and his mom, it was a traditional pub with an old fashioned and even run down look to it, but the beer was first class as was their curry toasties! There was never any trouble there, Sammy ran a tight ship and would not even allow the regulars in (like myself) if drunk and disorderly. One of the attractions in the bar was a CB and because of this adopted by many CB'ers when that craze hit town. Sammy replaced the CB with a parrot, which seemed to talk more sense. The pub was also famous for having some of the biggest balls on it's pool table and one of the first bars to add a SPACE INVADER machine, one of the few games I excelled at, my high score rarely beaten (except when Davey Howarth was in town!) I recall when I went there I could get two pints of scotch and two games of space invaders for a pound!

                        I spent some years living in the truly awful (IMO) South Shields and did not go to the Burton, but when I returned prior to emigrating I found the years had not touched the place, it was like stepping back in time!

                        The pub local to me was The Jovial Friar but I rarely went there because I could not stomach Camerons beer!

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                          does any one have any pics of the church that s was just a lil way from pallion...

                          does any one have any pics of the church that's was just a lil way from pallion I know its not there any more and nor is the sunday school I went to way way back id love to see pics of them both but I don't know the name of them, maybe someone has some pics, im trying to remember my life there before mum died, while im on a roll does and one have pics of barns park and the cannon if its still there, the band stand, and the pond and 1 more thing the old library anyways it had a museum, stuffed animals my fav was the big lion I would love it if any one had pics, im slowly remembering lil things, please could any one help.... thank you x x

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                            Hi all my friends and fellow drinkers who drank in the Pallion Inn have you any...

                            Hi all my friends and fellow drinkers who drank in the Pallion Inn, have you any good funny stories to tell me about when you had your night out in the Pallion Inn, I what to turn your stories in songs, if you are interested, you may want to think about the below headings to jog your memory, if I use one of your stories you name will be stated in the song information, try to also name the year you drank there when telling stories if you can even write a little poem which I can use


                            What did the Pallion in mean to you

                            Did you meet your girl or boyfriend there

                            did you get engaged in there

                            did you work at Hepworth's or other firms and ships in the area and headed there for drink Christmas time

                            where you a barmaid or barman

                            were you on the dart, pool, footy team stories

                            why were you ever bard reasons funny please

                            what did the Pallion inn mean to the local community

                            did you have your first drink there what age

                            name the managers please

                            did you attend karaoke nights

                            did you have lock ins

                            cheers Dave

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                              Régine VerguierSunderland history and memories

                              Régine VerguierSunderland history and memories

                              5 mins ·

                              More options

                              Hello, I was born in Fosseux, small village of the Pas-de-Calais, in the North of the France and I am passionate about local history. In the communal cemetery is William Thomson, killed May 21, 1940, at the age of 22. We regularly blossom his grave. William Thomson lived in Deptford, he was the son of William and Margaret Thomson. He was part of the Durham Light Infantry Regiment, under the number 4457097 (nformation found on the site of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission). I would like to know the history of this soldier, the circumstances of his death... and also get in touch with a member of his family. Is it possible to speak of information on this subject? or give me the coordinates of a member of his family? In advance, thank you for what you can bring me in my research. Best regards Régine

                              I already contacted this Web site www.newmp.org.uk/70brigade which continues, on his side his research. In advance thank you for your assistance. Régine

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                                Cath Farage Haley shared a Page to the group: Ford, Millfield,Deptford, Pallion, Barnes, Pennywell & S. Hylton Residents.

                                So to keep you all in loop…..

                                The Pallion Christmas lights switch on is going to be a bigger event than first thought!!

                                Traders meeting on Wednesday night confirmed / raised the following;

                                • Date of switch on will be Friday 13th November

                                • We have brass bands

                                • We have choirs

                                • We have a street dance group

                                • The lights will be switched on at 6pm

                                • They will be turned on every night at 330pm thereafter until January

                                • The Terrace will be closed from Murthas fish shop up to Anthony James Lettings from 5-8pm as well as East Moor Road

                                • The Neville Rd junction has to stay open but will be monitored

                                • Police will be in attendance & on patrol

                                • Santa will be coming down on a sleigh guided in by escorted vehicles (suggested 645/7pm but still TBC)

                                • Mint management have been asked if they can help

                                • There will be a laser light beam spelling out something like Merry Christmas & projected across Anthony James Lettings roof

                                • We are asking for all the shop windows to be dressed

                                • There will be posters all over advertising the event (to be submitted, finalised, printed so by 1st November can be put up)

                                • The local press are going to be widely publicising the event

                                • The event will be printed on all the bins as well as new posters for all the traders

                                • We are asking for children’s presents to be donated & the chosen charity is the Wearside Women's Refuge (local) but all the presents/donations are to be dropped off at Anthony James Lettings

                                • Lost children spots will be at the church & Pallion action group

                                • Any other ideas please let us know asap

                                • This needs all of our input & should promote all of us well

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                                  Dave Murray shared a link to the group: Ford, Millfield,Deptford, Pallion, Barnes, Pennywell & S. Hylton Residents.

