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Located in Portland, OR

It's time to let it go. <-- link to my facebook photo album with a lot of pics, and link to my husband's original webpage he made when starting the project. Lots of info about why he did what he did. A friend suggested that the original project would make a great Harley hauler... Do you have a vision? Do you have a dream? I have a lot of pieces and parts.

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projects and parts

Prefer FB message or text as poor phone service , 0456160919

Eidsvold, Qld, 4627

F100 73 swb 2x4, steel dash, style side ute, very good rolling project $1000

F100 78 swb 4x4, 302, tray back, some new parts, very good rolling project $1500

9” f100, needs work $300

F100 Koni Adjustable shocks F and R ,never used $400

351 worked rebuilt done under 5000kms $2000

FMX $200

XF doors and bonnet, straight good condition $100

Other XF parts

Full manual FMX auto with 3000+rpm stall convertor, needs bell housing $500

Mister Gasket Shifters 2 of, $100 ea

LPG Gas Research twin throttle body system, complete $850

351 standard needs work $400

351 forged piston, decomp bottom end, solid cam setup, dismantled $600

351 heads, ported over 450hp solid set up $500

351 o ring block, 30over has surface rust $150

Manley chrome molley 9.5 push rods $100

460 was fully rebuilt, needs work, full solid engine, one damaged piston, surface rust $1000

460 dove solid heads, complete with roller rockers etc 600+hp $2000

460 Pacemaker Extractors, match ported ,3 ½” collectors, fit falcon $650

Full dual exhaust mandral bends to suit above $300

460 Torquer 2 ported manifold $300

Big Block c6 $350

400 Cleveland bottom end $250

351 engine mounts, pulleys, fans, exhausts, Claker starter motors

2 rajay turbos, suit up to small v8 $600

871 Detroit Blower $500,

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1973 Ford FMX auto transmission 3 SPD rebuilt

1973 ford fmx auto transmission FOR SALE $1100.00 FIRM now the transmission is rebuilt and i also have the converter as a core you can use at your local transmission parts store i have high performance red alto clutches & steels high performance transgo stage one shift kit brand new set of bushings brand new gasket set and no i will not sell parts off the trnamission im selling the whole transmsission complete its take up room if i had this transmission rebuilt the price will go up cell 661-331-6996 if you live in kern county im willing to deliver the transmission to you in person only if you live in kern county or by kern county you have too meet me half way., i will post more new pics onne i get my transmission back from the shop. its getting built by a PRO transmission tech. built to handle up to 525 horsepower. and it can bolt up to a ford 302 engine, ford 351w engine, and ford 390 engine. and if you live in kern county ill deliver this transmission myslef in person. but if you live by kern county you have to meet me half ways

I'm willing to ship it but the buyer pays for shipping and handling

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1973 Ford 302 engine like new and fires up

1973 ford 302 engine Bakersfield CA. 661-331-6996 english JOSE 661-397-6358 AS-IS invested $2650.00

$2300.00 FIRM I'll gladdly fire up the motor for you in person if your a serious buyer

used Stock oem exhuast manifolds Brand NEW oem stock Distributor Hyperutecic flat top pistons .030 over High performance compcams timing kit Brand new set of spark plugs Brand new set of stock OEM spark plug wires Brand new Distributor CAP and Rotor Refurbished valves Brand new OEM stock fuel pump Brand new heater fittings and rubber house that goes to the thermostat housing to the water pump Had the block decked New camshaft bearings New connecting Rod bearings New oil pump Moly piston rings

Brand new starter= FREE New Gasket set ARP main bolts ARP connecting rod stage 2 rod bolts 4 barrel Holley CARB 600 CFM electric choke= FREE Crankshaft has been turned to rods 10 & mains 10 Rebuilt cylinder heads with steel valve seat inserts and brand new set of steel valve guides to run 91 octane fuel Valve covers New oil pan with pickup tube ARP oil pump shaft High performance water pump Professional products stainless steel engine bolt kit ARP cylinder head bolt kit Brand new camshaft Elgen 449/449 lift Brand new ARP Flexplate bolts kit Brand new valve springs Brand new valve seat inserts High performance intake manifold high performance fan

High performance harmonic balancer

high performance coil

brand new high performance thermostat 190 degrees invested $2650.00 brand new thermostat housing This engine is smog legal. This engine will be perfect for a 1964 1/2 to 1969 ford mustang or 1948 and up ford f-100 old school pickup or 1948 and up ford passenger cars. And if you live in KERN county ill deliver this motor myslef. or if you live by Kern county you have to meet me half ways-

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