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Forsale for mk3 cortina may fit mk4/5.

But first up. A front set of 1'' lowering springs.

Hardly used. But were on the car for 2 years. (Car was constantly refusing to work right for longer than 2 trips haha) £30+post

Secondly. A front set of goodridge brides brake hoses.

Again hardly used. Still as new condition. With stainless steel ends I'm upgrading my front brakes and they new calipers have different ends for the hoses.

Direct fit to mk3. £45 posted.

Or I'll do the lot for £72.50 posted

Open to offers

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Need advice please I m in Australia and looking at starting a TC Cortina... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

Need advice please. I'm in Australia and looking at starting a TC Cortina project and just thinking on budget. After I get the car resprayed I should only have 6g left ATM and I was wondering what you guys recommend engine wise. Would it be better to try and chuck a new engine in like XR6 turbo buy a stock recon engine and start to work that or if the engine is in ok nick would it respectable power by chucking 6g at it ( I know it is not a big budget) I have a mate that can do the exhaust needed but I'm guessing anything with to much power upgrade will need new. sorry if stupid question but my background has been 4wd

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    Sierra Ford shared a link to the group: FORD CORTINA FAN CLUB. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

    I’d like to find out about hiring a Cortina for an event on 30th March 2017. The event will start at around 5.30pm and finish by 11pm.

    We would like guests to be able to look around the car and sit in it up until around maybe 9pm when the car could be locked. It wouldn’t be able to be driven away at this point as there will be other parked cars and a dodgems track, so the car would need to stay until the end of the event when the guests have left.

    The event is to celebrate a corporate 15th birthday party and one of our key projects was called Project Cortina, hence why we would like to have a Cortina at the party. It is staff only and there will be around 250 guests, there will be drinks and food served although no-one would be able to take this into the car. The venue has full event insurance and public liability, here is the link to the venue:

    Please let me know if you can help or whether you need any further information from me.

    Thank you

    Caroline Thomas

    Commercial Manager,

    T | 029 20 435 506

    M | 07969 034 392

    E |

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      we are making a 60 min TV documentary on the story of the family car in Britain... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

      we are making a 60 min TV documentary on the story of the family car in Britain, beginning after WW2 and going up the present day. We’re keen to cover the Ford Cortina and are interested in talking to people who love the Cortina and grew up with it as their family car and/or are still using it as a family vehicle today.

      We’re looking more into the social aspect of this, rather than the technology and are looking for people who can tell a few stories and share some memories about their own family Cortina trips, talking about things like:

      What is it about the Cortina that you love?

      Do you remember when you’re Dad/Mum first brought it home?

      Why did they buy it?

      First family photo in front of the car? How did owning a car change family life?

      1st drive/holiday in the car?

      Was it safe and reliable?

      How does it compare to family cars today…

      Everything is pre-recorded and we are more than happy to travel to contributors. We are keen to come and film before or in the early part of February if possible.

      At this stage we are just looking to have a bit of a chat with people about their memories and experiences so if anyone thinks they may be interested, please drop me an email with your number and maybe a bit about you (if you have time) and I’ll ensure to give you a call to have a bit of a chat over the phone.

      Thanks again for all your help.

      All the best,


      Jack Stoneman

      Assistant Producer –Roof Racks and Hatchbacks: TimeShift, BBC 4

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        Well after spending a good couple of years trying to track my old 3 0 Capri I... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

        Well after spending a good couple of years trying to track my old 3.0 Capri I owned in the 80's I spent yesterday over in Ireland having a look over her and the deal was done to bring her home to sit in the middle of the 1600e and Sierra Cosworth! Happy is an understatement unlike the mrs for some reason, and all done because of the power of the internet so don't give up hope on tracking your old motors down.

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          my cortina was picked for this programme see if you can see it at the end We... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

          my cortina was picked for this programme see if you can see it at the end We was asked by a few people to remind them when the "Skipton" episode of "Our Dancing Town" is on.

          It is on BBC 2 this Tuesday at 9pm.

          This is the TV show we were asked to help supply a few cars for background fill. Thankfully a good few guys and girls on this page came forward to help. (Many thanks to those that came). After watching the first episode last week on Barnsley we are really looking forward to seeing how this show comes out. See what cars you can spot right at the end! Enjoy.

