2000 Excursion 7.3L Diesel

I have a 2000 Excursion 7.3 L Diesel for sale with 198,854 miles. This has been my daily driver for almost 2 years and I really hate to see her go but I have a new grandbaby and it is a little hard for me to get him in the truck. We used it for a daily driver and to pull our 29 foot camper. Pictures speak for themselves.....we are the second owner of the car and it has a spotless Carfax record. We are asking $15,000.00 please give us a call or message if interested. Randy can be reached at 864-680-4698 (you may have to leave a message he will call you back) We are located in Upstate SC near Greenville/Spartanburg

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Photos from Troy Faulconer's post


I have a complete set (4 each) of LT265/75R16 BFG Rugged Trail tires, Load Range "E". These have approximately 12K miles on them, no patches or plugs. Tread is even on all 4 tires. The rims are in excellent condition with no damage. I have the center caps, two open ones for the hubs, and two closed centers for the rear. I have 24 of the lug nuts. Still looking for the other 8. Everything listed here, goes with the set. If I can located the other 8 lug nuts, they will be included. I will consider all reasonable offers, and I will only separate if I have buyers for wheels and tires.

Make me a reasonable and fair offer. The tires alone are probably in the neighborhood of $150 to $175 new. The wheels without center caps are bringing around $175 each on eBay.

Items are located in Fredericksburg Va. I don't deliver. Pickup only. Cash sale only.

Sold!! If you would like to make an offer, please do so. The offer closest to the asking price will get them. I don't have a use for them any longer. So need to get rid of them.

PM me your offer, text or call me at 540-846-0852.ger have the excursion and these won't fit anything else.

Located in Fredericksburg Va. 22405 / Pick up Only

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    I have posted once about my overheating issue on my 05 6. 8. I am at wits end

    I have posted once about my overheating issue on my 05 6.8. I am at wits end. After I changed my overflow tank because it had cracked and was leaking I have had an issue. It blew the bottom off the tank after a few days. I replaced the clamp and ever since its overheating. I think I caused some of it before I knew what I was doing. It would overheat I would coolant when the tank was empty thus forcing more air into the system. I did this a few times. I have ran it at idle for hours with the front jacked up and with the cap off and on. Plenty of heat no overheating. Run it for a mile overheats. I keep checking the oil and transmission for water. None. Best as I can tell no extra moisture in the exhaust. Overheated tonight and watching the overflow tank air was being forced out. After I shut it off it drained the tank empty. So again more air. Help. At this point I guess it needs to go to the shop. I don't have one I use because I do all my own work, but I need my Ex back. Ideas I'm missing?

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      Vail Prest shared a link to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

      *READ ME* **P.S.A.**

      The Zoned decals just haven't taken off like we hoped and to cut costs on supplies and be able to offer other colors in the Main "unzoned" decal style we will be discontinuing the Zoned decals for next year. Costs are higher since quanities are lower and they just aren't selling... so what's left is left. If you want one buy it now! (Hint* you can cut the "central or east coast" out of the window and have a plain unzoned white decal....) I could just do the same and may with whatever is left over from the sale. But they're 25% off the Zoned decals for a price lower then the Main decals!

      Not 100% accurate but I believe we have:

      10 Right East

      25 Left East

      20 Right Central

      20 Left Central

      If you want a discount on MULTIPLE sets message me and I'll see what we can work out. Again, we won't be making anymore of these next year! So the time is now if you want them.

      Keychains will be discounted as well for the central zone if you would like some of them at the same 25% Discount. I'll add it in the Zoned decal category.

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        Photos from Troy Faulconer's post

        SOLD - Bitter Sweet morning, Said good bye to her this morning. Listed it for $22,500, sold it in three days to the first couple that looked at it. This is their third one. They had own a gas and a diesel before, wanted another gas. They had looked at several, and said this one by far the best one. Didn't get that for it, but I did get what I believe was a respectable offer.

        Getting ready to sell. Had it over 13 years! My fair weather asphalt princess...lol. Just under 59K original miles.

        Just to clarify some questions that I have received.

        1. Yes I paint the underside of the truck, not totally, but the rears and springs. Have done this since I bought it. It's not to hide anything, it's done more to preserve it and keep what you see looking as good as the outside.

        2. Yes I have all the factory springs that can be reinstalled if you want to remove the lift.

        3. There is absolutely NO RUST on this truck!

        4. New battery in 2014, New fuel pump in 2015, new brakes front and rear in 2016. Brakes passed inspection, but wouldn't make it until next year. All purchased from the local Ford dealer. Oil has been changed every 3,000 miles, or every 6 months, whichever came first. It's has only had Motorcraft oil and filters since I have owned it.

