Quick question for you experienced people I need to change my 12 Edge s FCIM... — Ford Edge WorldWide

Quick question for you experienced people. I need to change my 12 Edge's FCIM module (Faceplate piece around the Sync unit with buttons etc).

I found a used one for a good price on ebay from a 2014 model. Looks identical to the one I currently have.

Question: Will it work, or does the replacement have to be of the same year etc.?

Thanks in advance!

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    Not edge related but i wanted to get some opinions im thinking about buying a... — Ford Edge WorldWide

    Not edge related but i wanted to get some opinions.... im thinking about buying a chevy tahoe or gmc yukon year 05-13.. has anyone owned one or know someone that owns one and maybe could tell me if they are good vehicles and what to look out for.. like one of the trim models is a 4x4 i was wondering if they were ok or not... any feedback is appreciated thanks

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      UPDATE. Tail lights in process of being sold — Ford Edge WorldWide

      UPDATE: Tail lights in process of being sold.

      Hello friends,

      With the Edge totaled, I salvaged the tail lights and rims I just bought.

      If anyone wants the DriveBright LED shadow black tails (undamaged), I'm selling them for hopefully $150, but I'll consider the best offer since they're of no use to me anymore.

      For the rims, I've attached a picture of them when they were new. No curb rash on two of them, but the wreck slid through some twigs and got a little paint rubbed off the edges. It's not bad, but you can see it up close. I'll clean them up and post pictures when I'm feeling better. But they're Verde Axis 20" satin black. The tires are all new Lexani Twenties, and had no deflation so I'm thinking no leaks.

      Let me know if you or anybody you know is interested in either!

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        Bein that I m retired with way too much time on my hands and with a PhotoShop... — Ford Edge WorldWide

        Bein' that I'm retired, with way too much time on my hands... and with a PhotoShop program on my computer... I allow my imagination to ask, "Howzabout a two door, lowered GT version of an Edge"?

        Shortly thereafter, I have an answer...

        Wadda you guys think... is it cool, kinda cool, Eh! or, "Please knock that crap off"?

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          I have a high gloss black finish on 2015 edge near cup holders. piano black — Ford Edge WorldWide

          I have a high gloss black finish on 2015 edge near cup holders (piano black). It's got a few scratches. Anyone know how to remove or polish these out. I tried using Mcguire scratch x and also some other scratch remover (In a discrete area) and it just seems to make plastic hazy and takes off the shine! ... any solutions or intérieur specialists know how to get scratches out whilst keeping high gloss finish

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            Photos from Chris Britt's post — Ford Edge WorldWide

            I must be destined to do something in this life, because I somehow survived hitting two trees going 45mph tonight. Had my hand on 2 o'clock, sneezed, and my arm jerked the wheel down to the right. Hit pine straw on the edge of the road, probably over corrected, and went head first into one tree, and then back passenger side smacked and bounced off another. Airbags deployed in the front and passenger side everywhere, the car filled up with smoke, and some lady got me out. My phone called 911 through sync somehow. I've got a burn from the airbag on my arm and the most intense muscle pain everywhere the seatbelt was. Face is fine but feels like it's on fire from the airbag. Hurts a little to breath heavily, but has gotten better since calming down. Don't know if I would've survived this with such little injury if I wasn't in the edge. It saved me in a wreck in September when someone ran a redlight, hit a truck, and threw it into the front of mine. Officer complimented my rims, subs, and tattoos, and told me the car was probably totaled and to salvage the rims and give the wrecker service the stock ones. My grandma just died on Monday, so I'm having a hell of a week so far.

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              Well I have an update to my insurance claim I found out that the kid who hit... — Ford Edge WorldWide

              Well I have an update to my insurance claim. I found out that the kid who hit my Edge only had property damage coverage for up to $15,000 which is only half of what my car is worth and his injury coverage is only $25,000. I'm literally sick right now. I am not sure what will happen next but I'm almost positive that I will have to have my car fixed.

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                Soooo still got a while before the winter tires get taken off but I put them on... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                Soooo still got a while before the winter tires get taken off but I put them on the factory rims for my 2015 titanium (20"). Which means when it's time to put the factory tires back on for spring/summer I need to get a 2nd set of rims for those 20" tires. From what I understand there's still very limited availability for the new bolt pattern (2015 and up in 20" size) so that means that I need to think about ordering the new rims now so they're here by March/April-ish.

                Having said that, looking for suggestions for 20" rims for a 2015 and up. Color on my Edge is ruby red metallic. Would like something black or black and silver/chrome combo. Don't want to go all chrome or all silver, already basically have that. Couple of sellers on e-bay have the stock rims (ones with the silver and painted darker silver pockets) that are unused and then powder coated shiny black. Considering those among other options. Willing to pay for great looking rims but don't really want to drop $2,000 total...