                                  Here is my Ship Building On The Wear Tribute Song "The Seagulls Are Still Flying", again the lyrics tell a true story, I am proud of our ship building history, so I wrote this tribute song for every lad and lass, women and man

                                  who ever worked hard to make the best ships!! in the world. I know so many people from Pallion,Barnes, Ford Estate, Pennywell, Millfield who

                                  worked in the yards and on the river Like our Derek Dee who worked on the tugs and big ships all over the world, cheers Dave

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                                    Dave Murray shared a link to the group: Ford, Millfield,Deptford, Pallion, Barnes, Pennywell & S. Hylton Residents.

                                    Snow Shovelling Song

                                    OK! I am a total nutty, I would sing about anything, that reminds me ?, what is the snow doing falling in my kitchen I hear you say, like you I am not to sure LOL, this song is base on my days of snow shovelling back in the 60s, I snow shovelled all over the place but mainly Pallion road, Ford Estate, Barnes, Hylton road shop's and Pennywell made good money to, this song will make you remember your snow shovelling days, toes and fingers dropping off and your mama and dad asking for a lend of a few bob, cheers Dave


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                                      Can anyone remember that gypsy wifey who used to come knocking on the doors...

                                      Can anyone remember that gypsy wifey who used to come knocking on the doors selling pegs. As kids we used to taunt her and she used to go absolutely apeshit with us. I was so cheeky as a kid know the wonder I got clipped so much. I remember the bin men coming round in their little wagon compared to nowadays and it pulled a mesh trailer that they used to collect the cardboard and paper in. We used to always hitch a ride on the back of it totally winding the bin men up. In winter snow we used to hang on to the rear bumpers of cars and get pulled all over. I'd feckin kill my kids if they did that these days.we were all cheeky and mischievous but not nasty (I don't think)

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                                        Friends for over 50 years and still ROCKING

                                        Friends for over 50 years and still" ROCKING"

                                        All people in video are from Ford Estate, Pennywell or Pallion. Watch our Saturday night's video of the gang in full voice in (The Merry's Inn), Hosted by Pat and Dave, who supplies all the Pizza, Nuts, Crisps, Karaoke, darts, domino's and of course none alcoholic drinks are at hand so we can set a good example to the world. LOL!!

                                        The gang are, Alex and Margret Pevely Macleod, Micky and Cath Parry Rooney, Micky and Ann Hopper and Dave and Patricia Mackel Murray, LOL Dave x

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                                          Photos from Dave Murray's post

                                          My lovely daughter Casey found this write up online about my mums family called the Ciarella Family, my mam and granddad lived in Ford Estate, Pic 1/ is my mum Mary Ciarella Murray in the arms of her uncle Harry

                                          Pic 2/ is my mam at about 2 years old/

                                          Pic 3/ is my granddad, Peter Ciarella and he's best friend Jack Casey the boxer

                                          4/ pic of my granddad Peter and Nana Margaret Ciarella with me mam outside the shop with the ice scream carts on show.

                                          "Its back to ice cream parlours"

