Hello all

Hello all,

Mike Teske here, new member from the USA that is looking for some help on a project.

Trying to find a worm and sector steering gearbox as well as the Pittman arm which both reportedly came from a 1964 or earlier Australian Ford Falcon. The part numbers (these could be engineering numbers instead of the General Parts Division part numbers) are:

Steering Gear Assembly- Part #CRC-30B 3504C

Pittman Arm- Part #CRC-30A 3590A

Please see the picture.

Not having any luck on this side of the pond to find these parts so I am reaching out to the folks in the club for any leads, advice or help finding some to send over.

My personal e-mail is gt40guy@earthlink.net

Phone is +1 (865)-323-6643 (currently in California)

Much appreciated

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Dee Vyper shared a link to the group: Australian Ford Falcon Club.

By massive request, Mad Max Cars have started a new show series on our youtube channel. Please enjoy "Birds of Prey", the classic Australian Ford Falcon restoration show. Here in Season #1 Episode #1. Join host Dee Vyper & Fabrication Expert Troy McClure, as they begin the restoration and build of a Factory Red Pepper, 1973 Australian Ford Falcon XA coupe GT clone. In this episode, we see the car delivered to the back 40 of Mad Max Cars and follow along as it is disassembled, stripped and started on the way to completing rust repair.

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    Photos from Justin Ellem's post

    Not sure if it interests anyone but I'm looking to sell my 94 FORD PROBE GT.

    This model v6 KLZE jap base engine only found in specific GT models and is P plate legal.

    Car offers all electric inclusions including central locking, electric adjustable bucket seats and power windows.

    Also has a FUSION full surround sound system with a pioneer head unit with remote and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

    Has had a power steering kit installed about a year and a half ago which also included a full sports steering package ( momo sports steering wheel + bosh kit and a Sparco quick release system).

    Timing belt kit installed at 200,000kms as well as other inclusions such as a full K&N cold intake system with enclosed washable air filter and stainless steel sports muffler.

    Car also has been resprayed in matte metallic crimson red including all trims except engine bay.. Trims have been wrapped in gloss carbon wrap to give it a sportier, cleaner look.

    Factory wheels are also sprayed in gloss black.

    Car includes neon blue LED interior lights and has had new LED's fitted on exterior (legal).

    Custom bodykit has been installed of which made from strong fibreglass material and been shaped to fit the car specifically.

    Car has very minor cracks on rear bumbler (see pictures).

    Is currently located on Grafton NSW .. Rego NSW rego runs out in September 2016.

    Please feel free to message me for any further enquiries .. Cheers guys.

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      Anyone have pics of their interceptor build they re willing to share I predict...

      Anyone have pics of their interceptor build they're willing to share? I predict this summer I'll be done with my metal work and am strongly think of going pseudo interceptor. I'm not a big fan of the flares and after putting so much work into repairing my rear wheel arches I'm not considering cutting them to clear the offset wheels. Going to run big tires up inside the quarters. Combo will be nose cone, roof and trunk spoilers. No Zoomies either as I'm already hard of hearing. I'd like to see how and what was used to attach them. Any pics of a car with the nose cone in anything other than black or silver? My coupe is red pepper and am toying with leaving it that color.



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        Ok I need 3 people who are somewhat regular readers or at least read a book...

        Ok, I need 3 people who are somewhat regular readers, or at least read a book from time to time. I wrote a screenplay that I have adapted into a book about the back story of the real car that the Mad Max Pursuit Special/Interceptor was based on, and it is even more incredible. Of course this is fictional, but man, what if?

        I finished this a couple years ago but it was too short for an Amazon e-book after formatting. However, when I convert it to a PDF it is 136 pages long, long enough for a "novella." I have been too busy with film projects to add to the story to make it long enough for Amazon, and I have my own film projects I am doing this year (That's why I am seldom on Facebook), so I decided to have a 3 person testing to see if it is worth making available. If it is found to be a good read I will then make it available for a pittance. Yeah, I have almost 7 years into the script, and 2 or 3 years into the book version, so I don't think a pittance of US $1.50 would be asking too much. It is titled "Legend of the Prototype."

        So if you read books, have the time to read 136 pages, can answer a single page (maybe not even a whole page) questionnaire when you are done, and especially if you are a Mad Max fan, I would really appreciate being contacted at my email address: 1001hobbies@gmail.com.

        Doug McQ, you don't count as you already helped with the initial writing, and thank you for that. Now I need people who are farther away from the project.

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          Mark Pollard shared a group to the group: Australian Ford Falcon Club.

          Admin, please delete if not considered appropriate...

          Hi Everyone,

          I have created a group called "Combined Falcon Facebook Groups".

          It was my intention that people may post information, invitations to events etc which cross over the boundaries of our individual groups.

          Before you say, "another group...."

          I hope that this group will fulfil the need for our members to see and discuss information and get ideas that may not be posted on any specific group or forum, and be shared amongst us all.

          We may provide members with a point of distribution as it were, to find sites which may cater to their more specific requirements.

          A link to this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/293951350811567/

          Please feel free to join, invite new members, post photos of cars, stories and news with us, and if anyone you know is a Ford Falcon enthusiast or of a group that we can support, please let them know about the group...

          Please be aware that this is not a place to promote products other than those which are car related.....

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