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1996 Ford Explorer Limited. Fully loaded with really nice leather interior and selectable four wheel drive. Even the carpet looks like new. It's the 4.0 V6. New tires with only about a thousand miles on them. Lots of recent maintaince has been done. Was also aligned when the tires were installed. Has a few dents here and there but nothing major. No wrecks to the truck. Perfect computer vehicle or first car for somebody. Still has the factory floor mats and has had a cargo mat in the back its entire life. Temp bend door motor froze yesterday so I dropped the price from 3300 to 3100 or best offer. Will consider trades. Located in Plano Texas 75074.

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Not completely Explorer related but oh well So i was out tonigh in in 00...

Not completely Explorer related but oh well. So i was out tonigh in in 00 limited v8 and i was with a girl, many ups and downs with this girl but tonight was great. And in large part because i didnt have to wonder if it was gonna break on me. We sat on the hood and watched the stars on a gravel. She just got out of a relationship so i have to watch myself but she postex a snap chat at 11:11 and saud no longer wishing for u. Gotta be a good sign. Oh and she was impressed i could make the thing rock at 100mph and skirt the tires so shes a keeper. Sorry getting all sappy but im feeling great.

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    Shawna Marie shared a link to the group: Ford Explorer Club.

    Hey all, new to the group. I'm posting from my girl's account since I'm on post block.

    Anyway, I just replaced the driver side upper control arm and outter tie rod due to a very annoying squeak and shaking, from hammering on it playing in the mud.

    Replaced both and the squeaking and shaking is mostly gone, except for when I push down on it, meaning I need to replace the shock.

    After looking online I've seen an average of $30-$40 for one shock and about $100 for all 4. Got a little curious and went from feeling like replacing all 4 shocks to wanting to slap on a rough terrain lift kit. ( it-430-20.html?gclid=COPa0tKxvtICFUxufgodO6kFCQ )

    Has anyone in here with an awd 97 5.0 done this lift? If so will I have to do or buy anything else to achieve a reliable, 4 inch lift? ie; lower control arms, steering stabilizers, etc.

    I'm a plumber, not a mechanic so take it easy on me haha any help would be great, thanks!

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      So I ended up missing out on the 99 but here s a 2002 for 1800 I just looked at

      So I ended up missing out on the 99 but here's a 2002 for $1800 I just looked at. The problem is that the gear shifter broke so you gotta use your fingers to get it in the gears. Another thing is when accelerating it makes like a chatter noise around 2000 RPMs when taking off. It has a v8 so I'm not too familiar with them yet. Is the gearshift thing hard to replace and are timing chains known for breaking in these motors like the 4.0sohc motors? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I kinda backed off it for a minute cause when I drove it the milage display wouldn't light up but it did eventually and it has a true 131981 miles

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        Temporarily disable 4x4 AWD on 2004 Explorer XLT 4 0L Vin K Due to binding...

        "Temporarily" disable 4x4 (AWD) on 2004 Explorer XLT 4.0L Vin K. Due to binding probably from T Case fluid coupler until fixed. Alright so I saw on here to pull fuse 17 and 18 awhile back. I simply pulled just fuse 17 in engine compartment a 5 amp fuse. It feeds the 4x4 relays on the passenger side engine compartment that control the motor. Doing it this way makes for NO lights coming on in either the switch or cluster. Unlike pulling both 17 and 18 or big fuse 8 for just 4x4 motor. IS THIS GOING TO HAVE ANY ADVERSE AFFECTS ON ANYTHING OR FUTURE PROBLEMS DOWN THE ROAD?

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          hi guys and gals I have a 1999 explore with the 4 0 with about 132k miles and...

          hi guys and gals, I have a 1999 explore with the 4.0 with about 132k miles and I have been noticing a hard start for the past few years when cold. I did a fuel pressure test like 2 years ago and I was indeed loosing some but never did something about it, just been dealing with it as I didn't feel like dropping the fuel tank as I presume the check valve is bad.

          Anyways, today after I left my son at school I shut off the engine for about 20 minutes and had the usual hard start but this time the engine didn't keep running, it stalled. I thought I just needed to hit the gas pedal a few times and be done, well it kept doing it.

          If I keep pressing the gas pedal a bit I have no problem, the car is running great at all speeds, only issues is if I let go of the gas either in neutral or in gear. I was able to let go the gas pedal very slowly and the engine keep running but at very low rpms, maybe 300 something like that.

          The car doesn't run rough or anything, it feels great. I thought it could be the fuel pump of check valve just giving up but I was talking to my dad and he told me that if it was the fuel pump I would be having issues as all time which to me it makes sense.

          What could be the issue in this case, like I said the explorer is running fine, is just when idling in neutral or in gear but as soon as u but the gas everything is fine. Before, I needed to crank the engine twice, lately I have been needing to cranks the engine 3 or 4 times unless I cycle the fuel pump twice.

          Thanks in advance for your help.

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            Photos from Trevor Patton's post

            07 explorer sport trac 4x4 4.0 v6 84,000 well maintained miles, I'M SELLING IT FOR PARTS ONLY!!! Please don't ask me why or if I'll sell the whole truck like I said it's parts only. everything but the front bumper,rear bumper,tailgate, hood,and bed cover. Everything else is still available and I'll try to update as things sell if interested in anything just ask me my prices, the engine or transmission I'm selling at $500 each and all parts need to be removed or for a fee I can do it with the exception of the engine/transmission thanks for looking.

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              Ok so having major issues with my truck few days ago it started to miss fire...

