Gday all — Ford 429 460

Gday all.

I have a 72 LTD convertible with a standard 429 apart from a set of extractors and bigger twin exhaust. Apparently it has only 200 odd horsepower being 1972 model with open chamber heads which apparently are shit

Now i have driven many standard old cars but this 429 seems to have plenty of power. I can blaze the tyre and do a power skid for about 50 meters.

Being in a heavy car with hwy diff gears and standard converter, is this normal?

For a standard engine it seems to go really well compared to other standard engines I've driven.

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    Efi or carb — Ford 429 460

    Efi or carb?

    Have a unknown ci BBF for my foxbody was in a 85 gt i bought for the swap, definitely isn't stock don't really know to much about cast heads etc with a 1050 dominator. I believe that carb is to big doubt it make 500-550 hp

    So I'm confused do i stick to carb and what do I get? Or do I got with fitech 600hp efi system.

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      92 f250 7 5l Just wondering but I have a bad misfire As in bad I mean I can... — Ford 429 460

      92 f250 7.5l Just wondering but I have a bad misfire. As in bad I mean I can unplug #2 cylinder and it doesn't run any different. I have compression. I have fuel. New fuel injectors. New plugs new wires new cap and rotor. New fpr. I have spark on that cylinder but I'm not positive it's on time. I checked the timing good. Truck runs good for a 7 cylinder lol. Just rough Idle and missing power... obviously. Also have done every head gasket test I can think of passed. Soaked motor in carburetor cleaner running and no different. Also removed valve cover to inspect movement on it and everything looks great.

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        Where do I go from here — Ford 429 460

        Where do I go from here?!?!

        Fighting a stalling issue on my 73 Lincoln. Bottom end is a 70/71 429 and top end is a 73 460.

        New points, condenser, newer distributor, cap and rotor are clean/ok condition. Coil is new also (as of about 3 months ago).

        Why would she run awesome then out of the blue, start missing?!?! Then run good again?!?!?

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          Anyone run pertronix — Ford 429 460

          Anyone run pertronix?

          I have a 73 mark with a 70/71 429 and am running points. She broke down on me yet again and I'm thinking it's ignition related. All the fuel system in new. Gas tank is clean, fuel lines are new, fuel pump is new, carb is a known good edelbrock 750 off my daily driver 4x4.

          I recently did a timing chain to a double roller and lined the marks up correctly, and the distributor is new. BUT. The lobes on the distributor that raise the points and close them look really really smooth/rounded. The dist was installed maybe 3 years ago but I doubt there's more than 1000 miles on it since all the car does is sit (because it keeps stalling and I don't trust it anymore unfortunately and I'd like to change that).

          I want to go pertronix.

          Can I use an MSD box to control it? I want to bypass as much factory wiring while I'm at it because it is suspect.

          What would you guys recommend? Not looking to spend more than $600-$700 including MSD box if at all possible.

          Thanks in advance!

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            BB FORD 472" ON ALCOHOL — Ford 429 460

            472 " On Alcohol 27 3/4 passes, run a consistence 116 -117 60 foots H beam rods steel crank bouth scat,probe pistons Manly rings Sstud girdle morroso pan lot of work done to oiling system 428 SCJ Steel heads with heas work with flow @ and build sheet on engine 718 LIFT carb are two 850 DPS done by BRASWELL RACIND CARBS solid roller comp 12.75 block is full of concrete 1/4 down built by BMS RACING IN OMAHA,selling because going a different way 10.000 OBO,More info or photos let me know thanks RICK, or u Can Email me at

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              Ford 460 v8 — Ford 429 460

              I have a pre emissions ford 460 v8 for sale. It is complete with the alternator, power steering pump and all the belts and pulleys still on it. I was putting it into a 77 ford pickup in place of a 351 modified but I figured out the bell housing is not quite the same. So I decided not to pursue my swap. I do have the casting numbers off of it. The engine also has a brand new clutch. I'm asking $600 bucks. call 4068682645

              Ford 460 v8

              $600 - Havre, MT (59501)