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                  Anybody having an issue with their alignment My 2015 Sport has had 3... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                  Anybody having an issue with their alignment? My 2015 Sport has had 3 alignments done and it needs another. After looking around online I've seen others post similar issues and wanted to check here. It doesn't seem as if the actual alignment itself is bad... it seems like it is a computer issue. I'll start out driving and to go straight the steering wheel will be just fine, pointed at 12 o'clock. Then as I'm driving it'll slowly start pulling to the right if I keep the wheel at 12 o'clock. To go straight after a couple minutes of driving the steering wheel will need to go be at 11 o'clock. Sometimes it's not that far left...other times I need to keep it even further left. If I let go of the wheel it sometimes stays driving straight and sometimes will veer to the right.

                  It makes driving very tiring and not at all consistent. I've had it to my dealerships service department and all they claim is that they will do an alignment, give me a lollipop and send me on my way. All Tire pressures are good and it does this if I have lane keeping on or off. I've tried pulling the battery to reset the computer but it didn't help. It's a lease and I am not going to be purchasing it when the time is up so I'm not too concerned with constantly going back to the dealer to keep being told it's fine.

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                    So the Ford Edge is new too me I have the 2011 sport and it just died on me... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                    So the Ford Edge is new too me, I have the 2011 sport and it just died on me today for the first time. Had interior lights on for a few minutes (shouldn't have drained it as I've left them on for hours before without draining) after opening the hood noticed battery was super corroded, got a jump and now my lift gate won't open?? (Tried Inside button, outside button and on fob)Wtf... anyone else experience this?

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                      I need some recommendations on where to get some parts for an 08 se Links for... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                      I need some recommendations on where to get some parts for an 08 se. Links for online would be great. I live in western Kentucky so if anyone knows of anything local that would be awesome too. I'm willing to travel to Indiana or Tennessee too. I need decent wheels and tires (22in), barings, speed sensors, headlight housings and bulbs, sway bars and links.

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                        So I am still undecided what kind of car to get once my insurance claim is... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                        So I am still undecided what kind of car to get once my insurance claim is settled. I am currently between a Acura TLX, Ford Escape, Lincoln MKX, and the Ford Edge. All have their pros and cons. Whatever I choose will be 2014 + except the Edge I would go 2015 most likely.

                        Does anyone know what the package number is for the 2015 + edges with the HID headlamps and auto cruise?

                        I'm almost leaning on the MKX just because they are cheaper for some reason with the options I want. (Factory HID, pano roof, and navigation)

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                          Josh Colburn shared Ridez for A Reason Auto Show's event to the group: Ford Edge WorldWide. — Ford Edge WorldWide

                          PLEASE SHARE !!!!!!

                          We've got it all at this family friendly event benefiting 4 year old Leukemia patient Natalie !!!!!

                          Car ,Bike and Truck Show ✔

                          Dual Sanctioned Audio Competition(MECA and IASCA) ✔

                          Motorcycle Ride ✔

                          On Site Pin Striping ✔

                          On Site Dyno✔

                          Live Concerts (Tinn Mann, Cj Harris, Cyprus Creek, YB, Top Dead Center, Brandon Henson ✔

                          Raffle and Door Prizes ✔

                          Inflatables ✔

                          Food and Product Vendors ✔

                          We would love to see yall at Ridez for A Reason 2017

                          https://www.facebook.com/events/1591909627788185/? ti=cl

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                            Got a quick question for you guys I have a new to me 2011 edge SEL with 80 XXX... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                            Got a quick question for you guys. I have a new to me 2011 edge SEL with 80,XXX miles. I just noticed today that I have a puddle of gas under the passenger side by the rear wheel. I looked under the vehicle and saw it dripping but can't tell where it's dripping from.

                            Anyone else experienced this?

                            I have searched the group, forums and Google can't come up with anything for the 2011. I see the 2007-2008 were recalled and the 2012s.

                            Any help is appreciated

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                              Hey guys I have posted on here before I ve taken my car to multiple... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                              Hey guys! I have posted on here before. I've taken my car to multiple dealerships both around here in MA and NH to look at the problem with my car but every time they say my car has nothing wrong with no codes coming off when checked. When I turn car to left or right at a low speed I get a little pedal jerk then traction control light either flashes or will trip on and stay there until I turn car off. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know if anyone around my area who has worked on other edges? Many thanks

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                                Photos from Terry Green's post — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                Installed some DDM Tuning 55W 5000K HID's tonight. Non Canbus with the BOW3 plugged into the factory wiring. Drivers side headlight doesn't want to start in Auto headlight mode but does in the headlight on position. Once it's warmed up it stays lit in Auto headlight. As suspected, they don't run at all with the daytime running lights so I either need the relays or disable them DTRL in Forscan. Crappy night with rain so I'll play a little more tomorrow and update this post.

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                                  ATTENTION — Ford Edge WorldWide


                                  WANT PARTS FOR YOUR EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  As an Edge owner, I personally think the 2nd gen edge has some very strong potential, it just needs the right support. I think we all agree on that as edge enthusiasts. But I honestly feel that the Edge could be a serious aftermarket vehicle with the right support. It just needs a few people to push it over to the modding public instead of stay dormant like the 1st and 1.5gens. Sooo for all GENS, what products would you like to see on the market for your edge. Let the imagination run wild. The more we can get outthere, the more that we may be able to make happen. Nothing happens when dormant. Me personally COILOVERS!!! I'd gladly pay about $1,500. for them! Let the imagination run wild. I would love to build the photo I photoshopped of my car!