              Ok so having major issues with my truck.few days ago it started to miss fire in the moning on 1 year old ford plugs.changed tho and a b1 s1 02sensor.lastnite it started to go high idle and wouldn't shift into 4th or o/d.changed everything today and found that the trans case sensor that the harness in the pan hooks upto was pushing fluid thru and shorting the all ot will do is crank and flow the motor and all the engine sensors are reading at 5.11 volts.tsp ma's air sensor leaning towards the pcm but just looking for some other input. Don't want to get rid of the truck but this problem is pushing to many buttons

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                Photos from Shane Scurr's post

                Some pics of the goodies that will be going into Ozplorer. We are going to do an engine rebuild, new pistons, rings, full set of gaskets timing kit (of course), water pump, pulleys, belts, hoses, brake pads, coil pack (performance) NGK Iridium plugs & leads, Moog bushes.

                And also some accessories. Bull bars a must for Australia, LED 7” spot lights, 22” LED light bar, some Philips LED lights for the tail lights and interior, LED inserts for the bulbar a diff breather kit, and a snorkel (this one is for a 60 series Land Cruiser) I hope it will fit Ok more to come on that, plus I also have a roof basket for all the camping gear and will be fitting a dual battery system. I plan to relocate the radiator overflow and washer bottle and put 2nd battery in place there.

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                  Alex Lawrence created a poll in Ford Explorer Club.

                  I've been apart of this team for awhile now, alittle over 3 years and i have finally decided to start making my own gear and apparel line based out of my truck club Simple Intentions Truck Team. We are looking for people to become apart of this team and get some awesome gear! This isn't a post to get you to go buy my merchandise but I'm coming here to get the word out about my fellow Explorer Owner's becoming apart of this team and try to get the whole Explorer Club to come together and have a clothing and gear line as well. I want the Explorer clubs to come together and join in with my team to make one huge company and have multiple people join the Team along with others!!

                  So who wants the Explorer Clubs to come together and form up with me to have the Biggest and Best Clothing and Gear line out there!! I cant do it without you all. So please if you think this is a good idea PLEASE VOTE WHAT YOU THINK! Thank you so much to everyone taking time to read this message!

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                    Thanks for the approval I have a 96 explorer 4x4 sport that I am going to do...

                    Thanks for the approval. I have a 96 explorer 4x4 sport that I am going to do some stuff to. I bought this truck just for trans while I was working in ND. I am the third owner and bought it from a coworker who was good friends with the original owner. The truck is in great shape and runs like a champ but it's stock and that doesn't work for me. I am going to lift it approx 3", do a prerunner style front bumper and put a curved LED light bar above to windshield and a few in the new bumper. I want to run 33" tires and do a 5.0 V8 conversion on it to. I will post a pic as soon as I can find it.

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                      Anyone know why my alarm would go off every time I push a button on my remote

                      Anyone know why my alarm would go off every time I push a button on my remote?

                      Just got the remote from AutoZone (Dorman brand) it's the 3 button (lock/unlock/panic) and was easily able to program it to my Explorer (98 XLT) by cycling the key 8 times and then pushing a button on the remote. After I did that the locks cycled twice. I took the key out of the ignition and it locked fine with the remote. But then when I tried to unlock it the horn started honking. I can silence it by pressing the panic button on the remote but now almost any time I hit lock or unlock the alarm goes off. Any ideas? The remote packaging said it was compatible with a 98 Explorer. And when I hit the panic button it sets the alarm off like it should.

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                        Hey guys I m having some trouble diagnosing a problem with my Explorer

                        Hey guys I'm having some trouble diagnosing a problem with my Explorer. It's a one owner 1999 Ford Explorer XLT with the 4.0 OHV and 141k miles. Sorry this may be a little lengthy.

                        I dont know if all of these symptoms are related but here's what it's doing.

                        Symptom 1: When it gets cold (30 and below) the fuel pump doesn't want to prime right away. It hits but only after 4-5 cycles of the key. Once it starts, it runs and drives perfect with no issues.

                        Symptom 2: It is getting horrific fuel mileage. When I say horrific, I'm talking about I filled the tank up and I'm now below a half tank and only driven 27 miles. Not a typo, 27 miles on more than a half tank.

                        Symptom 3: Two engine codes which only come on occasionally. A P0171 - System Too Lean Bank 1 and a P0174 - System Too Lean Bank 2.

                        I'm baffled. It's using the hell out of gas but it thinks its running lean? It doesn't smoke, knock, rattle, hiss, smell, leak, drip, nothing. If not for the occasional hard starting issue when cold or the bad fuel mileage, I would never suspect anything. I thought maybe the intake gaskets or another vacuum leak but sprays of ether on the suspected areas had no effect on the RPM. I did change the fuel cap to a locking cap a while back when this first began because I was convinced someone was syphoning my fuel. I have yet to run a compression test on the cylinders or a pressure test on the fuel rail. Those were my next steps. This Explorer has been babied it's entire life and has always been the "go to" dependable vehicle.

                        Does anyone have any suggestions?

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                          Any suggestions. Besides take it to the shop

                          Any suggestions? Besides take it to the shop?

                          I have a 2004 Explorer XLT with 4.0L. I left the key in the ON position for about an hour and when I tried to start it the engine was barely turning over. I let it sit for a few minutes and tried to start it again. It was barely turning over but then it started spinning over like normal, however it wouldn't start. I turned the key off and tried to start it again, but this time I had a no crank issue.

                          I cleaned the terminals, cables, checked fuses, relays and starter. Everything seems normal. I don't hear the fuel pump starting up when I turn the key on. I tried jumping around the starter relay with the key in the on position and it turns over just fine, but won't start. I found two cut wires on the brake pedal arm that were twisted back together, but I'm not sure if they were wired all together? There was tape loosely wrapped around one of the wires and I had to pull them apart. I don't know if the two wires were touching or just stuck to the tape?

                          However this was after the no crank condition. I cleaned both wires and reconnected them with wire nuts and pulled and reinstalled every fuse that could have anything to do with the starting system. Then the shifter wouldn't come out of park. I then quit! I'm going to recheck the connections and may even wire them all together to see if that works?

