Three years before Ford Australia produced its own version of the MK2 Ford...

Three years before Ford Australia produced its own version of the MK2 Ford Escort RS2000 (2 & 4 door), Ford Australia fully imported 25 German built RS2000s.

The 25 MKII 1976 Ford Escort RS2000’s were officially fully imported by Ford Australia for the sole purpose to allow them to race in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC), which includes Australias beloved race track, Bathurst. At the time Ford Australia had no option as none of the local MKII Ford Escorts had a 2 litre powerplant.

So in 1976 for homologation of the new MkII body shape, welcome the fully imported, 25 MKII 1976 German built Ford Escort RS2000's.

I have owned & fully restored no.9 of 25, from (2001 to 2006) & after a 10 year drought i now own a beautifully restored no.19 of 25.

I dedicated a page solely on the 25. If you like to know more here is the link:


Original kodak photo taken at the Ford plant (Werke) Saarlouis in Germany of the 25.

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Photos from Mark Collier's post

Garage clear out few bits all mk2 escort collection proffered but will post at additional cost to buyer, thanks for looking questions please contact 07775704556 Dartford area.

Seat belts £40

Centre dash piece with ashtray £20

Rear screen £20

Door handles black pair £20

New throttle cable rs2000 £10

Door handles £40

Original batterie cover and clamp £30

Original ford boot carpet £30

Remote door mirror £30

Blower vents £10

Heater controls £15

Clocks and plugs £40

Rocker cover pinto £10

Bumper lights £10

Interior light £5

Radiator RS2000 no leaks despite the rusty water look overwlow spill £30

Screen washer bottle and pump £20

Boot locks £5 each

Window winder handles £5

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    Frage an die RS2000-cracks:

    Weiss jemand, wo man die Ausgleichsscheiben ( Shims) bekommt, die man zur Überholung der Banjo-Achse benötigt um das Spiel und somit die Flankenauflage einzustellen ?

    Ich benötige sowohl die für das Antriebskegelrad als auch die für die Antriebswellen-Kegelraeder.

    Ich suche mir im Internet den Wolf....


    Question to the RS2000 specialists:

    I like to redo my Back-Axle ( English Axle / Banjo / Timken)

    I am looking for the Shims to correct the flank-clearence at the differential as well as at the driving pinion.

    Maybe someone can help me out. I really would appreciate.

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      Guys and Gals if you live in Wales see the casting call below If interested...

      Guys and Gals, if you live in Wales see the casting call below. If interested please contact Natalie direct.

      Hi there,

      I wonder if you might be able to help me.

      I am a Casting Assistant Producer contacting you from Discovery-we are currently working on a series of 10 second promo clips sponsored by eBay, celebrating British motoring to be broadcast on Discovery channel and Quest. In these clips, we will see motoring enthusiasts from around the UK share a little of their individual knowledge and top car tip(s).

      We are really keen to spread news of the opportunity to car enthusiasts based in Wales -from those who enjoy tinkering on their own cars at weekends, to individuals who might be taking on a full restoration project.

      It will involve half a day’s filming with a small crew, in their area and there will be a small appearance fee on offer for their time (£500).

      We are looking to film with people the week after next (30th Jan onwards)-so it really is key that we spread the opportunity asap. It is advantageous if individuals have used eBay to purchase motoring parts or accessories for their vehicles.

      Do you think you might be able to spread news of the opportunity around you club?

      If so, please ask people who are potentially interested to email me for more info.


      We are really excited about the project and for those passionate about cars, it’s a lovely opportunity to share their enthusiasm and interest for British motoring.

      Look forward to hearing from you!

      Best Wishes,


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        Hello everyone

        Hello everyone,

        At the age of 17 I was lucky enough to be forced into buying a car by my mother because she hated me out and about on my RD 125,

        We lived right next to a Catholic school that had a large priest house attached ,

        She talked me into going in because they had a car that they weren't using and they were asking for £300 if I wanted it.

        I walked into their car park and there was a totally untouched mk 2 1600 sport that hadn't been over 3000 revs ,

        That was the moment that I fell in love with the mk 2,

        I haven't been to a show and really want to have a good look at these lovely motors again,

        I live in North London and would like to know what is the best show that you would recommend ,

        Thanks Pat

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          Various books for sale

          Various Ford RS escort books - all in good condition - £10 each - collection from Bisley in Surrey.

