Experience a Reunion 60 years in the making as E and F codes come to Carlisle... — Ford Lovers Forever

Experience a Reunion 60 years in the making, as E and F codes come to Carlisle Ford Nationals!Time is now getting short. If you have an E or F Code 1957 Ford or Thunderbird you must register your vehicle before March 6th to take part in the largest gathering of these Fords in history. Clones, M-260, 260 Power Packs and M-335 vehicles will also be accepted.

Learn More & Apply: http://www.carlisleevents.com/carlisle-events/carl isle-ford-nationals/carlisle-ford-nationals-detail .aspx?detailid=1468

If you need a paper, mail in application, please PM me, Richard Stuck.

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    Bruce Buffett shared Riley Motor Company's photo to the group: Ford Lovers Forever. — Ford Lovers Forever

    Hey everyone new to the club and need some help. My best friend and my boss is a car dealer in Nova Scotia he has a 2016 F-250 and I have a 2014 F-150. His brother the GM and our main admin women both have Chevs we have a bet going on our FB page that Fords are better than Chevs and the losers get pranked needless to say we are losing bad which doesn't make sense we need HELP please tab the link and help us win. Thanks Ford lovers

    https://www.facebook.com/rileymotorcompany/photos/ a.892315834208206.1073741828.892072574232532/10363 99059799882/?type=3

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      Photos from Nevin Jacobs's post — Ford Lovers Forever

      this ones mine for good and tbh thats the only rust spot on the fender and we found it to be a pretty odd spot for fender rust shes pretty crusty needs a whole cowl and front floors quarters and maybe a frame not sure on that and will be recieving a 4speed not sure on motor we have a 302 for it out of our 70 f100

      what are yall ideas looking to keep it stock/classic day two look

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        Photos from Reece Watson's post — Ford Lovers Forever

        Get ready to read something long. I appreciate any and all help.

        I have a 390 that won't start.

        It has new

        Plug Wires

        Distributor Cap


        Fuel Pump

        I have cleaned the carburetor pretty well. I am not running the gas from the factory tank for the reason it is red, last I knew gas isn't red.

        The fuel source is a Mason jar. The truck was factory with dual tanks. This is a problem because I cannot locate a switch on the floor to change to my main tank from the auxiliary tank, which is no longer on the truck. The reason I cannot find the switch is that the floors were replaced many years ago before I bought the truck. The truck also has a mess of vacuum lines that go nowhere.

        I have also considered switching the truck to electronic ignition. I have had points in a similar engine and they lasted about a month and a half each. The truck cranks slow and kills a battery after about six cranks. I think it may have a wiring issue. It blew the passenger side headlight and I replaced it and now it won't come on.

        Should I save this truck as I had originally planned or should I search for something else?

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          Anyone drive a Fiesta I m looking at one to replace my Focus I drive a ton of... — Ford Lovers Forever

          Anyone drive a Fiesta? I'm looking at one to replace my Focus. I drive a ton of miles so my main concern is fuel efficiency and reliability. I'm looking to buy the cheapest base model and could care less about power and performance as long as it does alright on the interstates. Also, I live in Texas so it's nothing to maintain 80+ mph for extended amounts of time. My 2.0 handles it fine but wondering how well the 1.6 handles it. Please let me know your experiences.

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            Photos from Gene Lockhart's post — Ford Lovers Forever

            And another

            1967 Pro Street Mercury Cougar

            428 C.I. Engine - Two 4-barrel Carbs

            C4 Transmission with Shift Kit

            Professional competition floor kit

            Narrowed 9" rear end with spool

            Mustang 2 front end----disc brakes

            New shocks, rear air shocks

            Weld Racing wheels, 18" in rear (tubbed)

            New Mickey Thompson tires on rear

            Custom upholstered trunk

            Fuel cell in trunk with remote battery

            Flow master exhaust Stage 2

            Stainless engine compartment

            New radiator + 2 hurricane fans- manual switch inside for more

            Control of cooling system

            New custom paint-marbleized stripes (8 coats of clear)