                          I don't know what to do next? Except tow it to the local garage and let them find out what is going on. I'd really like to figure it out though.

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                            Ok I need some advice me and the ole lady have mountaineers. Hers is a 98 v8 5

                            Ok I need some advice, me and the ole lady have mountaineers... Hers is a 98 v8 5.0 awd and yesterday she calls me freaking out because the truck broke down, so I get there and checked the oil and it was dry so I open the oil cap and there was a light green substance all in the neck for where the oil goes in at and it smells like gas or kerosene... So I put three quarts in it and it started back up and drove about ten minutes and it staled on her again as I was following her... Did the engine lock up due to lack of oil or did She put kerosene in her car by accident at the pump ? I need some help yall

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                              I got a 2005 4WD automatic Eddie Bauer with 100k miles a few months ago and...

                              I got a 2005 4WD automatic Eddie Bauer with 100k miles a few months ago and have a couple problems with it. Parked on an uphill slope twice and then it would not shift out of park. Also various dash lights come on randomly... advanced track off, 4x4 high, change oil and check battery although there is a new battery and recent oil change. When the weather turned cold a few weeks ago it started rapidly flashing between the oil change and battery messages on the display for about 20 minutes. The oil change message stays on constantly now and comes back on every time I clear it. A Ford service manager said the main computer module should be replaced, another said it was the instrument cluster going bad. Anyone else had either of these problems?

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                                Quick question With the American assembled gen 3 what s the headlight bulb...

                                Quick question. With the American assembled gen 3 what's the headlight bulb configuration? I have a "export" gen 3 it's ex Japan. I'm in New Zealand and really want aftermarket headlights. But they seem to have less bulb mountings than the export headlights. ( same as the tail lights we have 3 bulbs in the back) the bulb configuration for a export is a seperate park , low and high beam with just the indicator in the side light. I'm keen to get my lights re wired if need be and if it will pass certification here with land transport. Any pics would be great.

                                Thanks in advance.

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                                  Thanks for the ad

                                  Thanks for the ad.

                                  Hey guys, I have a 1999 explore 4x4, v6 soch with 130k miles on it and it's mixing coolant with transmission fluid, the transmission still feels as good as always and I want to flush the heck out of it. I just bought a new radiator, new filter with gasket, cases of fluid.

                                  I'll be working on this tomorrow and my idea was to put the new filter and put new fluid, run the exp and do oil changes as necessary until everything looks red again but I'm not sure if that is the best way. I have found a few diy but didn't find one specific for our explorers.

                                  The radiator is out, transmission pan, filter are out and will be adding a drain to the pan.

                                  Is there a write up on how to do it?

                                  Anyway I can drain the converter?

                                  Can you guys point me in the right direction please .

                                  Thanks in advance .

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                                  Hello everyone

                                  Hello everyone!

                                  I have a 1997 Ford Explorer 5.0 and I'm having some issues. I've replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and just did a tune up. Once the vehicle warms up it won't accelerate past 25 mph and now it's dying out while driving. The check engine light is one and I'm getting the following codes:

                                  P0171 system too lean (bank 1)

                                  P0174 system too lean ( bank 2)

                                  P0153 HO2S Sensor circuit slow response (21)

                                  P0135 HO2S sensor heater circuit malfunction (11)

                                  P0133 HO2S sensor circuit slow response (11)

                                  P0141 HO2S sensor heater circuit malfunction (12)

                                  Any suggestions would help?

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                                    Seriously irrated I had to drop the fuel tank in my 96 xlt for the SECOND TIME...

                                    Seriously irrated. I had to drop the fuel tank in my 96 xlt for the SECOND TIME today in two years due to my fuel gauge being pegged. Origonal fuel pump went out, bought the entire hanger/sender/pump assy from Rock Auto, Spectra Premium brand. The pump worked great, but after about 9 months, my fuel gauge pegged full and wouldn't move. I got a warranty replacement, and it fixed the gauge issue. Fast forward to today, I drop the tank for the exact same issue, gauge is pegged full. At first glance, everything looks good. I bench test the sending unit, and find that the place where the sending unit sensor grounds to the assembly body (just metal on metal with a screw into the plastic pump housing) is not touching!! The screw that is supposed to go through the grounding tab and the assembly to the pump body is loose! Better yet, it's stripped and won't tighten!! I tested it with a makeshift ground, and not the gauge works!

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                                      Photos from Lance Weaver's post

                                      Does anyone need a radius arm for a 2 wheel drive Explorer, Ranger, or Bronco II? This radius arm fits: 1991-1994 Explorer, 1989-1990 Bronco II, 1989-1997 Ranger; fits both left & right side. I bought this radius arm (Dorman part # 521-984) for my 1994 Explorer 4x4 not realizing it was for a 2wd only; it doesn't fit my control arm. It's brand new; never been installed and still in the box. I will be listing this on E-Bay sometime later this week (depending on the response I get on here), but I wanted to give you guys first shot before I put it on E-Bay. Will sell for $40 + shipping. Let me know. Thanks...

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                                        Photos from Lance Weaver's post

                                        Does anyone have a 1991-1994 Ford Explorer 4x4 with ABS brakes that they are parting out? If so, I'm needing the spindle off the front driver's side axle (doesn't matter if it's driver's or passenger side since they are the same). I also need all the nuts, clips, and washers that you have to take off the spindle and the end of the axle.

                                        There is a splined washer that I had to cut off because it was bent and I couldn't get it to slide over the splines on the axle shaft. This splined washer is on the very end of the axle shaft which protrudes through the end of the spindle and is held on by a C-clip. The C-clip is the very first thing you take off and then the washer slides off. I absolutely need this splined washer as well as the spindle.