          Escort Performance by Dennis Foy (hardback) SOLD

          High Performance Escorts Mk11 1975-1980 by R.M.Clarke (soft back) SOLD

          The Works Escorts (second edition) by Graham Robson (hardback) SOLD

          Escort mk1, 2 & 3 Development & Competition History by Jeremy Walton (hardback)

          Ford Escort RS by Graham Robson (Hardback) SOLD

          Various books for sale

          £10 - Bisley, Surrey

          Various Ford RS escort books - all in good condition - £10 each - collection from Bisley in Surrey.

          Escort Performance by Dennis Foy (hardback) SOLD

          High Performance Escorts Mk11 1975-1980 by R.M.Clarke (soft back) SOLD

          The Works Escorts (second edition) by Graham Robson (hardback) SOLD

          Escort mk1, 2 & 3 Development & Competition History by Jeremy Walton (hardback)

          Ford Escort RS by Graham Robson (Hardback) SOLD

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          Photos from Chris Sutton's post


          Engine is complete and supplied with 6 Speed Gearbox, ECU, Loom, starter, Alt, start and charging looms, manifold with Lambda Sensors, Ect comes as u see pictured.

          Engine has done 77K and has Had a Toda Chain and Chain Tensioner Beginning of the year

          Removed from an 04 plate Honda S2000 Facelift so has the Better clutch and Flywheel

          Engine and box is tried and Tested and Email can be sent with Video of Running

          Allways up and down the Country so could deliver at cost or pallet £75

          £2750 Ono

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            Photos from John Clayton's post

            After some advice please . This my Mk2 Broadstripe and we are now well under way on the shell rebuild. Its had a hard previous life and was a competition car. I had every intention of returning it to competition so we went down that way with the build.

            However my panel worker is doing an amazing job with the shell and is now suggesting a different way to complete. I don't think he wants to see all his hard work wheel spinning down a forest track.

            I can see his point but this car will be driven. My questions are what would the purists on here accept as a modification. I haven't got the energy to trace original screws and clips . The interior will be returned to near standard as possible.It wont be original beta cloth etc but will look stunning.

            My thoughts at the moment are take it towards Grp 1, suspension etc. A linked Baby Atlas. Lines inside. I am staying with Pinto and Rocket Box.

            What are your thoughts on a cage and fuel tank ?

            Looking forward to your replies.


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              Mk1 and 2 glass sets going to be available within the next couple of months...

              Mk1 and 2 glass sets going to be available within the next couple of months, laminated fronts, heated rears (laminated if required), drop glass, quarter windows front and rear and also front quarter side opening may be available also. Clear,Green and Bronze and can come with a top tint also if required, They can also be bought as a single piece rather than a full set, please p.m me for prices of what you need. As per forum rules a price must be put up with the post. £500 not the true price but p.m me for that, cheers Dave.

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                Looking for a bit of advice I m hoping to get the RS out for one last run...

                Looking for a bit of advice, I'm hoping to get the RS out for one last run tomorrow, however I'm having a bit of an issue, I started it up yesterday from cold, it ran fine for about 5 miles then got rough, it was only firing on 3 cylinders. I limped home and checked the plugs, number 3 was wet. I fitted a new plug and it fired up, no problem. I took it out again later and the same happened, after about 5 miles, plug number 3 stopped firing. I left it last night and started it up this morning, it was still firing on only 3 cylinders so I changed plug number 3 and its working fine again. Anyone any ideas?

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                  This is not the usual photo of a engine bay seen on this site but it is the...

                  This is not the usual photo of a engine bay seen on this site but it is the engine bay in my wee RS and it's as you can see not a nice refurbished engine but it is what a 36 year old engine bay looks like in a car that was used as a means of transport and fun over the years. It might seem unusual to post this but not every RS has had the full refurb done and had every part replaced or painted at this stage. If you zoom in you will see the alternator has been replaced but the original 36 year old one is in the repair shop and this keeps it going till original comes back. This under bonnet photo will never get many likes but it is here to show what a used untouched engine bay in a car that is on the road and not for show use looks like. Maybe that is why I don't open the bonnet too much lol

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                  Alan Sherwood updated the description of the group Ford Escort MKII RS2000.

                  Ford Escort RS2000 MK2

                  The Escort RS2000 MK2 made its first public appearance at the 1975 Geneva Motor Show and created quite a reaction with its polyurethane nose cone. The nose cone added 165mm in overall length and reduced the drag factor to 0.386 from 0.444 found on the other MK2 variants.

                  The marque was released on sale in January 1976 and production ended in the July of 1980 with a total of around 23,000 being produced at the Saarlouis plant in Germany and just over 10,000 being sold in the U.K.

