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Want to find out more about the Ford Machinists' strike in 1968? With some artistic licence, this portrays the events surrounding the impact on the launch of the MkII Cortina of the girls strike for equal pay for women . This ultimately led to Equal Pay being ratified - after a further strike. A great cast and production crew give this little slice of history a wonderful feel-good factor. So, if you're free, and not too far away, why not come along to the Wilde Theatre in Bracknell and have - in the words of potty-mouth Beryl the machinist - an effin' good evening.

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    Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

    As I've been training this week I was able to skive off early today so spent an hour or so in the garage. I'd forgotten about one bit of grot in the headlamp panel so cut out, patch made, sparky sparky then grindy grindy and job done. Screwed both headlamp panels on to the car to check fit. Still need to screw the valance to the wings but looking good so far.

    One thing I'm not happy with is the curve of the bonnet is not the same as the curve on the driver side wing. It had a flat spot in it towards the front so I have been trying to bend it back by jamming a bit of wood between the bonnet and innerwing, and then pushing down on the bonnet. Getting better but not perfect yet....Phil

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      Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

      Here are a few photos of XOO as it has just come out of the strip process and washed off ready for me to collect. I cant wait to see it but Phil at surface processing tells me there is nothing to overly concern me about its condition, and the things I know about being the tool well under the battery tray, that I already have and will replace, and the front of the sill under the N/S/F wing.

      Happy days, other than I cant pick it up until next week as I'm in Spain tomorrow until Tuesday for a bit of winter sun. Cant wait.

      Many Thanks to Phil and his team at Surface Processing in Dudley.

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        Members on here — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

        Members on here

        Mk2 cortina mk2 1600e

        Anyone need some tail light lens

        Also front indecators units for spares only on them as all clear outer lens have cracks.

        Anyone need headlight crome rings theses are good, shinny??

        A will be selling a one set of headlight bowl s

        Good condition. If anyone wants a set.

        Front crossmenber

        Half shafts

        Axe caseing

        1600e steering wheel needs new leather cover

        On it.

        Sereis 2 handbrake

        Front grill blue badge

        Bonnet stay

        Boot lid

        Any intrest

        Before parts go eBay.

        Parts are in south West Scotland

        Will post everything

        Any parts need pm on price s

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          Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

          My mostly repaired headlamp panel still needed the frilly part where the headlamp sits repaired. So to avoid trying to make the panel with the big circle with a return lip (probably beyond my capabilities) I took one mangled mk1 escort front panel. Not mangled by me but I'd be fibbing if I said I hadn't mangled a few in my time. I then cut off the headlamp panel and removed the bit I needed. I then welded it in to the cortina panel and dressed the welds. Just need to drill 1 hole and it's job done. Ciao...Phil

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            Hi all I have a mk1 and have fitted a zetec 2 ltr complete with omex fuel... — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

            Hi all . I have a mk1 and have fitted a zetec 2 ltr complete with omex fuel injection. It's great in the lanes and around town but 65mph and more and it gets pretty uncomfortable. I'm guessing I need to uprate the rear diff to change the gearing for a more comfortable motorway ride. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions please ?

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                Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                Some more baby steps today. Cut and rewelded the rear of the passenger wing as It tapered over to the door. It was also high at this point so I did the same to where it mounts on the inner wing. Played some more with the panel gaps. I've opened them up a bit. Also started repairing my other NOS headlamp panel. Well it was NOS when I got it in 1991. Bit worse for wear now. All the periphery is repaired but the centre where the lamp goes is very frilly. Tried filling the grotty bits with weld but it's crap, but had an epiphany just now whilst going to get a bottle of red. I'm going to weld in a but of a mk1 escort panel as it's the same except one hole is missing. Until next time...Phil

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                  Went to my mums today and she has been looking through photos and found these — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                  Went to my mums today and she has been looking through photos and found these. This was my first car at 17 a MK1 Cortina 1200 which as you can see I fitted MK2 Twin Cam engine, 2000E gearbox and diff all from a scrapped MK2 Lotus that had sustained heavy accident damage this was in 1974. I also fitted the MK1 GT gauges I bought from the same scrap yard.