                                        The reason I need the spindle from an Explorer with ABS brakes is because there's a cutout on the spindle for the ABS sensor (see picture for reference). The sensor has a metal block that slides over the sensor. In order to get the spindle off, you have to remove this sensor block. In order to remove the sensor block, there are two very small screws on the back side of the spindle that you have to remove first. I found it much easier to access these two small screws by either turning the steering wheel or removing the tie rod end out of the socket. Once you remove the sensor block then you can remove the spindle. You might have to take a chisel and hammer it in between the spindle and the mount that it mounts to. But it will come off...

                                        Just wanted to provide some details on how to remove the spindle just in case you weren't aware how to remove it. If you already know how to remove it, then disregard my instructions. I have provided pictures of the spindle and the splined washer that I need. Thanks for the help....

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                                          Hey guys I have a question so I just changed the engine in my 99 ford explorer...

                                          Hey guys I have a question so I just changed the engine in my 99 ford explorer and I know it's getting spark and fuel but it still doesn't run I know the engine runs because It was in a crashed explorer that I bought for parts , the problem is that I found 2 plugs under passenger seat and I don't know which one to connect looks like they both can connect into the restraint control module box which one should I connect? Also my anti theft light is not on could either of those plugs be the problem or is it something worse any help is appreciated thanks

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                                            PASSENGER SIDE RADIUS ARM NEEDED

                                            PASSENGER SIDE RADIUS ARM NEEDED........

                                            I have a 1994 Explorer and while trying to remove the nut on the passenger side radius arm (so I can replace the radius arm bushings) I twisted the threaded part of the radius arm off; the nut would not budge. So now I'm in need of a radius arm. Does anyone have a 1991-1994 Explorer that they're parting out that is willing to sell me a passenger radius arm? I'd even settle for someone cutting off about 6-10 inches up the arm (behind the bushings) so I could weld it on my radius arm. I'd rather have the entire arm, but it can be difficult to get off if the bolts are frozen, which is why I'd settle for just cutting the end of it off. I have a welder and I can weld it on my arm.

                                            Picture provided for reference....Let me know what you have. Thanks..

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                                              I just had my oil changed and my winter tires put on at the dealership...

                                              I just had my oil changed and my winter tires put on at the dealership, everything brand new. So like i go to get my car back and the seat was like so far back i couldn't even touch the steeringwheel or the pedals. Like who does that? So anyways i start driving out of their crammed tiny parking stall and my radio was turned off. I need my beats while i drive, but when I turn the steering wheel the car makes this noise now. It rings like guitar strings and does it when i steer. Like did they not tighten the wheels? It was bad enough they moved my seat and turned off my radio. What else did they do? Help please

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                                                Parting out 05 Ford Explorer xlt v6 chassis no engine or transmission

                                                Parting out 05 Ford Explorer xlt v6 chassis no engine or transmission

                                                05 Ford Explorer xlt de 6 cylindro en partes no tiene motor ni trasmision

                                                Parts available

                                                Drive shaft in great shape low miles



                                                Wheel hubs

                                                Side steps

                                                Left and right fender


                                                Front bumper

                                                Radiator support

                                                Front windshield


                                                Window regulators

                                                Door windows

                                                Quarter panel windows


                                                Dash board


                                                Air bags



                                                Gas tank


                                                Fuse boxes

                                                Center console no lid

                                                Mirrors left and right side

                                                Rack and pinion

                                                Plastics and trims

                                                Msg me for prices the more you buy the better prices get

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                                                  If you see a post that you want to save simply go to the small arrow and hit...

                                                  If you see a post that you want to save, simply go to the small arrow and hit "Save Post" (Add this to your Saved Items). To retrieve the posts you have saved, go to the main Facebook page, scroll down and go to Saved.

                                                  To search for a certain post, go to the magnifind glass icon above the groups page and type in the keywords in the search box. Make sure the "In Group" is highlighted blue.

                                                  To look up the files that our members added, go to the Info "i" icon, scroll down to find "Files". To add pdf files of write ups, photos etc, tap the "+" sign.

                                                  I hope this helps.

                                                  Ford Explorer Club Team

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                                                    Chris Worthington shared a link to the group: Ford Explorer Club.

                                                    Looking for some help in deciding if I want to purchase a certain explorer or not. It is a 1 owner 2002 Eddie Bauer 4.0 with 70k miles on her. The salesman was nice enough to take a quick video for me.

                                                    Issues are: Needs right wheel bearing. Right front strut leaking fluid. Front sway bar bracket rusted bad. Needs rear brakes and rotors.

                                                    Price: $4700 now. I was thinking of offering $5000 BUT having them fix some of the issues (sway bar bracket, wheel bearing, and front strut). Brakes are something I can do.

                                                    What do you guys think?

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                                                      Photos from Paul Martin's post

                                                      PLEASE HELP!

                                                      2004 Explorer XLT 4.0 Vin K 155,000. Had trans. Filter changed and filled back up "not flushed" just back in April. Week ago started slipping from one to two and had to get to about 3k and let off to shift after each stop till got home. Haven't drove since had code P0745 which with research points to either junk trans., bad servo bore, or seemed most likely bad solenoid pack. Dropped pan to check for debris first then if clean change sol. Pack. First noticed the lock nut for one band is backed off and very loose. Second noticed magnet placement which I think is supposed to set on that nipple. Third fluid was bright cranberry red very little buildup on magnet just film on filter as seen in picture and no chunks or debris. QUESTION IS SHOULD I TRY TO TIGHTEN BAND AND TRY AGAIN OR JUST CHANGE SOLENOID WHILE DROPPED? WOULD PACK AND WEIRD SHIFTING SOMEHOW JOLTED THIS LOOSE?

