Finally the glass is done hand brake power steering and power brakes Next we... — ford escort vans

Finally the glass is done, hand brake, power steering and power brakes. Next, we start on the interior and do the wood work. Teak wood floor and teak paneling for the walls. Also we do a teak wood console with a Alpine music system with 4 cameras, a dvd unit plus a GPS system and a air control unit, two cup holders a box for "stuff" ... a leather sides with a super cool headliner. Custom made bumpers will be handmade for the front and rear to be added in the near future.

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Hi — ford escort vans


As I'm super strong!!

When checking my van back door was locked I snap the clip or whatever it is the pulls the wire to open door, and there is no handle on inside.

I'm going to go out and have a good look at it but any advice would be fab.

Iv one day left this year that I need to use it then it can go to get fixed if need be but till then I would love a temporary fix.

Thank in advance x

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    connected stereo via proper connector harness and wired amp and sub correctly — ford escort vans

    connected stereo via proper connector harness and wired amp and sub correctly. now i have a set of drls that come on and off with the bloody stereo and not with the ignision and lights. the horn doesnt work now tho since i fitted the stereo gear. any thoughts ? should i be looking at fuses and relays or do you think wiring for lights wrong ???

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      Looking for that unique look or smart subtle carbon fibre to add to your... — ford escort vans

      Looking for that unique look or smart subtle carbon fibre to add to your interior or exterior parts????

      Dipz & Tricks specialise in hydrographics and spray painting. With hundreds of different patterns such as carbon's, camouflage, animal fur/skin, sticker bombs and skull patterns available it's a great way of turning any old ragged item into a piece of eye candy. From alloys wheels, interior parts or grills and diffusers to gun stocks, vases, kitchen cupboards or gaming consoles, If it can be painted then it can be dipped.

      We guarantee a professional service with only high quality materials used to get the best results.

      Get in touch for a quick quote at a competitive price.

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        What is this worth — ford escort vans

        What is this worth?

        1999 on a V reg


        Mk5 front end conversion

        Mk5 RS2000 Front Bumper with focus splitter

        RS Cosworth Grill (Genuine)

        Morette Headlights flushed into wings

        RS2000 bonnet with Subaru eye scoop flushed in

        GTI extended Skirts

        Flushed running grooves down each side

        Flushed indicators on both wings

        1 Piece rear bumper

        1 Piece rear door (side opening)

        Tinted rear lights

        TDI engine conversion 90bhp (basically rebuilt before put in)

        All been painted same colour as van

        De-car straight through to powerflow back box

        Lowered on 1.5'' lowering blocks on rear

        Coilovers on front

        Rs7 15'' softline alloys

        New pads and discs on front (about 2 months ago)

        New handbrake cable centre and rear (about 2 months ago)

        New cilinders and shoes on rear (about 2 months ago)


        GTI half leather seats

        Walnut dash and gear surround

        Clocks with mileage for tdi engine

        Carpeted floor

        Kenwood double din radio

        Carpeted roof lining in front

        Separation board between front and back (all carpeted)

        Plyed out back all carpeted (included roof inside)

        2x12'' vibe speaker running through a 1200w mono block

        Boss speakers mounted in side panels

        The list goes on...

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