        5. The lift was professionally installed by a reputable shop. It's a 6" Skyjacker soft ride, all spring lift - no blocks. It's has 35" tires, wheels are a Pro Comp wheel made out of aluminum and dipped in chrome. This alone was approximately $4,000.00.

        6. Truck was purchased in Gainesville, Ga in April of 2003 with 19,9++ miles on it.

        7. It has always been garaged, never off-road, never in the snow.

        8. Carfax was clean on it when I bought, and it is still that way.

        9. Will I accept trades? No trades. I don't need any additional vehicles. Cash only.

        10. Yes I have a clean and clear title.

        11. Just passed VA state inspection.

        12. Yes I will assist you with shipping, but it is up to the buyer to arrange the shipping and pay the carrier. Truck will not be released until funds are deposited, and confirmed, in to my personal account. Will accept cash, well who wouldn't.

        I have had a lot of interest in the truck, so if you're serious and want to make an offer, PM me your offer. If you want a $15,000.00 truck, this isn't that truck. I can say that for sure.

        If you would prefer to discuss it by phone, my number is 540-846-0852. Just remember the time zone I'm in, EST. Please call before 9 pm EST.

        Location: Fredericksburg VA

        Location: Fredericksburg VA

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          Mike Allen shared a group to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

          So I got an awesome birthday gift of a 7" Pumpkin, Lollipop 5.1.1 Head Unit!!

          Thanks to some of the folks here on this Forum I was able to get a bunch of questions answered and follow some other posts that helped me decided which unit I really wanted.

          Figured if all us Pumpkin Head(Unit) folks got together we could not only show off our installs worldwide, but help answer each other's questions on mods, hacks & installations!

          Pull up a spot on the porch, grab a handful of salted pumpkin seeds, something to drink from the garage cooler and lets go...

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            Photos from Brandon Franklin's post

            I have a 03 excursion that is my DD I'm wanting to sell so I can buy a new suburban. The truck runs and drives great. It has a 4 inch fab tech lift kit and brand new 33x12.50x18 fallen at3 mounted on brand new xd monster wheels that are 18x9 with less than 1000 miles on them. I had a touch screen jvc navigation unit with backup camera. Xm sat radio. All leather interior that's in like new shape. The truck looks great all around and has the powerful yet reliable 6.8 liter v10 that I get 12.5mpg around the city. No spam and I don't need help selling it so don't waste my time or yours!

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              So not 100 Excursion related so admin please remove if you feel not...

              So not 100% Excursion related (so admin please remove if you feel not appropriate) except that during the week my Excursion, the "Morrigan" is a Pavement Prowler for work and most weekends the Support vehicle for Team-Bouncin Bean and a number of others who are on the #AutismSpectrum or involved with the #SpecialOlympics in the tri-state area. This means anything from pulling the camper to Surfers Healing RI or Surfers Healing elsewhere, going to state and local Special Olympics event as logistical, medical, security or support staff or just as a Dad of a future #SpecialOlympian, my Bouncin' Man, Brody!

              So, with 3.8k members here on the Ford Excursion Club, and more on the EastCoast Ford Excursion Club, Ford V10 Crew and others I Am wondering who is willing to share with another #AutismDad who likes to think am one of the #GuysThatGetIt, or as I say on my Twitter feed #IfYouLoveSomeoneSpecialYouLivrASpecialLife there lives, and #ExcursionsThatMakeTheWorldASpecialPlace with me (either here on this post) or as an off-shoot forum). You can also feel free to IM if you so desire to protect the privacy of your family.

              It would be interesting to see where and how your Excursion has made the lives of your family, friends or other in organizations like #SpecialOlympics, #SurfersHealing (who is sponsored by Ford with some customized Woody Surf Transits), #MakeAWish, or other programs better, broader and more fulfilled!

              If this post is allowed, "Thanks in advance" for taking the time read, and Love & Best Wishes to the #BruddahNSistahoodOfExcursionOwners who do right by the their "Family" far and wide.

