Engine bay is getting there

Engine bay is getting there

I want to install a oil catch can but I'm unsure what to do with the pcv bit ??

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  • Riley Krause

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  • I just installed one today.

  • Used original pcv, red line out from rocker cover to the catch can. Blue line back into the manifold. I have a pressure reading on my catch can if it fills up fast or too much pressure i linked up a surge to bypass the excess. (Green line ). That's what I've done.

  • Remember, the bigger the line the better. :D

  • I have the pcv in the top of mine

  • Brad Miners what do you mean exactly. As in longer or thickness.

  • Tidy install' liking the black piping. Any info as to how and where to get it'

  • Both breathers to catch can, one line from catch can to intake IN FRONT of the turbo, NOT the pressure side.

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  • The more boost, the bigger the lines for the catch can. I'm running two -12 hoses to my catch can, with one -16 running back to the intake.