Hi all

Hi all,

I'm a Mobile Automotive Locksmith providing services to all South Australian areas.

Services I provide are:

* Supplying, cutting and programming automotive keys

* Key/Remote replacement & repairs

* Barrel replacement & repairs

* Spare Keys

* Lost key replacement to suit your existing barrels

* Alarm systems and Central locking

* Subaru Brant removal

* PCB Board Repairs ECU/IMMOBILISERS - Toyota resetting

* 24 Hour Emergency Lockout Service

and more...


Regular business hours are 9AM to 5:30PM, Monday to Saturday

After hours service available upon special request.

I can also offer cutting and postage services for interstate customers and in some cases programming will be available also.

My aim is to keep prices as low as possible and the best part is that I come out to you!

Please like my Facebook page Competitive Locksmiths and feel free to message me on Facebook or call/text 0432 110 267 if you have any queries or would like to book in your vehicle.

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Photos from Marc Us's post

Selling my 2005 mark II XR6 Turbo 107,000kms cold AC immaculate interior. Reverse camera. Dash cam acts 24 hour security forward facing and rear. Original keys and another key that flips out. HID light kit. Turbo smart BOV. K&N air filter custom air box. Intune oil braid. After market front mount. Grills to cover the front. Beautiful car runs perfect. Slim line wind deflectors. Bonnet protector. Light protector. Has SCT flash tune but I have on the Ford stand tune as I use as daily car. Put BF tail light and have spares. Brand new Bridgestone potenza tyres on it. Spare BF rims aswell. AUX IN out cable. Also have the gauge to be you can instal and other parts. Please spread word for me Asking $10,500 rego till December

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    Hey guys just about to service the 4 speed in my 04 model BA XT as it s just...

    Hey guys, just about to service the 4 speed in my 04 model BA XT, as it's just about hit 160,000kms (I got it at 96K and have only changed the oil at 116K)

    Anyway, the box still shifts fine, and still drives pretty well, but I've noticed that it's taking a little longer before it'll shift after you have moved the selector (mainly from drive to reverse).

    So I'm going to do the filter and fluid, and I'm going to drop a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix into it.

    Anyone used this stuff before in the BTR boxes?

    I have in my XF ute (it had a BW51 in it) and found it to be pretty good.

    Just don't want to go stuffing up a otherwise healthy auto with something that's suppose to be preventative maintenance...

    Thanks guys.

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      Hey guys had a issue this morning I opened the radiator cap to check and left...

      Hey guys had a issue this morning, I opened the radiator cap to check and left it opened as I warmed my ba turbo after a while I noticed the engine shaking and the temp gauge went up and the car wasn't coping I quickly closed it down opened the bonnet and saw the steam coming out and noticed I forgot the cap off. Topped it up took about 3 litres. Now she isn't running right and gauge is sitting about half way all the time usually sits between quarter and half way. Any advise why it did this and what I should do?

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        Hey guys 2 things going on with my ba 2004 xr8 ute

        Hey guys , 2 things going on with my ba 2004 xr8 ute .

        1st - very randomly at speeds anywhere between 80 to 120 k sometimes I get a slight steering wobble so I slow down and apply brakes then it shakes badly until I stop . Take off again do the same speed and nothing happens .

        I've had wheel alignments done , tyres balanced , and randomly it will shake again ?? any thoughts ???

        2nd - I wash the car , then I can hear water gushing from the inside when I'm driving , this goes on for days ???? Any thoughts ???

        Cheers Bruce

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          Cheers Guys Im just chasing some advice I have a BA wagon and it has been...

          Cheers Guys, Im just chasing some advice... I have a BA wagon and it has been parked in the same place overnight... About 25 minutes ago the horn/alarm started sounding... I used the remote to unlock the car but the alarm didn't stop until I turned the ignition on... I started the car and moved it closer to the house and locked it using the key... I only got a few metres away and it went off again... I checked all the doors and tailgate were closed properly... It hasn't happened again.... Anything I should be checking for?? Thanks...