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                                    Alright having some issues with my 2010 SEL Today I noticed a loud noise... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                    Alright, having some issues with my 2010 SEL. Today I noticed a loud noise coming from the shifter and underneath anytime I hit the brakes while it was in park. You throw it in gear, the noise stops. Okay, could be interlock solenoid? Also, I noticed the brake pedal felt different along with this noise. I wouldn't say it feels "squishy" but it feels more like it takes forever for the pedal to release back up once you've pressed down. Odd to explain, but could be water in the fluid or air. Called Ford, they were helpful gems and told me it was my brake booster, which at first I bought into because it does give a feeling of a vacuum issue at the pedal and doesn't feel like it stops quite as quick as it should once the brakes are engaged.

                                    Sorry for the novel, just can't really wrap my head around what's causing either problem, as I don't believe they're necessarily linked. Thanks for any insights in advance!

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                                      Photos from Fidel Reina's post — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                      Hey all, I need some advice on my 2011 Ford Edge sport. Leaking coolant, it's not the hose but coming from somewhere I can't quite see. I'm hoping not but to what I hear it might be the water pump? No milky oil so maybe caught it in time? Haven't taken it to the mechanic yet but wanted to see what you thought first. I took some pics of what I believe is the weep hole. Any help is greatly appreciated

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                                        So I ve found some better looking tail lights for our 2010 Limited cause the... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                        So I've found some better looking tail lights for our 2010 Limited (cause the factory are just too light and....meh). Has anybody found some good, reliable headlights for the 1st gen models?

                                        Also, has anybody installed the DeeZee running boards, and if so, what do you think of them?

                                        Finally, does anybody have a line for a good deal on a K&N cold air intake for the 2010?

                                        One more point...after our 3000 miles in 1.5 wks we just put on this 2010 for a vacation, this 6 spd transaxle kills me with as much shifting as it does, and I'm wondering if anybody's tried installing a transmission fluid cooler on this truck and if it would help.

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                                          Thank you goes out to the admins for FEWW and all FEWW Members MACTFORDEDGE on... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                          Thank you goes out to the admins for FEWW and all FEWW Members. MACTFORDEDGE on Youtube has reached 2,000,000 minutes of viewing as of today. The youtube channel is at 500,000 views and seen in 193 documented countries. Thank you Nick Halstead Mitchell J. Mattice Roger Armstrong for putting up with my postings of videos.

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                                            Early 19 000 miles and 14 months it s time for tires We got a couple days of... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                            Early 19,000 miles and 14 months it's time for tires. We got a couple days of really good rainfall needed but my tires are slipping and sliding. Currently I have Hankook S1 Noble (OE) 245/50/20

                                            On my old 2009 Edge I had Michelin latitude 255/50/20. Handled great but the mileage did suffer from heavier tire.

                                            My tire guy was advising me on going up one size to the 255 a lot better tires and options of manufacturers. I have a 2015 edge sport FWD. made Sept -15.

                                            Need tires very soon what are you running? I already own a sports car A Honda S2000 which if I need to go fast and corner hard, I have that. I just want something that will handle a little better than the OE tires that came with this Edge and rain traction is very Important.

                                            Help plz :)

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                                              Photos from Lu Vencl's post — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                              Update to this:

                                              I have a 2016 Ford Edge Titanium with the 302 package. I have been trying to use the 120V AC outlet for my laptop. I am sure it is not exceeding 150 watts. But it goes into flashing fault mode immediately. Anyone else experience this?

                                              Using an HP laptop with a power supply rated at 200 watts max, but it never goes beyond 97 watts when I measure it on household current.

                                              I tested the same laptop on a 2016 Escape and it works fine.

                                              So apparently this power converter I have is having an issue with the power supply.

                                              I also tested at 100 watt light bulb and it worked just fine.

                                              Anyone else tested their laptops in their 2016 edge?

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                                                So my quest to resolve rattles in my 16 sport continues Recently like within... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                                So my quest to resolve rattles in my 16 sport continues. Recently (like within the last 2 weeks) my panoramic roof (just don't check this option, it's not worth it) now knocks when in ventilation mode. Seriously it sounds like someone knocking on the glass when i go over anything more than a minor bump. It seems to be coming more from the rear pane vs the actual moving piece of glass. The noise stops when the roof is closed. I don't think I can fix this one on my own as I cannot duplicate it when not moving. I just dread dealership warranty trips. They can never duplicate the issue and my time is wasted. Anyone else have a similar issue with their pano roof?

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                                                  MPG question Normally I run pure gas E0 When the negative temps finally... — Ford Edge WorldWide

                                                  MPG question: Normally I run pure gas (E0). When the negative temps finally showed up recently I started putting in 2-3gal of E10, and filling the rest with E0. The thought is that the resulting quart of ethanol in the tank will act like fuel-line antifreeze and give easier starts on cold mornings. To that effect it seems to really work.

                                                  However, I have noticed an over 10% drop in mpg over the same time period. Do you think this is directly the result of the ethanol, or just the corresponding cold temps that came at the same time?

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