              I have a pre emissions ford 460 v8 for sale. It is complete with the alternator, power steering pump and all the belts and pulleys still on it. I was putting it into a 77 ford pickup in place of a 351 modified but I figured out the bell housing is not quite the same. So I decided not to pursue my swap. I do have the casting numbers off of it. The engine also has a brand new clutch. I'm asking $600 bucks. call 4068682645

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                Photos from Chesley Randolph's post — Ford 429 460

                I need some help picking out a flat tap cam. Here is the info. D2ve block 30 over. Stock crank and rods. 22cc pistons, block not decked, piston down in hole .032. Heads are c8ve with new springs and hardned ex. Valve seats , stock valves. Truck is a 1969 f-250 4x4 with c-6 auto with 4.10 gears and 35 inch tires. This will be a weekend driver only. Looking for a great sound. Thanks in advanced.

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                  Just struck me I should be sharin this saga with the BBF world I bought a 460... — Ford 429 460

                  Just struck me I should be sharin this saga with the BBF world. I bought a 460 C-6 combo for 250 bucks from a craigslist add about 5-6 years ago for a street rod project that never happened, so it's been sittin in the corner of my shop collectin dust ever since. Last week decided it was time to try to get rid of some leftover parts and try to get somethin out of this motor for other projects, so steamed it all off and pulled the top end off. And to my surprise it looked almost brand new inside! Pulled the drain plug and the oil was a nice light brown like it just came out of a bottle! Almost zero wear on the cyl walls, the hone cross hatch is still there, I'm likin this because I have a set of std bore kieth black pistons(well 6 of em anyway) from a 460 I blew up in my mudtruck a few years back that I was going to put in it, along with the cam and 96cc heads from my 557 mudtruck motor that I'm going to put a new trickflow top end on, all these parts I WAS going to put in this motor. Couldn't find any oversize numbers on the pistons but the exceptional condition was just TOO good. So decided to measure cyl bore before ordering any parts, that's when I found why it looks so new, because it IS new! New reman anyway! The cyls are .040 over, which is good right up to the part of my std bore pistons I wanted to put in it! Plan B, back to my excess parts, I also have a set of ported dove heads I had for sale, but no takers. So now the 468 that it's been found to be is going to get the edelbrock performer RPM cam from my 557, the dove heads I couldn't sell, the offenhauser intake I traded another intake for today and a predator carb, assembled, dyno'ed and sold to the highest bidder! Whew! You should be on my end! lol

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                    Any advice may help So my mechanical fuel pump 41447 went out Seems like they... — Ford 429 460

                    Any advice may help. So my mechanical fuel pump 41447 went out. Seems like they don't make them anymore as far as I can tell.. If they do there very scarce. For this reason I'm thinking about changing over to an electric pump. I've never done this before so I'm looking for a little advice on what electric setup I should use. I'm sure others have run into this. Problem so I'll lay out what I've got.

                    1940 Ford COE cab

                    1984 E350 frame

                    30 Gallon fuel tank 17 ft to the rear of the Truck

                    73-79 460, bone stock

                    Original Motorcraft carb.

                    C6 Trans.

                    Not wanting or needing high performance fuel pump just good recommendation. For my stock setup lol. Regulator? Pump? Pump position? Lessons learned? Thank you in advance.

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                      Is there anyone in the lower Columbia area between Longview WA and Astoria OR... — Ford 429 460

                      Is there anyone in the lower Columbia area, between Longview WA and Astoria OR, willing to lend me a hand getting my F250 road worthy again.

                      I bought an 88 F250 XLT Lariat 4x4, with a 460 in it from a dealer in Longview. By the time I got it home it has leaked 3 quarts if oil. Kinda POd about it.

                      I dug into it and some idiot installed the rear main seal wrong. Not only did they not properly trim the seal, but they also didn't offset it 3/8th nor use any RTV.

                      So, I've been researching it, and it looks like the easiest way, possibly the only way, is to pull the engine. Mostly because of that huge, low clearance, cross member Ford put upfront.

                      If you can help a big block brother out, I'm more than willing to reciprocate.

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                        EFI 460 with aftermarket Megasquirt 3 setup looking for forced induction — Ford 429 460

                        EFI 460 with aftermarket Megasquirt 3 setup, looking for forced induction. Would you yourself go a Procharger Setup, or a S475 Turbo?