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            hey guys i did a post the other week and had problems with a Boss 260 i...

            hey guys i did a post the other week and had problems with a Boss 260, i received a lot of feed back , that was greatly appreciated! i followed as much advice as i could, but ended up just getting a recommended mobile mechanic in, under normal conditions or faults all suggestions most like likely would have fixed the issues, but the problem was the fuel has been contaminated with water, making the issue, well hard to detect, unless you know what your looking for.. so if anyone one has a similar issue and have got fuel around coomera, upper coomera, within 2 to 4 weeks, check your spark plugs, they may look something like this.

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            Wrecking ba wagon and ba sedan

            Wrecking ba wagon and ba sedan

            Motor $220

            Box $220

            Diff centre only no cradle $80 remove yourself.

            Door bootlid bumper rear seats tail lights seatbelts $30 each

            Tow bar $100

            Exhaust full $80

            Steering wheel colum key and ecu and icc suitable for if you have lost or damaged your keys $180

            Ford BA white

            quater panel $30

            Steering wheel colum key kit $180

            Headlight lhf $30ea

            Tailshafts $30ea

            Full wagon low km exhaust $90

            Dash bare with loom n pads $30

            Plastics $assorted

            Cargo barrier metal and cargo blind $110 pair

            Hughesdale heaps ba Parts if u need ask i may have it cheers

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              Hey guys looking for some local help in area to help put some easy parts...

              Hey guys, looking for some local help in area to help put some easy parts together on my Ford, eg bonnet protector, wind shields changed fog light bulbs, high beam bulbs and Parker, remove front grill, and put on lower grill where the intercooler is, remove and replace XR6 decal and replace blinker of course I can do the small stuff and have the tools only Being I'm disabled due to a car accident where a drink driver hit me and have 6 bulging discs and not very mobile? I will pay if must live near Penrith area or can be in Kemps Creek area NSW. COMMENT BELOW if you can any help much appreciated and after my operation in December I will return the favour to my best thanks all.

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                Hey guys just picked up a BF Fairmont sedan and i am looking at fitting a...

                Hey guys, just picked up a BF Fairmont sedan and i am looking at fitting a towbar.

                I have already sourced a second hand heavy duty/hayman reece style one and was wondering on degree of difficulty. It has the cut out that pulls out of the rear bar but does the whole rear bar need to come off to bolt it in or just straight up from underneath.

                It came with a trailer plug so i take it there is a grommet that it will feed into the boot and plug and play near the tail lights. is that right? and left or right tail light?

                Thanks for any help

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                  Alright boys girls

                  Alright boys & girls

                  As you might've seen we've cracked 1000 members.

                  For reaching this great milestone we are going to do something special for our members.

                  We are offering one of our members the chance to win an framed A3 drawing of their car

                  Drawn by Cristian Cross (Cars by Cris Cross)

                  To enter this all you have to do is comment on this post with a picture of your car, Cris can communicate with the winner on what type of photo is best to draw.

                  We will leave this up for a week, and all those who comment will be put into a computer written name generator which we will film it as it chooses the winner..

                  Good luck to everyone... ✌️✌️✌️✌️

                  Mikey Cawley

                  Ellis Varikos

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                    Photos from Jon Anderson's post

                    2004 BA XR6T 175k's Serviced every 5,000klm's Total cost including vehicle purchase over 25k Rego until March 2017

                    Thousands spent with plenty of receipts. GPS Alarmed with smart phone remote fuel cut off $16,500 ono

                    Car has always been maintained to its best level with no outstanding repairs required. Serviced and built to its current level only by Gary at Bargo Automotive Care except for recent control arm/blade bush replacements and rear screen seal being done by my local Pedders store and O'Brien Windscreens.