                  The RS2000 received many changes over its four and a half years in production. The early cars became known as a 'Broadstripe' due to the bold black stripe down each side of the car that was inline with the front and rear bumpers. These cars were produced up to July 1976 as from August the marque had a subtle twin coachline just below the swage line to look that bit more upmarket.

                  F.O.R.D lettering was used on the grille and boot until the blue oval badge was introduced in August 1977.

                  The RS2000 was available in white, black, and various shades of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, beige and even a one off bronze car built especially for Henry Ford II in 1976.

                  The interior was only available in black until September 1978 when brown became an option. The early seats were Scheel recliners known as rolltops and covered in beta cloth. These were superseded in the September of 1978 when the introduction of the 2 model line up was released....The Base and Custom models.

                  The seats are now made by Recaro in the Custom model with 'Fishnet' headrests and the base model received the basic Ghia style low back seats.

                  The wheels were 6x13in 4 spoke RS alloys throughout production fitted with Pirelli CN36 tyres. The base model came as standard with 5.5x13in steel wheels.

                  The RS2000 is powered by the reliable110bhp overhead cam 2.0 litre Pinto engine coupled to a Type E 4 speed gearbox running through a two piece propeller shaft to the Timken rear axle with 3.545:1 final drive.

                  The top speed is 108mph and 0-60mph can be reached in 8.5 seconds.

                  The body shell on the RS2000 has many areas with extra strengthening unique to RS MK2 Escorts. The marque was only ever available from the factory with the unique nosecone and never as a flat front like the MK2 Mexico and RS1800 models.

                  The RS2000 MK2 could also be fitted with a range of performance extras available from the dealer. These extras included engine internals, twin Weber Carburettors, transmission and suspension upgrades and the wide X-Pack body arches.

                  The RS2000 MK2 is now one of the most sought after classic Ford cars built and is very popular with collectors especially in completely standard original condition. 2016 celebrates the Marques 40th Birthday of a car that so proudly wears the RS tag.

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                    Hi All need some info help please

                    Hi All - need some info / help please.

                    Does anyone have a drawing or similar that shows the correct position of the RS decals (nosecone, bootlid & rear quarters) and the mid stripe? My car has just been tidied & resprayed in Signal Orange, so once its all back together, applying these will be one of the final jobs.

                    Also any ideas on how you get the LH clip of the 'Escort' boot badge back on? It was easy to get the old one off but access to get the replacement back on seems almost impossible! - is there a special tool?


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                      Photos from Richard Manning's post

                      Looking to sell my 2.1 pinto set up



                      It's a 2.1 pinto 205 block.

                      Inj stg1 head ported with a stg1, road/race cam,

                      Burton adj cam pulley,

                      Painted rocker cover

                      New thermostat and billet housing

                      Arp rod bolts

                      Burton high pressure oil pump,

                      And Acl race bearings throughout,

                      Lightened flywheel

                      Ally sump and new pickup (new bolts&gasket)

                      Ally mounts with new bolts and stainless steel cups

                      New clutch

                      New weber 45's

                      New manifold

                      New classic samco hoses

                      Weber linkage

                      Mocal catch tank

                      Type 9 gearbox and new mount

                      New Rs bell housing


                      New 105 speed manifold

                      New Ashton's alternator and mount

                      New in box high torque starter

                      New race alternator

                      New h&h elec ignition

                      Quick shift kit

                      New ht leads

                      New facet and filter King

                      Approx 170/175 bhp

                      Essex area

                      Cheers rich

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                        Ford Escort RS2000 MK2 History

                        Ford Escort RS2000 MK2 History

                        The RS2000 MK2 was first shown to the public at the Geneva show in March 1975, it instantly stood out from the crowd with its unique polyurethane Nosecone that boasted a 0.058 reduction in drag factor from the flat fronted MK2 escorts.

                        With this great reception, production started on 10th November 1975 and units were available on sale from 14th January 1976.

                        The RS2000 was the best selling MK2 RS branded escort with a total of just over 10,000 cars being sold in the UK from launch in 1976 until production ended in July 1980.

                        The RS2000 had many changes in its 4 years of production in relation to exterior badging, colours,interior designs and optional extras.

                        The most popular of all the RS2000's was the best selling Custom model that was introduced on 13th September 1978.

                        The Custom came with the unique fishnet Recaro seats and these were available in Black,brown and even a light beige colour.

                        The base model RS2000 was now available too, it came in a very basic form with steel wheels, standard sport seats, no clock pod and standard door cards.