              Mike Allen @1in88Dad (in the blue & white bird house)

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                Richard Lavigne-soucie shared a link to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

                Every little bit helps and if this isn't allowed feel free to delete. A little background on what happened, my wife was put on medical leave due to pregnancy complications and she is just getting back to work on a part time basis, however due to the medical leave all of our savings was used up and we fell behind on all of the bills, we are now facing eviction with nowhere to go and all the local programs to help with this type of situation are out of funding. Please every dollar helps your donation doesn't have to be alot and please share with your friends. Thank You and God Bless

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                  Attachment Unavailable

                  I know this is not Excursion related per se, but I also know that many of us work in Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Departments and Hospital based Medicine that our Excursions and the Go Anywhere, Anytime, Do Anything that it Takes attitude of our vehicles is the same attitudes that make each of us Excursion Owners who we are...I had shared this my with 400+ members of the Public Safety/Service Profession within my own group of "Friends" , but with the permission of the group moderators I would like to share this my "Excursion Family"

                  To ALL my FD, LEO, EMS & MEDICAL friends, I send this out to all of you as I sit here with goosebumps and tears and realize that if YOU ALL TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO WATCH THIS VIDEO it will not only CHANGE YOU TODAY, BUT EVERYDAY GOING FORWARD. -Mike

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                    2004 6. 0 Excursion Eddie Bauer for Sale 18 000 or B O

                    2004 6.0 Excursion Eddie Bauer for Sale $18,000 or B/O

                    See Link for more Photos

                    http://s755.photobucket.com/user/fastf350/library/ Excursion

                    Studded, deleted, blue spring, Oil cooler, etc. All OEM gaskets and parts except ARP Studs and XDP EGR Delete. All new Ford Filters. SCT Livewire.

                    X code front springs with a 2" shackle kit and Modified B code rear with F350 block. Air lift Air bags. Brake Contoller. 16x10 American Racing Outlaws with Brand new(200 Miles) BFG All Terrain TA KO2 305/70/16(33") tires.

                    Driver seat shows some wear.Rest of interior is clean.

                    Need a Crew Cab Long Bed Diesel Pickup, that is why I am selling. Trades possible, dually preferred.

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                      Mike Allen shared a link to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

                      I Truly Hope this Asshole is not part of this group or any group related to those of us who are Excursion owners as well as Photographers who are not as young as I believe the photographer(s) and assistants may be who are being challenged in this video. The driver of the Excursion is truly lucky to have found "polite" and "cooperative" individuals to have dealt with in this unreasonable aggressive situation that I, and many others may have deemed "hostile", "aggressive", and an "imminent threat to life or limb" not only of myself but the others who I may have the personal responsibility to defend against an "agressor" such as the Raging Asshole in the following video.

                      A true disgrace to the Excursion community and someone who in the end will someday not have a 9000lb vehicle at his disposal as a weapon.

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                        Have a tech question I will be postin on a couple other sites but is 6

                        Have a tech question I will be postin on a couple other sites, but is 6.0 directed. I have an 04 Excursion with a bulletproofed & deleted 6.0 in it, am running a Livewire Tuner & Gear Head Tunes. My biggest question is, is there any way to tweek the settings so that it shifts smoother? Or to get better fuel mileage? I see a ton of different things that can be changed when I am programming the SRT Performance Tune & the Towing Tune, I have it set as stock everything, cause everything is pretty much stock on it. Thanks in advance for the help!

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                          Photos from Martin Sullivan's post

                          Gonna regret this but I've decided to sell my 02 limited 7.3 4x4. has leather rear entertainment, loaded! This truck is clean minus the mud from my driveway, runs and drives great. Has 20's and a spare set of 17's to go with. Has a super chip programmer always adult driven and never dogged. Has a new front end and 240k 15000 neg. The programmer has only been set to economy and hasn't been moved. Don't want to sell trying to start a house need some funds to do it. Located in South Georgia it's whole life no rust!

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                            Need help with wheels tires offsets vs. spacers. What s the difference

                            Need help with wheels/tires offsets vs. spacers... What's the difference?

                            Bushwacker pocket style fenders were just mounted so now my stock wheels and tires look ridiculous under the truck. Not only are the stock tires too small, but they are wayyyy too narrow looking below the fenders, so need to get them at least even with the fender line if not out a little. I've seen some hub spacers that were up to 3" but not sure if they are all the same or if one is better than another, also what is the difference between going the spacer route vs. wheels with a large amount of offset??

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                              Hey everyone I am having an annoying issue with the belt. I have a 2005 EX 6

                              Hey everyone I am having an annoying issue with the belt. I have a 2005 EX 6.0 with the belt squeaking.

                              What products or website that sell heavy duty long lasting items. If oem is suggested then I'll move forward with that.

                              Do I change the following I am going by the picture diagram repair guide.

                              (1) AC clutch pulley

                              (2) idler pulley without ac

                              (3) Belt idler pulley

                              (4) alternator go with green mean ?

                              (5) Power steering pulley

                              (6) Get a bullet proof water pump ?

                              (7) crankshaft pulley

                              (8) Drive Belt tensioner

                              What is a recommend belt that's heavy duty...