                    Trophy winner Best XR6/XR8 with AFMCC entry at All Ford Day Eastern Creek 2016.

                    Car was purchased stock 09/15 and has had every preventative maintenance component replaced since which includes lowered springs and ride height suitable shocks and brakes. No short cuts have ever been taken or any repairs ever delayed. Will pass any inspection.

                    As stated it is a serious consideration and will only be sold if a reasonable price is achieved with consideration between what money has been spent and what would be an acceptable price to depart with it. I am not expecting to achieve the money spent after the purchase price but any less than serious offers will simply be ignored and you can personally go and spend the money to build one of your own. And no its not an FPV so please do not offer it as a bargaining tool. If it's an FPV you're after, then shop around for one.

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                    I have a few questions hoping someone here can shed some light for me

                    I have a few questions ,hoping someone here can shed some light for me

                    #1: I am going to build a Barra to handle a lot of boost ,can I use a n/a block and throw away the Pistons and rods and use the standard n/a crankshaft ?

                    #2: is there any difference in turbo location between the ba/bf turbo exhaust manifold and fg turbo manifold or are they the same ?

                    #3: has anyone used the precision turbos bolt on 6466 turbo and what sort of power would I expect with a lot of boost and e85 fuel ?

                    Thankyou guys in advance

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                      Hey everyone just got a few question

                      Hey everyone, just got a few question..

                      Ive got a 2007 bf mk11 xr6, and having troubles with the icc.

                      One day I was driving the car and all of a sudden the icc stopped working completely, no music, air-con etc.

                      The next day it was all good again.

                      It did this a few more times until it wouldst turn on again.

                      I pulled the icc out and checked everything and all seemed good, put it back in and started working again.

                      Soon enough it suddenly stopped working, i tried pulling it out, checking all connections, fuses etc and it simply wont turn on again.

                      what could cause this? and how to fix it?


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                        Hey all just a couple questions for those who may know

                        Hey all just a couple questions for those who may know.

                        I brought a manual conversion for my ba wagon a few months ago out of a ba ute but the box itself was stuffed. So today i brought another in hopes its in better condition (will find out when i tear it down) though the new box doesnt have a speed sensor like the stuffed 1 did so that brings me to my questions.

                        #1: why doesnt it have a speed sensor and can i use the rear extension housing with the sensor on the good box?

                        #2: since the conversion came from a ute can i use the ecu in my wagon?

                        #3: what clutch is recommended for n/a?


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                          Just after a second opinion

                          Just after a second opinion..

                          I put some china bay rear led brake lights in after the "proper ones" from jaycar didnt function correctly. (Lights where on all the time without foot on brake pedal).

                          After installing the china bay ones they work perfectly with the pedal and what not however the park lights and cluster lights light when I press the brake pedal come on.

                          The cluster and park light light up then slowly fade to about 50 percent intensity before sustaining until I remove foot off pedal.

                          Any thoughts?

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                            Hey guys having a problem with my 03 BA XR6 Having a decently loud hum coming...

                            Hey guys having a problem with my 03 BA XR6. Having a decently loud hum coming from some corner of the car. I've pulled apart both sides of the front wheel and checked the brakes n all but couldn't see anything so I tightened it all back up but that didn't help. The humming stops when the wheel is turning left irrelevant to speed or angle. Noise gets worse the faster I go, pushing the clutch in doesn't help so I've taken that out of the equation same with taking it out of gear whilst Rolling. I'm out of ideas and just wanting to see what you guys might think it could be.

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                              Having spastic as problems with my bf xr6 Abs traction and brake fail light...

