Photos from Tony Gurney's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what these holes are for in my Willys body. 1st picture is taken under fuel filter showing holes in passenger side foot well. 2nd is the hole above the grab handle and is in the rear corner of the body. there is the same hole on both left and right rear corners. Was thinking that perhaps my body is a hotchkiss replacement. Any ideas??

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    Micha Korst shared Jeep-Dodge-Parts's photo to the group: Ford GPW/ Willys MB. — Ford GPW Willys MB

    Build by Jeep-dodge-parts!

    A full rebuild of a Genuine WW2 Ford GPW Jeep. No detail has been left untouched. Build to full customer specification. Even the bespoke markings have been handpainted by an artist!

    Another legend rebuild by Jeep-Dodge-Parts!

    We hope you like our work!

    If you have any questions, please contact us at:


    Keeping your dreams alive.

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      Photos from Trevor Carr's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

      Hey guys, need your help: what's my hot rod MB worth? It's got a built 283, th400, and BOP 12 bolt rear. As you can see, I repaired and boxed the frame. Body has normal dents and cracks but is in great shape otherwise, no rust or rot. 6 custom built chrome wheels with Armstrong Tru-tracs. No wiring harness. Top is in excellent condition. What's it worth?

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        Ford GPW 247676 Jeep — Ford GPW Willys MB

        This is a jeep / trailer protect completed by my self and mate some years back .this jeep is the fifth I've restored for other people .i have now semi retired and intend to focus next year on my own jeeps .ill post pics of my progress as the rebuilds goes as I intend to do two at the same time .i have a 43 / 45 fords to do.

        I hope you enjoy the clip

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          Hi Friends — Ford GPW Willys MB

          Hi Friends,

          I just bought a GPW ford jeep but the engine number is missing as if someone has scratched (grinded) it off deliberately. I am not even sure about its year or anything. I don’t even know how to find the chassis number or where is it located.

          What should I do??? I got it from a scrap yard. The person selling it didn’t know anything about the vehicle.

          i know it is ford gpw because of the engine head and all the F markings on most of the places. Also the body is in very bad shape without any Data plates/badges on its glove box

          Any suggestions and guidance is highly appreciated.

          Thank you

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            Photos from Xandre Zandbergen's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

            SOLD - Jeep body (French) for Hotchkiss, Willys MB or Ford GPW

            Has been sandblasted. Very straight, as shown on pictures only needs repairs on two spots, underneath the drivers seat and in the right rear tool cabinet. The bottom support bars are solid!

            Only little work needed to get this one on the road again!

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              Photos from Jiří David's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

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                Photos from Jiří David's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

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                  Photos from Clive Dooley's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

                  Here's my 05/45 gpw only one coat of paint covering it's original army green. IT'S pretty rot free I need to replace the front floor ass and front tread plates to begin with, work starts next week, I'm happy I decided to strip it down before I get the grinder out as I found some rounds of amo in the fuel tank sump, one is live.

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                    Photos from Jiří David's post — Ford GPW Willys MB

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