                  Also my Suzuki GT250 M model and was green and white which I still had whilst doing the Cortina. Happy days I paid £100 for the lotus bits what a bargain.

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                    Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                    Today's jobs. Cut the mounting flange off the driver wing and welded on a new one. The gap between wing and bonnet has opened up a bit now though. Not an issue as it was only 3mm to start with and I need to open all the gaps up as they are to tight. The doors are nearly touching the wings when they open and that's without paint. Had my helicoil kit so I repaired the buggered thread in the top hinge mount. Also the good hinge i found this week was the wrong one so made a good one out of 2 - redrilled, with an 8mm bolt used as a hinge pin. Works a treat. Thanks to Andrew Guile I could fit the passenger door as the nuts he kindly donated arrived

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                      Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                      With a 5.00am start, here's XOO with all its panels and a few additional ones I intend to keep for spares, like extra Bonnett and Boot lid, delivered this morning at 7.45am. Fingers crossed no shocks from the strip. I am aware of the tool well corrosion , the bottom of the NSF wing corrosion were it joins the sill and I am awre that it has supposed to have had two wheel arches put on it before I bought it.

                      Will be ready approx first week in March. The shell will come back in white metal to do a few jobs, all the panels will come back in the electropheretic primer.

                      Look after it Surface Processing and roll on three weeks time, I cant wait to see it stripped down to white metal.

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                        Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                        There she is, XOO with the two boot lids, one a NOS, loaded on the trailer and ready for tomorrows trip to surface processing for the dip and strip process.

                        With the X5 fully loaded with the two NOS doors, three bonnets one a NOS, two bonnet and boot hinges, and the air filter box.

                        The panels will be full imersion electrophetic primed and the shell will come back in white metal for the few repairs I need to do, then the shell will be returned for the full imersion electrophetc priming process.

                        So when it is all done I will be approx £3,500 lighter, but will be well worth it.

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                          Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                          Late start in work today. Bored of watching car repeats on discovery so decided to go out the garage for an hour. Thought I'd fit the doors and wings to see if the gaps are anywhere near. Driver side ok except the wing around the scuttle sits a little low due to where it mounts on to the wing rail tapers. I'll slice and wedge a bit in to match the other wing. Couldn't secure other door as the nuts I have are completely rounded so need new, but found a top hinge that only has a tiny bit of play instead of 5mm play. Problem is the captive nut in the door has a stripped thread so will need to be helicoiled

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                            I am on the Committee of Crowthorne Musical Players and we are performing Made... — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                            I am on the Committee of Crowthorne Musical Players, and we are performing Made in Dagenham at the Wilde Theatre in Bracknell from the 14th to the 18th March. This message is dual-purpose. We would like to advertise this show, which portrays a milestone in the rights of women, equal pay, and the launch of the Cortina MkII. Also, we would like to find out if anyone with a MkII in our area would be prepared to allow a number of the cast to be photographed with the car for publicity purposes. We would of course acknowledge the assistance of the owner and this group in our programme for the show.

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                              Photos from Joan Coles's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                              Well this what i have been up to over the Christmas Break.. As promised Graham Orchard. I finally got my Aussie 2 door Mk 2 Cortina to the paint shop. Only been 8 years in the making. Almost made it last year but failed . So it was repaint or bust this time round. Here is a couple of pic's that i took when i rolled up at my Mates shop on 12th December .I had spare doors , boot lid which i sorted during the year. This is my daily driver and since i moved here 9 years ago its been in constant service. More to follow, RIch

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                                Hi folks as you may know I m on with the restoration of XOO my Cortina Lotus... — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                Hi folks as you may know I'm on with the restoration of XOO my Cortina Lotus MK2 S1 and am after canvasing some opinion or advice.

                                As we all know the battery on a Lotus is located in the boot. My main battery cable comes from the solenoid, under the car via the gearbox tunnel, then in to the car via a hole under the rear seat.

                                I have never liked this idea as it is very close to the seat frame when I tested it the otherday. And my concern is shaffing and earthing out on the seat frame, which could cause a fire.