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                                                        G day everyone

                                                        G'day everyone,

                                                        I have a 1998 Ford Explorer 4.0 OHV 5 speed manual VIN# 1FMZU34X0WZB58889

                                                        I am looking for a complete engine loom (wiring Harness) for the engine bay.

                                                        One that has the oval MAF sensor connector and dual O2 Exhaust sensors.

                                                        LMC Truck dont stock them and I am waiting for to get back to me.

                                                        I have looked and searched most every wrecker in Australia and I am unable to locate one.

                                                        Would any of you guys or gals, have one or know of anywhere else in the US I can look for one?



                                                        < /p>

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                                                          Timothy Hoekstra shared a link to the group: Ford Explorer Club.

                                                          Hey guys!

                                                          Any idea if 06+ Explorer/Mountaineer mirrors will swap to a 01-05 Sport Trac (or a 99-01 Explorer or 95-05 Ranger)?

                                                          I know the 06+ Ranger mirrors should work, but I am wanting a puddle lamp and defrost built into the mirror and some of the 06+ explorer mirrors have that.

                                                          I understand I'll have to shave off the nubs where the 3 screw-in bolts are on the mirror itself (See thread link below), but will everything else work? Contour? Mounting holes? (I know wiring I'll have to re-do, that's no big deal)

                                                          Ranger 06+ install thread: ctrical-123/how-install-06-mirrors-107484/)

                                                          Thanks for any assistance!

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                                                            Anybody can help me with choice of servos on my t

                                                            Anybody can help me with choice of servos on my t

                                                            5r55s transmission ? I dont know if buy stock servos 52$ if its repair my problem or that with rubber seal for 200$ ... its different or same shit ? My trsny lost 4 5 gear and almost R thank you

                                                            Or this ?

                                                   5R55S-5R55W-Intermediate-Servo-Piston-1L2Z-7D021-C A-/361703082485?nav=SEARCH

                                                   -SERVO-PISTON-2-575-2-915-OD-Fast-Shipping-99-up-/ 301082865865?nav=SEARCH

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                                                              Ignition issues. 1998 Ford Explorer

                                                              Ignition issues. 1998 Ford Explorer.

                                                              Have just completed an engine swap.

                                                              When turning the ignition key to the "ON" position, no warning lights come on on the cluster. They only come on when you turnbthe key to the "START" position.

                                                              Consequently nothing happens when you turn the car on to start it.

                                                              I have tested all fuses and relays and all are working. I have bench tested the starter motor and it is working. After installing the starter motor I tested to see if there was power to the starter and there is. All earth conections are cleaned and tight.

                                                              Could I have a loom or ECU problem somewhere?



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                                                                First off thanks for the ad secondly i just picked this 2000 up yesterday for...

                                                                First off thanks for the ad, secondly i just picked this 2000 up yesterday for $300 and it needs a transmission i dont have any questions about that its pretty straight foward. I do have a question on these though this isnt my first explorer but its definitely my oldest, what year did these switch to a live axle setup instead of the vacuum hose type auto lockers? I know on the rangers it was 2001 but the expo has always been a couple of years ahead of the ranger so i was just wondering what i got thanks in advance.

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                                                                evening ok so i have a 1998 ford v6 explorer which has the 5 speed auto gearbox...

                                                                evening , ok so i have a 1998 ford v6 explorer which has the 5 speed auto gearbox, when i pull a trailer behind it after about 25 miles the overdrive light begins to flash but the gearbox seems to work fine ,i can do the same journey without the trailer and the overdrive light doesnt flash at all ,i wondered if anyone knows what the problem may be ,also thinking about putting an additive in the gearbox oil as well ,ive read so much stuff on the net saying how crap the gearbox is what do you all think

                                                                thanks in advance

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                                                                  Photos from Scott Hoffer's post

                                                                  Hi everybody. I'm Scott from Sheperdsville Ky

                                                                  I have a question for anyone who would have knowledge in this particular matter.

                                                                  I was replacing the ball joints on the front drivers side of my 2001 sport 2wd. I got to the wheel bearings and as I was taking the rotar off the old wheel bearings fell all to pieces.

                                                                  Now. this is where it gets fun, the spindle seemed to be warped by the excessive heat not alot but I've never done this before, and I don't want to try and put it all back together and ruin something. Or cost myself more money.

                                                                  Here are a few pics and any suggestions will be very helpful

                                                                  Thank you all very much ahead of time

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                                                                    Hi just after a bit of advice I have a 1999 4 0 explorer in the uk It s just...

                                                                    Hi just after a bit of advice. I have a 1999 4.0 explorer in the uk. It's just failed not on corroded brake pipes from master cylinder to abs pump. Only thing is had to re route as existing run behind the block. Only problem is cut them back before putting in new ones. Now I have a spongy pedal. I have bled bled and bled again. Only thing I can now think is I mixed them up. Is the outlet nearest the servo go to the rear inlet on abs pump and the furthest from servo go to the inlet nearest to battery on abs pump.

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                                                                      Photos from Justin David Schmitz's post

                                                                      What are some cool things to do to a 97-2000 explorer.

                                                                      I know what the haters are gonna say "you can't even drive yet" the vehicle was my mother's and I can do whatever I want to it if you want proof I can post a video tomorrow off me in it... and I can even site you the manuals and the packages it has on it. I plan on paying a shop to do the body work and fix the damages. I would love some amazing feed back and some respect shown I am almost 14 years old and I'm trying my best to learn a few things.

                                                                      I'd love some advice and such. If someone can tell me what parts are good and such. Once again if I could get advice that'd be awesome.