            Custom upholstery in the interior-Bestway Upholstery

            Center console with gauges

            Power windows

            Security alarm system

            CD player with amp

            Roll cage---painted to match exterior

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              Photos from Gene Lockhart's post — Ford Lovers Forever

              Another car at that dealer

              68 Mustang

              351 WINDSOR BORED AND STROKED TO 420’

              RPM STROKER KIT

              JE PISTONS & RODS

              10.5:1 COMPRESSION RATION

              B303 CAM


              JESEL 1.71 ROCKER ARMS

              STUD GIRDLE


              HOLLEY 970 CARB

              MSD 6AL IGNITION

              MSD COIL & DISTRIBUTOR



              9” CONVERTER

              LINELOC & TRANSBREAK



              35 SPLINE AXLES


              90/10 FRONT SHOCKS BY LAKEWOOD





              4 WHEEL DISC BRAKES

              DRIVESHAFT LOOP

              16 GALLON FUEL CELL



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                If I took my stock 360 and pulled the rotating assembly and heads Then swapped... — Ford Lovers Forever

                If I took my stock 360 and pulled the rotating assembly and heads. Then swapped in a 1974 390 rotating assembly and heads with a edelbrock performer intake manifold and a larger cam. Am I ruining the value of a truck that's nearly completely factory?

                Also how sluggish would the engine be? Or should I forget all that and find an overdrive unit for the fmx 3 speed it has?

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                  I have a question — Ford Lovers Forever

                  I have a question:

                  Did Ford Motor Company make any concessions whatsoever in the GM and the Chrysler Baleout?

                  I am arguing with a radio host that Ford did make a concession to the US government to build electric cars in the US is that true?

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                    T was the night before Christmas and all through the garage — Ford Lovers Forever

                    T’was the night before Christmas and all through the garage,

                    Not a trace of a Chevy…or even a Dodge.

                    The presents were wrapped and the lights were all lit,

                    So I figured I’d mess with my old truck a bit.

                    As I pulled the pins and lifted the hood,

                    When a deep voice behind me said - - “Looks pretty darn good!”

                    Well as you can imagine, I turned mighty quick,

                    And there, by the workbench, stood good ol Saint Nick!

                    He stood there a bit, not too sure what to say,

                    Then with a smile out came, “I’ll trade ya my sleigh?”

                    I said “No way, Santa” and started to grin,

                    “But if you got the time, let’s go for a spin!”

                    His round little mouth, all tied up like a bow,

                    Turned into a smile and he said “hey! Let’s go!!”

                    So not to disturb the neighbors as they sleep,

                    We push the old truck quietly to the street,

                    Then, cinching our belts as we coast down the hill,

                    I grabbed second gear as I let the clutch spill!

                    The sound that erupted took him by surprise,

                    But he liked it a lot - - by the look in his eyes.

                    With Goodyears a screamin’ and pipes all aglow,

                    We headed on out where the gear heads all go!

                    Santa’s grin widened, approaching his ears,

                    With every up shift, as I went through the gears.

                    He yelled “I can’t remember when I felt so alive!”

                    So I backed off the gas and said - - “you wanna drive?”

                    Ol Santa was stunned when I gave him the keys,

                    When he walked past the headlights he shook at the knees!

                    The old FE

                    screamed with its evil sound,

                    As Santa dumped the clutch, the tires shook the ground!

                    Power shift into second, again into third!

                    I sat there just watching, at a loss for a word.

                    Santa’s white knuckles, grippin’ the wheel with fear,

                    The look in his eyes said, “I don't need them reindeer!”

                    I heard him exclaim as we blasted from sight,

                    “Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night!”

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                      Photos from Brandon Blom's post — Ford Lovers Forever

                      I know she's just an Explorer, but I absolutely love her.. and want to show her off...

                      Her name is Emily, she's a 1995 with almost 200k miles now, I've owned her for over 10yrs bought her from the original owner. When I found her she was abandoned and forgotten in a back yard for 5 yrs..

                      After a deep cleaning, a full maintenance and a new A/C system she was brought back like new... She was the first vehicle my wife and I bought together and for a while in the beginning the only one we had and could afford.. she got us through a tough time and has always been reliable... we plan to keep her for a long time to come....

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