                              any help would be greatly appreciated

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                                Jared Green shared a link to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

                                For all of you that are interested in the Louisville meet this year, we have secured group rates at the Homewood Suites hotel. Use the link below to book your rooms or you can use group code FEC. There are two room options available, both include a king sized bed with a pull out couch and kitchenette. The only difference is whether the bedroom is separated from the living area or its just one large room. You will need a credit card to reserve the room but you wont be charged until check-in and you have until 24hrs prior to check-in to cancel.They will release any unused rooms on 9/1/16 so you will need to book before then.

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                                  Alright so before we get behind the curve and struggle to find a place next...

                                  Alright so before we get behind the curve and struggle to find a place next year.... the location is set in stone. However the City is all we know. We need to figure dates, places, and events, meals, etc. I'd like to possibly do a 4 or 5 day event because it's hard to do anything less and still do all the things people want to do. But it will be during a weekend next year so more people can make it for the "main events" at least.

                                  So are some good possible dates? Anyone go to or live in Louisville Ky? Our predetermined meet location for East and Central to meet up in 2017! We need to plan a few scouting events over the coming months and Tony Vilardo, Myself and maybe a few others will be going to scout the area better. But in the mean time... we need to get a better understanding of dates, and places.

                                  Not many seemed to like the idea of camping this year.... so if we can get enough interest and prepaid tickets sold we can try to book an entire hotel or at least as many rooms as we need.

                                  Also..if this Fall works better... we can possibly do that even. But if it's next spring or Summer chances are places will be limited again. So we need to start soon either way!

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                                    OK guys am not sure if these are good or bad numbers as you can see I was...

                                    OK, guys, am not sure if these are good or bad numbers, & as you can see, I was stopped when I took this, lol. Am running an 8k Tune & my Turbo for starters won't even come close to 20 PSI even rugged & going up hill. I was towing about four ton of trailer at the time. Am certain the Trans Temp & Coolant Temp are good, but the Oil Temp had me curious, am told that there is a good chance the Oil Temp Sending unit is malfunctioning cause the oil temp should never be that far above the Coolant Temp. Needless to say, while i Was fueling up, I never shut my girl down!

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                                      Vail Prest shared a link to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

                                      With bigger purchases we are able to buy cheaper so those savings have been passed on to you guys in the store. All new lower prices on ALL products!!


                                      Thanks for continuing to support the Excursion Club and we can't wait for our Main Event this summer!!!

                                      Also, anyone close to Nashville we will be attending the Good Guys car show with over $200 worth of non perishable food to donate on May 14th! Everyone is welcome to attend! Every purchase and donation helps create bigger and better things in our future!! (Fyi... next year's main Event for anyone unaware we plan to have it in Louisville Ky.) Plans and scouting missions are already being discussed!!

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                                        So I m going to Reidsville NC with Victor Kmetty on Saturday to pick up the...

                                        So.. I'm going to Reidsville NC with Victor Kmetty on Saturday to pick up the new rig. Anyone interested in getting together with Randal Bragg at his shop near Salisbury NC? He can give directions. As to time... you guys can plan an all day event or whatever, but me and Victor have an 8 hour ride home.. so we won't be able to stay all day or terribly long. But would be nice to meet a few fellow Excursion owners as would Randal and Victor. Me and Victor may never get the opportunity to meet you guys so we would love to see a couple of you there.

                                        Pic of the new truck for attention. And this is April 2nd as to the date. This Saturday!!

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                                          Ok guys i m having some issues so i ordered the 22410 4 and 22415 4 pro comp...

                                          Ok, guys i'm having some issues. so i ordered the 22410 4" and 22415 4" pro comp springs to lift my Ex. which from what i have read on many forums will work. With apparently no other upgrades. So i'm getting everything ready to start this project he in the next couple of weeks and realize that i did not get my u-bolts no big deal right. wrong i call pro comp to get the numbers for the u-bolts that i need and i find out from the guy on the other end of the phone that this will just not work. So i am now asking you guys. WTF !! is up i know that i have seen at least 4-5 five guys on different forums doing this upgrade. please help !!!

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                                            Things just went from bad to worse Besides snapping all the remaining studs on...

                                            Things just went from bad to worse. Besides snapping all the remaining studs on the drivers side. The y pipe & catalytic but are COMPLETELY rotted. I can't separate the manifolds from the y or the whole assembly from the cat. So i cannot get to the broken studs. AHHHH WTF. I know I can save the manifolds cause the studs can be replaced. but the flange in between the y & cat has to be cut out. So now I have to replace the y pipe & the cat. Thought I could do it myself but I guess not. Back to the muffler shop. FML. there goes another 1k.