                                                                      Also the ranger is mine was my paw paws

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                                                                        Photos from Adam Sugg's post

                                                                        Thinking of selling my salvaged explorer. Would make a good project truck. The 4.6 was maintained really well by me. Never had a issue. All oil changes on time. No rust as it was at first a Virginia truck. Has 6 month old over sized All terrain tires I paid 800 new. Just had wheel biarings replaced control arms, and cv joints have records costing me 600. Took off running boards but I still have them. Transmission has never had a issue or been told to have had one.

                                                                        Frame is good shape with no damage. No rips in seats just a area about two inches of roof fabric that had to be glued back up and has already been done. Radio and AC - no issues. All around a good project or straight up off beast.

                                                                        Is 1500 a good price.

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                                                                          2013 Ford Explorer Limited 3. 5L V6

                                                                          2013 Ford Explorer Limited 3.5L V6.

                                                                          I have an issue with the positive battery terminal assembly and I am wondering if any members can weigh in to give me some direction?

                                                                          The copper clamp on the positive terminal basically split in two and when I put in a new battery, as well make my own clamp out of a universal one I bought from AUTO-ZONE all of the issues started. Now, I have the break light on, as well as the traction control lights on. The collision damage is turned off as well. Not sure what is going on and puzzled when everything was working fine as of yesterday. If anyone can give me some guidance or share solutions to the problem that would helpful as all service depts are closed on Saturday or close early.

                                                                          I will post pics in the comment section for further assistance and thank you in advance!

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                                                                            I have a full 5 speed swap for a first gen for sale Clutch flywheel and...

                                                                            I have a full 5 speed swap for a first gen for sale. Clutch, flywheel and pressure plate have 3,000 miles. Transmission has 60k. Slave, master and lines brand new in the box, was warrantying mine from auto zone. dust shield, bolts and mount included. Uses stock drive shafts. Transfer case has unknown mileage with new motor under 6 month ago. Wiring cut out with it so you can duplicate how to wire your truck.

                                                                            Looking for $1100 shipped.

                                                                            All will be cleaned (had engine oil leak from intake) This part out kills me, picture of why for attention.

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                                                                              1996 Ford explorer Near Raleigh NC Good driving condition White exterior...

                                                                              1996 Ford explorer. Near Raleigh NC. Good driving condition. White exterior with tan leather interior. New shocks, 2wd with chrome rims. 238000 miles. Transmission was replaced 40000 miles ago shifts and drives good. Even reverse works. Good Firestone Destination LE tires. Eddie Bauer edition. Front suspension work completely redone 30000 miles ago. Interior showing wear but not nasty. Some buttons and knobs missing from wear but everything functional. Not perfect but very driveable. $1700 and mileage will increase as I drive it.

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                                                                                Photos from Josh Parker's post

                                                                                Hey guys, so we've got the Group Buy setup for the Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Downs from Ecobeast Billet. I helped get their website setup w/an online store, and am going to be helping them bring additional products to market, so stay tuned for those!

                                                                                As for the initial Group Buy - I've got Doug to agree to a $10.00 price reduction & free shipping (continental US) for the first (25) orders on these. That's a savings of about $15.00 or 30% - and considering the margins are pretty small, I feel that's a great offer! (In comparison, I have over $100.00 invested w/him in creating this initial offering!)

                                                                                You must use their website and use the Group Buy promo code at checkout of groupbuy616 to get the $10.00 off & free shipping. Once these (25) orders are completed, the cost will be $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

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                                                                                  Alright guys I have an 04 explorer xlt 4 0 I m having ac problems I m pretty...

                                                                                  Alright guys I have an 04 explorer xlt 4.0 I'm having ac problems I'm pretty sure the blend door actuator is bad because if I go to full heat it makes a clicking noise but if I go to ac it blows very weak like there's a clog I can hear the blower working fine and sometimes it'll start blowing hardfor a few minutes then stop also my back system has perfect ac but blows cold even went heat is on is any opinions?im this king I need an actuator for front and back but since they are opposite problems I'm not sure

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                                                                                    hey kids in July last year my kid who sells fords at local dealer called me to...

                                                                                    hey kids. .in July last year my kid who sells fords at local dealer called me to bring my title and my 285 thou mile Grand Cherokee to trade for a low mile '06 eddie trade in. ..great price..full optioned.. but the most Unf*cking comfortable p.o.s. i ever sat in. SO i am looking for a pair or front buckets. . leather replacement works. . gotta be like brown or beige. .Power seats and a close bolt in.. gonna have this ride awhile so needing these ..i will consider all offers. . but altho they can be used i dont want to send to shop. dont bother if they're junk. . include pics. .i live apx 60miles NorWest of Chicago. . will drive out to exchange if prefurred thanks for your time

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                                                                                      Check out in Chelluns post below I have commented on how to fix clutch travel...

                                                                                      Check out in Chelluns post below. I have commented on how to fix clutch travel and bleeding problem on manual Explorer's/ Rangers/ Navaho resulting in frustrating gear changing. Especially when vehicle warmed up or in hot weather. Had to kill engine to select reverse and sometimes 1st. Low reduction was even worse. Last week i fitted a 13/16" bore Wilwood master cylinder to my 1996 Explorer and perfect now. Bit of modifying to firewall, pedal and fluid hose involved to mount it but we'll worth it. 4 minutes to bleed and a supremo clutch that has normal travel. Wish I tried it first. Two years ago i replaced every clutch component prior with little improvement. The garage who removed the transmission couldn't bleed it so I had to tow it home and spend hours trying to get a clutch. No problem now. . 4 minutes to bleed and it works. You won't regret it. A pleasure to drive now even in hot weather.

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                                                                                        Aquila Richardson updated the description of the group Ford Explorer Club.

                                                                                        Welcome to Ford Explorer Club! This page is for us explorer enthusiast to get together that loves or owned an Ford Explorer including Mercury Mountaineers from around the world. Your photos and tech questions related to Ford Explorers is welcome. If anyone want to post your explorers for sale, please view the pinned post above the page and go to the link to the Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer Buy Sell Trade page. Link is below here as well...