                                          The first to arrive were Francesco Paulo Ciarella and his wife Maria - and it was they, not Benedetto Notarianni, who brought the first Italian ice cream to Sunderland.Memories of the old ice cream parlours were sparked off by our feature on the Notarianni family - and their parlours at Seaburn, High Street and elsewhere - in the fourth magazine in our Millennium City history series on the making of modern Sunderland. The magazine looks at life on Wearside between the wars and shows rare old photographs of the seaside.Mary Murray, nee Ciarella, tells me her earliest childhood memories are of the family ice cream parlour with its heavy oak counter."It stood on the corner of Burleigh Street and the shop address was 7a Prospect Row, Moor Edge, but the house address behind was 32 Burleigh Street," she says.Her grandparents arrived in Scotland by boat from Italy in the 1870s and sold their wares at the Great World Fair in Scotland in 1881.They moved to Sunderland around 1908-10 and set up in business in Prospect Row, but there were other properties owned by the family in Borough Road, High Street East and around Hendon.Mary says her auntie Philomena Valente also had an ice cream business on the opposite side of Moor Edge to theirs."Further along from the ice cream shop was Maffens Italian warehouse where you bought all the pasta, conserves and everything needed for a slap-up Italian meal."Her parents took over her grandparents business in the 1920s."I can still picture inside that shop as if it was yesterday, with Mam standing behind the counter and the back all mirrored within dark oak panels, and long-stemmed glasses standing along the heavy glass shelves."There were two seating compartments in the same dark oak with colour glass insets along the top. The thing that stands out clear in my minds eye is that we had a Frys chocolate display in the window missing the letter C and T and I dont think it was ever put right."The only thing that separated the shop from the living quarters was a heavy beaded curtain and each time I picture it, I can almost hear the swish it made when someone passed through. "My bed was against the other side of the ice house wall and I was woken by the drone of the machines and the heady aroma of custard."I never left the house in the morning without a bowl of this wonderful nectar inside me before setting out to attend St Patricks School."I can remember Mam pushing the heavy ice cream barrow around the Barracks, Vine Street and Silver Street. "She wore knee-length black boots under an ankle-length black skirt, black high-necked blouse and a heavily starched white apron. Women dressed very sombrely in those days," says Mary.She remembers children used to buy big brown bags of assorted broken wafers for a halfpenny and workmen going to and fro to the docks would buy packets of five Woodbines, clay pipes and plug tobacco, and sometimes chewing baccy.There were always steaming mugs of Bovril or Horlicks as well as the long-stemmed glasses of ice cream covered with "monkeys blood" and crushed chocolate.Mary says the small family concern seemed to stay open as long as there was a customer to be served. "Dad loved it when the bands played on the Moor Edge. "People swarmed in from everywhere, making more business for him and he would stay open till the last person disappeared off the streets."I think we will never see again anything to match the East End parties."Tables reached from the top to the bottom of Burleigh Street and everyone took a hand in providing something. They used any excuse they could find to have a party."Mary also remembers the heyday of the East End Carnival and the many endearing characters of the area.One of them was Uncle Giles the rat-catcher, who lived in The Barracks and always wore a long black topcoat in military style with a slit up the back and epaulettes on the shoulders.Another was her Auntie Alice who was known as the Ginger Beer Lady. She lived in Trinity Place along Church Walk."She made her own ginger beer and if you took your own bottle you got it cheaper. Everyone in those days did something to help their income. Most were on the Parish but they wouldnt be beaten. That was the East End spirit."

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                                            Im getting really deep here and its all about old photo s etc but I just...

                                            Im getting really deep here, and its all about old photo's etc: but I just finished a book about a girl being bullied when she was young and had no confidence when she grew up even though she was clever and beautiful. So my question is were you bullied at Havelock, St Josephs or Hylton Road or were you the Bully and how do you feel now, and can you even remember the person you made their life a misery, all the time they were at school , you can delete this if you like but after seeing the good old days was not so good for some.

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                                              Does anyone remember when the Americans came to Sunderland must have been early...

                                              Does anyone remember when the Americans came to Sunderland must have been early 70s before I was married, they took over the upper Deck, and then on to the Manhattan we thought all our Christmas came at once and bought us drinks all night, Rum and Coke we were only 19 so had a competition in the toilet who throw up the most, then sneaked out the back door so they would not find us. never had a Rum and Coke since, please someone else remember them they were in Sunderland for about a week the lads were very upset ;)))

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                                                Iwas very well educated at St Annes primary school some excellent teachers and...

                                                Iwas very well educated at St.Annes' primary school some excellent teachers and staff we were well disciplined but one thing that I can't get out of my head is Sister Mary Patrick

                                                She was a horrible person she made a lot of people's life HELL I saw her kick punch and pull hair all in the name of Christ

                                                Paddy whack u should still be in Purgatory now

                                                Put 5 fingers in your mouth and sing while fff fff fff with ye knuckle duster

                                                I am still very grateful for the education I received and I am sure the staff at the time were also bullied

                                                I had to say this

                                                It's part of my memories

                                                I'm standing waiting to be shot

                                                That's ok

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                                                  Room with a view Not as old as I would have liked for you Alan but this was...