                                My first thought was to put a bulkhead connector in the floor but that is just as close to the seat.

                                My second thought is to route it under the car and enter the boot somewhere near the battery. This does not look easy either, due to having to get over the chassis leg to get near the battery carrier.

                                My question is therefore.

                                Has anyone relocated the main battery lead, as I have suggested away from the entry point under the rear seat? As I'm thinking the rally boys in particular may have done. Some pictures would be good if anyone has.

                                Many thanks for you time.

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                                  Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                  After a lovely morning shopping with the wife and kids ( why do kids always need shoes???), I managed to get a couple of hours on the Cortina. Removed steering column, pedal box, throttle and umbrella handbrake so i could start removing the black paint from the bulkhead. Expected to find some nasties round the heater bowl but other than some pitting it was all in good shape. The inner wing seam to bulk head had expanded and once "massaged" with a hammer and screwdriver holes appeared. Rot has been cut out and shall be replaced tomorrow. Also a photo of the holes drilled in the chassis rail where the PO had attached the anti roll bar mounts with M8 stud bar and had been driving it around. It obviously took him a few goes to get the upgrade right. The steering box plate is also dead...Phil

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                                    Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                    More loft hunding. I forgot I had bought most of these like this is the third airfilter pipe i have found. And look at the door latches. The rev counter white loop wire, the new front grill badges and correct red new clutch pipe.then the NOS gear leaver gaitor, ignition switch more key barrels, rear wheel cylinder covers, track rod ends and more bumper irons. Look at the billet aluminium steering wheel centre I bought a few years ago.

                                    The little bearings are for the carbs and are throttle spindle bearings.

                                    I found the old top hose for the rad.

                                    Another suprise was that when I was doing the S2 to S1 conversion of the NOS door i did not realise that they both came with new check straps so well happy on that count as they are a mare to find. All in all a great day in the man cave.

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                                      Cortina mk2 1600e diff done 76 000 miles 3. 89 — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                      Cortina mk2 1600e diff done 76,000 miles 3.89.

                                      Good for age £200 posted

                                      Half shaft cortina mk2 1600e £55 posted

                                      Axe caseing cortina mk2 1600e good for age

                                      £55 posted.

                                      Front crossmenber mk2 1600e good for age

                                      £35 posted

                                      Scuttle grill cortina mk2 1600e good for age

                                      £30 posted

                                      Wiper linkage cortina mk2 1600e with fitting

                                      To hold wiper links to car thu scuttle corners

                                      Etc.working fine when removed £65 posted

                                      Cortina mk2 1600e Rear Tramp bars need old bushed taken out of them

                                      £70 posted.

                                      Cortina mk2 1600e bonnet stay good for age

                                      £25 posted

                                      Cortina mk2 1600e Rad support panel s

                                      Cut of shell solid for age £45. Posted

                                      Parts are in south West Scotland.

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                                        Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                        Went loft hunting at my sons house for the parts for XOO Cortina filling the X5.

                                        Some nice surprises and one I forgot about completely, that I had all the air filter bits including the bakalite part. I must of bought this 20 years ago as it definately did not come with the car as it had K&N's on it. Some other NOS items like the headlamp surrounds and indicators, new door handles, boot locks with two new keys in each which I will obviously have to recode to the same key, bonnet latch, plus loads of others stuff.

                                        Just look at that dash top you wont find many better than that and even found the NOS rubber trim for the bulkhead under the bonnet which is only on the series one, the new clutch slave cylinder, New No plate light, new prop centre mountings. Then there is my spare wheel cover with the pocket for the jack and tools. Then came across the original washer bottle and bracket just need to find the top which I'm sure is in one of the other boxes I have yet to recover from the loft.

                                        Oh the joy, I was like a kid with a new toy especially when I found the air filter Bakelite, I feel like I have just saved myself a fortune, and my enthusiasm jumped to new heights.

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                                          Some parts for sale — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                          Some parts for sale

                                          Mk2 cortina 1600e bubble drain plastic drain pipe some marks as u can expect for age £20 posted

                                          Mk2 cortina Sereis 2 rear fuel tank neck with overflow pipe £35 posted

                                          Cortina mk2 1600e Rear tail lights pair.