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            Stuart Miles shared a group to the group: FORD CORTINA FAN CLUB. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

            After ringing and emailing pretty much all the major tool companies for sponsorship of equipment for the workshop and being tuned down, just one had some compassion.. SEALEY! Good people as well as good tools! so Thank you Claire Bassett of Sealey for making that extra effort for a good community cause!

            Remember to come and join our group if you want to take part in the crowdfunding and win tools and parts which starts Monday 16 January! So get your skates on...


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              Stuart Miles shared a group to the group: FORD CORTINA FAN CLUB. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

              Some Exciting News!

              If you like winning tools, equipment or parts for your project whilst helping a classic car community project, please use the link below and join our group.

              This idea has been selected by cowdfunder as one of the top 100 ideas, will be featured in Practical Classics next month and the Bauer Publishing group which includes classic cars and classic car weekly and practical classics have asked for an exclusive and all magazines will be running features.

              I am hoping to soon have backing from a major tools supplier. The more people that join the group will mean the more likely of tool, equipment and parts suppliers also giving their support and there being more available for you to win by pledging support; so please wherever you are in the country follow the link and hit join. When the crowdfunding project goes live we can then let you know right away and you wont miss any opportunities

              Please help as we can’t make this happen without national support as it is too large a project; you can read all about it once you join.


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                Hi everyone saving up to get either a mk3 or a mk5 been supporting my Mrs the... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                Hi everyone saving up to get either a mk3 or a mk5 been supporting my Mrs the past 2 1/2 years while she study's to be a nurse finally in a position I can save and afford one of my dream cars would prefer a mk3 but will probably end up with a mk5 few questions really what would be a better car for a daily drive or is it pretty much a level field for either also parts are they the same expense or more on either side also how many people use there Tina's as daily drivers and how do people go about security im worried sick after years of wanting one soon as I get one it will be stolen any other tips and ideas welcome

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                  Not sure where best to post this so please don t flame me if this isn t the... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                  Not sure where best to post this, so please don't flame me if this isn't the right place.

                  My brother has a completely rust free 66 Ford Cortina GT that was disassembled for a restoration project. He has everything still together with the car minus drive train. He also has two other parts cars that will go with the GT. He is looking to sell the cars, but will entertain breaking up the lot. He is located in Arkansas USA, so you will need to figure out how to get the cars. If you want to contract with a shipper he is happy to coordinate and facilitate getting the cars and shipper together, but doesn't want to go through the logistics of herding up a shipper and dealing with all that comes with shipping to someone overseas. I will try to post pictures later today of the car(s).

                  Anyway, if you or someone you know is looking for one of these cars to restore, lemme know. I'm considering restoring it myself, but I've got too many projects now as it is...

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                    Hey guys good morning I m from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and I... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                    Hey guys good morning, I'm from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and I recently joined the group, I stumbled upon this fella, it caught my attention, so I'm about to purchase it and make it my project, only thing is, it's been fitted with a nissan SR20 engine and 5 Speed Manual Transmission, what do you guys think?

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                      Steven Wakeman shared a link to the group: FORD CORTINA FAN CLUB. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                      Hi everyone,

                      Hope you all had a good Christmas & are looking forward to a happy new year.

                      Just wanted to let you all know that our website is now live & booking forms are available from here, this will be a much easier process for all involved.

                      The website has loads of information about past show with lots of pictures, (maybe you can see yourself!) As well as new information about the 2017 show.

                      The website has a “clubs” page which is for those wishing it, to add a link to your own website/face book page to maybe attract new members to your club.

                      This year we will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer support. So we hope to see as many of you guys as possible, maybe even beat last year’s total!

                      Have a good everyone!



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                        Lidus Lee Blaeser shared Ford Cortina Mark 3-4-5 Sales & Spares, East Rand Area.'s photo to the group: FORD CORTINA FAN CLUB. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                        1986 Ford Cortina Mark 5 bakkie stripping for spares.

                        *CAB SHELL-SOLD!

                        *Complete right front door R1750.

                        *Complete left front door R1750.

                        *Front Windscreen and rubber R1250.

                        *Rear cab solid window R500.

                        *Tailgate R1250.

                        *Loadbin R3500.

                        *Left front fender R850.

                        *Right front fender R850.

                        *Front Grill plusnbadge R500.