                              Having spastic as problems with my bf xr6. Abs, traction and brake fail light are constantly coming on and off and then battery light flashing, about a month ago i got 2 wheel bearings, new battery ( had undersized when i bought it) ball joints, tailshaft centre bearing, brake fluid flush and fluid replacement and a few other things, also sub was installed a week ago and applying the brakes or unapplying the brakes and sometimes other electrical things like windows will make the sub cut in and out and headlights will dim and play up slightly when these lights are flashing on the dash, fucked if i know, if anyone has any ideas it would be very appreciated, thankyou

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                              Electric spinning turbo with light and 2 bov sounds

                              Electric spinning turbo with light and 2 bov sounds

                              This is the ultimate keychain for the barra enthusiast!

                              The Boost Keychains Turbo Keychain electronically spins, emits a spool up sound while holding the ON button, and will emit 2 different blow off valve sounds when you release the button

                              Also includes a handy built in LED light.

                              Colors I have ready for immediate post are

                              Neo chrome




                              Pi nk



                              $20 each posted Australia wide

                              If interested please inbox me if not please keep scrolling.

                              Each key ring comes with 6 months warranty located in Australia so quick delivery.

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                                Hi All Help needed Pleeeeease I have a BA XT and my ICC had stopped working...

                                Hi All :) ... Help needed Pleeeeease !!! ..... I have a BA XT and my ICC had stopped working , has no power to it at all ,, I understand that this is not that uncommon and can buy an ICC at a good price locally ,,, My questions are is there anything I should be checking before I go spending money of pulling things apart ? ,,, fuses etc: and where would I find them as my fuse box cover had no legend to say what fuse is for what ??? .. I have no real idea what I'm looking at when it comes to electrics .... Also if comes to replacing the ICC unit as I expect it might then how big of a job is it ??? .. I read in a forum that one person said he did it in 40 minutes and another said it takes at least 5 hours lol :P ..... Any help or information would be Greatly appreciated ... Thanks so much in advance :) ....

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                                  Photos from Jaime Lee Sullivan's post

                                  Hey all!

                                  We are putting together a document showing all the BA, BF and FG colours.

                                  We aim to gather the following information:

                                  - photos of each colour

                                  - paint code *just the code don't need a photo of your vehicle details

                                  - what years, models will you also see the colour on *if you know :P

                                  Colours will be demonstrated with photos of members cars, so... show us your beasts ;)

                                  If you found any problems with the colour or something you would deem important for someone interested in the colour, please feel free to add that too. Such as it being closely related to another colour or that it has fading problems etc :)

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                                    Photos from Jason Kosij's post

                                    Ba xr6 turbo


                                    Car will come with all 4 rims had sticks in the rear as this is how it came from the auction!!!!

                                    Runs great no issues at all.

                                    Just passed a Nsw BLUE slip and comes with 12 months Nsw rego!!!

                                    Also just serviced with new plugs and all fluids!

                                    Premium sound

                                    dual zone ice cold AC

                                    Leather seats

                                    VerY tidy inside and out has recently had a complete respray!!!!

                                    Motor,box,turbo and diff are all perfect

                                    Located Dubbo Nsw can help with delivery if need be!

                                    Price is $5800. Only selling because The mss doesn't like the color

                                    She would prefer a nicer sportier color our loss is your gain.

                                    BODY IS IMMACULATE

                                    INTERIOR IS IMMACULATE

                                    will not find better for this price the car is well above expectations.

                                    Runs perfect

                                    No issues at all 100% legit clean car

                                    Located Dubbo Nsw can help with delivery

                                    Inspections welcome. Also on eBay and gumtree!

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                                      Brandon Hayward shared a Page to the group: Ba Bf Ford Info.

                                      Hey everybody, Thankyou for adding me to the group. Greatly appreciated, you have a really great community here. :)

                                      I'm the co founder of automotive society and soon to be online web series 'Petrol Heads Perspective' and if anyone anyone is interested and I'm not out of line to ask, it would mean a lot if any car enthusiasts could head over, like it, and become involved in the community we're trying to build. You can find it here https://m.facebook.com/petrolheadsperspective

                                      Again, respects paid to this page and the hard work that has gone into it, Thankyou for adding me :)

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