                                                                                        This very group is our back up page (2.0) of the original Ford Explorer Club.



                                                                                        Of course spam is not allowed here. Hope you enjoy and thanks for being a part of the Ford Explorer Club family!

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                                                                                          So I have a 99 mercury mountaineer. It has the digital climate control crap

                                                                                          So I have a 99 mercury mountaineer. It has the digital climate control crap. When I bought it I noticed heat doesnt work. (Which is ok) but ac only blows with fan on high.(no other setting) the rear works as it should still but the other day the front just quit blowing. The screen works and all but nothing blows out the front...any ideas?.? Also I have parts from an explorer without the climate control. Its just the three turn much rather have that in there. Anyone ever swapped out the climate control panel? Can I?

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                                                                                            Hey guys if your truck isn t starting and your stuck your starter is under your...

                                                                                            Hey guys if your truck isn't starting and your stuck your starter is under your right passenger side wheel well to the left. Tap it with something if it dos t work your wire for the starter may be loose. Jack it up and check it. If it is you could touch the wire back and have Someone start it. If you need to you can jump the starter with a peice of wire I'll make a video soon. Now please don't take your truck to anyone to change the starter it's 3 bolts just 3 I swear lol. It takes 15 mins. Lol I'll put up pics and videos later

                                                                                            2002 Ford Explorer 4.6 v8

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                                                                                              Has anyone on here done a 302 swap in a first gen x I think I m going to bring...

                                                                                              Has anyone on here done a 302 swap in a first gen x? I think I'm going to bring my explorer back with a 302, and I'm looking for some info. I've heard 85-90 something mustang convertible 302 engine mounts will work they just have to be swapped from one side to the other. Is that true? Would second gen 302 explorer manifolds work for this swap? Is it true that there is only one plug on the f150 302 engine harness that has to be modified to work with the explorer's harness? The engine that will be going in is out of a 1991 f150 that I bought for parts, the transmission is going to be an AOD and transfer case 1356 manual. What should I do about the radiator? I wouldn't want to have the 302 over heat so the factory radiator would be coming out for a different one with an e fan, but what radiator? For firewall and transmission tunnel clearance issues I was thinking of installing a body lift. Any info on what might be needed or how to do something would be great.

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                                                                                                Been kind of a frustrating few days with my new Explorer. Drove it to Canada

                                                                                                Been kind of a frustrating few days with my new Explorer. Drove it to Canada (Edmonton) and noticed that the driver's door won't unlock with either the remote or the inside button. Only unlocks when you pull the inside latch. And it only does it when it's been sitting in the cold overnight. Once it warms up in the daytime it functions normally.

                                                                                                Took it to the local dealer, they had it for a few hours but couldn't find the problem since it had warmed up. Brought it back and dropped it off first thing in the morning, they successfully diagnosed a bad relay switch, but didn't have a part in stock, so I need to bring it back a third time to get the part installed. Would've been nice if they could've just took my word for it the first time and ordered a new switch then. Three trips to fix a brand new vehicle is pretty silly

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                                                                                                  Aquila Richardson updated the description of the group Ford Explorer Club.

                                                                                                  Welcome to Ford Explorer Club! This page is for us explorer enthusiast to get together that loves or owned an Ford Explorer including Mercury Mountaineers from around the world. Your photos and tech questions related to Ford Explorers is welcome. If anyone want to post your explorers for sale, please view the pinned post above the page and go to the link to the Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer Buy Sell Trade page. Link is below here as well...


                                                                                                  Update: The original Ford Explorer Club page is up and running again. Here's the link to it...


                                                                                                  Previously the old one was in a secret status, not allowing us admins to change back to closed. Now Facebook has changed that policy to bring it back to a closed status again. This very group will be our back up page for a while. Of course spam is not allowed here. Hope you enjoy and thanks for being a part of the Ford Explorer Club family!

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                                                                                                    Hello may I have your attention please To the members from our old Ford...

                                                                                                    Hello, may I have your attention please! To the members from our old Ford Explorer Club page, Facebook has finally lifted that groups policy settings meaning that is back from secret to closed status. The catch is that if the group page has over 5,000 members when you change from closed to secret, you can't never go back but as long you have less admins running the group carefully, everything will be AOk. This very group here will be our back up page so I will continue to run this page for a while. Again the old original Ford Explorer Club page is up, viewable once again!

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                                                                                                      Aquila Richardson updated the description of the group Ford Explorer Club.

                                                                                                      Welcome to Ford Explorer Club! This page is for us explorer enthusiast to get together that loves or owned an Ford Explorer including Mercury Mountaineers from around the world. Your photos and tech questions related to Ford Explorers is welcome. If anyone want to post your explorers for sale, please view the pinned post above the page and go to the link to the Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer Buy Sell Trade page. Link is below here as well...


                                                                                                      This is the rebooted page of the original Ford Explorer Club because the old one is no longer viewable on facebook. Of course spam is not allowed here. Hope you enjoy and thanks for being a part of the Ford Explorer Club family!

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                                                                                                        Hello friends

                                                                                                        Hello friends

                                                                                                        I have a 99 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4, and I need help with 3 issues, as I can do to climb up a little more as pass part of my country are very difficult, I ring 15 normal, 1. cornering more springs , buy aro 16, or suggestions.

                                                                                                        My second question is not working 4x4 active only when blinking but no double lock someone I happen?

                                                                                                        and finally I want no original manual gearbox for sale or have to adapt him and which I can adapt mobility thank you and apologize for any inconvenience

                                                                                                        I welcome your support

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                                                                                                          I need some help I purchased a 2013 FORD EXPLORER XLT 6 months ago It has 17...