                        Over the years these cars have attracted a huge following with Ford enthusiast all over the world. They became a motorsport success in the hands of the professionals and the amateur teams. Enthusiasts have also preserved fine examples over the years and now standard examples are very sought after by collectors.

                        The RS2000 MK2 celebrates its 40th Birthday in 2016 and is still, all these years later one of the most iconic Ford cars in the country!

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                          Jordan Norval shared Matt Hopes's event to the group: Ford Escort MKII RS2000.

                          Following on from last year Matt and I have decided to do another Charity meet at The Ace Cafe London. The date is the 3rd of january and we would like it to be bigger than last year! (around 250 cars attended last year)

                          We still have a few premium car parking spaces left for reservation, but you can always just come along and park along the road etc!

                          Just like last year it is a ford based event. Premium parking spaces will only go to fords. If you want to attend in something else then you are welcome to come along and park along the road outside the ace.

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                          If I can share a story of mine I reflect back to my school days I was 13 in...

                          If I can share a story of mine I reflect back to my school days I was 13 in comp in pontypool Wales when I used to watch CI5 on the TV I loved the RS2000 on there a neighbour of mine had a very similar looking car and one day we was coming from dinner and we used to go to the corner shop I remember it had been raining so it was damp and I allways remember our school was on a hill and a one way system so this day we was walking and we could hear the song of twin 40s coming up the hill we looked around and to see the sight of this white RS2000 broad side was a sight I will never forget and I have loved this car for a long time now 45 I am this year and still want one . so for those of you who have one your lucky to have it just keep them nice and simple and all I can do is dream of owning one and admire the ones that's on here .

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                            I ve got a question that may sound silly to some but here goes My old RS had...

                            I've got a question that may sound silly to some, but here goes..My old RS had the reg JMX 400V. I've done a few searches on various web sites over the years and can't trace the reg, let alone my old RS, so looks like it's long gone [I'm not really that surprised as when I sold it on to a dealer, I'm sure the car cheered as I walked out with the cash] Seeing as it's not a cherished plate to anyone but me really, Is there any way of getting the number back off DVLA? IF I find a 1978-80 RS in black, I'd love to stick this plate on it

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                              Photos from Hans Wendel's post

                              For sale: MK2 RS2000 2 engines and spares

                              including 2 engines, one complete 2,1 comes with 48er Weber IDF,

                              the other one is a 2.0 incomplete and splitted.

                              1. engine 2,1

                              Need some new gaskets and needs to be cleaned,but its turning well and seems to be ok.


                              Has been reworked

                              i dont know the valve size, head has not been removed.


                              Kent RC1 Camshaft Race

                              Power Band 3000 - 7500

                              Cam Lift(mm) 7.36mm Inlet/Exhaust

                              Valve Lift(mm) 12.24mm Inlet/11.91mm Exhaust

                              Duration 306 Deg Inlet/Exhaust

                              Timing 45/81 81/45

                              block NE 2,1 (93mm pistons) it is not an "205"

                              -pistons TYP number 76TM-6110-A1A

                              Data from the Mahle Homepage:

                              Bore 3.661 inch/ 93mm

                              Pin O.D. 0.945 in

                              Material Aluminum4

                              -rods have been lightened and balanced

                              -crankshaft looks to be new

                              -flywheel 18mm

                              -clutch Fichtel & Sachs

                              -Double Weber 48 IDF 60.6



                              2. engine incomplete and splitted


                              maybe out of an Granada originally?

                              valves: 38 und 43mm

                              Block Kennung NE P, maybe Granada aswell

                              comes with


                              -91mm pistons

                              -rods also seem to be lightended and balanced

                              -inlet manifold for Weber 48mm

                              package price 2.500 €

                              location germany / contact me via facebook

                              Nothing will be sold seperately.

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                                Hi Everyone

                                Hi Everyone.

                                If you don't all ready know This coming Saturday 4th July is:

                                RS COMBE 2015

                                The South West premier Ford & Rs car show at the historic Castle Combe racing circuit in Wiltshire.

                                From RS's to ST's – Fiesta Xr2's to Lotus Cortina's this Show has it all from the early classics to the latest models – Mint Original to Custom all on Display & On track Charity Parade laps to Drifting Displays.

                                There will be lots to see & do, On track action, Club Displays, Show & Shine & Trade stands plus not forgetting loads & loads of Cars to look at & things to keep the little ones happy.

                                Hope to see you there.

                                The RS Combe Crew

                                !! Please Note All Advanced Ticket Sale Close Midnight Sunday June 28th !!


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