                        *Front Bumper R750.

                        *Taillamp left R300.

                        *Taillamp right R300.

                        *Left indicator R285.

                        *Right indicator R285.

                        *Left headlamp R500.

                        *Right headlamp R500.

                        *Bonnet R1250.

                        *Radiator R1500.

                        *Brake booster includes master cylinder R1850.

                        *Engine with alternator and weber 38 carburettor in good running condition R5950.

                        *5 Speed Toyota Cressida gearbox with bell housing R3850.

                        *Clutch and pressure plate R950.

                        *Dashpad original perfect condition R1250.

                        *Leisure complete cluster with rev counter etc R950.

                        *Seats plus door panels and interior panels R3000.

                        *Leisure steering wheel 4 spoke R950.

                        *Door mirror set R800.

                        *Wiper blades and arms set R500.

                        *Spotlight set R600.

                        *14 Inch Alluminuim mags plus brand new tyres R3500.

                        *Complete diff R2850.

                        *Steering rack R950.

                        *Front suspension R1850.

                        *Starter R850.

                        *Alternator R650.

                        *Exaust manifolds R450 each.

                        *Exaust R850.

                        *Pedals set R1250.

                        Whatsapp-sms or phone:

                        Lidus 0729676764.

                        Dolf 0603580923.

                        Bonaero Park, Kempton Park.

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                          I spent the afternoon with this man today. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                          I spent the afternoon with this man today..☺

                          Every time I go to he's work shop,he fascinates me.

                          He's just rebuilt a beautiful Mk2 Tina..It looks the nuts.

                          When I saw the Mk2 at first,it was pretty much rotten..Now that car could be a show winner.

                          Fair play Nigel,to you & the fella who owns that car..It does you justice.

                          Can't wait now till we start on a certain Mk4

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                            Lidus Lee Blaeser shared Ford Cortina Mark 1-2-3 Sales & Spares, East Rand Area.'s post to the group: FORD CORTINA FAN CLUB. — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                            1982 Ford Cortina bakkie in very good condition, complete and original except for 5 speed Cressida gearbox. Red with black interior finnished of with 14 inch pro-white mags plus brand new tyres! Get in and go, licenced and all papers in order. Has some small marks but over all very neat. No rust! Rubberised bin. Tow-bar.

                            R49500. Whatsapp-sms or phone 0729676764. Bonaero Park, Kempton Park.

                            Trade ins will be considered..

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                              Photos from Philip Keal's post — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                              I have over 250 Used PRE year 2000 Haynes manuals available. Whilst I do not have one for every car ever built there are quite a few I do have. I have attached photos of the remaining manuals as of 9am 5th Dec 16.

                              Manuals are £3 each collected(Street, Somerset) or plus postage

                              UK postage for up to 2 manuals is £3 extra (Royal Mail)

                              3-8 manuals by Hermes is £6 extra

                              PLEASE NOTE that I will only now hold awaiting payment for up to 24hrs as I am spending too much time chasing payments.

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                                Photos from James Charles's post — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                                possibly 4 sale if i get that right offer car is solid in my opinion to make it mint wants 2 wings,and a front valance possibly a respray if you like that thing or you can use as is as it is 100% original 42000 miles 1 owner from new will have new mot when i get round 2 it. no stupid offers and i'm in no rush to get rid

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                                  Hi every one not sure if any body would be interested or not But we bought a... — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                                  Hi every one , not sure if any body would be interested or not . But we bought a mk3 transit camper van a few weeks ago , with a 2.0l pinto engine with 5 speed gearbox . It was running fine one day , went to start it the next day and it wouldnt turn over .

                                  He has decided to put a diesel engine in it now and is in the process of this now .

                                  Ive been told the engine would fit a cortina , so didnt know if any one would be interested in it as it is ,its only done 90,000 miles has a starter motor as well that was reconditioned a few days before at a cost of £74 . So if any body is interested in the engine and gearbox and starter motor , im open to offers . Can post pictures tomorrow I will put them in the comments .

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                                    Mk5 cortina — FORD CORTINA FAN FORUM

                                    This cortina is in perfect condition MOT until July 2017. Only 32000 genuine miles. Has been restord to origonal state wuth brand new genuine parts and would make the perfect addition to a collection. Comment or pm me for more details. 5000 ono

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