                                                                                                          I need some help. I purchased a 2013 FORD EXPLORER XLT 6 months ago. It has 17,555 miles on it. I just returned from being out of town for 18 days, the vehicle had not been started. Upon trying to start it, I have no power steering, the check charging system light comes on, Terrain management system fault and service advance trac warning lights are all coming on. I called Ford, they recommended I place the battery on a charge and get it full charged and this would resolve the issues. Does this sound like a normal fix? The battery is the original battery 36 month battery. Do you think placing a 12 volt charger with 6 amps on it overnight will fix what is going on? Any peace of mind you can give me?

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                                                                                                            Monroe 'Cannon' Bradford shared Jerry's Chevrolet Baltimore's photo to the group: Ford Explorer Club.

                                                                                                            Ok my explorer family less than 15 hours left to get your likes in for the Most Liked Award I'm intered in. I'm currently in 4th place behind 2 scions and a Subaru, I hate to see a import beat out American made ford. I'm asking every member of the club to please click on the picture and hit like, DON'T hit like for the post it won't count click on the picture first. I need all of the likes I can get and with your help we can catch up and pass these imports. I'm asking for your help please pass this on to anyone you know. Contest ends November 16 at 9am. Again thanks for your help.

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                                                                                                              Photos from Aaron Brossoit's post

                                                                                                              Has anyone ever seen this cupholder? It fits a first gen console, I have NEVER seen one like it before. It doesn't mount with screws, the top has 2 notches that slide in under the top of the consile and the bottom snaps down with clips. I pulled it from a 92 xlt, I know it came from a different vehicle, but I've never seen one like this in any explorer. Just to be sure it wasn't a console swap I found another first gen took out the cup holder and it snapped right in.

                                                                                                              I'm hoping this solves my issue of the shifter hitting anything taller then a 12oz can in 2nd, 4th, and reverse since the one I have has both cups side by side right in the front. It has a small piece broken, but I found the piece, easy repair, then I will paint it black like the one in there now since I have blue interior. I'm just wondering what it came from, and if anyone's ever seen one like it

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                                                                                                                Photos from Johnny Pryor's post

                                                                                                                MARCH 11th-13th 2016

                                                                                                                For thoes who are interested in a club event for next spring, this park is located in the beautiful mountains of east TN just one hour from Knoxville. The park hosts plenty of trails for all types of skill as well as scenery. Camping / parking is available as well as local lodging. Too much to do in one day, so we might as well make it a three day event.

                                                                                                                Visit for park info.

                                                                                                                Please RSVP me so we can make it an official date on the club calendar. Hope to see you there...

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                                                                                                                  Ok explorer family l am going for the Most Liked Award from the car show that...

                                                                                                                  Ok explorer family l am going for the Most Liked Award from the car show that my truck was in and I can use your help. Go to www.Facebook.con/jerryschevrolet. Yeah it's a Chevy dealership but I am going to show that a ford can beat a Chevy any day. Click on photos then click on Albums then click on 2015 car show lineup scroll down to #143 and hit like. It's my dually not my explorer. I can use all the likes I can get. Don't hit like for the post it won't count, hit like on the picture on the site above. Contest ends November 16 at 9am. please pass this on to all your friends even if they don't know me. thanks everyone for your help.

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                                                                                                                    For anybody out near East TN area. KY GA NC SC VA or who ever is in our group

                                                                                                                    For anybody out near East TN area (KY, GA, NC, SC, VA, or who ever is in our group...), I'm planing a off road trip just for us. I'm looking at Windrock in Oliver Springs, TN. There are plenty of trails available for the beginner, intermediate and experienced. There is a price however to use the park. Passes are sold at the local fuel stations there in Oliver Springs. Camp grounds are available for over night trips. Doing it in the winter will be cold as $#!×, so I was thinking more like mid March. This way, those who want to make the trip also have plenty of time to prep there rigs, okay it with there employers, and I can book it with the park people to add us to the calendar... Who's down for it???

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                                                                                                                      Aquila Richardson updated the description of the group Ford Explorer Club.

                                                                                                                      Welcome to Ford Explorer Club! This page is the rebooted page of the old group because that page was wrongfully went from closed to a secret status and can't switch back because facebook doesn't allow to change back after surtain amount of members. The Ford Explorer Club page is created is because we want this page to be kept alive. To the previous members that was there, feel free to join up once again to start fresh and regain. If anyone want to post your explorers for sale, please view the pinned post above the page and go to the link to the Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer Buy Sell Trade page.

                                                                                                                      Your photos including tech questions related to the Ford Explorers is welcome here. We here to have fun, showing love of fords. Of course spam is not allowed here. Hope you enjoy!

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                                                                                                                        To the previous members from the old Ford Explorer Club group the reason why...

                                                                                                                        To the previous members from the old Ford Explorer Club group, the reason why this page have to be recreated is because one of the unauthorized admin hijacked the page and wrongfully changed the group to a secret group. It was a closed group if you remember but can't be changed back because of facebook doesn't allow admins to change back from secret to closed or public (have to be less than 250 members to work). Anyways, we will continue to move forward and regain. Also the Buy Sell Trade page still remains and currently posted above the club's page.

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                                                                                                                          In case anyone doesn t know me well My name is Aquila Richardson and I m a...

                                                                                                                          In case anyone doesn't know me well. My name is Aquila Richardson and I'm a head admin of the Ford Expedition Club and I do ran some other ford groups as well I helped admined in. I used to know the original creator of the Ford Explorer Club that moved on and I assume that it's been passed over to another admin (sorry I wasn't sure what was the current plan of the group before the situation happened). The reason why I re-opened the group is because I feel that we want to keep the very group name to be kept alive. I hate to see what happened. Anyways, hope everything works out again and lets start fresh and new. Ford family for life!

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