                                          Good for age

                                          Complete with crome surrounding

                                          £35 posted.

                                          Cortina mk2 tailgate been bare metal and red Bonda add solid condition

                                          £85 post by parcel force 48 hr delivery.

                                          Cortina mk2 1600e Rear axe caseing good for age £60 posted

                                          Crossflow dyno working fine when removed

                                          £35 posted

                                          Parts location s/w Scotland


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                                            Photos from Mark Blows's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                            theres a new mk2 sleeper on the streets in kent, i am posting this with the owners permission, he may be joining the club soon, heres the owners words & pics from the rods & sods forum...

                                            hi all, this is what i bought after i sold the zephyr to our ashley.

                                            it's a 2 door mk2 cortina, never welded with a 302/c4 fitted. it's just in from south africa, i'm the first reg'd uk keeper. steve, the guy i got it from just north of nottingham had gone to s/africa to buy a gp4 rally mk2 escort and ended up buying this cortina and a very 70's custom triumph spitfire his plan was once the other 2 were sold he'd covered the shipping etc on his escort.

                                            so to the car. it came with the soppy (but popular out there) 17" wheels but also a full set of 1600e rostyles with new tyres ready to fit so that's ok for now. the inside is retrimmed stock in dark red with the addition of black piping and a 1600e steering wheel. the dash top has overheated andhas been painted with some weird lumpy stuff. i've bought a leather fitted cover/skin to sort that out. it has what looks like a stock auto tunnel and a factory ford auto shifter. under the bonnet the bulkhead is stock, uncut with just a little trim of the slam panel for radiator clearance. the 302 is rebuilt stock with factory ally 4 barrel inlet and a holley carb. the c4 box is rebuilt to perana spec and the rear axle is from a perana capri with a 2.9 ratio.

                                            first to do is the dash top cover and straighten the steering wheel inside. next swap the steering box for a rack to improve the feel and lightness and better/bigger front brakes. the wiring will be moved under the inner wings and the engine bay painted as it's original paint there still from the wiring loom down. the wheels may change, i'm not certain for what but....

                                            the cast manifolds will be replaced with some headers i'll make along with a quiet dual exhaust and maybe electric cutouts too. it currently has a very quiet single exhaust that's a bit restrictive so ought to go.

                                            here's some pics as is now.

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                                              Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                              Another day in the garage. At some point someone tried to remove the gearbox without removing the stick. They then attacked the tunnel with a blunt axe to aid removal. Now all repaired and new holes drilled for the gater retainer. Next up I sliced the front of both wings as they tapered in and touched the bonnet. Next I repaired the rust on the front of the driver wing. I then decided to remove the rear view mirror. 1st bolt came out ok. Next one had to be drilled. I now need to remove the bolt

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                                                Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                Another hour today on XOO 869F.

                                                I exposed a bit more of the second area of the old tin worm I was aware of, at the bottom of the N/S/F wing. This was were I could see the joint with the sill and the bottom of the wing had swollen and opened up the gap between the wing and sill. At least the hole in the front of the sill will aid the sill draining when it is dipped and stripped LOL.

                                                On a more serious note I will leave this section now until it comes back from being stripped so I can see the spot weld's easier making the repair required more understandable.

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                                                  Hi Everyone This is how Amazing this Cortina forum is — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                  Hi Everyone, This is how Amazing this Cortina forum is,

                                                  most don't know I'm an ex pat,living in canada,I've had my share of 1600Es including a rare 2 door, I put a want ad up for a front Slam panel up for my brothers 16E in Glasgow, within 2 -3 hrs I had a pair of repair sections sorted , thanks to David Stewart, Gary Fearnley

                                                  For introducing me to Stuart Bird, 2 days later my brothers repair sections for slam panel arrived in glasgow, and fitted perfectly

                                                  Thanks everyone! And thanks stuart for the super quick service

                                                  But the best thing is while asking around my limited sources here in Niagara Falls Canada for the parts I came across the guy who bought my 1600E 2 door 15 yrs ago,

                                                  ( he has 7 Cortinas) mostly GTs and one Wagon all in poor shape

                                                  he never registered or drove my car, and it's been in his garage ever since, watch this space I'm going to see it in March when he can get it out the garage :)

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                                                    i found these paint codes for cortina s on google so i don t know how accurate... — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                    i found these paint codes for cortina's on google so i don't know how accurate they are .