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                                              Vail Prest shared a group to the group: EastCoast Ford Excursion Club.

                                              For anyone who hasn't heard you guys are invited to attend our Central club meet in Arkansas in July. We have reserved a lodge and cabins and campsites are available. For more info PM me or join the Central group and look at our event. Sorry for any inconvenience this puts on the East but due to lack of interest the East meet was canceled and moved. NEXT year we will plan for a conjoined east and central meet hopefully in Louisville KY the original place we wanted to meet anyways. Hope to see some of you there at ours!!! It's gonna be a blast!

                                              https://www.facebook.com/groups/NoCoastExcursionCl ub/

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                                                Picked up my first Excursion yesterday 04 Eddie got the group sticker on it...

                                                Picked up my first Excursion yesterday, 04 Eddie, got the group sticker on it before bringing her home. Only a few things wrong with it, in bad need of tires, needs a trip computer, & either a front end alignment, ball joint, or tie rod, I believe, not real sure, lol, will have a buddy of mine take a look once he gets her on the rack.

                                                As far as I can tell, it doesn't really need anything else, BUT would like to get a different 2nd row seat, am not big on the captain chairs!! Tuner, new bumper, new computer, tires, & bullet proofing to start very soon! Pictures to follow!

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                                                  Photos from Randal Bragg's post

                                                  Re-posting this because I know its helped a couple people so far and I didn't realize a few pictures were missing....sorry to post it twice but I added the missing pictures............

                                                  OK group....I have seen a few posts recently about your rear window washers not working and asking where the feed hose is routed....since mine stopped working last week I finally got a chance to look at it and thought I would post some pics and info for you.

                                                  If your front work....it isnt the pump....same pump does front and rear. Check the passener front A Pillar area under the corner of the dash and see if the hose came off of the 90 degree plastic coupler where it comes in through the firewall....if it did most likely the check valve is stuck at the rear as mine was and most are and the pressue back up blows it off at the corner of the dash....you will see the pics.

                                                  If needed when you put the hose back on you can use a tie strap to hold it tighter and they work fine....hose claps dont work well because of the small size of the hose.

                                                  From the corner of the dash its a hard plastic line that runs under the passenger side foot step mouldings to the rear corner and up the passenger rear corner pillar and then between the headliner and roof.

                                                  Pull the upper rear trim panel off above hatch opening....you will see a rubber connect point and *inside* that is a hard plastic connector and in one end is a spring loaded valve *looks like a small BB* They seize up with the blue cheap crap washer fluid ....push it in from the *bb* side with something small enough to fit inside and work it back and forth a few times gently....spray it with WD40 and work it a few more times....if its working properly you should be able to blow through it from the *BB* end but not backwards.

                                                  Re-install it with the *BB* end towards the front of the vehicle if you dont remember which way it came out and you should be up and running. I also replaced the rear washer hose where it goes through the body due to rotted....if you replace it the hose is glued into the grommet seal fr the body....they usually if your twist them will break loose and pull out of the grommet....most people throw it away and run new hose through the hole and ten it leaks because they didnt seal it.

                                                  Thats my How To for the day lol Hope this helps some of you.

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                                                    Photos from Randal Bragg's post

                                                    OK....Another HOW - TO for the day. Heater issues have been a big subject and I have been trying to help another member with his through PM and decided to take a few pics and make a short guide to check basics....this is on a 5.4 but applies to 6.8 as well as far as thermostat goes. Diesels also have the heater shut off valve....checking it applies the same as well. Hope this helps everyone. You will need an infrared thermometer to do these checks, you can get them at lowes or your parts store.

                                                    Check thermostat at the top hose with engine at full warm up....should be 190-195+ or it is probably stuck open.

                                                    Check inlet temp to heater control valve and outlet from valve....should be same temp....if not its stuck shut or clogged blocking coolant flow to heater core.

                                                    If temps are hot and equal...check inlet and outlet to heater core behind the control valve at the fire wall....cant get a good pic....inlet and outlet temps should be within 10-15 degrees of each other....if one side is far cooler than the other.....heater core is partially or fully plugged.

                                                    If your heater core temps are within range both inlet and outlet and your thermostat is working properly....you most likely have an AC/Heater control head issue, broken temperature blend door or blend door actuator bad and isnt diverting heat/ac properly.

                                                    Please look over mispelled words...my keyboard is screwed up on my 5 week old asus...pissed they want me to send it to THEM for repair and I am out of a laptop for weeks. Tired of correcting every other word.

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