                                                  Room with a view ! Not as old as I would have liked for you Alan but this was the view that I had from my bedroom window for 16 years. This was taken around 2000. The wooden classrooms & sadly the wooden pavilion all gone. Just over our back fence was the long jump sandpit with the run up track. At the start of the run up & a bit to the left was the high jump sandpit. To the left of out garden was the wooden toilet block & to the right, in the corner of the field was a larger hut where I think they kept sports equipment. You can see the SOL in the distance. I used to be able to see the floodlights at Roker park.

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                                                    Just a quick definition regarding allowable advertising within the group

                                                    Just a quick definition regarding allowable advertising within the group. If you are local and have a small business, use your facebook identity to represent you (not your business) and contribute to this group with chat and/or pictures then feel free to advertise your business, it will remain on the page unmolested. However if you join the group with the sole intention of plugging your business and add nothing to it then you will be kicked and the advertisement removed. If you want to promote a charity or charitable event or local free service then by all means go ahead. All Admins are on the lookout for spammers so spam and you WILL face the wrath of Cathy and Sue - and believe me, they don't take prisoners!!! ;-)

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                                                      I remember the slaughter house in the back of Hedley street Whenever any kid...

                                                      I remember the slaughter house in the back of Hedley street. Whenever any kid saw the van carrying the animals, the word would go out and we would gather round to see the animals unloaded. Then we would all make a noise to scare the animals so they would try and often did escape. The poor men would be running after, pigs, sheep and even cows up the back lane. The back yards that opened into this lane would often find a terrified animal in the back yard if the door had been left open. One snowy winter, we had built igloos against the walls. The Bulls escaped, we kids scattered and I was dragged into an igloo to avoid being trampled by my cousin Billy. What excitement and fun.

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                                                        Does anyone remember Heroes As a music lover I used to go there often and even...

                                                        Does anyone remember Heroes? As a music lover I used to go there often and even worked there for a while. All the poor students and kids went there and you had to take your beer with you when you went for a pee because it would be stolen if you took your eye off it for 10 seconds. I also loved it when they played "Tube Disaster" by A Flux of Pink Indians and we'd all go mental with body slams.......ohhh for those youthful days! Back in those days I had a ponytail.....thankfully no cameraphones back then to record such a faux pas!

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                                                          Don t forget this page can be used to share local news or any other community...

                                                          Don't forget this page can be used to share local news or any other community related information. Need a plumber or other tradesman who won't take the shirt off your back? I am sure one of the over 800 members can help guide you! My advice would be not to use my uncle, he was a rip off merchant, but dead now so no worries!

                                                          Feel free to discuss whatever you like including politics and religion. It is not our policy to dictate, indoctrinate or procrastinate. As long as you respect that other people have opinions too, there are few boundaries to what you can talk about here.This page is not thought police central, there are plenty of others on Facebook for that crap.

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                                                            Funny memory There was a sports day of some kind on Hylton Road playing fields...

                                                            Funny memory - There was a sports day of some kind on Hylton Road playing fields, three guys from out of our area were looking for someone to bully and picked on this lad on his own, thought it would be funny to hit the lad in the face. They didn't know Ernie Bewick and it was rather amusing watching one geezer put three on their ass's.

                                                            I always liked Ernie, he was as hard as nails but treat everyone in the area pleasantly. I remember he was always jogging around the estate with a crombie and bin liner on top.

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                                                              Hoeg Arrow launched July 1950 at Laing s Deptford This was 4 months before I...

                                                              Hoeg Arrow launched July 1950 at Laing's Deptford. This was 4 months before I moved to Pennywell. I watched the launch from the Southwick side of the river. I remember there were big crowds along the bank. This launch was a big deal because, I believe at the time, it was the largest ship built on the Wear. One of my big memories is when our Infant School teacher was speaking to the class about the up coming launch. My mate put his hand up and said " Miss, Miss my dad's captain of that ship. I can't remember what the teacher said other than she didn't challenge him on this. So I sort of believed him. I was round his house a lot and I'd never seen his dad in a sea captains uniform. What was even more puzzling was, when waiting for my Dad one time, I was sure I'd seen his Dad with rest of the miners coming out of the pit baths on Southwick Road. I knew he was always at the river bank with his pigeons and I wondered who would look after them while he was at sea. At the launch I kept looking to see if I could see him on the ship and to my great surprise I saw him. He was standing with my mate in the crowd about 10 yards away. Years later I said to my mate do you remember when you told the class your Dad was captain of the Hoeg Arrow. He said no, anyway you know my Dad worked at Wearmouth with your Dad. Isn't marvelous what you will believe when your 6 years old.

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