                                                    Paint Code Color Number

                                                    Early Colors

                                                    A Savoy Black 9000

                                                    AZ Imperial Maroon 50585

                                                    BA/AB Ermine White 8294

                                                    BC Lime Green 42855

                                                    BH Caribbean Turquoise 12418

                                                    BL Ascot Grey 32166

                                                    BM Windsor Grey 32165

                                                    BP Panama Yellow 81334

                                                    BR Goodwood Green 42936

                                                    BS Monaco Red 71245

                                                    BT Aqua Blue 12692

                                                    BU Platinum Grey 32420

                                                    BY Light Blue 12949

                                                    BZ Spruce Green 43332

                                                    CA Sable 22641

                                                    CB Midnight Blue 13127

                                                    CD Lombard Grey 32519

                                                    CF Alcuda Blue 13176

                                                    CG Malibu Gold 22641

                                                    CN Velvet Blue 13258

                                                    Late Colors

                                                    CH Purbeck Grey 32567

                                                    CJ Lagoon 13259

                                                    CL Black Cherry 50736

                                                    CM Alpine Green 71908

                                                    CP Seafoam Blue 13257

                                                    CU/CV Dragon Red 71556

                                                    AQ Aubergine 8294

                                                    BJ/CW Anchor Blue 13659

                                                    BN Red 71794

                                                    BV Beige 23263

                                                    M Ambassador Blue 11830

                                                    Metallic Colors

                                                    A5 Aquatic Jade 44108

                                                    CG Light Blue 22641

                                                    CR Light Green 44107

                                                    A6 Saluki Bronze 22873

                                                    B4 Amber Gold 23264

                                                    B5 Fern Green 44106

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                                                      Photos from Maria Jones's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                      First time touching the car since before Christmas. Rear tub strengtheners are on. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice I've welded them on in slightly different places. I would like to give a good technical explanation as to why this is, but I just ballsed it up. I also spent another hour of my live grinding down the spot welds on the bottom of the driver side sill. That has to be the most boring job in the world but both are now done. No limbs damaged today. Full PPE worn. ☺

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                                                        Photos from John Claxton's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                        I had my car acid dipped recently, generally very pleased, however on opening the front of the chassis up I have found a lot of debris, it's mainly white powder, but a lot of black lumps, it doesn't bother me as its dry,but I intend to take the rear valance off to expose the rear of the chassis and then flush it through, I will then fill it up with wax oil,

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                                                          Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                          Update on the stripping of XOO 869F.

                                                          Not much done to day other than finding all the smaller items for the dip and stripping, must be careful that I dont send anything other than steel items so checked them all with a magnet. I found the bonnet hinges I bought about 15 years ago in really good order.

                                                          I had a good look over the shell today for signs of corrosion and as I thought just the two areas of concern.

                                                          One being the bottom of the N/S/F wing as it looks like a bit of corrosion has forces the bottom of the wing open and made a slight gap, the photo with the bit of red in the photo shows it, so will definately need work there.

                                                          Two being a hole right next to the drain hole in the boot where the battery sits on top of its carrier, in a standard car this is the tool well. I suppose this area is due to acid fumes from the battery.

                                                          Fingers crossed nothing else is found when it is stripped.

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                                                            Photos from Kevin McCombie's post — Ford Cortina MkII Owners Forum

                                                            Another productive four and a half hours on my Cortina Lotus XOO 869F last night till 10.30pm.

                                                            Removed all the remaining parts off it and couldnt resist setting up the Colin Ginn roll over jig ready for its return from the stripping process. Just a few rust issues im aware of so fingers crossed there are no major surprises.

                                                            Also What a great piece of kit the Colin Ginn designed and made jig is absolutely brilliand so if anyone needs one spend the money on a proper one from Colin.

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