                        In a F-100, backed by a TKO 600 5 speed. 3.25:1 9". I drive the truck quite a bit (weekend's only) and I'm looking for around 700-775 HP wise. Fabrication isn't an issue between the two choices.

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                          Photos from Travis Blankenbaker's post — Ford 429 460

                          Continuing the tear down of my 76 Lincoln 460. It has been rebuilt in the past. Looking at the bearings on the rods and crank, some are silverish, while others a golden brown. Is that from burnt oil? Or is it normal? Anything else look awry? The crank main and rod surfaces are pretty clean, an micing out at .002-3 under factory. 2.997/8 main and 2.496 rod. Is that enough to get them turned down? Very budget build that will be going in a 1972 F600, so it won't be raced or anything. Thoughts?

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                            Photos from Andrew Taylor's post — Ford 429 460

                            picked this up today! gonna pll the drive train! 466 je pistons,9-5-1 , cobra jet heads, moroso pan,arp sutds,rod bolts and head studs, victor jr intake 1.7 scorpion rockers, denominator 1050 made 622 to the wheels with a 3200 stall and built c6! ran best of 10'3 in full interior car! bb makin some steam

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                              Photos from Steve Alvey's post — Ford 429 460

                              Evening all, looking for opinions. Was thinking about turboing my EFI 460. But I'm unsure if the E7 fuelie heads will suffice. So I ask the question, would heads/cam/intake be a better option?

                              I have a fuel system capable of both routes. Truck is mostly street driven (very hard). Looking to be a street/strip setup. Has a tremec tko backing the engine.

                              H/C/I - I have a set of DOOE-R heads, would need a camshaft, and can modify a new intake by adding injector bungs and fuel rails. I will have to change my exhaust setup as the fuelie heads use a raised square exhaust port. Will also need a 4150 throttle body. Roller rockers as well as pushrods.

                              Turbo - I will have to make an entire hot side exhaust setup, intercooler, charge air pipe, the turbo itself, wastegates and bov.

                              Short block is entirely stock 1995 70,000 mile setup with 8.8:1 compression.

                              Work with either options is no problem, truck will not be driven all winter more than likely.

                              Thanks you for reading and I appreciate any and all opinions fellas.

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                                Anybody interested in these 460 parts They came off a 95 F350 Central Indiana... — Ford 429 460

                                Anybody interested in these 460 parts. They came off a 95 F350. Central Indiana, make offer

                                Oil pan and pick up

                                Distributor. Stock

                                Balancer and serp. Pulleys

                                Oil cooler

                                Stock throttle body

                                Exh. Manifolds

                                I've listed these before and now cleaning out garage make a reasonable offer, not trying to get top dollar.

                                Will ship on your dime

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                                  Most of you know by now but if not The number five cylinder piston decided it... — Ford 429 460

                                  Most of you know by now, but if not: The number five cylinder piston decided it no longer liked being in it's home and exited the block! :)

                                  I am looking for a Big Block Ford 460 and need it sooner than later so that I can build another race engine. If you have something or know someone that does please let me know asap!

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                                    Photos from Mitch Funk's post — Ford 429 460

                                    Have a lot of parts for sale was going to be a project for me and my boy but he went another direction, 1949 cab late model bed 1980 f 100 2wd frame 80's 460. Elebrock tunnel ram 671 blower some old carbs, c6 Trans lots of new parts lots of usable old parts just want out $5000 takes it all

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                                      1984 ford f250. mud truck. for sale. built and raced as a street stock — Ford 429 460

                                      1984 ford f250. mud truck. for sale. built and raced as a street stock. 38.5x11x16 boggers like new, custom paint job, fuel cell, msd box , gauges, tach, 3.55 gears, rear welded, front limited slip, 6 inch skyjacker lift springs in front, transfer case and drive shafts will be in the truck, Very sucesful chassis. WILL NOT have a motor or transmission. but it is setup for a 460 and a c6. will include headers. If you want to see any video's (Team Intervention mud racing) page on facebooks has all of last seasons runs, you will have to scroll threw a few videos but there is at least 20 passes of the truck... Hurley, wi. PM me with any questions. $3500

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